Monday, May 18, 2020

A Majority of One (Notes from The Dungeon Edition)

"There is a good deal to be said for internment. It keeps you out of the saloon and helps you to keep up with your reading. The chief trouble is that it means you are away from home for a long time. When I join my wife I had better take along a letter of introduction to be on the safe side." -- P.G. Wodehouse, remarks on his internment by the Nazis.

Just some screaming from the fortified anti-COVID-19 bunker in my basement.

First issue is this article from today's New York Post, where New Yorkers, in the finest tradition, have finally had enough bullshit and begun to thumb their noses and wave their genitals at what passes for authority here in Sodom-On-Hudson.

What pisses me off about this particular article is not that people, with pent up energy and a sense of wanting life to return to normal, should break "quarantines" and party in the streets, but that the rebuttal to this perfectly human reaction to forced imprisonment should be delivered by a 72-year-old (most-likely "liberal") woman who believes that this has all really been about her, and others like her.

She believes that people behaving this way shows a blatant disregard for her welfare and well-being, and yet somehow misses the fact that she's outdoors in a public place enjoying an 80-degree extravaganza of a beautiful day as well.

Everyone should sacrifice on her behalf.

I am often accused (and rightfully so) of being evil to "the Elderly". For clarification purposes, I do not dislike people just because they're old; I dislike them because they have an entitlement streak sixty miles wide and fifty feet deep that goes with a streak of Asshole of Cosmic Proportions.

Especially the ones we call Baby Boomers, who should all be taken out and shot on general principles, because experience has taught us they're never right about anything (they have never been right about anything) and they are generally responsible for the shitty current state of our nation and society.

Because Drugs, Woodstock, and Dumbfuck.

And then they have the nerve to demand to be taken care of forever in a Brave New World of a-pill-for-everything, continuous erections, lush, non-crusty vaginas that are way past their sell-by date, living the dream life in that vineyard they all want to retire to (to judge from the commercials regarding Alzheimer's medications which feature freeze-dried and surgically-enhanced Baby Boomers all mountain biking in very tight Spandex) and to have someone else pay the price for it all.

In this case, the youngins should have to hunker down in the Oubliette of Batvirus so that Old-Lady-on-a-Park-Bench doesn't get Miss Rona and drown in her own fluids after a heroic, but ultimately futile (and expensive to the taxpayer), medical effort.

And so that the State doesn't get to collect thirty-one grand for keeping her on life support until either the vultures or ravages of time conspire to dispose of the desiccated husk.

She could have stayed indoors, herself, and avoided catching the Chinese Wheeze. But that would have entailed a sense of self-preservation (she expects that from Social Security and Medicare, you see), some personal responsibility (no one who came of age in the 1960's knows what this is), and a sense of something bigger than or just-as-important as herself (they're called the "Me Generation" for a reason, you know).

And if you disagree with me, I would remind you of the following: Baby Boomers are running this shitshow -- Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, Fauci, Brix, DeBlasio, Newsome, Murphy, every two-bit douchebag "expert" with an obscure degree from the Ivy League (who turns out to know nothing) -- and if you believe they're all doing the right things, performing at a very high level, and have been effective in the face of a "pandemic" that 98% will survive without medical intervention, then you're a fucking idiot, and need to be taken out and sterilized with a rusty farm implement.

After all, these are the same people who "Spoke Truth to Power" (until they became Power, and then Truth was no longer important), who believed they ended a War by getting high and rioting in the streets, who then went on to invent AIDS, make Hepatitis a feature of modern society, bring us Feminism, destroy the nuclear family, spend the nation into bankruptcy and give mortgages to deadbeats by the millions, and never take or admit responsibility for any of the --predictable -- bad outcomes.

They've now held an entire population hostage, wrecked a booming economy, and do nothing but argue about what they pretend to believe someone said out-of-context, when they aren't polluting the airwaves with absolute bullshit, and expect to be respected and obeyed.

Assholes, every last one.

So, my final word on the issue of Old People is this: if you can survive after you leave the workforce on your own money, then by all means, live as long as you'd like and you have my blessings. If your only motivation to continue breathing is to be kept alive by the forced extraction of wealth from others, then have the common courtesy to either be grateful and don't bite the hand that (literally) feeds you -- so shut the fuck up -- or  have the decency to do what Nature intended and fucking die, already -- it's why you got to be Old People in the first place --  but spare us your self-centered, non-self-aware sanctimony, before all else.

Next item on the agenda, the Perpetually Offended.

This outburst was provoked by this little drop of super-concentrated fucktard:

Their Happiness Hurt My Feelings.

The time has long since passed where society should continue to tolerate such emotionally-fragile and self-absorbed dimwits. These are people who can do nothing except continuously dwell upon what they do not have (usually for lack of effort), and who expect to have their vomitous mass of childish feelz continuously soothed, validated, and applauded. As if doing so -- being infantilized --  is an adequate and just compensation for being a mentally-ill, hot mess of useless pain in the ass?

"At-least-I-can-make-others-feel-as-sorry-for-me-as-I-do" is not a great strategy for a happier life. Continuously behaving as if you have the right to shit all over others as a means of assuaging your own lack of self-esteem or as a means of avoiding the reality that you're just not a very good person, is a tremendous waste of time and energy that could be redirected into unfucking your fucked-up existence, if only you had the motivation.

It's manipulation and narcissism taken to their ultimate extent and now serves as a form of extortion, and quite frankly, it is time it ended.

My suggestion on how to combat this is that we provide the motivation you so surely lack by the application of frequent physical beatings. This form of negative reinforcement does, indeed, work, when you stop to consider that even your dog stops pissing on the carpet if you shove his nose into the wet spot often enough -- and he doesn't even speak English.

Just to help you out, My Minions, I have collected and will recite the list of character and physical traits this sort of annoying douchebag has, so that you may recognize them when you see them, and either go out of your way to make them happy by making them more miserable, or ignore them entirely, which pisses them off even more.

* Most will be female, or vaguely so. If (at least biologically) male, they will typically be very effeminate.

* They will have all the accouterments of "education", a survey degree in a non-subject, ability to cite 'studies' by rote, the skill to seemingly pull random quotes from other obscure non-entities from thin air, usually out-of-context, but none of the substance of true higher learning.

* All conversations will eventually become about them, their feelings (especially anger, jealousy and anxiety) and their status.

* They are incapable of humor. Unless it is a straight , white, Christian, conservative male depicted in a victim role. Then it is hysterical.

* They will have a strange gait, due to the permanently clenched state of their sphincters. Many will have actual objects permanently lodged in their rectums. In some cases, that object may have once been a living thing.

* They will adopt a comically-pecksniffian air of condescending passive-aggressive at all times.

* They will never let you finish a sentence before registering a complaint or correction. They assume this is their full-time job. They will often suggest you replace words in your statements as a supposed moral teaching tool
(i.e. "replace 'Jew' with 'Black' and see if it's still funny, Buster!")

* The nature of the complaint will always be ridiculous, minor, and the reaction to the (assumed) offense will always be exponentially out-of-proportion to it's actual importance. They go from "Zero" to "Atomic Bomb" in less than three seconds, no matter what the subject,what the activity.

* They wear a permanent sneer because the occasional smile is an indication they have forgotten to wallow in their own self-pity for a second. In many examples, this defensive sensitivity is little more than a deliberately-assumed affectation adopted as a means of acquiring unearned privileges, and the smile is the dead giveaway.

* They display, at all times, a deep-seeded and unrestrained hatred and contempt for humanity, which they insist is a virtuous reflection of their own morally-unassailable humanism.

* They automatically assume they hold the moral high ground, without having done or said anything to establish this fact.

* They are bottomless pits of absolute SUCK.

If you encounter one of these bedwetting little nosepickers, punch them in the throat.


Anonymous said...

Nice screed. Now look up some current young doctors, your age, who work for WHO, Partners in Health, and Haaaaarvaaad University and see how they plan to own your fucking ass. You and yours are ushering the Stasi on steroids. Mind your your own folk before they own your soul.

Noah Bawdy said...

Bravo sir.

Matthew Noto said...

To the anonymous poster at the top of the comments: what the fuck are you talking about?

I'm not a youngster -- I'm 53, if you must know and so far as I can establish, I have no soul, nor am I "on the left".

Conspiracy theorists never make any sense (you sound like one of those "New World Order is comin'! Quick, hide in the bomb shelter and make us some freeze-dried lasagna, while I watch some more YouTube videos made by some middle-aged dingbat off his meds in his Momma's basement, and rail incoherently and useless on the intertoobies).

You're also handicapped by the need to process all information through the extremely narrow lens of your own doofus. This often causes you to misunderstand what you read and make wild-ass assumptions about the people who write it that are not supported by facts or evidence.

But, then again, when did a conspiracy theorist ever need evidence? Isn't the lack of evidence always proof the conspiracy exists? because "They" wouldn't leave clues behind, would they? Then how did you figure it all out, Sherlock?

Did the aliens send you coded messages with the repeated anal probes?

Just keep dodging vaccines and watch out for the chemtrails, alright?

DaveD said...

Found your web site through a link to this article. I am a 'Boomer'yet I am not offended by your words. Just sad about your perspective. One day your generation will be in power in this country in whatever condition you will find it at that time. I guess we should accept fault for whatever lousy conditions are left for you. But, I am willing to bet the same type of malignant personalities you attribute to Boomers who currently sit on the seat of political power will be found in your generation as well. You create a divisiveness that would make a totalitarian smile. Many of the most notorious, murderous dictators started out as an angry young person with with some misplaced vendetta/characterization against a particular group of people such as yourself here. Good luck.

Mark Matis said...

If you want to take someone out and shoot them, make it the tribe. THEY are behind most of the evil in this world for at least the past 100 years. They whine incessantly about their six million. But not one word about the FIFTY million their Messiahs Lenin and Stalin murdered in Russia and Eastern Europe. And now with the Kung Flu, they have added Mousey Tongue to their Messiahs to make a troika. Or their very own Holy Trinity! Never forget that Bernie's campaign claimed the gulags "paid a living wage." Guess what? So did Auschwitz!!!

Matthew Noto said...

Mark, antisemitism is simply not the indication of a grown up or if a developed mind.

For start, if the Joooos really had this kind of power and influence, they wouldn't have had to sit around Europe for 2,000 years being periodically slaughtered, and they would not be locked in an existential fight over a sandy piece of ground surrounded by inbred douchebags who eat with the same hand they wipe their asses with.

if someone needs to be shot, it's the ignorant morons who ingest this this nonsense with their morning cornflakes.

Matthew Noto said...

Dave D. Human nature being what it is, you;re probably correct.

Here's the difference: My generation didn't drop acid and consider it "a mind-expanding experience".

My generation were the direct victims of Baby Boomer stupidity, whether it was no fault and frequent divorce, the financial burden of having to support two generations of "retirees" (when else in World History has there even been even such a thing as a retired class, let alone TWO generations of them living, simultaneously?).

My generation has been the victim of Baby Boomers who held us back in our careers.

My generation is seeing it's children's minds poisoned by the Baby Boomers who run the colleges and the media, and we don't like it.

My generation is sick and tired of picking up the bill for every dumbass idea to come down the pike, all championed by Baby Boomers, whether it's Open Borders, Medicare for All, Obamacare and the like.

We went to the Wars started by Baby Boomers, who had supposedly "learned the lessons of Vietnam", but merely repeated the same mistakes.

We also remember a time when we had freedoms, something being taken away piece by piece by Boomers, aided and abetted by the two generations of slugs coming up behind us.

no, I think we are better than our parents were. We've had the benefit of seeing the results of our parent's stupidity, venality, and piss-poor politics, and the batch of credentialed idiots who can't tie shoelaces behind us scare the fuck out of us with visions of "when they're in charge".

No, My Generation is this country's last, best hope.

And if that's divisive, Sir, then we must agree to disagree.

Mark Matis said...

You mean, Matthew Noto, like people who say "...Especially the ones we call Baby Boomers, who should all be taken out and shot ..."??? Or does that not count?

Not all tribe are evil, but there are plenty in the West who are. I give you not only Schwartz Gy├Ârgy but also Schiff and Nadler and Schumer and Zucker and Zuckerberg and many more. And for those, Lenin and Stalin are indeed their Messiahs! Just ask Bernie!!!

Mark Matis said...

And by the way, it is not "antisemitism." It is instead anti-Communism.

Matthew Noto said...

No,it's anti-semitism.

You just call it "anti-Communism' because there's either still enough decency left in you to be embarrassed to be seen as a bigot, or because you have an ulterior motive you cannot articulate for obvious reasons.

I've know plenty of people who wear the same mask. Next you'll probably say you aren't anti-Jew, just anti-Zionist and not realize the cognitive dissonance involved in that sort of statement.

As for "taken out and shot" there is a literary device called "hyperbole". People used to know what this was and recognize it when they saw it, and it didn't require either an explanation or a disclaimer.

if it were up to me, the baby Boomers would be left to die of abject neglect. the sound of that better? It's almost as good as "not antisemitic just anti-communist"

Matthew Noto said...

"Not all tribe are evil, but there are plenty in the West who are."

So, you;re saying some of your best friends are Jews?

You know, Hitler wrote in "Mein Kampf" (paraphrasing) that he wasn't really a Jew hater, but he was only brought around to that position by a recognition of "facts" that nobody could deny. Mostly because one cannot deny the figments of another's imagination.

I repeat; if your problem is with Communism, then take this thought under consideration: historically, there have been far more Gentiles in favor of Communism than Jews, far more gentiles killed in it's name, if only because Jews were already so few in number. If the grater mass of "intellectuals" in communist circles happen to have been Jewish, well, then put yourself in their shoes: they were a despised ethnic and religious minority, continuously victimized, robbed, denied human rights, barred from many professions, for centuries, to whom the promise of Communism (which owes it's very existence to CHRISTIAN VALUES professed by Christ, himself) sounded pretty good.

Are you familiar with the Old Testament stories of the Golem?

Mark Matis said...

How about you discuss "Das Kapital" for a change? Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer are tribe. And in the shampeachment, they showed how much they love their Messiahs.

Matthew Noto said...

How about you stop proving me correct by referring to them as "Tribe"?

Your anti-Semitism predated Impeachment, I think.

Get help, Dude.