Wednesday, May 13, 2020

It's Time to Cancel The Cancellers, And Other Stuff...

No quote today, just some stuff to rant about.

Irrefutable fact: All Censors are motivated by fear.

What they censor tells you what they fear; the efforts they will devote to censorship tells you exactly what they're afraid of and how fearful of it they are. Inside of every pantywaisted little turd screaming "You Can't Say That!" is a tiny, thumb-sucking, bed-wetting Hitler living in abject terror that they might just be wrong, that their mistakes may be discovered, and that there will be repercussions visited upon them for being an idiot.

Censorship, then, is an offensive measure taken as a defensive action by frightened little paranoid defectives as a means of disguising their failures, and taking the idea one step further, of protecting themselves from the realization that they are, in fact, failures. In order to protect a lie, one must lie twice as hard. To keep the lie from being discovered, one must police speech and communication.

People who aren't failures do not have to erect vast mechanisms of silence and enforcement, nor devote such energy to defending their ideas. If an idea is valid, it stands on it's own; if an idea is faulty, then it requires a systematic array of lies and intimidation solely to continue it's otherwise worthless existence.

I begin this latest epistle with that observation for a reason: I have been victimized by censors, yet again.

In this case, it was not even a human censor, but a censor bot. One that is so contrived as to not only censor something posted online in the present, but to go back over several years of data so as to find previous examples of the same apostasy.

The word in question was "faggot".

The bot in question not only censored the most-recent use of the word, it went back through three years of data to find other examples.

In one instance (there were 8, in total) I will admit to having directed the word at a particular person. While this may violate some modern-day cultural norms, in my defense, I don't recognize those cultural norms, particularly not when they prevent me from expressing a truth and seeing as how they were created by retarded people: the person so identified is, indeed, a faggot.

In the other seven instances, the word was used either as a colloquialism (ex: the English use of the word to denote "a cigarette"), or wasn't even written by me, as in, I copied/pasted a quote from someone else (even putting said quotes in quotation marks and giving attribution).

The bot that flagged all eight "violations" of a particular website's "Community Standards" (snicker, snicker) apparently does not do context. It cannot tell the difference in usage for a word that has multiple definitions; it cannot discern when the word is used by me or is attributable to someone else; it ignores such fine distinctions as use of the word as either a pejorative or as part of a quote.

In this case, the website in question apparently decides to take a "Zero Tolerance" stance, despite the fact that it tolerates/has tolerated far worse sins -- for example, Al Qaeda beheading videos, antisemitic remarks and links, questionable photographs.

Speaking of which, a ninth violation apparently occurred when I posted a link to an article that contained the word "masturbation", accompanied by a photograph of a human hand being placed inside someone's waistband. This, apparently, violated the "Community Standard" regarding nudity despite there being no nudity involved. Again, the imposition of "Zero Tolerance" means we cannot express or discuss an issue because someone may be "offended", and the effort devoted to ensuring that nothing controversial or even minor-league upsetting to someone, somewhere, ensures that in the end, everyone and no one is happy.

The mincing little cocksucker who doesn't like being called "faggot" (except by the other girls) is happy because someone is banned for a few days; the banned person is not happy because he's been silenced unjustly.

If it walks like a faggot, and talks like a faggot, and takes it in the ass like a faggot, then it's a faggot.

 And pretending that this sort of thing "gives offense" doesn't change the fact that the dude is a faggot.

 Conversely, censoring the word "masturbation" makes the Bible-Thumping douchebag happy, but it also deprived people of the possibility of reading an article that postulates that masturbation may be helpful in combating COVID-19.

Do we get to be offended if someone dies because they couldn't jerk off? (That's a rhetorical question).

The point being that in the effort to make everyone "happy" no one ever is.

So, why bother?

Because the same faggot and the same Townie from "Footloose" are afraid: the one because calling him what he is makes him feel badly about himself, and the other because he is somehow under the impression that his personal salvation is intertwined with what everyone else is doing, or might be doing, and this gives him the right to be an asshole.

And both have access to lawyers.

And to please both, someone went to the extraordinary effort and expense to pay some programmers (probably in China) to write a shitty algorithm that is gayer than any faggot and dumber than any poor bastard waiting for The Rapture.

To put an end to this sort of thing I would propose a three-step program:

1. Re-establish the First Amendment in it's full glory.

2. Shoot the lawyers.

3. The next time you run afoul of one of these "You Can't Say That!" assholes or "that's indecent, God said so!" pearl-clutchers, punch them in the fucking face. Repeatedly.

They only do what they do because there is no repercussion, and allowing them to do it only weakens the cause of Freedom.

Next item on the agenda: We nuked the wrong Asians in 1945.

As if COVID-19 weren't bad enough, we now hear that Rat Hepatitis is on the loose in Hong Kong.

I'm not usually given to conspiracy theory, but with the numbers and intensity of the plagues coming out of China in recent years (and China has been, historically, the source of most of the worst plagues in World History), whether it's COVID-19, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS, and many others, I would not be surprised if this all wasn't some great effort the communists in China use to control their own population, not giving a rat's ass (no pun intended) if the rest of the planet gets infected as a consequence.

You know, for a people who claim to be divine, the originators of civilization, super-smart and crafty, the Chinese fuck up an awful lot.

They couldn't defeat the Mongols. They couldn't defeat Japan, a nation with a fraction of the population and no natural resources. The Chinese have tried -- and failed -- at democracy, fascism, and communism and now practice a limited form of capitalism, all the while insisting the rest of the "uncivilized" world has nothing to offer them or teach them (and they'd be right about 65% of the planet; the other 35% is what keeps China from devolving into Somalia with blow-torch cooked bats).

One of the greatest mistakes made in the last century was in believing that China was "a Great Nation", worthy of elevation to the level of the Western nations in stature and power. It turns out that China is what China has always been: a nation of peasant assholes ruled by a coterie of even bigger peasant assholes in better suits and a gift of gab.

Mark my words: in 25 years, China, as we now know it, will no longer exist. It's internal contradictions cannot remain hidden forever; it's dependence upon foreign investment makes it vulnerable, it's arrogance makes it stupid.

And you can only kill so many of them with a virus as a means of maintaining control for so long before the survivors (and their numbers will be considerable) start to get pissed off.

From the "You're A Fucking Dumbass" files:

One of the advantages of "lockdown" is that I no longer have to deal with the fart-sniffing Millennials in my office on a daily basis.

I still make phone calls to ensure they're okay; if there's work that I can toss their way, I give it to them because (unfortunately) they need to eat, too. I'm not a total dick.

But the thing I miss the least is the constant whining/droning sound that comes out of their pieholes about how hard it is to be them. Especially now. Like "now" was any different than "then" or will be any different from "later" in a cosmic sense?

One of the jobs you must undertake -- whether you want to or not -- when dealing with these insipid little fucktards is that of substitute parent. Their own parents either regarded them as a fashion accessory, or a status symbol, or the result of an accident, and so didn't raise them very well. On the other hand, some of them raise them too much, in terms of mollycoddling the little bastards so that all the trifling little annoyances that used to be called "real life" leaves them in a condition that can only be cured with either anti-depressants or vicious beatings.

If it were up to me, we'd skip the drugs.

The point being that, having been brought up in a lifestyle of immense material comfort, by parents who treated them as a well-earned tax deduction and insulated them from the consequences of every calamity that could befall a human being -- failure and dumbfuck, being the primary ones -- they can't cope with adversity. They fold like the proverbial cheap suit when challenged, because they have never learned to look to themselves and their own resources for a solution to a dilemma (Mommy always took care of it for them), they can't "deal"...with anything.

And herein lies the second unwanted job you have as a boss to a waste of gametes: psychologist.

As when one of them calls you in order to vent about how difficult life is in a time of outrageous overreaction to the Workers Influenza.

On the one hand, they can't figure out that the reaction to the disease is part and parcel of the parenting strategies that turned them into a useless dolt. These lockdowns and mask requirements are exactly the sort of over-the-top reactions their own mothers had to every issue that crossed their limited field of vision -- Stranger Danger, Flesh-eating virus, Johnny not getting enough playing time, Susie's bad grade. Mom went into Godzilla mode and turned heaven and Earth upside down and inside out to avenge the wrong or to protect her little bundle of shithead.

People who look to politicians to provide them with "free" everything and protect them from all risks and consequences haven't yet discovered that what they've asked for, they've now gotten.

In spades.

Government has taken on the role formerly played by Mommy. Governor Cuomo is going to make sure you don't get sick by keeping all the other kids away from you; Mayor DeBlasio is going to ensure your survival by making certain someone else gets blamed for and pays for it. And don't worry: we have enough ventilators now to keep you in Life Support forever when they fail. In the meantime, the fallout was unexpected. The fallout is a curtailment of freedoms, a loss of income, an environment of perpetual fear and anxiety.

You should be comfortable with that, Kiddies: it's how you were raised.

The difference being that Mommy still paid the bills and took dinner from the microwave to the table back then.

Now here I am, minding my own fucking business, when one of these little taint lickers decides he can't take no more, he needs advice, and no one he knows can give it to him. So, he calls 11 p.m....fifteen minutes after you've gone to bed for the night, and he needs a therapy session. Why? because his lack of intelligence and experience and the will to do anything positive within his capabilities have all been systematically stripped from him by a lifetime of dependence upon Mom, The School, and The Government.

It has left him, literally, a bottomless pit of doubt, self-pity, and incapable of rational thought or useful action.

Now, I suppose I should be somewhat flattered that he called me. If one did not already know better, it could be interpreted as a sign of respect; he thinks enough of me to ask for my help and advice in a difficult situation. The truth, however, is that he's probably already gone to his parents -- and gotten no answers -- his circle of "friends" -- and gotten no answers -- and he's asked Alexa the same questions a million times and it turns out she has even less of a clue.

You have now become the Obi Wan to his Princess Leia (emphasis on "Princess"), but it makes no difference. For every piece of sage advice you hand out, there is an automatic and reflexive excuse that begins with "but", "you don't understand" and "I can't" or an attempt to blame another for this troubles.

I shall no longer bother.

If I had wanted children, I would have had some.

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