Saturday, May 23, 2020

Enough is Enough...

"Is ours a government of the people, for the people and by the people, or a kakistocracy, rather, for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools?" -- Thomas Love Peacock

It is time to demonstrate the powers of this fully-functioning Death Star...

News is out today that in Comrade Warren's New Yorkistran, the city, charged with delivering meals to starving people in the wake of The Orient Distress (more on this in a minute), has gone and done -- even for the Communists deeply-lodged within the constipated bowels of City Government -- the thought-to-be impossible and delivered rotten food, food with no nutritional value, or in some cases, nothing but sugary snacks to diabetics.

This follows in the wake of the new revelation that the State, led with all the overconfidence that is indicative of the truly incompetent, as encapsulated in the personage of one Andrew "The Turd Doesn't Fall Far From the Asshole" Cuomo -- was knowingly sending COVID-infected people into nursing homes, where they would come into contact with the one population at gravest risk of death from Yu No Lung, the elderly, who seem to have died in great numbers (at present, the number is something on the order of nearly 4,500 nursing home deaths).

The examples of utter incompetence and institutional douchebag get far worse, My Minions, and are hardly limited to the small intelligences and casual disregard for human life usually displayed by the typical municipal or state employee. For right on queue, this week the Feds dropped their own bombs regarding things that only a few weeks ago Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo (the rear half of the Cuomo pantomime horse) were telling you were Sacred Writ, engraved upon stone tablets, and taken from the top of Mount Federal Government.

It turns out hydroxyghloroquine might be a winner in the quest for a cure for Panda Plague, after all, that the NIH has known this since 2005, but somehow forgot, in it's effort to convince you that it has never studied this problem and pooh-pooh any benefit to be derived from the drug, that it, in fact, DID study it.

(Incidentally, doctors have known this for years. I'll get to this, too, a little later).

In the meantime, the FDA keeps churning out studies to say the opposite, neglecting to let you know that all of this work is being done sans the addition of zinc, which doctors in the know have been telling us is the most-efficacious combination, so as to produce worthless results. It's as if they're purposely trying to fail.

Add to this the CDC advisories regarding the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of the virus, reversal of it's proclamations re: the persistence of COVID-19 on surfaces, questions as to the optimal "social distance", faulty tests that are producing tainted results, and the fact that more people are now dying in quarantine from suicide and secondary transmission than were in hospitals, and you begin to get the impression that not a single swingin' dick in government involved from the very beginning had a goddamned clue.

When there hasn't been obvious politics in play, of course.

And we let them shut the country down.

The primary thing I'd like to say about reliance upon The Government in times of crisis like this, is that one must first recognize who The Government is, and in acquiring this recognition, begin to understand that it is the basis for all the bullshit, nonsense, contradictory "expertise" (or, rather, allusion to assumed expertise) and stupidity that marks the actions and aftermath of same of every government response, especially in the United States.

"The Government" largely consists of an amorphous mass of complete dumbasses. By this, I mean that the The Government is primarily composed of people who only have a job because they managed to score a 60 on a watered-down "Civil Service Exam" that has been deliberately enstupiified (thank you, Fred Reed) to allow truly dull intellects to pass it on their third, fourth, or fifth try and then enter the ranks of the highly-paid-and-ineffectual.

This happens at all levels of government.

If you've ever had to deal with the irascible and incompetent at the DMV, the moron at the IRS who gave you the wrong information that you're now being audited for, if you've ever seen potholes filled and return a week later or the street repaved and then torn up within a short time for other work, if you've ever spent forever on hold with the Social Security Administration or Medicare only to be told they don't have the information you need, or ever been inside a government building where you wait on line for an hour, the clerk staples two out of the 73 papers you hold together, and then tells you to wait on another line, then you know what I mean.

If you've ever wondered why, in a day and age of electronic messaging, e-mail, texting, online bill-payment systems, we still have mailmen delivering envelopes contaminated by COVID-19-laden spit door-to-door and 73 pounds of junk mail every month when we're all supposed to be "environmentally" conscious (emphasis on Mental), this is why. If all those imbecilic Rhesus Monkeys did not "work" for government, with complete job security afforded by union and statute, they'd merely wander the landscape scratching their asses, or worse, riot.

At the top of these bureaucratic messes is a thick -- very thick -- layer of people who owe their jobs to no connection whatsoever with the functions which they are overseeing. That is to say, with political appointees being rewarded with a government job, most likely for aiding and abetting vote fraud. Jobs which they will leave with each change of administration, go to work for a lobbying firm or other company that does a lot of government contracting, where their government contacts come in handy, only to return to "public service" when the crook of their choice gets re-elected.

These appointees and accessories-after-the-fact are in positions of control, and they exert just enough administrative and political clout to ensure the thin -- very thin -- layer of truly-competent and motivated people in the middle of this Dumbfuck Sandwich are never listened to or allowed to simply do the jobs they've been hired to do.

This is Managerialism in action (different thread), the so-called "Swamp", and it has dire consequences. It turns out The Swamp is not just in Washington; it's everywhere.

It's also proven itself to be ineffective, too-politically-influenced to continue, and totally divorced from the physical realty of those who live outside of it.

So that when a disease strikes and people depend on their government for help, we discover the government is unprepared, often despite years of warnings and billions of dollars allocated to that specific problem. You see your public hospitals fail, your governors taking actions that would warm the cockles of a Nazi's heart in terms of curtailing civil liberties and sending "undesirables" (or merely people their Medicaid systems can't afford to keep alive) to their deaths in overcrowded nursing homes where there are no nurses, but plenty of body bags.

You see government make decisions not based on empirical evidence, but rather "models" constructed by academics, who often have about as much experience with physical reality as the bureaucrat. You discover the information your government provides you on a daily basis is often nonsensical or contradictory, or is often muddied and confused by the adjuncts to the State, the media (which is notoriously full of self-important idiots), or academia, who are most-likely to spout a particular line of propaganda in return for funding from the State (because most do nothing productive, and thus, self-sustaining).

And so we come to the point in this National Drama where we discover that far from "helping" anyone, our government (at all levels) is more concerned to help itself . Understand: this "Crisis", just like most of the other "Crises" of the recent past, was, from the very beginning, no such thing. Modern Government creates it's own Crises with the goal of suggesting the solution is More Government.

This is where we get to the Overlord's up-close-and-personal experience with Coronavirus. I even wrote about it here at the time. The doctors involved then cured the illness, but then bureaucracy and hospital politics crept in...

In January of 2019, Mrs. Overlord was in respiratory distress. This happens often, as she has Muscular Dystrophy and uses an external oxygen supply and BIPAP treatments to breathe (she has had, for example, three doses of pneumonia in the last 5 years). So, at the first sign of illness, I rushed her to an Emergency Room.

After a day or two of treatment, the ICU doctor -- who happened to be Korean (where SARS is common: coronaviruses are native to Asia) -- didn't like the way she was responding to standard pneumonia treatment, and so, on a hunch, had her tested for coronavirus. Sure enough, she had it.

Understand this: back then, hospitals were not permitted to test for coronavirus locally -- they had to send a sample to CDC in Atlanta -- so, this meant that coronavirus was being routinely Fed-Ex'ed all over the country at least as late as January of 2019.

The virus was caught while it was still in the incubation stage, early enough that a new treatment regime -- concocted by the Korean ICU physician and an Egyptian pulmonologist, where coronavirus and MERS are common that included the following: zythromycin (the "Z-pak"), the anti-viral Remdesivir, and hydroxycholriquine with zinc supplements.

These are standard treatments for coronavirus in both Korea and Egypt. Coronaviruses are native to both regions. It is not the virus, per se, that kills you: it's what comes after -- SARS, MERS, ARDS, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia -- that do. Doctors have known these things for years. For all the talk of "novel" coronavirus, it is still A CORONAVIRUS; there are hundreds of coronaviruses (only seven, including COVID-19 are known to infect humans). What makes it "novel" is the rate of infection, aided by a mutation that adds a "corkscrew" appendage to the basic virus that helps it to "drill" into cells easier. The "novelty" is that this hasn't been seen before, and the question is whether this is a natural mutation or whether it was created in a Chinese Lab.

There is a growing consensus among the doctors I'm talking to (and I talk to a lot of them) that last year's "Flu Epidemic" was no such thing: that what may have occurred is that there was either a flu epidemic that was preceded by a Coronavirus outbreak (almost impossible to verify the presence of Corona if you don't test for it, because the incubation periods are short), or which ran concurrently with a coronavirus outbreak -- that no one knew, or thought, to look for. Because the health authorities they were depending upon, in Washington, didn't know or didn't bother to look into it.

I'd be interested to see how many Coronavirus tests the CDC ran last year during the Flu Epidemic and how many of them returned positive, and whether there was a spike in recorded cases, or if the tests in use a year ago were even effective in identifying it with any degree of accuracy or regularity.

In the end, this "novel" virus killed exactly who one would expect it to kill: the elderly, the very sick, and we'll never know because traditional tracking protocols were abandoned immediately, but probably large swathes of the Illegal Immigrant communities.

So, if we know what this is, and how to treat it, why all the panic? Why all the contradictory noise, why all the politics, why did we shut the entire country down?

Because this virus just destroyed the entire Leftist raison d'etre in one, fell swoop.

If you're a lefty advocating for government-run healthcare, you've just seen the public hospitals in one of America's biggest cities (New York) fail miserably and spectacularly when confronted by a disease that is easily treated. You've discovered they are short of equipment, drugs, trained personnel, and expected to take care of the most-vulnerable and sickest among us, plus a large population of people who don't belong here, and they couldn't do it. And you would have to admit that part of the problem was that the Cuomo and DeBlasio administrations were partly responsible: they cut Medicaid funding to New York City hospitals so that 16 of them closed a year before this struck.

It led to rationing of respiratory equipment which was, alternately, unavailable, and then suddenly available in spades, just tucked away in government warehouses that government forgot it had. You discover that between 9/11 and the outbreak of Mao's Revenge that New York City, alone, was given billions to study, prepare and stockpile for just this kind of emergency, and ended up throwing equipment away or auctioning it off.

But I'm sure the remaining hospitals all reached their Diversity, Trans-outreach, and Give-Clean-Needles-To-Drug-Addicts goals.

You've seen governors send sick people into nursing homes against medical advice so as to ensure the most-vulnerable, if they had been previously fortunate enough to dodge the virus, subsequently get ill and die in great numbers. And once one state started the practice of dumping sick people in nursing homes, many others followed the example, so that the debacle in New York was repeated in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Imagine how much worse it might have been had ObamaCare been fully implemented?

"Universal Health Care?". Not in this universe.

Speaking of Diversity, if you're a lefty advocating for Open Borders and unfettered immigration, you've just seen The Diversity come through the Open Borders and infect the entire country with a virus, and then flood the public hospitals they aren't paying for until everything came to a complete standstill. You've also seen the governments of "Sanctuary Cities" and states abandon traditional epidemic protocols that could have saved more lives, because doing so would have entailed asking Illegals where they lived, where they had been and who they had contact with, information that would have aided ICE in their deportation.

And if you notice the virus originated in China, then you're a racist, or course.

You've seen your state and federal health authorities turn this virus into a political weapon, aided by the left and media, when they should have been concentrating on solving a medical problem. This is a clear indication that any future "Single Payer System" would probably be run on similar principles. In other words, whether you got the treatment you needed would depend largely on how politically favored or useful you are to the ruling caste.

The need to "get Trump" has become such an obsession among the democrat (small 'd' intentional) party that they were willing to kill people just to make Orange Man look bad. They are willing to hold economic recovery hostage to the illusionary idea of "complete safety", play games with recovery and aid packages, and fund the Kennedy Center while New Yorkers -- out of work for three months, with starving kids and bills to pay -- get rotten food, spoiled milk and moldy potato chips.

You've discovered that the worst-hit areas of the country are run by democrats (small 'd' intentional) named Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Newsome, and the biggest little Gauleiters in America are all democrats, too: Brown, Lamont, Polis, Sisolak, and they are now running the police state of their dreams. The same people who have been screaming "Trump is a Dictator!" for the last three years turn out to be the real authoritarians, when they haven't been displaying their Cognitive Dissonance in expressing their total dismay that Trump hasn't gone full Mussolini.

I now have more sympathy for those who survived the Soviet Union.

The left may be politically finished for the foreseeable future after this, and so all they can do to remain clinging to any semblance of power and authority is to punish the rest of us. Our misery is their smokescreen; it hides their crimes, obscures their incompetence; like the abusive spouse, they believe they can shit all over you and you'll come back, full of excuses and other people to blame for it all, just like always.

This is not to say the Right has gathered many laurels, either.

It is time this ended. Some people -- those who belong to a self-selected elitist class of know-nothings, do-nothings, and their sycophants in the bureaucracies, media and academia -- need to swing from tree branches.

I don't actually advocate that you go out and actively hang someone, My Minions, but if someone does, I imagine I'd be happy to watch it on pay-Per-View.

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