Thursday, March 5, 2020

You All Suck (Example #36 - Facebook, Coronavirus and Politics Edition)

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech..." -- Benjamin Franklin

The Silly Censors of Facebook have struck again.

Your Overlord has just suffered a 24 hour ban for "a post that violates community standards". This is becoming a common occurrence.

The post in question?

I posted a copy of a photo of Time Magazine's 1938 "Man of The Year" award that was won by Adolf Hitler.

Now, the thing is, I didn't post this picture within the last 24 hours. It was posted 3 months ago. This means that somehow it wasn't "offensive" then, but somehow it is now?

It's also available to anyone who does a Google search for it. Anytime. Anywhere. All over the Galaxy.

Normally, these little stints in the Facebook hoosegow are generally triggered by someone who is generally triggered, i.e. some fucktard who has just been verbally pummeled in a battle of wits for which they arrived completely disarmed. In retaliation for making your typical libtard look like the unmitigated blockhead she (it's usually a "she") truly is, they rat you out to the Facebook Gestapo.

This is a common course of action for the well-trained feminist and millennial; they have been conditioned to be the best "informers" and routinely cry to "authority" in the hopes of seeing another punished. These people would have made excellent Soviet Citizens  -- they're totally stupid, they're intellectually helpless, they depend upon Big Brother to do for them everything they can't.

Which is why shoes come with velcro fasteners and zippers, these days, too.

This ban is supposed to somehow scar me emotionally, "teach me a lesson", and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for the "offended" (mentally-outclassed) nincompoop, so that they can at least feel better about themselves via an act of pure malice against another.

Even if they have to dumpster dive a year of your posts to find the one, tiny fragment of evidence of your Nazi-like tendencies to cry "OPPRESSOR!" over.

In this case, however, I don't believe the impetus for the ban was just another "offended" proletariat with limited mental capacity and obsessed with her vag. I'm thinking Facebook is now scanning posted images for things it considers -- or rather, has told it's systems to identify as -- "offensive".

I say this because of yet another encounter -- at distance -- with Facebook's make-believe conflict resolution regime.

Normally, although I never actually speak to another human being during these disputes, there is at least a feeling that another person, capable of exercising judgement and cognizant of things like the First Amendment, context, and other esoteric desideratum is at the controls, so to speak, and these things are typically rescinded immediately.  Especially when one makes the cogent case that without content that I generate -- which Facebook then monetizes and then does not pay me for -- then there is no Facebook. In this circumstance, however, my usually-effective arguments have been met with stony silence.

This indicates that I'm dealing with a bot. Experience in this field leads me to believe it, too. Facebook is most likely scanning older content looking for offensive images, as well as words. Probably as some sort of test.

Take note.

Stay tuned. This might be something in November.

Moving on to more tomfoolery, it is time to address the issue of Coronavirus.

Your Overlord is something of an expert on this subject, as Mrs. Overlord had a particularly nasty case of this last year and spent two months in the hospital with it.

Despite all the media hype, we need to remember a few things about Coronavirus, FACTS which the lamestream media is loathe to broadcast because hysteria sells and because they're trying to find some way to make this Trump's fault.

Coronavirus is quite common. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of strains. Although not native to Europe or the Americas -- Coronaviruses are usually seen more-frequently in Asia and the Middle East -- they are easily-transmitted and can be quite disagreeable. We should not be surprised that the latest outbreak occurred in China and seems to have spread to South Korea and Iran with alacrity.

The virus, itself, is easily treatable with the right course of anti-virals and anti-biotics. Most healthy people will have a bout with Coronavirus at least once in their lifetimes, and be totally unaware they ever had it. This is because the incubation period is generally short and evolves into something else -- a flu-like syndrome, pneumonia, SARS, MERS, tuberculosis, and worse -- very rapidly.

It is very telling in this latest outbreak that health officials, the WHO, CDC, and our local (top-tier) hospitals here in New York, have put out information that the regular news channels have seemingly deliberately ignored. These are:

1. There are no confirmed cases recorded in infants and people under the age of 15.

2. Those who are dying generally tend to fall into the usual categories -- the elderly, those with compromised immune or respiratory systems.

3. General levels of hygiene and post-infection care are generally vital in preventing the spread of the virus, and treating the afflicted. In other words, the cleaner the culture and the better it's level and supply of health care services, the less-severe the fallout is.

4. The "Death Toll" to date is somewhere on the order of 3,000, world-wide, in an estimated 90,000 confirmed cases. This is a fatality rate of about 3%. This is about the average for the entire planet with every seasonal flu outbreak.

So, remember this when discussing Coronavirus: although anyone can get it, it usually does not kill the young and/or healthy, it is especially dangerous to the old and people with underlying health problems, and the rest of the population has, at the very least, a fighting chance, even without treatment.

It's just not that big a deal.

What makes it look worse than it truly is is the numbers. But then again, the majority of confirmed cases are in China, a culture that is notoriously filthy, where large numbers of people are packed into cities like sardines, and where medical services (we're not talking about the quality of doctor or nurse, but the quality of the healthcare system, itself) is what one might expect of a relic of 70 years of managerialist Maoist socialism.

That is to say, it sucks ass.

So, if filthy, malnourished, sick, unvaccinated old Chinese people are dying in the thousands, while that is a human tragedy, it's not a harbinger of the Apocalypse, either.

Of course, some dumbass will point out that there are people dying of Coronavirus here, or in Italy or Canada, or wherever, too, and that I shouldn't be making such "racist" remarks about the Chinese. To which I respond -- go tell FacebookThey might care, because I don't.

If you've never been treated in an Italian hospital (I have) you have no idea that it's probably a safer bet to have a tribal witch doctor with a pork bone shoved through his nose sacrifice a chicken, sprinkle it's blood about the room, and dance around your bed, than to be a patient in the Roman Hospital System.

And all I had a case of cryptosporidia, caught from the world-famous Italian plumbing systems still using the best technology the Roman Empire could muster. As soon as I got home and into an American hospital, they immediately tossed away the "medicine" the Italians had given me (it is considered a deadly poison by the FDA), and began the anti-biotics (which the Roman hospital DIDN'T have) in force.

The hype is driven by, as I've said, the media, which has nothing better to do and is trying to furiously remake itself as a serious informer of the public after three years of "Get Trump!" and lurking about the edges of it all is the unseen specter of the Baby Boomer, frightened to death that they'll all die of the sniffles before they get to steal from their grandchildren (more on this more-dangerous-and-pernicious virus to follow).

One other point on this whole kerfuffle: the anti-vaxxers seem to be the most-frightened on social media. On the one hand, this is delicious, on the other, it's totally annoying. In either case, if there is any good to come out of the Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020, it might be that the anti-vax crowd (usually driven by upper-middle-class-know-nothing-females living in denial about their own polluted genes resulting in autistic babies) might a) change their minds, b) finally be ignored for the mis-informed idiots they all are, and c) shut the fuck up.

On to politics, specifically, the clusterfuck that is the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party primaries.

I'll skip the "conventional wisdom", which is an oxymoron, and get right to the heart of the matter.

Although we're being told that with emergence of the pustule of Bernie Sanders and rise of complete non-entities like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Blobuchar (no, I did not misspell that. She's Hillary in a pantsuit with a wider waistband), there is no "momentum" of a "youth movement" driving the chaos on the left.

It's more like a bowel movement.

Which is apt, since this is more about aging Baby Boomers than it is rambunctious and fucktarded college students.

What we're seeing here is the utter confusion -- and panic -- of the real power in the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party: Old People. Stupid, self-centered, greedy, avaricious, old people, at that.

There are now some 80 million Baby Boomers in America, either retired or set to do so very soon, and they are torn.

On the one hand, they like the fact that Trump has lowered their taxes and the stock market rise has fattened their retirement accounts.

On the other hand, they are wetting their Depends that the prospect of a second Trump administration might spell the end to the system of organized theft they had all set and ready to put into operation had Hillary won the election. They fear, rightly so, that a Bernie Sanders victory -- with the specter of Soviet Communism to follow -- means the end of the gravy train their parents enjoyed and which they were salivating over. The money that would have been spent on them -- in the form of expanded Social Security and Medicare, for starters -- would be diverted to their grandchildren in the form of "free" college and forgiveness of college loan debt.

How can they expect to survive in the splendid manner in which they had become accustomed to if the crazy commie from Brooklyn destroys their portfolio, wastes the country's resources on Unicorn Fart generators, and subsidizes the feckless, rudderless, dipshittiest millennial to the tune of trillions? Where will the trillions come from? Right: taxes imposed on the older generations and the "savings' to be had from "Single Payer Healthcare" that will let them die ignominious deaths in the hospital hallways or gutters (like Nature intended).

The Rogues Gallery that stood on the debate stages reflected this fact that the party, such as it is, is still controlled by clueless old bastards with their hands out.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, and even Bernie, to a certain extent, are all older than dinosaur shit, and it's questionable as to whether or not Alzheimer's is a bigger epidemic among democratic (small 'd' intentional) candidates than Coronavirus, all lining up to beat another aging Baby Boomer in Donald Trump. The fact that the first casualties of the left's giant dumpster fire were the young, hip, "progressive" and racially-diverse -- Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Corey Booker, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gilibrand, Comrade DiBlasio, and others -- was the first indication that the "youth movement" the left continuously talks up was never a serious force.

Neither were all the billionaires preaching no-cost (to them) Socialism as a cure for the Capitalism that made them billionaires in the first place.

It almost never is. Primarily because the youth can't get up on time to vote and are generally too preoccupied with taking pictures of their lunch and eating detergent to take much note of politics.

Anyway, as I see it, this teacup temptest of all these elderly lightweights and the assorted dingleberries clinging to outskirts of the national anus makes me think of the following:

1. In a party dominated by identity politics and social justice, it turns out the largest "identity" is old people who represent a monolithic voting bloc, they ain't too social, and they're amazingly unjust; they want their 401(ks) and they want their Medicare and Social Security -- only funded more-lavishly than even before -- and fuck "fairness". That ("fairness") was the excuse they used before to build this system of immoral extraction and redistribution, and now it's no longer necessary since the system is set to benefit them, directly. Finally.

And while an unknown could, in this cycle, at least make a name for themselves as the "champion of the tri-sexual illegal-alien pet-owning community" it turns out there are only, like, three of those, and so the social justice warrior routine does not lead one to electoral success. Ask AOC, who saw a whole slate of candidates she supported -- all assumed to have the momentum of youth and social justice warriors behind them -- die ignoble deaths on Super Tuesday. While the brie-and-chablis set of older leftist douchebags might feign support for the New Green Deal, they certainly won't vote for it, or anyone pushing the agenda.

Because they don't want to pay for it, or see tax dollars they have their eyes on diverted to it.

Even though this Old, Senile and Greedy Crowd may be the beating heart of modern (il-)liberalism, it, too, is rent by it's own identitarian factionalism; the Bernie supporters are mostly aging hippies still convinced that Socialism works, pot is the best, and the romance of the "revolutionary" times of their youth in the 1960's is still alive, is opposed by the more-stolid "I've-waited-my-whole-life-to-get-that-government-check" faction that was more than willing to risk other people's money in the name of social justice, but will not be cavalier about their own as their own mortality draws near.

2. The Left is bereft of ideas, and it can no longer persuade anyone, except the truly stupid and dependent.

Regardless of which talking rectum was on those debate stages, we only heard the same, tired shit.

Healthcare "reform", by which they mean  Socialized medicine that'll kill everyone in the name of containing costs and keeping bureaucrats employed for failure.

"Gun Control", which hasn't worked. Obviously.

More Affirmative Action, applied to as many invented-last-week groups as possible, more-abundantly funded and placed under even greater centralized control. Which has, likewise, failed.

Threatening the return of slavery, Jim Crow, Droit du Signeur, "back-alley abortions". more Vietnams, Nuclear Holocaust, another Great Depression, comparing everyone they don't like to Hitler (but notice never to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Castro, whom they love), "Global Warming" (that hasn't happened the other 620 times they told us it would) and now Global Pandemic, is all they have.

The "solutions" to all these problems, of course, is the same system of dumbfuck that puked all of these idiots up; feelings over rationality, process over result, regulation over common-sense, and none of it because it will result in a better country, but rather in country that isn't run by those other people.

3. On Joe Biden. There is one (among many) annoying habits that Joe has displayed in this tour du force of fucktard that has me contemplating going all "Taxi Driver" on his ass (that's rhetorical, not a threat).

Apparently, the country has gone to complete shit since Joe left office. Nothing works. Nothing does what it is intended to do. America is a compete dumpster fire.

And then Joe will regale you with everything he's done (and even stuff he HASN'T done, like get arrested with Nelson Mandela or fought off gang members with a chain) for the last 50 years. I "worked on this" in the 1970's, and he "spearheaded the effort from the White House" in the 2000's, and in the final analysis of everything that has ever happened or will happened, Joe Biden will make sure to tell you his fingerprints, his face, even his goddamned armpit aroma, is all over it.

Joe was there when the Magna Carta was signed. Fuck, he's the guy who forced King John to sign it at gunpoint, Man.

Joe corrected Jefferson's spelling on the Declaration of Independence. You know, the Thing.

It was Joe who added those bits to the Constitution about women and blacks voting.

Joe was right there in 1929 to help FDR end the Great Depression (FDR was not elected until 1932, but, hey, give a geezer a break!).

Joe Biden planted that flag atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, not the US Marines.

Joe Biden had just washed and pressed MLK's shirt before someone got it all bloody and Jesse Jackson started waving it. In fact, it was Joe who passed the bloody-shirt-waving protection bill as a Senator from Delaware.

Joe took a bullet for both Kennedys.

It was Joe Biden calling from Tranquility base to utter those immortal words "Houston...The Eagle Has Landed", and in fact, it was Joe who "spearheaded" the effort to create NASA during the Byzantine Empire.

It was Joe who bought the cages Obama put the illegal immigrant kids in, because Dreamers and Path to Citizenship.

And how can anyone forget Joe's impassioned "Mr. Gorbachev: tear down this wall speech" that he gave in front of the southern border, Chuck.

But he never makes the logical connection -- and the people he's speaking to are also expected to skip this part -- if it all sucks, Joe, and you were the guy leading the charge,spearheading, passing the bills, why aren't you claiming credit for all the disasters?

Why would you think that pointing out that your rhetorical semen is on the metaphorical blue dress (too soon?) is a reason for anyone to vote for you?

My favorite is his contention that ObamaCare was the greatest thing EVAH and he takes credit for that, too --  but somehow, it needs to be "fixed".

This is the basis of the Modern Left: Cognitive Dissonance.

It's all they have left.

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