Thursday, March 12, 2020

Great Moments in Dumbf*ck -- Rich White Girl Problems...

"Feminism is the result of a few ignorant and literal-minded women letting the cat out of the bag about which is the superior sex. Once women made it public they could do things better than Men, they were, of course, forced to do them..." -- P.J. O'Rourke, "Modern Manners: An Etiquette Book for Rude People"

Oh, pity the bearer of the Vagina, for her lot in life is to be tortured and oppressed by her own ladyparts and hormones. The same organ -- the Fountain of Life, the Giver of Pleasure, The Pearl of Great Price -- has a Dark Side, for it saddles the owner with cramps, bloating, bleeding, and automatically relegates one to second class status in all things.

Especially when it comes to things you may want, but not deserve. Like jobs and political offices.

It apparently also makes you dumber.

Women believe this to be true. You just have to ask them. Fuck, you only have to ask Hillary and Lizzy who can't help but blame their respective (and old and shriveled) beavers.

The Hildebeest lost -- twice -- not because she's a rotten person, a veritable scab upon the body politic, with rotten ideas and a long history of unprosecuted felonies, you see, or even because someone moved the state of Wisconsin before the election so that she couldn't visit it, but because the 'merican people will never accept a Vag in the Oval Office (this is the same electorate that vomited up slightly effeminate people like Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter).

That's when we aren't Russian agents, swayed by foreign bots, closet racists and worse, of course.

Lizzy didn't even wait for the sting of her butthurt to ameliorate before she started blaming her rusty and dusty Hoo-ha for keeping her from the Promised Land of power for a person who lies so often and about things that are so trivial and unimportant, or who is laser-focused on what pronouns should be used to soothe the savage fucktarded, or addressing the vital need to let school children interview transgenders for government jobs.

Both are excellent examples of the mental defect(s) that is (are) built into every Feminist. Some are better than others at hiding them.

Before I get to these, however, I want to clue you in on as to what prompted this little missive.

Somewhere, out there, in the Great Miasma that is Modern Life, a fembot of apparently limited intelligence, tortured by her own feelings of inadequacy juxtaposed against the Feminist Ideal of being A Superior Being actually had the unmitigated gall to write this - a treatise on her guilt and shame for hiring a cleaning lady and her attempt to soothe her itchy feels by having her three-year-old son follow the maid about so that he could witness female oppression at first-hand.

That's one of the main problems of Feminism: although it is the Feminist who has, by her own lights, failed to achieve the purity of soul her ideology requires, it is an innocent male somewhere that must be punished for it.

So that she can feel better about herself and continue to live in denial about what a retard she is.

A second problem is the acute mental agony she puts herself through in turning everything under the sun into either a means of self-flagellation or another stupid reason to talk about her own, goddamned, conflicted feelings.

As if anyone fucking cared?

But, through all of this, the Third Problem arises, and out of the fetid swamp of her feeble mind arises The Exhibition of Dumbfuck -- the whole point of the exercise in the first place. For by writing about, and having it published, her "struggle" with the more-mundane parts of daily life where Reality intrudes and her commitment to The Cause that requires living in a state of denial, she broadcasts to the Sisterhood that, in the end, whatever Reality may be her dedication to the World of Make Believe remains unblemished.

She can be a total bitch and a savior of Womankind, all at the same time.

In the end, The Fourth Problem makes it's scheduled appearance, and in order to resolve this deep, moral crisis of having hired a cleaning woman and then feeling guilty about it (because what she really feels guilty about is being a poor mother, wife, and homemaker. The rest of it is simply denial), she ultimately resolves this tiny drama by first overpaying the poor wretch, and when this fails to salve her conscience, she fires the maid.

Her house will remain dirty, her son will grow up to be a chainsaw murderer for all the mental trauma he will undoubtedly experience, the cleaning woman's kids probably won't eat as well this week, but Dumbass Femimazi's feelz have been purified by the filter of ideology, and she has made a public pronouncement of her sin, redemption, and overcoming of human nature to the rest of the faithful.

Who are supposed to applaud her for her "bravery", congratulate her for coming to terms with her "privilege", and elevate her as a role model for other stupid females with anxiety and personality disorders to follow.

In the end, she may have dirty laundry scattered about the house, but she has achieved a new status, something close to Nirvana, within the ranks of Feminism.

That someone paid her to write this garbage is an even bigger travesty.

And here we return to the idea that Feminism is an ideology of mental defect.

To begin with, whatever 60 years or so of boilerplate femtard have insisted, Feminism has nothing to do with equality. Certainly not with equality of the sexes. One need only examine it's claims, to date, to come to this conclusion.

For example, while it is true that women have made fantastic strides forwards in terms of their professional lives, education, economic advancement, The Modern Fembot refuses to acknowledge this. There's never enough.

It is also true that Women have found themselves increasingly unfulfilled and unhappy. It's in every magazine. Oprah devotes entire shows to it. Dr. Phil deals with this on an almost-daily-basis between the drug addicts, beaten wives, and sexual abuse victims he parades in public. You can't put three women in the same room without a cacophony of complaints about EVERYTHING being "unfair".

Feminism has taught the latest generation of idiots to line up at it's trough to be deathly afraid of Men, as well. The Modern Feminist must believe, as an article of faith, that Men are exploiters and oppressors. Often violently so. And when we aren't taking time out of our busy day to casually rape someone, we're thinking of raping someone, or beating women into comas for shits and giggles. That's when we aren't conducting clandestine meetings in secret lairs inside hollowed out volcanoes on remote tropical islands (like Bond villains) where we come up with new and improved methods of abusing those blessed/cursed with a Furburger.

They want to get married, only to discover there are no "eligible" men. "Eligible" being defined as "a richer and more-successful Man lacking a spine who will finance and indulge my emotionally-wrought bullshit."

Feminism has devalued the one evolutionary commodity that Women had: the sexual act. What was once a bait to Men who had to change their behavior and compromise about domestic roles in order to get a taste of the musty ambrosia that is the Wonder Down Under, feminism told women to give it away as an act of revolutionary "empowerment". Sex is now so common and so easy to come by that I'm surprised we haven't found it on supermarket shelves. Women are literally giving sex away, and ladies, we Men have adapted (because that is our evolutionary power).

If you aren't giving it up, rest assured, your sister, girlfriends and mother probably are. The days when a man had to work for sex are over. No longer do you need to prove your worth as a provider for a future family; no longer does one have to modify his behavior. The days when Men went out of their way to demonstrate the qualities that Women desired -- to be a romantic, to be a good dancer, to take pride in his appearance, to strive to be a gentleman at all times -- ended quite some time ago.

Women demanded this. They got it.

And if you doubt this, I remind you that so-called "hook-up" apps abound: simply swipe right, and you'll eventually find the female willing to engage in just about any perversion, no or few questions asked, no need to buy dinner first, and you will never have to see her again. But don't worry: if you decide you do want to, rest assured, she's still advertising.

She then wonders why you won't commit.

Attend any abortion rally in America, and note the largest demographic is probably old, lonely feminists, many of whom have turned to lesbianism, bereft of husbands and children, protesting for a "right" they have not and probably will never exercise, and it's less about the defense of a constitutional principle (as they see it) and more of a revenge fantasy -- if my Womb went unused and barren, so should everyone else's, even if we have to kill someone.

And in the end, we end up with a dipshit navel gazing...wait, I mean Gazing at Her Cooch...wondering about the political, economic, and emotional perils of hiring someone to come into her home and wash her underwear, treating the entire episode as if it were a religious experience.

So-called "First Wave" feminism was about the "liberation" of the female from the traditional roles of mother and wife.

"Second Wave" feminism dealt with the challenges of Women in the Workplace. It was at this point that Women discovered that the Workplace was something they were not prepared for -- people demanded results, no one cared about your feelings or your kid's dance recital, and it is an often-brutal, rough-and-tumble environment.

"Third Wave" feminism devoted itself to policing the workplace to make it more "Female-friendly", which is to say, "Male Hostile". This is the Age of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits; it is the time when the 4' 11", 98-pound woman had to sue to become a firefighter, because she couldn't pass the qualifying tests. It's when the bombshell MBA with a 150 IQ and double-D's became impatient with the meritocracy and if she couldn't sleep her way to the top, she could damned-well get a lawyer to have a judge order her there.

"Fourth Wave" Feminism shifts the punishment paradigm into overdrive. When it isn't concerned with the actual elimination of Men (in the immortal words of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and others, if you can't beat 'em, kill 'em), it concerns itself with discovering new ways to claim victimhood, such as "intersectionality". It engages in insane campaigns of destruction -- of people's lives, careers, businesses, and eventually, it would seem, entire industries simply judged to be "unacceptable" because they din't conform to the Fourth Wave Feminists demands -- which are impossible to meet, since they exist mostly as vague concepts, raw emotion, and an ever-changing manifest of complaints.

It also encourages, nay, demands, a continuous cycle of hyper-critical self-examination from it's most-committed (and I mean that as in "should be locked up") adherents who are expected to self-purge because expecting their own to call them out requires too much effort and takes vital energy away from the Manhunt. Those who may have ideas, thoughts and feelings that are unorthodox must police themselves, hence, newspaper articles about the personal perils of hiring a cleaning woman.

Unless they want an angry mob showing up on their doorstep.

In the end, Feminism is, and has always been, about Rich White Girl Problems.

It began with bored Hausfraus wondering if there could be something beyond the unmitigated Hell of Married Suburbia. It has devolved to the point where a woman can crucify herself in public for being ashamed of hiring someone to provide a service she needs and which millions of others routinely avail themselves, and think herself both virtuous and evil all at the same time.

It is about, and always has been about, STATUS and the assumption of VIRTUE. It is a competition between uninteresting, blase, idiots to see which among their little social circle can achieve some form of distinction beyond the mundane roles of Wife and Mother. It's not about solving problems -- it never has been, for every problem solved, the feminist just invents a slew of new ones to complain about.

It's about who gets and who has what. Using the Muffin as a weapon or a crowbar in that quest is simply a tactic. It's the justification of an excuse to do bad.

And here in this article we see all the hallmarks of a stupid cunt trying to, on the one hand, atone for "sins" that are no such thing, being the thin, filmy residue of an assumption of virtue, and on the other, to impress all the other stupid cunts she associates with the symbols of status. It's all there:

I'm rich enough to afford a maid. I can even afford to overpay her. That I have one is an indication of how busy (outside the home) I truly am. This "busy-ness" is a symbol of how important and accomplished I am. When I feel badly about myself, I have the power to make another -- a male, in this case a three year old -- suffer for it. See how powerful and wonderful I am?

And then comes the fake piety.

Am I exploiting a poor Woman O' Color to do work that I find so demeaning and disgusting that I won't do it myself? Am I wrong in paying for a service that reinforces the exploitative nature of modern society and screams "privilege"? Look at me! I'm confessing my sins of my own free will so that the Inquisition won't show up on my doorstep and ruin my life. Here's the crowning achievement: I've managed to find a solution to my own self-inflicted dilemma that both satisfies my own wounded psyche and strikes a blow at the Capitalist, Imperialist, Racist Patriarchy all at the same time!

I'm fucking awesome! Praise me!

I wouldn't doubt for a second that this soul-searching soliloquy was instigated by another woman of similar mental disorder making a criticism of the author. Because someone this obviously stupid and confused could never have come up with this sort of thing on her own.

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