Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You All Suck (Exhibit #18 - The Collective in the Age of Narcissism)

“I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”  - William F. Buckley
Before I begin, I need to say a few things:

First, Mrs. Overlord came home from the hospital last week, and is doing rather well...if by "rather well" we mean she can whine longer and louder and complain more, displaying far more stamina in these endeavors than she did in doing the therapies that would have prevented her illness in the first place.

So, special thanks to the people at New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital of White Plains, and the countless (only insofar as I have neglected to count you) folks who have dropped messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc. with well-wishes.

One other note: While Mrs. Overlord was convalescing, I rediscovered the benefits of solitude.Having now found this treasure again, it has been abruptly lost once more upon her arrival home. Fuck.

Second Note: It is snowing here today in Sodom-on-the-Hudson. It has become axiomatic that whenever it snows in New York the local television stations will interrupt scheduled programming to endlessly flog reports on the weather, based on the assumption that you're an ignoramus who lives inside a concrete box without doors and windows, and without your TV, you'd be unaware that there's weather outside. You need the entire Channel ____ Weather Team mobilized and sent to remote locations nowhere near you to tell you what you either already know, or could easily find out by venturing three feet from your own front door:

It's snowing. A lot. It's very windy, too. It's cold, as well, which you wouldn't know if they didn't tell you, because you're a nose-picking doofus who believes snow only occurs in the Summer. Oh, and don't drive because here's video of cars and trucks involved in accidents or being stranded.

Probably because they slowed down to gander at the asshole Weather Team out in the middle of nowhere on the interchange where Buttfucker Parkway meets the Scrotal Itch Expressway.

Now, what transforms this (arguably) otherwise-useful service into an ungodly ordeal akin to having your hemorrhoids botoxed is that it goes on ALL...DAY...LONG. So that you miss your favorite programs, and should such programs actually air on time don't worry -- they'll be interrupted by innumerable updates and "Special Reports" from the WFUK Weather Lab that will ensure you'll never see the ending. Don't bother changing the Channel...every other local station is doing the same thing, and because they have 24 hours of otherwise empty airtime to fill, so are all the cable news guys.

Because people in Las Cruces, New Mexico need to know that New York will be blanketed by snow in March, I guess.

My world is not improved one little bit because you sent some jerkoff out into a snowstorm to hold a microphone and stand in front of a camera.

This never used to happen until Hurricane Katrina; now it's de rigueur every time a raindrop falls, or the wind picks up, or there's a fucking cloud out of place. It's seriously annoying.

Why doesn't anyone ever shoot up a television newsroom?

(Not that I would ever advocate for that....except on days with inclement weather, and even then, I'm joking...not really...but I'm not terribly all...).

Question of the Day: what happens when Collectivism runs full head-on into the Brick Wall of Identity Politics, which, strangely enough, Collectivism, itself, has brought into existence?

Take a look around you; these days everyone is seeking some more esoteric form of individuality. People "self-identify" as transgendered giraffes; they will cling to one another by racial or ethnic identity group; there are matters of class distinction that rend the American political fabric; people are divided in myriad ways which form a part of their social and political identities -- the union worker versus the non-union worker, the government employee versus the taxpayer, Men versus Women, Gays versus Straights. Only in 21st Century America would it be possible for anyone to announce, publicly and proudly, that they consider themselves a trans-speciest, non-cisnormative, 7' tall Oriental Woman of Socialist Libertarian viewpoints, when objective reality indicates we're talking about a 5' 8" White Guy with a host of mental disorders who wouldn't understand either Socialism or Libertarianism if you shoved the complete works of both Marx and Rand up his ass.

And not only is he proud to be this stupid, he expects everyone around him to suspend their sense of reality to validate his dumbass.

So, what exactly is the future of Collectivism in a world where people so fiercely feel the need to express and elevate even the most asinine of individualistic and selfish ideals in the quest to be more super-specially-special than everyone ele?

How the fuck is this Collective thing supposed to work, when everyone's out for themselves?

Also, how will it work when those who advocate the loudest for it -- the so-called "Millennials" and Post-Millenials" are a) committed to a system of Diversity which must, by it's nature, stress the differences between people rather than the commonalities required of a Collectivist ideology, b) are culturally and historically ignorant, so that they don't understand the ideological underpinnings of Collectivism, nor know the history of it's failures, or c) grossly uniformed by a lazy habit of relying upon Facebook,  WikiPedia, Twitter and Instagram, and their even-dumber friends, for "news" and other information.

Speaking of those Millennials, one can derive a great deal of entertainment from them by simply watching them chase their own tails. These examples vividly illustrate the problem any future Collectivist is likely to encounter:

Fascists roam the streets destroying cultural heritage, engaging in violence, shutting down free speech, in the name of anti-Fascism, Diversity, Peace, and Freedom of Expression. They then extol their creative and inclusive virtues.

These little fucktards wander aimlessly across campuses screaming for Inclusion while they deliberately exclude people they don't like based on color, gender, economic strata, sexual preference, etc.

The little bastards smugly inform you that making judgments is a very bad thing and a sign of ignorance, while they judge everything and everybody racist, sexist, homophobic and fascist, without having any fucking clue as to what any of those things truly means.

The dumbasses cry for greater communication as a means of fostering understanding, and then pervert or destroy the language as a means of using non-understanding to their advantage. They invent new definitions and new words that torture the English language and which are so full of emotional (and not logical) import like mice breed. Twenty two (or more!)versions of the personal pronoun based upon a rejection of physical reality, and rooted in the deepest of self-hatreds, anyone?

The police are bloodthirsty racists who murder with impunity, but because we need to be defended against shootings in schools, only the police should have guns. Because someone else needs to run risks and save my stupid ass when I won't do it myself.

Race and Gender do not exist, as they are constructs of Society, but Racism and Sexism are everywhere. I know because someone once said something I didn't like, and hurt my feelz.

How to deal with the issue of people who will loudly proclaim their stupid beforehand, then act upon it, who then demand to be saved from their own stupid?

How to make Collectivism work among that jumbled mass of fucktard that feels itself to be individually SPECIAL, which believes it's (imagined) virtue is a defense against the (documented) abuses of what they advocate for, but which still calls for society to be re-ordered with broad strokes of dictatorship that benefits one group over another (meaning winners and losers), and for that reason likely to draw the ire of the very Narcissist Generation (that hates the notion of winners and losers) that called it into being?

It's an interesting conundrum, to be sure. It's also entertaining as all hell.

I pretty much believe Collectivism is doomed, in it's current manifestation.

Mostly because, nowadays, that those who usually shout the loudest, march the most, toss the most Molotovs, signal their "wokeness" the most, are typically the last people on Earth who will ever actually DO ANYTHING to see their wildest Collectivist dreams come true. Because doing requires effort; it entails work; it requires a commitment; it requires responsibility; it needs people who are motivated by long-term goals rather than slaves to the immediate.

These folks live in a world of hashtag activism and empty virtue signalling, where there is no real risk to being in the wrong, and no threat to life and limb for being on the Wrong Side. Doing is not their strong suit.

And even if Collectivism DOES succeed, eventually, it only manages to proliferate new batches of discontents with a rival set of complaints/solutions who have learned the lesson of the Original Discontents:

If you only cry loud enough, often enough, make an ass of yourself, inconvenience everyone, become an obnoxious pain the collective derriere, you, too, can become This Month's Favored Power Bloc.

We have to assume that the people who are advocating for the Collective are either unaware of what the consequences are, or are aware of those consequences and just don't give a damn, while a third possibility exists: there are those who are aware of the consequences, don't give a damn, and who are in a position to manipulate the unaware do so with complete awareness of what they do, for ends which are often diametrically opposed to their stated goals.

Considering what the Left has to work with, I reckon the Collective is a thing of the past, and the people who are screaming loudest for it are on a similar moral plane as all those fake reverends out screaming about "Civil Rights" for money.

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