Monday, March 26, 2018

Great Moments in Dumbfuck (March For Our Lives Edition)

“This planet is largely inhabited by parrots, and it is easy to disguise folly by giving it a fine name.” A.E. Housman
Apologies for having been away for so long. Mrs. Overlord's return home from the hospital has required even more of my time than previously expected, what with equipment deliveries, therapy schedules, and all manner of mundane and annoying -- but unforeseen -- tasks.

However, I shall redouble my efforts. You deserve better, My Minions!

Where to begin?

The world, I think we would all agree, is full of truly stupid people, and when we say "truly stupid" we don't mean "absent-minded", or "lacking in comprehension", or even "acting upon misinformation", we mean actual, genetic, inbred, colossal stupidity of the sort that might even get a certain percentage of other truly stupid people to cease their own busy and hectic schedule of idiot to say "Hey, wait a minute....that was really stupid!".

Whether it's the questionable utility of listening to a bunch of teenagers on important subjects like Gun Control, the ordeal of watching a known-and-all-but-convicted felon in a crusty black pantsuit suitably obscured by a sari in emulation of the natives repeat, ad nauseum, her litany of 2,000 Reasons Why You're All Jerks, or the unbridled and free-wheeling cognitive dissonance that is any one of 5000 contributors to (P)MSNBC or CNN, or this pitiful cry for intervention by mental health authorities, those of us with more than three braincells to rub together recognize that we are surrounded by people who haven't got the sense not to stick hatpins in their own eyeballs.

And if they do, it's always someone else's fault; trolls, Russian collusion, a vast-right-wing conspiracy, the Rothchilds, The Illuminati, fuck, I'll bet even the Girl Scouts get blamed for shit that is the predictable result of someone's inner retard.

(Incidentally, in a fit of menstrual dudgeon that she didn't get the "right" answers to her poll, that bit of mental disarray went ahead and set up another poll, this time coaching her would-be respondents so as to produce the "correct" answer, i.e. the answer that validates her own fucktard. Seriously, you CAN'T make this up, and people very much like her are walking around unaware of how ridiculous they appear to anyone considered "normal").

But, I digress...

A good place to begin  the examination of fucktard currently polluting the atmosphere is with these Gun Kontrol Kidzzz. Never mind that the "faces" of this "spontaneous", "grassroots" "youth movement" look like a recruiting poster for the Hitlerjungen, with a dash of Flower Children and "Dreamers" sprinkled in for effect.

Yes, we know these kids didn't come up with this shit themselves. Yes, we're all aware that they are being manipulated by adults with other-than-stated agendas. Yes, we understand that what we're getting is the emotional appeal of grieving teenagers given a political slant and being driven home by the great machine of Mass Media, which is largely sympathetic with those other-than-stated agendas, and which has proven itself rather untrustworthy in recent years, given it's proclivity to outright lie about all things political.

These kids are being used, and aren't aware of this fact, because the best idea a 17-year old EVER heard is usually the LAST idea he/she/zhe/xir/ze/zher ever heard. Seventeen year olds have never been particularly noted for their mental acumen.

All I want to say on this subject is this: in all I have read regarding the Parkland shooting, in all I have seen on TV regarding the subject of Gun Control, in all manner of commentary posted upon the web regarding the phenomenon of school shootings, I don't believe ANYONE with a sense of responsibility has made the following point:

It's always KIDS shooting other KIDS.

And in every such story, the underlying facts are usually the same:

1. A school system that leaves much to be desired in the disciplinary realm.

2. A series of contradictory administrative policies that, on the one hand, seeks to eliminate the "troublemakers" by executive fiat, without recourse to law enforcement, and on the other, makes a great deal of noise and a wonderful dog-and-pony show of  it's "Zero Tolerance" policies, that, in fact, tolerate an awful lot for reasons of racial and gender politics.

3. Law enforcement that doesn't wish to treat children as criminals when they commit crimes. Law enforcement is in contact with these kids, or their families, frequently, and apparently ignores "warning signs".

4. A social services network that is aware they have the potential for trouble on their hands from frequent contact with the family or school officials, and yet, does nothing.

5. A mental health network that doesn't take threats to harm one's self or others seriously,and which routinely dismisses even obviously-aberrant behavior as a simple symptom which is meaningless in the absence of others, or as a circumstance to be treated with medications which medical science is both aware do not work very well, and when they do work well, is not sure why.

6. Everyone in school/town knows the eventual shooter is a walking time-bomb. No one does anything constructive with this knowledge.

Then there is the school, itself, which if you had to paint yourself a picture of the modern Public School from what you read in the papers, might look something like this:

A great concrete-and-brick concentration camp where children are collected so as to be confused by a curriculum heavy on Social Justice Warrior, and light on math and science. Where math does make an appearance, it does so in a bastardized form (Common Core)  which prioritizes arriving at something approximating a correct answer to a question on a standardized test than it does in teaching logic.  Mostly because their unionized, government-employee teachers are bad at math, and we need to find a way to help minorities pass tests they can't comprehend. Trapped inside the building, the children are relentlessly sexually-preyed upon by their (largely female) teachers, one of whom appears to be caught, fired and prosecuted every week.

Here, the children are being turned into either grossly-obese morons by a lack of physical education (because having regular gym classes leaves less money to teach them about homosexuality) and cheap, mass-produced school lunches heavy on starches, salt, and sugars, and lacking in nutrition, while the "better" alternative is likened to eating wet, corrugated paper spiced with wood shavings and floor sweepings, often prepared in kitchens that would be considered unsanitary and unfit to feed men in prison, resulting in malnutrition.

We discover that most "parents", particularly in an urban setting, regard the schools as a "free" baby-sitting service, complete with "free" breakfasts and lunches (that are either deadly or inedible), so that they don't have to expend time, energy or money caring for their own offspring, who are probably subsisting on paint chips and will most likely not learn to spell their own names, anyway (this is what happens when you give a kid a name with more than one apostrophe in it).

In the more suburban/rural setting, we find that school is something akin to the"Twilight" soap opera, only gayer, with more pickup trucks and overly-emo child abuse victims seeking refugee status in trans-whatever-the-fuck-it-is-this-week, a circumstance which turns Dogpatch upside down and inside out with righteous indignation, and further alienates a mental patient.

We find school nurses dispensing psychotropic drugs and anti-depressants to kids, except the ones who might actually need them, with the value-added service that they, might, indeed, be creating the next shooter with every unnecessary dose of Adderal. This takes place in the same schools where a child caught with an aspirin is often suspended or expelled because of Zero Tolerance policies regarding drugs.

Then there is the interaction of the children, themselves. We read or hear stories of children driven to suicide by relentless teasing and bullying. We see videos on YouTube and Facebook of children ganging up to attack a single individual, or of gang violence in the schools. The word "cyberbullying" entered the lexicon to describe a continuous assault upon the dignity of a child online, which has the added indignity of being a 24 hour a day ordeal, in which the embarrassment, shame, ridicule, comes not only from the tormentor(s), but by anonymous strangers all over the planet who have lost their sense of morality, and feel compelled to pile on.

We call this "an educational experience".

(For fuck's sake, read this disgusting story and see what I mean. Do you think these kids learned this at home, or were they more likely to have learned it in a school setting where anal sex is taught to kindergartners, and normalized,  so that they don't grow up to be "judgmental"? It takes a bunch of seriously fucked up five year olds to come up with something like that).

Ultimately, and predictably, there are some of these kids who take to shooting up their classmates.

And we wonder why?

One of the saddest commentaries on the whole, sordid mess that I read this weekend, came from a young lady who was upset that her school would now require her, for safety reasons, to carry her belongings in a see-through backpack, so as to ensure she isn't carrying a weapon.

Her response to this horrible burden and violation of her rights?

"I don't understand why I have to be punished for something someone else did".
Self-awareness is so difficult to achieve , sometimes.

So, I want to put it to the Modern-Day Hitler Youth who were being flown and bussed into Washington, D.C., if we apply the logic of your Gun Control argument, we can make the following conclusions:

1. We need to ban schools, because that's where everyone gets shot.

2. We need to ban kids, because kids are doing the shooting.


Perhaps instead of marching around in circles, accomplishing nothing of use, some of these kids could turn their energies to discovering just why it is their peers want to murder them, and maybe ask themselves if they have any responsibility in creating a killer.

But then, if they did that, they wouldn't get interviewed on MSNBC, which is, like, totally awesome, and like literally getting you a million likes on Twitter.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Being terrorized, tyrannized, and repeatedly slandered and defamed is reason enough for just about ANYBODY to wish the shameless bastards doing that shit be "strung up from a second-story balcony (the kind with a concrete landing and iron rails)".

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