Monday, February 19, 2018

Voices Inside My Head (#11 Ban Public Schools, Not Guns)

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" --- Hanlon's Razor

Your Overlord, My Minions, is nothing if not solutions-oriented.

Let's start at the beginning, skipping over the complete and utter nonsense vomited forth by your supposed betters in government, academia, and media.

On the subject of school shootings -- all of them --  there are three, common denominators:

1. Some deranged asshole

2. A gun

3. A government-run, target-rich environment with lax security and too many entrances, run by mindless drones who only have a job because they managed to pass a watered-down civil service exam crafted by retards for the benefit of bigger retards.

You can check this theory out by simple comparison:

Q: What do Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, (insert name of favorite school shooting here), and Parkland all have in common?

A: A mental patient (or two). A gun (or two). A school run by government. A slow government response, followed by a lot of governmental crapspeak and ass-covering.

I rest my case. Pick any shooting you want, the results will be the same. You know what else will be the same? The after-the-fact details that dribble out: the shooter(s) are known to school administrators as troublemakers or troubled people; they are known to law enforcement as troublemakers or troubled people; they are known to the community, at large, as troublemakers or troubled people.

What else do we usually learn, after-the-fact?

Someone reported the shooter and his pre-massacre activities to law enforcement. He (it's usually a "he") has stood in front of a judge at least once. He is typically known to Mental Health or Social Services authorities, too. The shooter leaves behind an often-impressive, or at least downright-scary, social media profile, complete with selfies and long-winded dissertation on his violent fantasies and a manifesto of some sort.

I defy you to find a case of a school shooting in recent memory where most (if not all) of these factors were in play.

I fucking DEFY you.

Of course, the knee-jerk reaction, the same reaction, which follows every "tragedy" of this sort comes in two flavors: there is the useless and virtue-signalling "our thoughts and prayers are with you" bullshit, and the equally useless and virtue-signalling "we need common sense gun control laws"  puked up by some douchebag in a vagina hat.

Both are little more than flabby platitudes designed to appeal to emotions, rather than logic. Little more than dog whistles intended to appeal to people according to political affiliation: the thoughts and prayers crowd being largely Conservative (which stupidly believes that all problems stem from a lack of morality), and the "ban-that-fucking-thing" mentality being largely Progressive (which stupidly believes that all problems stem from a lack of having someone else tell others how to live).

The Facts of these school shootings would seem to indicate otherwise.

Just remember: if you can hear the dog whistle, you're probably the dog.

And neither is a solution, as both are merely precursor activities/utterances intended to restart an already-interminable political argument this country has been having since it's inception. You may start chasing your own tail, again, now.

So, let's stop this useless exercise in nonsense right now by explaining why neither "solution" works.

For the "morality is lacking" idiot: you can put prayer back in public schools; you can frog-march the fags to the ovens; you can ban abortion; you can hang a copy of the Ten Commandments on every vertical surface in America at eye level, all in an effort to restore some level of Christian Virtue to the Country, and it won't fucking matter: there will be another school shooting.

So, fuck you and your prayers.

For the "ban-that-fucking-thing" moron; you can ban guns on the basis of an ever-increasing list of attributes -- too scary-looking, they make loud noises; they give you douchechills because you're a fucking pansy; we can pass more laws so that more unionized, democrat-voting bureaucrats can have something to do and extend the power of the state over the individual into every pore of American life, and it won't fucking matter; there will be another school shooting.

So, fuck you and your panty-bunched-and-misdirected dependence upon the State to solve a social problem.

As I've said earlier, Your Overlord is a solutions-oriented Dictator, so here's your solution:

If there are no more schools, there can be no more school shootings.

I can hear the laughter now, but bear with me.

The Modern Public School serves no legitimate purpose, except as a taxpayer-funded Day Care and Indoctrination Center. If you disagree with this point (and really, who gives a fuck if you do?), then I suggest you hit up YouTube and watch a few hours of "Americans are Stupid" videos where some comedian or media figure runs a "Man-in-The-Street" type interview about American history, culture, or whatnot, and we get a laugh out of just what sort of nose-picking ignoramuses are walking around taking up space and air.

The truly funny part is the people laughing the hardest are probably even dumber than the people who can't answer simple questions.

My favorites are always the ones that take place on college campuses. That's usually where you find idiots in their natural habitat.

People only get (actually, it's more like "remain") this obviously dumb because they have either been left uneducated, or were educated by even dumber people who pass their own dumbass down to posterity vicariously, only to collect a pension at the end of it.

Obviously, the public schools are failing in their primary mission to provide, at the very least, the foundation blocks upon which will be built critical thinking skills, basic mathematical knowledge, a historical sense, a cultural awareness of things that happened before last Tuesday and which haven't gone viral.

I won't get into WHY this has happened (that's another post!), but let's just say that at the confluence of government, politics, bureaucracy and tax money, one tends to discover monumental (emphasis on "mental") incompetence. Government does everything poorly and very expensively, and so we should not be surprised that government-run schools are both expensive and ineffective. That should be sufficient, for our purposes.

Now, if you're a mental patient with a gun set to act upon some motivation normal people can only guess at -- The Voices told you to do it; your neighbor's dog told you the principal is the Anti-Christ; the cheerleaders who wouldn't date you have it coming; the bullies that tormented you must die; all of the above  -- then the government-run school is a great thing. Mostly because it puts all of your potential victims in one, convenient place. And because all of your victims are conveniently concentrated for you, you can create many more than you intended to, just for shits and giggles.

Because it's a public school, run by bureaucrats and unionized idiots who are beholden to the political regime, you can rest assured that all the politically-driven drivel that escapes from a legislature consisting of brain-damaged monkeys with tapioca in their heads -- "Gun Free" Zones; "Zero Tolerance" policies; Ritalin dispensed by nurses; hiring practices in which the lowest-scoring get jobs first (because race and gender quotas) -- there will be no one to stop you, nor outsmart you.

In fact, these sorts of people are likeliest to be your first victims, because they're typically dumber than an Irish Setter. The proof? They're working in a government-run institution. Smart people get rich in the private sector; dumb people get rich through the power of government to extract money from the smart people.

Oh, there MIGHT be a school security officer or two, but because it's a government-designed-and-run building, there will always be far too many entrances and exits (because fire and building codes) for two or three overweight females, or the slowest, least-effective sheriff's deputy, to adequately secure, assuming some dumbass kid doesn't just let you in because "Hey, I know that guy!", and become the first body to hit the floor.

Once inside, even if the alert is raised, you find your victims even more concentrated because of mandated (by government and bureaucracy) "Shelter-in-Place" procedures which consist largely of locking doors and hiding in closets. Hardly a deterrent or defense in an age of high-powered weapons and sophisticated ammunition. You merely have to get past two or three doors -- and you'll have time since even if the cops do show up relatively quickly, their procedures say "secure the perimeter, first", "clear the building one room, one floor at a time" so it's unlikely the cavalry is going to show up anytime soon, guns blazing -- to rack up a pretty hefty kill ratio.

Even if you were only half-ass prepared for your little commando raid, that is to say, you didn't find a recipe for explosives on DemocraticUnderground, or read the internet version of the Anarchist's Cookbook, and come prepared with IED's and pipe bombs or homemade smoke grenades, you can still do some serious damage before anyone with the means or courage to stop you gets within 100 yards of you.

The biggest security hole, then, turns out to be the school itself, and the policies it follows.

We have the same problem in airports: the security areas are at the gates, leaving the lines at Check-in and Baggage Claim unprotected.

And since we all want security, it makes sense to eliminate the biggest security flaw in the whole equation.

The brick-and-mortar school is an anachronism, like horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, and Bernie Sanders, that likewise serves no useful purpose -- no one is being truly educated; money is being spent in enormous sums for no good return on investment; and the school and it's policies constitute as great a threat as a shooter -- and is no longer needed. Just as technology has provided the Modern Day Einsatzgruppen of One with sophisticated tools of destruction, it also provides a replacement for the government-run Enstupidation Center of Death.

Modern computing and communications make it possible for millions to attend class online from someplace else. It makes it possible for everyone to have access to the same textbooks, the same libraries. It makes it possible for a single teacher to reach hundreds of students, simultaneously,  several times a day, instead of a few dozen at a time in a condensed time frame. Students and parents can choose their curriculum. Students can learn at their own pace; the better students can take as many classes a day as they wish, the slower ones can spend more time repeating a class until they get it, or better yet, if they can't find an instructor who reaches them, have the option to try another. You can take your online school with you wherever you go and can get a Wi-Fi signal, even while on vacation. You can attend school all year round, if you'd like. You don't have to miss a day of school due to illness, a doctor's appointment, or a holiday. You can replay a favorite lesson or lecture any time you'd like to.

Of course, none of this will ever happen. It smells of free-market capitalism, leaving less room for politicians, government, and unions (and, thus, graft), and takes away the ability to talk a lot but accomplish nothing for votes, keeping issues like Gun Control and Prayer in Schools alive forever to mine more votes from them, and donations to political parties and campaigns pouring in from both the NRA and the anti-NRA side, not to mention teacher's unions. Some will scream "digital divide!" and say my idea is racist and biased against kids and families that don't have internet access, and drains "vital resources" from the public school system, but that's largely bullshit.

Even in the ghetto, cell phones and tablets are ubiquitous, these days. People spend more on hair extensions and acrylic nails in most poor neighborhoods than they do cell phone services, even while on Welfare. Computers and communications are cheap. In fact,some of the money not being spent on a government-run building full of unionized mouth-breathers that only manages to turn out idiots, and concentrate the herd for easier slaughter, can be given to the low-income in the form of a voucher to buy a computer or internet access

And besides, you can keep your government-run school, if that suits you; it'll just be empty, and just as useless as it was before.

My solution is easier than identifying the truly dangerous and intervening before they go berserk; it's far easier and safer than a regime of rounding up firearms, often from people who might be reluctant to give them up. It makes more sense than "banning" things because some don't like them; it preserves the Second Amendment; you can keep your "Gun Free Zones" if you like your Gun Free Zones; it means that targets of opportunity are dispersed in a million undisclosed locations. The "School Shooter" will have nothing to shoot at, considering his problem is often with the school, the people who work there, or the people who go there.

The best part? It's shuts both the insufferable self-righteous and the phony virtuous the fuck up.

And my way, the cops can be free(r) to do the other things they need to do, like fill up the jails in order to feed the Prison Industrial Complex, and keep government-funded Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Judges, and Prison Guards in the black (another post?).

Naturally, it means a lot of out-of-work "educators", but considering most education majors are drawn from the lowest-performing 20% of any graduating college class (you can look that up. University of Wisconsin, IIRC) it's no big loss to see the worst of the worst pushed out of the education business.

The world still needs janitors, baristas and burger-flippers, too, you know.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

What about shopping centers, parks, libraries, public and commercial transportation, restaurants
...and the disgruntled who are "mad at the world" and "want revenge on anybody and everybody"?

Panaceas anyone?

Matthew Noto said...

One problem at a time, Sir.

Besides, have you not heard of Amazon? Online Universities? Telecommuting? The Gutenberg Project?

The truth is that with modern technology you don't need to be "there", anymore. "There" can come to you, "there" can be anywhere you already are.

If you don't need to go shopping (because Amazon delivers), and you don't need to be in the office (because you can work from home), you also don't need to go to a school, where you won't be educated and you won't be protected, because government does both with the same efficacy and efficiency as you'd expect to get from your dog if he were to design a submarine.

The failures here, are usually governmental: law enforcement fails to follow up on tips and does not secure schools; the school systems fail to report dangerous or questionable activity to law enforcement; local mental health and social services don't follow up when called.

I read this today, and it's another instance of government failure, motivated by identity politics:

If we're not going to investigate potentially-dangerous people, if we're not going to go through the trouble (and bloodshed) of confiscating guns, then the the only thing left to do is deny the potentially-dangerous-with-unconfiscated-guns the opportunity to do something wicked.

You have a better idea, I'm all ears, Sir.


Matthew Noto said...

P.S. my point, which I forgot to make in my response, is that Government cannot supply a solution to this issue, in fact, government is part of the problem, but the free-market DOES.

It's not a perfect solution, but it's a far better and easier one (not to mention it gives people their right to choose back) than either advocating (but doing nothing to facilitate) monumental social change, or championing the liberty-crushing police state.