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You All Suck (Exhibit #11 - The Perils of Having Too Much Free Time...And a Vagina)

Idle hands, they say, are the tools of the Devil. An idle brain attached to a vagina is the Devil's Weapon of Mass Destruction...

Obviously, some people have too much free time on their hands. Way too much.

I guess this is a consequence of Modern Society; an age of comfort and plenty. For it is axiomatic that it is only when people feel safe, are well-fed, do not have to worry about shelter or being eaten by a jackal, that they have the time to put their intellect to work, to hash out the problems of Life, to explore the mysteries of the universe, perhaps to think about all sorts of things unseen and unknown.

It is also during this Age of Plenty that we discover that most people have extremely weak intellects, so that all this free time devoted to understanding the enigma of existence would probably be better spent if we instead re-potty-trained half the population.

A specific half, no less.

For there is nothing in the Universe so averse to useful and rational thought than anything that identifies itself as "a feminist". I say this with complete confidence: 50 years of experience with this most confusing -- and aggravating -- of creatures has convinced me that while the concept of "feminism" makes absolute sense (the equality of humanity), most feminists fall into broad categories of characteristics beginning with "menstrual wolverine" and ending with "man-hating potential mass murderer".

Whatever "feminism's" original political intent, it is clear to anyone capable of rubbing two braincells together (a feat beyond the capabilities of today's Third Wave Feminist, more on this in a second) it has instead been turned into an exercise in Mental Disorder. The hallmarks are all there: the obvious self-hatred; the projection; the denial of objective reality; the narcissism; the sociopath fantasies.

Now, I'm about to do something which all feminists (Nazis) viscerally hate; I'm about to Mansplain feminism to you. Mansplaining, for the uninitiated, is the process that occurs when a Male (particularly a White One) attempts to explain concepts to anyone who isn't a White male, but specifically, to a female. They object even more when the White Male is a) factually correct, b) has managed to apply logic and reason to what for them is an emotional issue devoid of both, and c) done so with a condescending attitude that says "take that, you fucktard". I'm about to give you the entire history of feminism in whirlwind fashion.

Buckle your seatbelts.

Apparently, feminism has attacked these shores in "waves", if we're to take the Modern Feminazi at her word (difficult to do, but pretend you give a fuck just to maintain the illusion). First Wave Feminism (dating back to the 1930's and through the '70's) was apparently all about recognizing the female as an equal. Her humanity was to be respected; her merits rewarded; her potential was to be taken as a given, celebrated, and nurtured. The Woman was to be allowed to take her rightful place in the world as a full-and-equal partner; no field of endeavor was beyond her ability, her intelligence would be rightfully feared, her relegation to second-class status was to come to an end.

According to the First Wave Feminist, all that had ever held women back was a series of cultural practices that had left them no role in society beyond wife, mother, and victim of licensed (i.e. marriage) rape. If only women could be seen to be no different than Men, the thinking (ha!) went, women would take their pre-ordained role in society (they could become anything they wished to be), and a true Age of Equality would descend upon us all, and the world would be a much better place for it all.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way because the First Wave Feminist ran into two problems they didn't particularly think long and hard about (this is defect built into women, more on this later) which came back to bite them on the ass later on.

The first (and to this day, unresolved) problem was how to make the case that Men and Women aren't really that different. One would think this to have been obvious: men and women are totally different creatures. It's so obvious that I shouldn't have to go into detail about the differences, but I probably will because some broad out there will get her tits in a knot insisting we aren't, stuck in the cycle of stupid that kicks in when lack of understanding basic biology meets menstruating, emotionally-fragile, easily-triggered, primed-for-drama-queen nitwit.

I'll simplify: Men and Women have different biological processes and purposes (I will be speaking in a strict biological sense here). Men exist to spread their seed hither and yon as it is their prime biological function; to pass their genes on to future generations. On a very visceral level, this does not require a whole lot of emotional energy to be expended. In fact, most things Men do in order to ensure survival (either personal or of their DNA) require no emotional energy, at all. Women, on the other hand, exist to provide a womb for the growth of an embryo, to give birth to it, and then to nurture it until it becomes old enough to aggravate it's father by getting tattoos and nipple piercings, and start dating meth-smoking skater dudes named D'Artagnon.

Biology has conspired to make women breeders and nuturers. It has hard-wired them to do this job, emotionally, and shaped their physiology to ensure they do it extraordinarily well. In order to achieve this state of prime Babymaker and Caretaker, biology has had to shortchange the female of the species in several, meaningful ways: they are not as physically strong as males and they are mentally wired to seek security and protection, and to be doting mothers, whereas Men are natural risk-takers and problem-solvers (as befits their secondary role as providers and protectors).

This is not to say that women can't be providers or problem-solvers; just to suggest that biologically-speaking, they're not exactly primed to do these things. Occasionally, you DO get a woman who is extraordinarily gifted and who manages to do something that exceeds expectations, and often, appears to defy biology and cultural definitions of gender roles. However, these are few and far between. But, I digress...

How to demonstrate that Men and Women aren't all that different?

The First Wave Feminist answer was simple, if stupid; if women just behaved like Men, then the noticeable differences would, presumably, vanish. 

Except that Women don't know how to behave like Men. They can never find out. Primarily this is because....wait for it...they aren't Men. And so, they took advice on how to Behave Like A Man from other confused chicks who couldn't understand Masculinity, either, because they couldn't actually ASK Men for help because that would defeat the underlying premise of Feminism...duh!.

The results were entirely foreseeable: consequence-free sex. That's all they could come up with. Because that's what these ditzy fucking broads defined as the prime characteristic of the Male; he could fuck anything, anytime, and never have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy if only because he didn't bear that burden. Hence, First Wave Feminism's obsessions with birth control and abortion. In the process, they taught women to use their va-jay-jay as a weapon to both "get even" with dudes, and as a tool to pry privileges and wealth from them.

Second Wave Feminists, however, were unhappy. Because while they were screwing everything in sight (like their icons told them to do, because dumbass), often screwing their way to the top of the Corporate Ladder, trading their favors for material gain, sometimes just fucking to prove a (basically useless) point, it left them all unfulfilled.

Mostly because it was missing that emotional component. Where First Wave Feminazis had screamed "empowerment!" with the unleashing of the vagina, Second Wave Feminists found the entire exercise unfulfilling, unrewarding, and many had spent the "best years of their lives" on their careers, catering to their their social standing, playing at politics, and basically wasting their time and efforts. They still didn't feel valued by Men. They often went lonely and depressed for having forsaken family and marriage in the quest to be "free".

Mainly that's because you gave Men what they wanted the entire time, Disphit: consequence-free sex unattached to commitment, with no emotional strings attached, and for strictly personal reasons that ran contrary to your biological imperative as breeder and caretaker.

This was low-hanging fruit to the unethical Man, and Men had become very unethical, indeed, because the Women had become just as immoral and demanded no real standard be applied (except their own, ever-multiplying double standards). This was the Second Problem the First Wave Feminists hadn't solved; what to do when you treat the only means you have of manipulating Men (Men can never be controlled, except in rare circumstances, just manipulated), i.e. Sex, into something you, yourself, attach very little value to?

The Second Wave Feminist's solution to this was the legal system. If women couldn't be recognized for their abilities, despite putting out like minks in heat, they would force recognition through legalisms and regulations and revenge. Hence was born the entire regime of "Sexual Harassment", "the Hostile Work Environment", and Discrimination, Divorce-a-palooza (he gets to pay for a vagina he no longer wants because he used it once), and Rapists Lurking Everywhere. And it worked, for a little while, anyway.

Eventually one woman got away with screaming "victim of the patriarchy!" for voluntarily giving head in the office after the cleaning staff left in return for a quid pro quo that never materialized, and the rest followed. They began systematically attacking other "bastions" of the "patriarchy" so as to ensconce themselves in heretofore male-dominated industries and institutions fully aware they were incapable of doing the job, fully-aware they would only get their way after they found the right judge, and fully-aware that the experience would mark them for life as an outcast in their "chosen field".

So, now you know why 4' 11", 98-pound Suzie is a "firefighter" who can't carry a hose and has never rescued anyone. Now you know why the military no longer gives it's recruits live grenades to practice with, because some of them throw like...well....girls, and why physical standards continually drop in any field of endeavor that requires a high physical standard. Suzie got to call herself "firefighter", "infantryman", or "police officer", even when she can't do the job, because equality. A fucking judge said so.

But this created a Third Problem.

You see, people, like, notice, when Suzie can't blow out the candles on her own birthday cake, let alone put out a three-alarm blaze; they tend to get upset when Suzie can't carry a wounded comrade to safety from the battlefield; they fucking laugh when Suzie gets her ass kicked and her gun taken by a perp a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than she is, and she didn't call for backup because it might fuck up her nails.

So, excuses have to be made to explain obvious failure. Third Wave Feminism, taking a page from the Communist Manifesto and the Civil Rights movement (sorry, that was redundant) has elevated excuse-making to an art form, because, you see, everyone is a VICTIM of something, and always of White Men.

Can't cut it as a computer programmer? It's the elitist, frat-house mentality (the very epitome of White Male Privlege) prevalent in IT . Can't pass the Bar Exam? It's because the Bar is a male-dominated, sexist regime. Can't score high enough on your SAT's to get into the Ivy League? It's because the SAT's are culturally biased in favor of White Men (point out that Asians routinely outscore White Men on the SAT's, and you are met with a stony silence, called a "sexist", and stormed out on. But it's a good laugh).

And because the Third Wave Feminist is nothing if not an excellent excuse maker, they invented an entirely new means by which to churn out excuses on an industrial scale and simultaneously accumulate "victim points" which are turned into something on the order of social merit badges; the more you accumulate, the more "deserving" and "victimized" you become. (Collect 'em all!)

It's called "Intersectionality".

So, to go back into "Mansplaining" mode, "Intersectionality" is a made-up word that basically means "the more excuses I can make for being such a crappier, useless human being, the more of anything -- money, attention, lowering of standards, power, anything I couldn't earn or produce for myself -- I'm entitled to."

Now, just where the source of this entitlement resides -- and the means by which score is kept -- is a complete mystery, as it has no underlying logic or practical application, because a) it was invented by women who lack a linear thought process, and b) is an emotional response to a physical or logical problem, which means it doesn't fucking work. Which means that "intersectionality" is no better a plan than "behave like Men do" and "Get the courts to make it true": it's a great, big game of fucking "Let's Pretend".

As in most cases where there is no arbiter, government stepped in to assume the role.

Under the "rules" of "intersctionality" (like all rules created by women, they eventually collapse under their own (water) weight when they aren't applied in your favor or to your liking, or make you look foolish, or boomerang on you, in which case, the default position of the female -- bitching about life being unfair -- takes over), it's bad enough to be born a female (you get one point for that); it's worse if you were born a (for example) black female. You get an extra point for that. And naturally, you get extra points for every other defect you can somehow twist into a means of oppression, always at the hands of a White Male: physical deformity, ugliness, lesbianism, lack of education, an extra digit on either hand or foot, extra-heavy monthly flow with severe cramps, why the possibilities are endless.

So, if I'm a Gay, Puerto Rican, paleo-vegan, female with a hunched back, suffering from Bi-polar Disorder, twice-divorced, suffering Domestic Violence at the hands of my non-cis-normative, post-op trans partner, then I receive 10 Pity Points. It means I've been a victim 10 times:

1. Gay
2. Non White Male
3. member of an oppressed/misunderstood dietary group
4. Female
5. Physical deformity that lowers my self-esteem and might cause someone to laugh at me and hurt my feelz
6. Mentally Ill
7. Victim of Legal Rape (ex-Husband number 1)
8. Victim of Legal Rape (ex-Husband number 2)
9. Victim of Domestic Violence at the hands of another Man (who used to be a woman)
10. I live in a Culture created by, advanced by, improved by, supported by, White males

See how easy it is?

Fuck you Girl-with-only-nine-points!

Somehow, it's become the job of government to "redeem" these Pity Points, in the form of something substantive, but usually money or access to something that wasn't earned.

Which is what marriage used to be.

We've gone from a quest for equality based upon merit to excuses why we should all be treated unequally according to the depth of your personal sob story.

Yes, that all made perfect sense.

And the truly stupifying part is that the women who scream the loudest about the sexist white-male-privileged patriarchy are, on the whole, women who have benefited the most from that sexist, white-male-privileged patriarchy, in large part because they married the sexist, white-male-privileged patriarchy, who provided them with comfortable, upper-middle-class homes, access to education and higher social status and then performed like neutered seals for their delight!

No one has been more "privileged" throughout history than the upper-middle-class white female: she has been protected, idealized in art and poetry, and usually supported without having to do anything approaching work.When you stop to consider, historically, the vast array of resources --scientific, medical, economic, military, political -- that have been expended in the cause of ensuring the comfort , safety, convenience, and health of the White Female (The Ur Feminist), from the vacuum cleaner, to frozen vegetables, to sonograms and amniocentesis,  granting the franchise, to curing her fucking Cunt Cancer, you begin to notice just not only how good these broads have had it, but how fucking ungrateful they turned out to be.

They're  (the upper-middle-class feminist, where all this bullshit started) virtue signalling to assuage their own sense of guilt, and shame for having a lifestyle they never had to work very hard for, and pretending to other women who haven't been as fortunate that it's really not about their own self-hating, unsatisfied, un-fucking-grateful asses. It's supposed to be about all women, but it's really all about themselves.

We're not talking about rational human beings. These are people, I'm thinking, who lack a sense of self-awareness and who are probably incapable of feeling joy. They hate themselves so much they must, in typical female, emotionally-charged fashion, make every one else suffer.

So, when I surf the internet this morning -- and have that broad characterization justified! -- by discovering that Women are now beating THEMSELVES up over whether some women of color are worth more than some women of (not enough) color, or I'm told that my dietary habits are facilitating rape -- and not just of women! --  or best of all, some woman pretending to be a scientist is shocked, SHOCKED, to discover that men react to tweets of female genitalia differently than women respond to tweets of male genitalia ,I'm not terribly surprised, and I reckon our womenfolk are entirely too comfortable, and have way too much free time on their hands to wreck the full-menstrual havoc that hides within every psycho with a furburger.

This is what happens at the confluence of leisure time, piss-poor thinking, internet, lowered standards and stupid.

I'm also of the mind that they have no sense of humor, no sense of proportion, are overly dramatic, and probably all need to get laid WELL...for a change. That's another consequence of making your Pearl of Great Price low-hanging fruit for every swinging dick that comes your way: you get someone who doesn't even make the effort  to do it right because you signaled that wasn't really necessary.

After all, you were only pretending to behave like a Man as an act of revolutionary rebellion against Men. It's almost as if this feminism bullshit was invented by Men as a means of obtaining a constant supply of sex. Why not? Men have invented practically everything else, too.

Just think about all the misery these people carry around, and then about how they inflict it on everyone else with their bullshit, how it's ruined certain aspects of life, sex, and the mere pleasure of being in another's company, and tell me I'm wrong.

"You All Suck" is a Featured essay which highlights the incredible stupidity of the Human Race, and it's propensity to take all the enjoyment out of Life. Stay tuned for future installments.

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