Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Majority of One (The Overlord Is Displeased)

Normally, this weekly screed would be dedicated to a single issue. However, it appears as if there has been a mass outbreak of asshole which is beginning to reach epidemic proportions. Buckle up: we have a long way to go, and I'm not obeying the speed limit...

The First Order of business is this article, published today, by Jewish World Review, entitled "Can New York City be Saved?"

The Answer, sez me, is "fuck yeah". But only if it is understood that the process of saving New York would involve three elements:

1. A well-planned program of street executions.

2. The forcible ejection of various categories of person Your Overlord would lump together as "dead wood". As California is considering seceding from the United States, and the main spokesdouche for this endeavor seems eager to welcome the Great Unwashed Masses, perhaps they can follow the dictum "Go West, Useless Asshole"?

3. Crowning Rudolph Giuliani Emperor.

On a similar note, especially germane to the current climate of New York City, I would like to take issue with something called the Law Enforcement Coalition, which calls my home during dinner hours seeking donations.

It should be stated, for the record, thus:

The Overlord loves Law Enforcement. In fact, he wishes, sometimes, there was more of it. He is also well-aware of the sacrifices that Law Enforcement officers all over this country make on a daily basis, and is deeply appreciative. The Overlord's father, in fact, was a New York City Transit Police Officer; the Overlord has grown up with cops; he knows scores of cops; he takes no issue with cops.

However, when an organization representing police officers calls me seeking a donation to be used to, quote, "force politicians to give police officers the political support they need to do their jobs", close quote, my ire is raised. As I told the earnest young man on the telephone, it is my considered opinion that if police officers are in dire need of "political support", then perhaps their unions can stop using their dues to fund the campaigns of the politicians who have abandoned them.

The Unions do this, naturally, because they will -- eventually -- be sitting across the negotiating table from same politicians, and no one wants to begin said negotiations with said politicians knowing full-well that said politicians will remember exactly the amount of "political support" (measured in dollars) they got from the Police Union, and then negotiating accordingly.

When, as here in New York City recently, your Mayor and local democratic party (small 'd' intentional) decides to side with the braindead leftoids against the police, and chooses to expend political clout in Germany helping communists protest capitalism while a police officer is assassinated in the streets -- and your union helped put him and his party into power -- you must remember the old dictum of "you get what you pay for".

Don't come begging me for money when you don't like the result.

And by the way, when my father passed 37 years ago, not a word was heard from the NYPD Widows and Orphans people. Never mind being taken care of by the politicians: you sometimes don't even take care of your own.

Tell your union reps to pony up: they're obviously overpaid, considering the results.

Staying the course, vis-a-vis Municipal Hellholes with Poor leadership, I got a tremendous laugh out of this article today, in which it appears as if 4 of the 8 people currently running for the Illustrious Office of Mayor of Detroit (which is sort of like being elected President of the Glee Club, if your Glee Club smoked crack, kept a string of prostitutes on the payroll, and wore pimp hats) are convicted felons.

Now, I must say that I do not find this at all surprising. After all, Detroit is the shining example of American Marxism, and even better, an abject lesson in what happens when the American Marxism is executed by people who can't even spell "American Marxism". (Says one of the official mouthpieces of American Marxism).

There is a reason why most of America's "Urban Centers" are decaying, and for the most part it is because the political apparatus of those Urban Centers are falling into the hands of people who, on a good day, might be able to tie their own shoes without a government program. Controlling the levers of power in places like Detroit, Philadelphia, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, Oakland, Flint, Cleveland, Atlanta, and even shittier cities, allows these reprobates to spend enormous sums of money, hand out patronage on a grand scale, fuck up by the numbers, and pretend to be important without having to do anything of consequence.

Except maybe plead guilty, eventually.

The people (un-)served by this criminal class -- largely leftist, largely black -- keep putting them back into office, and so have no one else to blame but themselves. But since coming to that realization requires an above-room-temperature IQ and intellectual honesty and a sense of responsibility, we'll just blame it all on racism, instead.

Because that always seems to work, too.


Continuing our program of screaming racism in order to avoid a collision with Reality, some Irish jerkoff -- sorry, that was redundant -- apparently stopped beating his wife and put the bottle down long enough to complain that president Trump's use of the term "Paddy Wagon" in a speech this past week was....wait for it....racist.

Once again, the Overlord goes on the record: I'd rather be DEAD than Irish. This is one reason why.

It's also why the Overlord will have nothing to do with "Christians", "Conservatives", "Patriots", "Tea Partiers" and several dozen other self-selected, inbred retard groups; eventually, one of you assholes comes out from under your rock and proves that every negative ever uttered about you is, in fact, fucking true.

It's hard enough making the case, day-in, day-out, that Whites in America are fucking sick-and-tired of hearing how "hard" it is to be black; that white males are sick-and-tired of hearing how difficult it is to bear a vagina, be gay, be confused by your own genitalia, be forced to use a million pronouns that aren't even English, it gets infinitely worse when one segment of the self same white males decides to join the pity party for fuck knows what reason.

Especially when that segment of the population has a history stretching back all the way to the old country of cattle raiding, loose women, binge alcoholism, being conquered in one way or another by -- in order -- an Englishman with a shamrock, a bunch of Frenchmen pretending to be English, and then the real English, and fighting against the injustice of it all for 800 fucking years AND NEVER WINNING.

You are the Palestinians of Europe. You have nothing to brag about. Shut the fuck up.

Wait, you DO have one thing to brag about: you did saddle America with the worst political dynasty in World History, which, thankfully, has it's own long history of dying young and usually under gunfire. That is when they aren't driving off bridges they know are there and leaving women to drown, begging the KGB to help them win elections, skiing into trees, flying their private planes they can barely get off the ground into the Atlantic Ocean, getting caught screwing the underage babysitter, causing various rehab centers to install revolving doors, and pretending as if they've had absolutely nothing to do with the decline of America over the last 60 years.

And then you don't even have the common fucking decency to take credit for John Kerry?

Which reminds me of a joke.

Q: What's the difference between the Lace Irish and the Shanty Irish?

A: The Lace Irish take the dishes out of the sink before they pee in it.

It's difficult to take anyone seriously when their national emblem is a pugilistic, inebriated midget with poor fashion sense. No wonder they're always after your Lucky Charms.

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