Monday, August 14, 2017

Notes on Charlottesville

Someone should have reminded the Left; there's an old adage about being very careful what you ask for...

Before I begin, I want to take issue with the term "Alt-Right". This is a load of bullshit, a smokescreen invented by lefties to smear their political opposition, and to distance themselves from kindred spirits who might make them look bad.

Klansmen, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, Anarchists of the sort the Left intends to hang around our collective necks like millstones are certainly NOT products of the Right, for the simple reason that you cannot call them Classical Liberals, or even Conservatives, and even if you went as far as to try and identify these people as soft-right, you'd be hard-pressed to find more than a few, incidental parallels with Libertarians (who, themselves, frankly, are hardly right-wing, either).

"Hard-right" is a deliberate lie, because the Right -- all of it -- is always guided by the principles of the rights of the sovereign individual as being universal and permanent, while the Left tends to regard rights as grant of permission from government, easily revoked when needed.

There's nothing right-wing about them; they're simply a bunch of thugs and ne'er-do-wells, most certainly of the Left. For sure, if they're following Hitler's or Mussolini's playbook -- remember, NAZI is an acronym that begins with "National Socialist", and Mussolini was a communist who chucked the Struggle-of-the-proletariat-redistribution bullshit for a form of Populism, making him more like Bernie Sanders with a bad rash -- that sort of politics has about as much to do with the Right as cocker spaniels have to do with aerodynamics.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say these "Alt-Right" people have more in common with the political Left, than they do with the Right:

1. They have formed an identity group, complete with a victimology, a manifesto for reparations, and an ideological goal that is inimical to democracy.

2. They are willing to spread anarchy and engage in violence and subterfuge in the furtherance of their goals when the polite give-and-take of democratic institutions fails to scratch their particular itches.

3. Their solutions involve openly-expressed Eliminationist views, beginning with the withdrawal of rights, the relegation to second-class status (or lower) of those who stand against them, and finally in the dispossession, mass deportation, and death of their enemies, both real and imagined.

4. They find the current system of government insufficiently solicitous of their desires, and call for open rebellion and overthrow of Constitutional government in favor of a "People's Government" more in line with their beliefs and needs. Even if that means a dictatorship.

For all intents and purposes, these guys gathered in Charlottesville are nearly indistinguishable from the more raucous Progressives. They just happen to be a bit more open and vocal about the racism that infects most leftist strains of thought and policy.

No one who has listened to the rhetoric of the mainstream Left in America for the last dozen years or so could possibly have missed similar goals being expressed. Daily. For years.

Whether it was Barack Obama's othering of "bitter clingers", Hillary's naming half the country "a basket of deplorables", the successful attempts to get people fired for their political or social views, the vile hyperbole thrown recklessly at gun owners, the Religious Right, those who insist on maintaining American borders, defenders of Western Culture, White Males, Fly-over Midwesterners, Racist Southerners, Greedy Capitalists, "Slavery-loving" Republicans, the gleeful attacks upon people who refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings, the Feminists calling for the Elimination of Men, the Radical Blacks calling for Race War, the ruined lives and careers of those who spoke in-artfully or against the left's pieties, the crushing of dissent in the name of Identity Politics and Political Correctness.

Everyone is "literally" Hitler to the Left (except themselves), particularly those who object to the Leftist worldview. Those opponents have been savaged; they have been tarred with vile epithets; they have been hounded from the public square; they have been beaten in front of television cameras; they have suffered the full-force of bureaucracy and the courts unleashed in an attempt to crush them. All in the name of "fairness" and "Justice", of course..

The outcry from the Left in the aftermath of this stupidity in Charlottesville has been, sadly, predictable. As usual, it has been venally self-serving and presented in a manner in which the Left portrays itself as selflessly engaged in a Moral Crusade against a rising tide of evil, which somehow always gives it license to be far more wicked and far more immoral.

The fact, which is inescapable, is that the Left created Charlottesville. It's hyperbolic indictments of it's political and social enemies, and it's methods of attack, invited retaliation.

I will not say that plowing into a crowd with your automobile is a perfectly valid form of political protest, but considering what extents the Left has gone to in order to destroy lives, weaken public confidence in our institutions, tar opponents as the most insidious and disgusting of human beings, then I will say this:

When all you have is hate for others, don't be shocked when all they have is hate for you. When you call for people to be killed because of who they are, don't be surprised when they don't give killing you a second thought.

Part of the problem we have in this country, sez me, is that the Left has been able to apply labels, particularly negative ones, to it's enemies with impunity and very often, without protest against the practice. It's very good at this. In fact, it's the only thing it's really good at, anymore. The Left used to be good at persuasion; now it's only good at finger-pointing and deflecting blame for it's own failures.

If three people are dead today, it is because in some way Antifa, BLM, Berkeley, Mizzou, Evergreen, women running around in Vagina hats, in unison with politicians who share those views -- who order policemen and National Guardsmen to stand down so as to not interfere with the Left's violence --  made it clear that inciting violence, destroying property, interfering in commerce or the free movement of a people, selecting targets of opportunity on the flimsiest of pretexts and destroying their lives, being obnoxious, being willing to sink to any low -- and getting away with it --  is an acceptable form of protest. In fact, it's a sacred duty and public responsibility.

The Left MADE these people. It created the moron who we believe deliberately drove through a crowd.

I'm sorry, but I just can't find any sympathy for those who died two days ago. I find that shocking on a certain level, but on another, more-visceral level, I can't help but think that they had it coming. Maybe not those particular individuals, but someone was going to eventually get killed. The Left has pushed too hard, they have demanded too much, and never seriously contemplated pushback.  In the end, everyone went there knowing they were probably in a fight and that it wasn't going to be pretty. Martyrs to the cause? No.

The system of polite society and tolerance that made America work for 240 years is gone. It was based upon the belief that consensus was a good goal; that our society was best-served by a system of social negotiations and trade-offs and contracts intended to elevate the cause of the Common Good above all things; that we had the right to disagree and that our disagreements were not a pretext for oppression. That system collapsed a long time ago.

It's gone because the Left has made certain that some sectors of our society -- identity groups that used to be core democratic constituencies, no less; the union laborer, the farmer, the small-town American Proletarian threatened by today's Populist Bugaboo -- have nothing left to bargain with.

They have been systematically stripped of their rights, if not legally, then at least socially, and apparently with the tacit agreement of government. They have had their very right to existence questioned, their culture and it's norms -- the bedrock upon which every pants-wetting Leftard both depends and simultaneously regards as foul -- has been consistently shit upon. They have been deliberately economically disadvantaged in favor of self-selected elites, welfare recipients, unionized government workers, and illegal aliens. The have had everything they ever valued stripped from them, or denounced, and the plague of locusts who took it from them can only demand more.

They've had enough because now they have nothing. And you did it to them. Now they have turned on you. Poetic.

Again, Lefties, you MADE these people.

We live in a country where people who once believed that if they played by the rules, they'd be okay, suddenly found themselves arrayed against, and persecuted by, people who change the rules to suit their own needs, or simply insist that the rules don't apply to them, by people who are completely ruthless, who have no shame, who deliberately lie, steal and cheat and who are never held accountable for it.

Every time you forced a religious order to pay for birth control, when you passed ObamaCare in the dead of night with a rigged vote and openly-bribed Senators, every time you undercut a construction worker's wages in order to take advantage of a cheap gardener or nanny, every instance in which you crucified someone who wouldn't photograph a gay wedding, every time you screwed someone with Affirmative Action and called it "Justice", you, Lefties, created a new enemy...even out of people who used to be you.

And when some of those people who still clung, naively, perhaps, to the idea that American Constitutional Republicanism and democracy could still work, pulled the lever for a President you disliked -- mostly because you fear his ability to knock you off your self-constructed pedestal of Righteousness, complete with government check -- you turned up the volume. You fed the fires and fanned the flames.

Eventually, someone had to be burned.

And naturally, because you're all clueless, self-absorbed, cognitively-dissonant little douchebags, you will point to the events in Charlottesvile and loudly proclaim

"Aha! We TOLD you so...".

Congratulations: you have achieved a self-fulfilling prophecy. Too bad it's a Friendly Fire incident.

Never underestimate the power of the Left to make their wishes come true. On some level they wanted a Charlottesville, they needed a Charlottesville, because it confirms for them that they are cosmically right, and if what they are "right" about happens to be wrong, they will go to any lengths to make it true. The Left has spoken for years about the "violence of the Radical Right", and by God, by their own acts of violence they invited, begged, for retaliation to prove their assertions.

Now you have it. Well, the violence, anyway, but you didn't bag a Rightie. And now that the genie is out of the bottle you just might get more of it. If I were a Leftie, after this event, I'd be shitting myself; the boundaries have been erased. The Left only got away with what it got away with because it counted upon The Other Side being determined to play by the rules. That's what Alinsky taught them, after all, isn't it? To make the Other Side live up to their own rules?

Well, it did. It still does. The only violence that has been done in Charlottesville has come at the hands of the radical left -- the Neo-Nazis (Identity Group Socialists), the Klansman (Diehard Dixiecrats), The Skinheads (Anarchists), Antifa (sneaky little fucktard Trust-Fund Babies guilty about Daddy's income playing at revolutionary), BLM (the last gasp of African-American political influence in this country before they are overwhelmed numerically by Hispanics), all the Left's bastard stepchildren.

Apparently, when insisting that The Other Side play by the rules, you forgot to tell your own just what your own rules were. But then again, it's always been the curse of Leftist politics that all those competing groups will eventually devour one another, because there can only ever be ONE mainstream Left.

Good going, Assholes. You've created you own Golems, and I have feeling that just denying their origins and shamelessly blaming them on the Right will not make them go away. Mostly because you've taught them that there's power in identity and no consequences, or boundaries, to violence when one can just make up any old excuse to justify it.

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