Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stupid is the New Black

"In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?" -- George Orwell, "1984"

Peak Retard has been reached!

It was only a matter of time, really, before it happened. The (ill-)logic of the Leftist mindset practically demanded that it eventually happen. After having gone to such incredible lengths to ensure that people could -- and would -- be treated un-equally by virtue of race, sex, gender, income, economic class, religious belief, ideology, it would eventually all come down to this:

Stupid is the newest victim group in America.

Yes, you've read that correctly: Stupid is the New Black.

And another hyphenated-American is born!

I wonder, however, if the politically-correct term -- Cognitively Underprivileged -- will stick. It does not roll off the tongue easily.

I vote for Nincompoop-American.

Now, what I find interesting about this is that the birth of a new victim group which bases it's victimhood upon a distinct lack of intelligence should be announced in a collegiate newspaper. It is indicative that someone on a campus somewhere has noticed an intelligence gap, and even better (or is it worse?), has discovered the distinction between Room-Temperature IQ and Genius in a place (The American University System) that is a) infamous for it's "easy A's", and b) mostly devoted to bullshit fields of study which facilitates the "easy A" (Gender Studies, Ethnic/Racial Studies, and so forth). In other words, in subjects of academic endeavor which rarely, if ever, devote themselves to a serious intellectual pursuit, and which are typically not the domain of genius.

Even more disturbing, having known for many years that people with the same mental processes one would expect to find in a brain-damaged house cat were roaming college campuses, the colleges, themselves, still managed to take their money, and the promise of a college degree in a bullshit field of study was sold to the morons among us as the Key To a Golden Future, so that they saddled themselves with unspeakable debt to obtain a diploma the Professors and Admins knew they could barely read.

It's the cruelest fucking joke in the world.

But never fear; the propensity of the Leftist Mindset to turn the same people they took for Suckers into Victims of Society always kicks in. The Dumb will still be allowed to attend college -- so long as they can continue to borrow the astronomical sums needed, because even the true fucktard has a right to attend college -- only now you can probably expect the following (in no particular order):

1. Even-easier A's in subjects that have even less redeeming value. Why, your precious bundle of retard can grow up to major in Fingerpaints, Sandbox, Toilet Training, Nosepicking, why, the possibilities are endless! And because many will have been raised in non-competitive environments where distinctions are never made for fear of bruising fragile self-esteem, the entire concept of grades will be tossed out the window.

Eventually, people will be given degrees in Holistic Basket-Weaving or Advanced Navel-Gazing without the need to do much of anything: read, write, think, express themselves in a logical and reasonable manner, and sent out into the world believing they are entitled to a six-figure salary for having achieved a Master's Degree in Dipshit.

2. There will be sub-division within the category of Nincompoop-Americans, depending upon severity of condition. Sample categories will include Idiot-American, Imbecile-Americans, Demented-Americans, Cretin-Americans, and so forth, all representing the specific levels of moron to be found across the spectrum.

These groups will do what all groups eventually do, and fight each other over who is the biggest victim -- in effect, fighting over who is the biggest dumbass -- in the quest for federal funding and political power. Eventually, the logic of the declaration of a Cognitive Gap will draw politicians who -- instead of thinking you a moron in private -- will appeal directly to your moron right to your face for a vote.


3. The American University -- already well on it's way to becoming a full-time, very-expensive day care center with a football team, with it's therapy pets, safe spaces, coloring books, milk-and-cookie socials, and ability to proliferate administrative structures along social and political lines -- will complete it's transformation into mere warehouses for the Cognitively-Challenged in much the same way the American Public School system has.

Oh, sure, there will be some people who will emerge from the collegiate experience armed with a useful degree in a serious subject that will prepare them for entry into a global, competitive economy, guaranteeing some level of success. But the logic of identifying a subset of college students who have no business being anywhere near an institution of higher learning dictates that The System is aware that it's accepting idiots, doing them no good in the process, and assumes some responsibility for their care. After all, The System is taking their (borrowed) money, making it little better than a babysitting service.

It's just admitted that this state of affairs can no longer be denied.

It's also an admission that 60 years of attempted social engineering has --predictably --failed.

In which case, what they're selling -- the illusion of knowledge, the presumption of preparedness, the veneer of erudition -- becomes no real product, at all. Which makes the social cachet that comes with a diploma valueless, meaning the university is no longer a functional institution that provides a useful service. It means going out of business.

Unless, of course, one can turn Blockhead into a disability, or a social ill. Transforming Dimwit into Victim Group Armed With a Government Check becomes, perversely, a stroke of genius. And just as ObamaCare was sold to the insurance companies as gaining access to 30 million people supplied with a government subsidy (i.e. customers bearing free money), I wouldn't be surprised if the university system somehow manages to justify the acceptance and retention of mental defectives -- even going as far as to give them some form of certification! -- into a cash cow, too.

After all, what else are we supposed to do with "these people"? They can't be left to wander the streets aimlessly. Why not just institutionalize them?

The article goes on to make a case that The Overlord has been making for many years now. He has made this case because of his own experiences in having spent half his life in IT, generally, and some of them in automation, specifically, and it is this:

Automation is making physical labor unnecessary to production. Of anything. Our factories are automated; our farms make extensive use of mechanization; the construction industry has long relied on mechanization which nowadays is becoming "smarter" and more automated. Floors are swept and polished by robots; assembly lines exist where human intervention is either rare or non-existent. The history of mechanization and automation presages an age where this only becomes more common, more sophisticated, and less-expensive, and therefore, more-efficient.

Eventually, this trend begins to reach into what were once known as "knowledge-based" professions. In his lifetime, Your Overlord has put perhaps tens of thousands of "white collar" workers on the unemployment lines with automation. In fact, my first "victims", believe it or not, were stockbrokers and bond traders and the people associated with processing transactions related to the trading and selling of stocks, bonds, and commodities.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, and the emergence of "Deep Learning" technologies, not to mention "Co-operative Learning" where machines not only learn to do things that were once the exclusive purview of human beings, but then pass that knowledge on to other machines, is quite a common thing, nowadays, and it's only getting more-and-more sophisticated.

A foreseeable end result is, literally, a future of millions of people with nothing productive to do

For the smart, this is not as terrible a problem as it seems. Someone will still have to develop new technologies, find newer uses for automation, invent new automation methods, program the machines, build, improve and repair them. There is some hope for those who have the intelligence to enter into a scientific, engineering, or mathematical endeavor.

However, there is no hope for those who only have a strong back to offer. Their days are numbered. It was once believed that the best thing to do was to encourage such people to enter the universities so as to "improve" themselves, by giving them the ability to acquire new skills. Instead, what's happened is that the university has suffered the same debilitating reality the Public Schools have: it has to cater to a very large class of idiots who will never succeed.

In the Public Schools, they simply passed the reject on to the next grade.

Colleges can't do that.

And because college is basically an incubator for Left Wing Thought (sorry, that was an oxymoron) the prevailing theories on how to handle these discrepancies and contradictions between the true purpose of the institution, the need to turn a profit, and the need to provide a service was remedied by the same formula that has underpinned Socialism since Karl Marx first begged for a dollar he wasn't entitled to: a denial of Objective Reality followed by an intense program of Constructing Really Big Lies which prevent Objective Reality from making an appearance.

It's the only thing Lefties are really good at.

And so the University, a product of capitalism, is run by people who claim to abhor capitalism, but who make a pretty decent living on it's scraps and enjoy privileges because of it, anyway.

The University, which is supposed to be a place where learning and the transfer of knowledge takes place instead becomes a cesspool where knowledge is deliberately withheld and the process of learning is mucked up with curricula which increasingly devolve into fantasy, with easy grades, binge drinking, and sexual abandon, in large part supported by the television money that comes from athletic programs in which the myth of The Student Athlete is promulgated.

The University, once a bastion of free debate and the unfettered exchange of ideas, becomes instead a hotbed of censorship in which inconvenient truths must never be uttered, where ideas that might make some uncomfortable must be prevented from getting a public airing, and where the ideal of Free Speech is perverted so as to only allow "Approved Speech".

The University, once a right of passage into adulthood, instead spends it's time -- and a great deal of money -- extending adolescence, where every psychological itch a persona might develop is carefully scratched and enthusiastically supported, creating a class of permanent children who get easy grades for fear of crushing their self-esteem in an environment of holistic mollycoddling.

And now, if one thinks about it, this article is a glimpse into a future where the University becomes an adjunct to the State Welfare program, much as universities in Europe have become. The reason why many Europeans spend so much time in university is because there's even fewer jobs available to them there than there are in America.

The Era of the Professional Student --supported by state grants and federally-sponsored loans -- is already here: the Era of the Welfare Supplicant Pretending to be A Student is about to begin.

The first symptom of this disease is always the formation of an entitled class, i.e. a victim group.

I began this rambling nonsense with a passage from Orwell's "1984". With it, Orwell was making a point about the (twisted) logic of a certain strain of ideology, that in order to justify tyranny reality must be warped, and where it cannot be warped, ignored, and where it cannot be ignored, those who recognize the futility of denying reality must be punished.

It would appear as if we're headed into that sort of territory, only the reality of stupidity will be rewarded.

As is always the case, the cost for some having been born halfwits will be borne by those who are not. The University experience will now be further tainted in the quest to protect people -- in this case, paying customers who have been conned into indebtedness by false promises of curing their stupidity with a piece of paper -- from Objective Reality. The process will cheapen the value of a real degree; it will result in a more rigidly stratified society; it will create a massive increase in monetary, intellectual, and perhaps emotional, costs to those who aren't afflicted with the retard gene.

And yet the problem will remain: there will still be ridiculously stupid people at the bottom of society's ladder, only now we pretend they're still engaged in a quest for intelligence, and treating dorm rooms as the new housing projects, using scholarships for catching footballs as the new food stamps, and supporting a vast bureaucracy that will be pretending to "teach" them and "seeing to their needs" in much the same way government welfare bureaucracies already do.

And they still won't be able to read the diploma you've given them for their going-through-the-motions endeavors to master Vegan Game Theory or Oppressed Homosexual Minorities in Tibetan Literature.

It's getting to the point of farce now. Pretty soon no one will have a name: we'll all just be wearing labels that read something like "non-binary-gender-fluid-nincompoop-American-of-color".

I reiterate: the solution to the problem of Stupid is to let Nature take it's course.

Instead of turning Stupid into a Protected Class, we should be letting it turn itself into compost.

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