Saturday, December 18, 2021

Kovid Kop Kapers...

 "He was a tool of the boss, without brains or backbone..." -- Franz Kafka, "The Metamorphosis"

Very often, I have been excruciatingly critical of my neighbors here in the Forgotten Borough.

Very often, they have deserved it.

But, if there is one redeeming quality every Staten Islander has, the one true talent that outshines all other, it is the ability to rise to every occasion in which it is required that someone...anyone...raise two extended  middle fingers and scream "Fuck You!" at authority at precisely the proper moment.

And with a deep-biting sarcasm that makes the experience so much more delicious.

So it was that one of New York City's new COVID Gestapo was stopped dead in her tracks, hoist upon the City's own petard, as it were, by a deadly-serious-and-yet-delightfully cantankerous Staten Islander who turned the tables upon said agent of the Virus Stasi.

A round of hearty applause is due.

I only wish I could patronize Big Nose Kate's again, but alas, the Overlord has foregone the guinea-pig experience of a round of 22 injections (or whatever the number is up to), and would not be granted entry.

That story, all by itself, would be worth your time and trouble to consider, but there's a few questions that struck me almost immediately about the whole incident that need to be answered.

The first is that the SS Germophobekommandur doesn't have to carry her own "Vaccine passport".

The second is that there is no mention -- at all -- about testing anything in the bar for COVID. No surfaces tested; no sanitation procedures reviewed; no virus spotted on the grounds; no bar full of sneezing, coughing patrons; not even a bunch of questions about anything COVID-related (are you symptomatic, have you been tested/vaccinated? etc).

Apparently, the Kovid KGB was only there to check the paperwork.

And since "the paperwork" was all in order -- the right signs posted outside, apparently -- Big Nose Kate's passed their "COVID inspection" with flying colors and was given the proverbial clean bill.

As Kafka would have summarized (paraphrased) Big Nose Kate's didn't know what they were guilty of, and no one could tell them what they were guilty of, but the paperwork was all in order."

And that is all the non-compliant Inspector Gesundheit was interested in.

This is why the City of New York is handing out fines? Not because they find COVID-19 on your premises, but because you might not have the proper flyers advertising your business's COVID protocol compliance displayed?

So, we've now gone from "flatten the curve" to "fatten the City's wallet". As always.

What a racket!

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Miss M said...

It really lifts my spirits reading your posts. I'm so sick of this 24/7 hysteria over a flu that has a 99% survival rate. My family (parents, sisters, in laws) are so entrenched with this bullsh!t they boycotted a Thanksgiving that we've been holding for over 20 years, and have now stopped speaking to me because I called them on their crap. You are doing good work here.