Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Enough is Enough...

No quote today. I'm pissed. Suffer.

I was asked to leave a store today.

A tiny store that I have frequented for years, no less.


Because I wasn't wearing a mask.

The Mask Mandate has returned to New York City. The Mask Mandate that has been -- alternately -- either the key to vanquishing COVID or the least-effective preventative measure ever invented by Man.

Which one it is on any given day is largely dependent upon what stage of Dr. Fuckface's (Fauci) menstrual cycle we're in, or upon how many ineffective vaccines have been handed out at taxpayer expense with no tangible result.

No matter: The COVID is here...forever...and you are not safe, no matter how many shots you were frightened into getting. No sooner were you convinced the third time was the charm, than the MANUFACTURERS of the said vaccines began to tell you that maybe a fourth dose will be required.

When you get to your 17th injection, let me know, so that I can laugh my ass off at you.

You fucking idiots. Fucking pussies too fucking chickenshit to get the fucking flu and feel bad for a few days.

The actual solutions to the problem of COVID -- kick the fucking illegals who keep fucking bats and who brought it here out of the country; hang the incompetent assholes in the government Health Care bureaucracy who funded a Chinese biological weapons research project on the sly; indict, prosecute and crucify the idiots who overturned 70 years of treatment protocol (HQC, Ivermectin, Remdesivir) for the sake of an untested method/vaccine (mRNA injections) -- will never be tried.

There's too much money to be made now, too many asses that need to be protected from Truth, Law and A Justifiably-Angry Mob. Instead of doing the right and effective things, we'll instead be subjected to a continuing process of soul-crushing, freedom-destroying diktats issued by people who have already proven that "keeping you safe" is not their first priority.

Nor was it ever.

And for this, I have to be asked to leave a place of business where I have conducted commerce for over 20 years, because in the 30 seconds it would have taken to arrange and complete the purchase of a package of Tylenol (I even had exact change!), a City Heath Inspector might arrive and fine the proprietor $1,000.

Last night, I went to the local supermarket to obtain dinner and was greeted by a harried, middle-aged white woman with a thermometer gun (again) and a box of masks. This time, she was backed up by SECURITY GUARDS. No entry without a mask.

Inside the very same supermarket, I could see at least 20 miscreants of a particular socio-economic subset wandering around without a face covering, touching everything on the shelves, their shopping carts, leaving used tissues in the carts, their children waving the "free" mask they just got like parade banners...and nary a word is said to them.

Like gun control, the mask mandate is being used to inconvenience and harass those who would comply from a sense of order and community, while the anti-social elements are free to do as they please, because to insist on their compliance is some form of "oppression".

And in order to avoid that $1,000 per violation fine, the supermarket hands out "free" masks, that liberally litter the parking lot.

I think they might have saved money by just taking the fines in stride.

In the meantime, there are hushed whispers about concerning future shutdowns.

Conflicting "mandates" on vaccinations for Wall Street, while Public Sector "Workers" are winning lawsuits to dodge said vaccinations.

Neighborhood stores are being turned into agents of the State, enforcing ineffective regulations for fear of economic penalty, and I've picked up laundry from a building full of (illegal) Hispanic women who should be wearing masks just to hide their mustaches, never mind to prevent the spread of germs.

You can riot free of mask and vaccine restrictions, but not if you want to earn an honest living.

The Cognitive Dissonance is thick on this one.

The leftist menstrual wolverines who insist "My Body, My Choice" now demand that everyone get the jab(s), and that those who choose not to should be deliberately infected and allowed to die.

The idiots who proclaim they must have the freedom "to be who they truly are", in clear opposition to what biology says they are, are the first to line up and knuckle under when the conformist-minded State tells them what they should do.

The Disease persists and spreads, hospitals are straining against the influx of patients, and then we fire medical professionals who won't get injected with an unproven "medicine" which is having severe side-effects that whatever medical community that remains continues to pooh-pooh.

The people who tell you to "follow the science" alternately don't know what the Science is, or do know what the Science is -- what little actual science there is --  and then don't follow it themselves.

If you've been reading anything I have written these past two years regarding COVID, specifically, and Coronaviruses, in general, you know that this was never the "pandemic" that the Ruling Class declared it to be -- it was, and continues to be, a disease that is infinitely curable (unless you have a variety of comorbidities that make treatment difficult); you know it is a disease that mainly manifested and was transmitted by a specific group of people; you know that the continued spread of the virus has nothing to do with vaccinations and masks or even whether fish tank cleaner is a viable treatment option.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the extension of control over every aspect of your life by those who brought it to you, and the effort to hide their perfidy from you on subjects as varied as healthcare, immigration, and whether or not any government official has a brain, or isn't a self-interested pile of shit.

Socialized Medicine now has it's camel's nose under your tent flap, courtesy of the Chinese and Fauci. COVID will be the excuse to "care" for millions who will probably be forever dependent upon "free" government shots that don't work, and the excuse needed to expand such programs under the auspices of "pandemic".

People who are continuing to make the same mistakes they made with all the other "pandemics" I've suffered through in my lifetime -- Legionnaire's Disease, AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes -- and even the phony Baby Boomer "epidemics" like Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Dry Eye, have done the same with COVID-19.

The other dangerous people here are the former Hippies. They're the ones living in deathly fear that they might croak before they've finished stealing everything in sight from their children and grandchildren, and they're also the people at the top of the bureaucracies and governments that are making such stupid decisions.

Anthony Fucktard was even "leading the charge" on many of the above-mentioned "crises" lo so many years ago, and he seems to have learned nothing from his past clusterfucks. He's kept on rolling along, the highest-paid federal official (even more than the (P)resident), an endless cycle of WRONG.

And just as Fauci didn't close the bath houses in the 80's for fear of "backlash" against gays during the AIDS crisis, he has also not advocated the rounding up of the Great Unwashed Masses who come from cultures where there is no word for "hygiene" to have them shipped mid-ocean and then forced to walk the plank.

Our hospitals have been destroyed. Our doctors have revealed themselves to be nothing but robots who will endlessly and without question simply follow government mandates under the watchful whip hand of non-medical administrators and lawyers who are all in cahoots with the same, incompetent bureaucrats for whom Fauci is the Poster Child.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the People's Republic of China. Excellent job! You've created a weapon that paralyzes a society with fucktard and a loss of common sense, delivered it by exporting your worst examples to infect the target. A target which will then tie itself into pretzel knots of panic, shutting down it's own economy and commerce, engage in internecine social battles over vaccination status, and then be forced to accept the results of a crooked election that was crooked because the disease and ensuing panic enabled dishonesty on a national scale.

And best of all, you got the Capitalist Running Dogs to pay for it!

Well played, Mr. Xi. 

Maybe when everyone is finally dead from government dictates, I can get some fucking Tylenol in the candy store.


Middle Finger said...

Copies of your excellent rant have been forwarded to every vaxxed asshole I know. 👍👍. Keep up the good work, a breath of fresh air in a Fauci fucked World.

Anonymous said...

New York, my image of free America is going David Carradine in a closet. Nice.