Friday, December 24, 2021

Galactic Housekeeping (#16 - Year End Review, Merry @$#&ing Christmas)

It has been a good year here at Galactic Central..

First up, traffic has doubled this past year. We're approaching 150,000 unique page views for the year, and looking forward to doubling that next year. In the world of trapping internet eyeballs this is not a great accomplishment (it makes no money), but it is a wonderful thing for a guy who does not promote himself, nor make an effort at garnering any sort of publicity.

The thanks goes to the people who have been loyal and regular readers. It is much appreciated that you take time from your lives to read me ranting. I'm touched.

There's more thanks to go around: the good people at Ace of Spades and my main booster (and all-around awesome lady) at Diogenes Middle Finger have had a lot to do with directing discerning minds in my direction.

As always, your Would-be Dictator implores you, Minions, to share what you see here with like-minded people (and even those in need of a proper education on reality). As always, this is much appreciated!

Secondly, some personal notes:

As if anyone cared, yesterday the Overlord successfully tested negative for the Shanghai Death Sentence...for the 34th consecutive month...after being exposed to a Coronavirus in January of 2019. Once again, I must remind you that unless you're already circling the bowl due to a severe illness of heart, lungs, liver and/or kidneys, or diabetic beyond belief, the Flu Manchu is no big deal.

You'll just feel really bad for a while. Stop being a pussy.

And even the dreaded formulation of Obesity = Death From the Orient Distress is a load of bullshit, too. I can guarantee you that millions of fucking fatasses have gotten COVID and survived, but the Lying Media Death Machine has a vested interest in selling this nonsense that being plump and catching Szechuan Snotstorm is a death sentence; on the one hand, they're providing cover for the governmental apparatus that funded the damned thing and then failed to respond to it (and upon which they depend), and on the other, they're echoing the prejudices of the upper-middle-class douchebags from which their ranks are formed, conflating obesity and illness as a a means of shaming the peasantry into leading a lifestyle their "betters" have decided is more the "betters".

At this point, everyone has already had it or will soon get it -- vaccinations forever, notwithstanding --  so stop worrying so much about COVID and start remembering you have a life to live, and that life is made so much better when you can enjoy it free of fabricated reasons for the deliberate infliction of tyranny and political control.

It's time to tell the entire COVID-dependent apparatus of society -- from the lowest, ugliest Karen, to the (P)resident of the United States -- to fuck off.

It's also time to clap Dr. Fuckface (Fauci) in irons and put him on trial for his crimes against humanity stretching all the way back to the 1980's AIDS epidemic.


Mrs. Overlord has, likewise, been cleared of anything remotely Corona-related in a similar timeframe. Another quirky bit of info regarding this subject is that since we both were infected in January of 2019, neither one of us has been seriously ill a single fucking day since.

It may very well turn out that getting the enhanced Sino Sneeze virus was probably the best thing that could ever have happened to you, healthwise.


What to look forward to, post-holidays (as the Overlord will not return until the New Year).

* There will be a new Douchebag of the Week (actually, several)

* Dating tips from a Jaded Master of the Galaxy for Older Women (this is a must read, ladies!)

* A short dissertation on why it's no longer cool to be gay. (not that I care).

On exit, let me wish you all the merriest of celebrations this holiday season, given the trying times we're currently living in. Let us all wish -- and then work -- for the recovery of our liberties in the coming year, expend our efforts towards cleaning out the crap in Washington soon, and ensuring the little communist motherfuckers who keep molesting bats and then coughing on people, pay for their crimes, too.

I would say "Merry Christmas", but this is far-more appropriate:



Felid Daddy said...

Merry Christmas Overlord! Thank you for all the excellent articles I've so enjoyed reading. I also heartily agree, Let's Go Brandon!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this blog - your writing is frankly, maddeningly exquisite at times. And when you slip into the personal, often too personal and raw takes on society, I see me. The power of the art of the writer - Swift, Voltaire, Dylan ( though I know you'll hate that). Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

Matthew Noto said...

That's like the Mount Rushmore of social commentary!

All that's missing is Orwell and Muggeridge.

Thanks! Excessive praise, indeed.

Merry Christmas, soon-to-be-Galactic-Thrall.

GMay said...

As someone who was directed to your blog by the inestimable CharlieBrownsDildo over at AoSHQ, I'm saddened that that repository of sober, civil discourse is not represented in your blogroll.

Speaking of blogrolls, not having been to in ages, I strolled on over there from your sidebar and...holy cow, what a cesspit it's become.

Matthew Noto said...