Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Notes from the COVID Gulag...

"For, having begun their building of the Tower of Babel without us, they will end in anthropophagy. And it is then that the beast will come crawling to us and lick our feet, and spatter them with tears of blood from it's eyes. And we shall sit upon the beast and raise the cup. And on it will be written "Mystery!"." -- Fyodor Dostoyesvsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"

I have recently been told something which, if true, is one of those things that appears to be both astonishing and, at the same time, so irreducibly simple that one is amazed he didn't think of it.

My source is a hospital administrator here in Sodom-on-The-Hudson, who works in a hospital that serves one of New York's more "underprivileged" neighborhoods.

As a note, I'd like to say that anyone who lives a lifestyle of minor illegality, serial bastardy, perpetual ignorance, permanent sloth, probably with a lot of substance abuse added for color, at the expense of a captive productive class forced to pay for it by threat of criminal prosecution and imprisonment, is NOT "underprivileged" in any goddamned way. They are, in fact, overprivileged. As Kathy Shaidle used to say "The Poor are the Rich that Jesus warned you about".

But, I digress...

This administrator told me something I had not considered, and apparently I'm not the only one, connected to this whole Worker's Influenza stuff. It has a direct bearing on so many things, particularly the Death Toll.

Long story short, when the Long March began and city hospitals were slammed with an influx of snot-spewing patients, it was suddenly discovered that language became important. For many of the patients entering these city hospitals were non-English speakers. This presented a slew of problems.

The first being that my friend's hospital not only did not have enough translators to assist medical staff in getting even the barest essentials of medical information from patients, but that the system by which patients are transferred to city (government) hospitals from for-profit and non-profit hospitals merely made the problem worse. For immigrants tend to congregate in particular neighborhoods by nationality, ethnicity and so forth, so that the hospitals that serve those communities may be fine with the number of translators available; immigrants being transferred outside of their neighborhoods may present a problem to the hospital they're being transferred to, which may not have anyone available to speak their language.

In a nutshell, in a city where the local school system doesn't make a secret of the fact that it is "teaching" students in many different languages -- the "Top 9" are Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (two kinds), French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish (several varieties) and Urdu -- the city hospitals are, likewise, expected to have the same sort of language regime.

(As an aside, the other most-common, non-English languages spoken in New York City are: Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Marathi, Italian, Greek, Tagalog, Yiddish, Hebrew, Hindi and Persian)

Now, what happens when you have an influx of, say, Russian-speaking patients and not enough Russian-language translators to go around because a) there aren't that many available to begin with, and b) their distribution was largely dictated by geography (i.e. they were concentrated in neighborhoods with high Russian immigrant populations), which has now been rendered moot as patients are coming in from or being sent to anywhere there was either space for them, or by legal dictates that direct that Medicaid/indigent patients are sent to city hospitals after being stabilized elsewhere?

According to her, in the initial phases of the outbreak there were many instances where patients could not communicate with their doctors and nurses, so as to give them even the most-rudimentary information -- "I'm a diabetic", "I have a kidney condition" -- that may have aided their treatment or given a doctor a key piece of information on how best to treat his patient. While she cannot give actual numbers, one is left to wonder, how many had treatment delayed, are now on life-support, or died, because of a language barrier?

Score another point for Diversity!

And speaking of "Diversity", and a whole lot more, I need to repeat it for those who may have missed it previously -- there IS a Silver Lining to COVID 19 for those who are willing to think rationally, and it is this: every stinking plank in the Left's platform of the last 60 years has crumbled beneath their feet. It is obvious to everyone except the willfully blind or ideologically-poisoned.

A "commitment to Diversity" apparently has had real-life consequences, as I've just described. When doctors cannot treat patients because of a language barrier, this is a problem that can't be hidden behind phony rainbows and smiley faces.

A "commitment to Open Borders" obviously aided the spread of world-wide pandemic. In effect, the Diversity crossed the Open Borders and made everyone sick. All over the planet. The biggest transmission pipelines appear to be the international air routes. One would think these would be the easiest portions of the national boundaries to hermetically seal, but then if you do so you get accused of xenophobia and racism, I guess?

A "commitment to government-run healthcare" has just been shown to be a pipedream, as it has been the government-run hospitals, the federal and state public health authorities, who have screwed up every detail of the response to this pandemic from contradictory dictates on the efficacy of masks, the upending of long-established treatment protocols on the basis of politics, the reliance upon metrics and models which do not address the immediate emergency, the rationing (yes, it has been rationed!) of medical equipment like PPE and treatments, bureaucratic inertia, political ass-covering, and now the slow distribution of a vaccine  --- that was available in January, BEFORE the "pandemic" even started here. Assuming the government decides to let you have a fighting chance, to begin with.

Any claim to "expertise" or "authority" these people had before has now been flushed down the toilet, for all their posturing, deliberate disinformation, changing of standards, and politicization of medicine. The technocratic state that in theory can handle any problem scientifically and impartially has been shown to be neither in practice. The bureaucrat's first loyalty is never to Country, it's always to his bureaucracy.

High-density, urban living as an antidote to "suburban sprawl" which merely served to ensure the disease spread more-rapidly among the densely-packed population.

The reliance of urban areas upon Mass Transit systems which acted as a handy conduit for the transmission of the disease.

All of it boilerplate libtardism, all of it washed away by the Sino Snot Storm.

And it gets worse.

Because the government response to this crisis (which government largely created) was an increase in government power in the form of lockdowns, enforced economic inactivity, removal of civil rights -- to assemble, to worship, mask mandates, and so forth -- and if you live here in New York State, a "suggestion" that may very well become law, that the governor or his clown car full of idiots, may "detain" you or give you medical treatment against your will based upon little more than "suspicion" that you might be sick, or are a danger to society.

That's when Governor Doofus McFucktard suddenly doesn't arbitrarily assume an expertise in the matter of vaccines. 

They say the true worth of a person is revealed in times of crisis. "They" also say that any system is only as good as it's weakest links. If the past year has taught us anything, it its that those who lord it over us by virtue of election, appointment, or fancy degrees, have no worth, and that the systems they employ to "protect" us are, likewise, constructed of pitifully weak links. These are, incidentally, systems which the worthless are attempting to preserve -- with all of their spite -- in the attempt to continue to be in a position of "control".

It's time to break out the Tar and Feathers.


Random Dude said...

Chinese is a written language, Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken languages. Minor nitpick.

Matthew Noto said...

Interesting. I was not aware of this, myself.

I don't mind nitpicking if it is constructive/informative. That was.

However, I think I did make mention of the fact that there were two variants of Chinese spoken in these parts.

Anonymous said...

Mandarin and Cantonese are dialects og Chinese so your nitpick is inaccurate.