Thursday, November 5, 2020

It Is War...

No quote today. I'm too pissed off to get one appropriate for this situation.

You are witnessing the destruction of a Republic. The desecration of all the values we decent people hold dear. The election is being stolen before your very eyes, and the thieves haven't had the common courtesy to at least try and hide their criminality.

I have told you all this before, and I will go on repeating it until my last breath:

The Left is evil. It is mentally ill. It is determined to impose it's will by any means necessary. It does not play by rules; it is not guided by moral philosophies; it is not amenable to compromise or persuasion. It will mangle, mutilate, misuse, abuse, and shit upon any system, philosophy, social compacts, or laws that it sees fit to.

The Left will change the rules on the fly in order to suit it's purposes. It believes law is invalid and unjust if it does not break in it's favor. It does not respect separation of powers, it finds Constitutional norms that do not suit it's purposes to be archaic and oppressive, and in need of change. It will engage in theft, violence, obfuscation, dishonesty, intimidation and terrorism to achieve it's ends.

If you didn't notice these tendencies over the last eight months, you have been brain dead; if you had not noticed these tendencies for last 60 years, you deserve to be sterilized and your progeny to the 7th generation exterminated. 

There is a section of the American Right who has been laboring under the misapprehension that the American Left can be dealt with logically, rationally, in a spirit of comity and consensus; they have been mistaken the entire time. They have been willfully blind. Most likely because they still live in a world, mentally, that ended in the 1960's.

You are now at war.

It is not a war for territory, resources, or glory. It is a war for the survival of the principles that have made The United States of America unique in the annals of human endeavor.

We believe in Freedom.

We believe in Fairness.

We believe in the inalienable Rights of the Individual.

We believe that Constitutional Government, beholden to the people, is our birthright.

We believe that the Law is what separates us from the headhunting savages and the murderous, diseased, incestuous primitives that inhabit 3/4 of this planet.

This does not end in any other way except ugly.

The Other Side cannot be bargained with. They cannot be persuaded. No appeal to legalities, morality or simple decency will ever sway them. These are hateful, spiteful little vermin who need to be squashed.

Violence will not be the means of squashing them, for the simple reasons that making martyrs is exactly what they want; overly-dramatic reactionary activities are specifically the response they hope to evoke, for it will justify their repeated -- and false - claims that we're the totalitarians, we're the disruptors, and that we are the Dangerous Ones.

Violence against them only strengthens them: physical defense against them only gets tortured to depict a seething mass of "Supremacists" ready to kill without any human feeling.

You may (depending upon when the proper officials begin counting again, free of fraud) lose today, but in the long run, we can win.

The Senate has not changed hands. Mitch McConnell can go on appointing judges as long as he likes, and trust me, eventually this thing is headed to the courts, so you'd better hope Mitch got enough of them through and into the right places -- especially the Supreme Court --  to stop this farce before it goes further (by the way thanks a shitload, John Roberts, for making this shitstorm possible by punting the issues involved several weeks ago; they're coming right back at ya).

And if Mitch has Saved the Country, I'd better not hear a single fucktarded, inbred, shitkicking, never-had-a-thought-that-didn't-originate-on-talk-radio ignoramus utter the term "RINO" ever again in regards to the man. He just might turn out to have been the one to save the republic.

If, by some miracle or injustice, Joe Biden does win this thing, rest assured, he's a lame duck before he even takes the oath. Even if he dies or is somehow removed and replaced by The Blowjob Baboon, there is not a single piece of legislation that will get past the Senate in the next four years. There is not an executive order he can sign that will not be challenged in the courts to the hilt.

And if none of this avails, there is still one tried-and-true weapon that will work to rid us of these parasites.

Defund them.

It's not an easy thing to do, but the Left depends upon the taxpayer to finance it's activities. The think tanks and universities that get government grants. The Unions who financially support democratic candidates against their membership's will. The Pork Barrel projects that see tens of millions of taxpayer dollars kicked back to democrats and their allies. The subsidies to industries that serve no useful purpose, like Planned Parenthood and any "Green Energy" concern. Time to stop giving "tax refunds" to people who don't pay taxes. The Welfare State must be dismantled. The non-profits and NGO's funded by the taxpayer must go extinct.

And if you can't get it done at the federal level, the GOP controls the majority of statehouses. Get it done where you can, by any means you can.

When the money runs out, the Left will collapse. It will be unable to fund itself, and what tiny remnants of funds it may have available to it will be fought over intensely by the fifteen thousand identity groups they've spawned as clients of government, and there will be an implosion.

Vote with your wallet in the marketplace.

Stop using Google. Stop using Facebook. Stop using Twitter. Stop using Amazon. Stop buying the New York Times or Newsweek, demand your cable company take CNN and (P)MSNBC -- something you don't want, anyway -- off your Basic Plan.

Send your kids to private colleges, not state schools, not elitist schools, and do your research on these schools to ensure they aren't turning out Communists by the busload. Use Distance Learning and Homeschooling to defund the Public Schools and limit the brain damage they hand out in the guise of "education", and the power this gives to unelected morons and unionized idiots with bad intent to screw with your life and family. The same for every government bureaucracy,

Do what the Left does and engage in willful acts of nullification in the cases of laws that you don't agree with.

The American Left has embarked upon a four-pronged assault on American Liberties half a century ago.

It invaded the institutions (media, academia, bureaucracy, law courts, religion).

It degraded the culture (moral relativism, free sex, abortion, the destruction of the American family).

It has now bastardized the electoral process.

It has made a concerted effort to caricature it's opposition as monkeys, tyrants, insane, evil, heartless, racist, sexist, and discriminatory, and then went one step further and dehumanized them, altogether (you Bitter Clinging Deplorable Nazi, you).

The purpose has been to make civilized life impossible, the chaos the precursor to a totalitarian state that professes a return to order, but which presages a loss of liberty.

It's over. The mask has finally been taken off -- in defiance of COVID mandates, to boot -- and those of you who have not had eyes to see, who believed in the presence of "good" in human nature, who believed that even the most-terrible people couldn't be all that bad, should be ashamed of yourself. You've been fools.

Do not fear the angry mobs you see on television every night; they are cowards...physical, moral and intellectual cowards. They only do what they do because they know they can get away with it. They do it in the places they do it because the local population and politicians fear them, and they know they will get media coverage that supports them and makes them seem more-fearsome than they really are; they never move out of their "Safe Spaces" (for rioting) because they know if they did, shit then gets real, and they get the short end of the stick in any scenario that you can imagine.

Outside of the large urban centers under leftist domination, their stupidity will hardly spill over.

Fear not "retaliation" as the left can muster a relative few drug-addled mental patients, the physically and mentally weak, criminals and the Losers. Hardly the makings of an army, and once you break through the fragile shell of these reprobates, all that's left is effeminate men, sorority girls, the "artistes", Soccer Moms, and frat boys who only showed up to throw a Molotov from the safety of the back row (way behind the Diversity and the feminists) and then headed back to Delta House for the regularly-scheduled kegger.

Not the sort to stand pat on the ramparts nor see The Revolution go on to the bitter end.

We are better. We are stronger. We are smarter.

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B.C. said...

There are millions of us out there, just waiting for the SHTF. The Left has vastly underestimated the growing anger at their destruction and subterfuge. When the flag goes up, they are going to regret the path they have taken. Bank on it.