Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Defeating The Left, Part One (Know Thy Enemy)...

 "If you know the enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, then for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy or yourself, you will succumb in every battle..." -- Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"

Some ideas I have to defeat the neo-Fascist left.  I am not the first to make these suggestions, but they are, in fact, the most-direct and easiest means of action against these petty little thumb-sucking  dictators because they attack the very heart of what it means to be a leftoid and go straight for the soft spots in leftist ideology and activity.

I'm going to break this program up into three or four segments, because it's all lengthy and involves a great deal of examination of history, politics, and the personalities that make up The Left, as well as several detailed strategies that can be followed in order to bring about not just their electoral defeat, but their exile to the political hinterlands for years to come.

Before I begin, I would like to take a massive dump on the usual plan of action proposed by that section of the right wing who haven't yet discovered that playing nice is not going to help them overthrow this Tyranny of Tantrum-throwers because the left recognizes no rules except those that benefit it or which it can impose arbitrarily.

I would also like to remind that other portion of the right that copulates with farm animals and relatives and which fervently believes that Jesus will save them from the doxx mob or Truth and Reconciliation Committee, that our current predicament is largely their fault, historically. The Right is hobbled by multiple, moronic constituencies in it's elective politics that steadily erode it's position just as much as leftist methodology does, and it is largely these influences within GOP that ensure that that the only guy ever thrown up for election (and defeat at the hands of a milquetoast, slogan-breathing, Communist fucktard) is an empty suit that tells you what you want to hear and who expects to stay in power by merely threatening apocalyptic visions of what The Other Side might do without him to stop them.

At some point, we have to stand for something other than "the other guy is worse".

Trump was an anomaly within a party that prefers to keep it's undies clean and which routinely displays a  shocking lack of spine. Leadership, such as it is, has no stomach for a fight. Largely because it is infected by the same sort of Managerialist tendencies which the left evolved and perfected. 

I'll cover this -- the application of Managerialist principles to American Government -- in another rant later this week.

Understand this before all else: The Left does not see you as human beings, merely alternately as obstacles to be overcome, and preferably, eliminated, or a pocket to be picked. You are necessary only insofar as your ability to be productive or passive in the face of a leftist onslaught is useful to them. You cannot fight them with your myopic views on where the Ten Commandments or a creche should be displayed; you cannot fight them with an expectation that some mystic form of "fair play", which only serves to handicap your cause, is operative. The Left doesn't care about your traditions, your systems of belief, or The Rules, in general.  Wave the Flag all you want and it doesn't make a fucking inch of difference.

The gloves have to come off and the game must be played by a simpler set of rules -- By Any Means Possible.

Not "necessary" but "possible". The purpose of all this word salad is explore the possible and explain the distinction(s) between "necessary" and "possible".

For the misguided and mentally-stunted who are seeking a violent solution, you can stop right now. Violence will work in the short term as all these idiots in the streets and their armchair generals will, at first, retreat from any form of severe pushback. In the long term, however, all violence will achieve is to create martyrs -- the Left makes martyrs of criminals, sex offenders, the mentally ill who think they can menstruate with a Y-chromosome, and re-writes history so as to produce an endless parade of "victims" -- so don't give them any.

The left needs martyrs just as much as the Christian does. Producing martyrs will only reinforce their stupid notions of victimhood and justify their belief that you are a Nazi in disguise, just as the presence of Christian martyrs reinforced belief in Christianity. The construction of leftist icons only manages to enhance the romance of "struggle", and provides the left with a endless parade of tailor-made victims to beat you over the head with.

The other group of morons who continuously shouts "Term Limits" offers no real solution to the problem of Leftism, either. The same people who scream for term limits seem to have no trouble sending their own jellyfish back to Congress 80% of the time and so make a mockery of their position, anyway. Their real issue is with The Other Guy's Congresscritters, who they can't touch at the ballot box.

We already have term limits: they're called "elections", and a new regime of election law that only benefits lawyers and which will be written largely by the same people you wish to eject, will do you no good, while handicapping your own side -- for what happens when you DO get an effective leader and then put an arbitrary -- but iron-clad -- expiration date on him?

Finally, we come to the last bunch of drooling doofuses who hang about the edges of the GOP, and who often cause us to lose elections because, like the Religious Moron, he's devoted to a book he doesn't understand that contains no information of practical value, and that is the Libertarian.

Libertarianism is not a viable alternative mostly because Libertarians are not grown ups. They are the right's answer to the left's coffee house communists. Libertarianism, for the uninitiated, has it's roots in leftist ideologies like socialism, pacifism, syndicalism and anarchism. To be a Libertarian is to be a half-leftard, anyway (please, spare me the e-mail about how you are the exception to this rule!). Libertarians make common cause with the right because having been rejected by the left they need to retain some method of exerting influence in elective politics. This is the same way we got neo-Conservatism, incidentally -- an ideology pressed forward by former Socialists like James Burnham and Irving Krystol. Even Ayn Rand, exalted icon and poster child for Libertarianism, crapped all over Libertarians, having said this:

"All kinds of people today call themselves "libertarians", especially something calling itself "The New Right", which consists of hippies who are anarchists instead of leftist collectivists; but anarchists are collectivists. Capitalism is the one system that requires absolute objective law, yet Libertarians combine Capitalism and Anarchism. That's worse than anything the New Left has proposed...They sling slogans and try to ride two bandwagons. They want to be hippies, but don't want to be preach collectivism because those jobs are already taken...Anarchism is a logical outgrowth of the anti-intellectual side of collectivism...Anarchists are the scum of the intellectual world of the Left, which has given them up. So, the Right picks up another leftist discard. That's the Libertarian movement...".

Libertarian influence usually works against their erstwhile allies, as in states where margins of victory tend to be razor-thin, we usually find there's a Libertarian candidate who managed to siphon off 1 or 2% of the vote from the republican.

I know from very long experience from within the belly of the Libertarian Beast that these are merely Cheap Leftists, in the sense they don't like taxes (who does), who love to get high (because being Leftists at heart, they, too, have trouble with Physical Reality) and NOT Classical Liberals.

The allure and effectiveness of Classical Liberalism needs to be restored in a big way. It's not going to be taught in the schools; it will not emanate from the Washington of January 20, 2021. Your institutions -- schools, media, courts, bureaucracies, Congress -- have all been infiltrated by Managerialist Socialists, and will be of no help or value. You'll need to revive the Classical Liberal impetus all on your own in your little patch of Modern Hell, whether it's teaching your children by the fireside or joining locally-formed activist or advocacy groups that mimic the left in both methodology and intensity.

Now, it's time to discuss the battlefield...

1. Know thy enemy

General information on The Leftist.

The Leftist is a loser. This is the reason WHY the political left exists; in a world where there are Those Who Can and Those Who Can't, the Cants must have some form of political voice, if only to keep them from rising up in violence. If they believe that someone is taking their side they at least have the illusion that their needs and hopes are achievable through peaceful means. In that same world of Can/Cant, the rewards of success and the punishments for failure are unequally distributed. The Punishment part mainly falls upon the Cants. The Cants, obviously, wish to avoid this at all costs (preferably at all cost to others).

The leftist is a misfit. He has no real place in society and society has no real use for him. Primarily, this is a consequence of being a Cant. He lives in a constant state of anxiety about his status and in a continuous conflict with the greater society around him. These anxieties and conflicts have multiple origins, but typically tend to sprout from sheer lack of utility. Although exceptions abound, the truly committed leftist does nothing that society places much of a value upon -- he may be an artist of some kind; he may be an expert in some arcane field of subjective science; he may be a criminal; he may even be engaged in an activity that has the appearance of utility, but which ultimately produces little or nothing of value (see, for example, all the "Medical Experts" re: Coronavirus). 

In any case, the world can get on quite well without him. It is not strictly true that the world needs poets, nor is it obvious that the world requires vast numbers of community organizers, news readers or Gender Studies majors, because it doesn't. The world continues to spin without any of these people being necessary or having much of an impact. Life might be duller and less-colorful without them, but it will continue much as it did before anyone ever heard the words "trial attorney" or "human resources director".

This makes the typical leftist a very cranky creature. Unable to make a case for why he is obviously vital to society he is reduced to a continuous struggle to find a place at the feeding trough. He is the Runt of the Litter, so to speak. Without the ability to extract a living from society -- because all the premier leftist "jobs" involve some from of extraction from the productive; academic, administrator, journalist, lawyer, bureaucrat, artiste, and the like -- because, as I've said, they don't produce anything society wants that provides them with an ability to profit, these people would literally starve to death.

He is an outsider. Even when you get an upper-crust level libtard, raised in Upper-Middle-Class splendor in a tony gated suburb, indoctrinated in the "finest" schools, politically-connected, loaded down with "credentials" which ultimately mean nothing, he is still in a state of constant discontent. Because he understands, even if only sub-consciously, that he deserves none of the privileges he enjoys (has inherited, really, because the hard work was done by those who preceded him). They are, broadly-speaking, perceived to have been unearned and, therefore, hollow.

This makes him an extremely emotional creature, easily manipulated by feelings of guilt, shame, prejudice, anger, sympathy, zeal, all the emotions of re-action and not pro-action. While subject to the whims of these emotions, he curiously lacks their counterparts of empathy, kindness, and compassion. He can fake these very well, but he does not feel them. The hole in his stomach that comes from knowing he's about as useful as Ebola with AIDS sprinkled on top, and that no one gives a shit about his mostly-self-constructed mental crutches (that's he "special", that he "cares" more than anyone else, that he's brilliant despite evidence to the contrary) feed the one emotion which drives all of his activities: hatred.

He's a loser, he knows it, and he hates you for having recognized it, too. In Psychology, we call this "projection".

This means the Left consists of very mentally- and emotionally-fragile. self-hating crybabies and bullies, or if you like, "Crybullies". And in the grand tradition of people who have a great deal of difficulty accepting objective reality, they seek scapegoats for their inner turmoil and lack of success. This means a whole slew of invented "enemies" and "oppressors" and ever-evolving categories of victimhood.

Because every leftist knows he enjoys a very tenuous connection to the rest of a society he hates for not recognizing his self-bestowed- defense- mechanism sense of moral and intellectual superiority, securing his status within that society is always his primary concern. He equates "status" with "ability to extract a living from others".

This brings us to another psychological handicap: Cognitive Dissonance. By no means am I suggesting that this afflicts ONLY the left, but the left is a veritable Old Faithful of psycho fucktard in this regard. Some examples:

* The leftist professes to hate Capitalism, but understands that Capitalism is what enables him to survive economically in a world where he has little to no utility or talent. Capitalism now produces wealth on a scale that makes it impossible NOT to distribute. The very existence of a Welfare State depends upon this fact; the existence of the institutions the left holds most dear -- the colleges, the news networks, public transportation systems, the reduction of Greenhouse Gases in response to market demands and new technology, systems of democratic government, hospitals, police forces, fire departments -- are all, mainly, by-products of Capitalism.

* The leftist preaches an anti-racism which is, in itself, virulently racist, and no longer involves the subjection or oppression of one people by another on the basis of race, but which comes more and more to resemble an intense jealousy and resentment of others based precisely on skin tone to be resolved with...more (advantageous to the leftist) racism. The same for sexism, classism, and just about every other ism: society's evils are increasingly diminishing in the rearview mirror, but the leftist cannot grasp this, because his old beliefs are too psychologically-comforting to abandon. Instead of disappearing in the face of evidence to the contrary, the old beliefs are simply modified and given new justifications.

Because the leftist begins life as a psychological mess, he is propelled forward by little more than grievance (always rooted in self-hatred and jealously) and an inability, on his own, to grasp the personal initiative needed to unfuck his own fucked-up life. Being unaccustomed to useful work, he can't do any of the heavy lifting required to better himself or secure his status. Being guided by baser emotions he is unable to muster the intellectual honesty necessary to make a persuasive case for WHY he deserves what he believes he's entitled to. Having little to no ability to empathize with the people he hates, he cannot understand what makes them tick, even so as  to emulate them and their methods of success.

He's a godawful, unhappy pile of dogcrap who dehumanizes others (wait a second...did I just...?) in order to make himself feel better about being good-for-nothing. Being an opportunist who lives (often quite well) on the margins provided by the productive, the short-term -- very often short-sighted -- would-be solution is the only one he knows to take. He lives in a black-and-white world of "For Me" or "Against Me" and the only "gray areas" or "nuance" he is able to accept are those which advance "For Me".

All this grievance generates a vast variety of categories that consider themselves "deserving". There are as many grievances as there are the individuals who bear them. This makes the left a coalition of often-disparate fragments that all have the same goal: to take.

The problem they have is that there is only one source from which to take. This means that all leftist movements begin as coalitions of disparate grievances that can unite only for so long as one grievance can help to advance another. Once one of these grievance groups achieves it aims, it very quickly abandons the coalition. If a coalition of multiple grievances should achieve victory they very soon fall out among themselves in arguments over how to divide the (often finite) spoils.

They are packs of rabid wolves fighting over the same deer carcass.

This means all leftist movements are born with a fatal flaw. They can be split at their very inception. They can certainly be separated when "the pie" they're all after suddenly turns out to be "a muffin" and the fight begins over who gets the good part and who is left to beg for crumbs. No leftist coalition EVER survives an election intact, and once the votes have been cast and counted (hopefully legally) the cannibalism begins in earnest. 

The left ALWAYS eats it's own, because it sees politics as a zero-sum game; the acquisition of power to be used to reward all the other mental defectives who share the same self-hatreds and grievances. This is an automatic, and is most-visibly demonstrated in the history of all the Socialist and Communist "revolutions" ever attempted, and even in the history of leftist movements that united against a common enemy (like the Spanish Civil War). Once power has been achieved by one faction, it no longer needs the others and the egalitarian ideal very quickly devolves into infighting, purges, and an abandonment of the declared common principles and objectives. All that remains are the objective facts of power.

Above all else, the leftist seeks power because, as we've established, he's a powerless douchebag. He defines power as the ability to merely change places with the "oppressor" (whom he imagines lives a care-free life of luxury and privilege) and then pull the ladder up behind him so that no one -- even his allies -- can follow him to the lofty heights of his new status, and then use his power to direct the thoughts, activities, beliefs, of millions of his "enemies" both against their will and at their expense, for his own, personal comfort. "Personal comfort" is defined as "someone else pays my freight and I'm not responsible for anything or to anyone".

This avoidance of responsibility permeates every leftist position -- forgiveness of student loans, distribution of welfare and health care resources, abortion, drug legalization, de-criminalization, bail reform, devolving sovereign rights to international bodies, "trans" rights, Affirmative Action. Even "Open Borders" is, to some extent, conditioned by a desire to not mow one's own lawn or to personally raise one's own children.

People who feel no need to take personal responsibility for anything are not the most-committed of foot soldiers. If they understood, could be made to understand, that what they advocate for doesn't stop at "the Rich" or "White Males", and were made to suffer the consequences of their advocacy first hand, they'd get the picture. Having grown up in a world and political ideology that says "none of this is your fault" and "we're sticking it to That Other Guy" they never get it, and to date, have been well-insulated from this reality by systems that are by-products of the productive. Primarily this means the comparatively great material comfort most people enjoy, even those on the dole. None of them will ever abandon their own material comfort....even to establish the sort of regime they claim to want.

This is why they fail.

Eventually, the sacrifice falls upon the "wrong" people (i.e. themselves);"the pie" disappears; the dreamed-of care-free life fails to materialize. Responsibility remains (the preferred method of dealing with this is to continue to scapegoat). Objective Reality still rules (the preferred method for dealing with this is to ignore it). The New Enemies he has created in combatting the Old Enemies have now put a target on his back (assuming he hasn't exterminated them all), or a New New Enemy emerges from a new source of discontent from within the ranks.

 (You are seeing this now in the American left with the emergence of Bernie Sanders, a new-found "love" of  Socialism, BLM, and in various manifestations, like "The Squad", led by a collection of Wimmen O' Color remarkable for their intense jealousy of their lilly-white, Ur-Feminist forebears, their bulletproof stupidity, and inability to string coherent sentences for all the cobbled-together "revolutionary" jargon, pseudo-Social-Science word vomit and teenaged, emoji-laden idiom).

These are self-absorbed fuckwits who don't think beyond their own immediate wants and needs, blinded by hatred, confused by a lack of understanding of their opponents (real or imagined), the systems of government and economics that they live under, and obsessed with their own, personal status on a minute-by-minute basis.

This is NOT a monolithic force; it's a motley collection of severely-limited, truly-stupid people who are easily organized into a (temporary) voting bloc, and it's the trick they fall for over and over again.

It is a political movement that upchucks a Presidential Candidate who will tell you about every piece of legislation that has his name on it, every program he's supported, every positions he's (changed) held over 50 years in government service, and who claims to have fixed every problem in the universe dating back to the Great Flood...and then he tells you how America still sucks...but he had nothing to do with any of THAT.

But he promises 4 more years of the same actions, only with the ability to nuke the planet, will FINALLY bring Utopia and they vote for him. Because "more of the same" ultimately means "more of someone else's stuff" and "punishing the people you hate".

They have but one purpose, then; that purpose is easily identifiable and, therefore, easier to fight back against. The response to it requires a unified Right which has devoted it's energies to this single task: defeating this mindset. To that end, the comparatively-minor disagreements within the party become immaterial and unhelpful. The advancement of the purely-ideological, the elevation of the ridiculously pious, the single-mindedness of the "one issue voter", all conspire to ensure that whoever bears the GOP standard come 2024 will most likely be an uncharismatic, ineffectual apparatchik ticket-puncher, beloved of the Donor Class, the Blue Bloods and Conservatism, Inc., but lacking the ability to mobilize the troops on the massive scale needed.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Never mind "Trump 2024". That ship sailed. You're risking a Joe Biden repeat of a (then) 78-year-old who may not even remember what day it is, still obsessed with Twitter, who will regale you with tales from his Salad Days in power, but who may not have the stamina, marbles or stable bowels to get the job done again.

The Managers within the party will never allow his like to rise again. They like, to use a warrior analogy, the Field Marshal Montgomerys -- plodding, careful never to stick his neck out too far and then claim successes he never achieved, his massive failures excused by ignoring them entirely. No, we need a General Patton -- a hard-driving, fuck 'em all, get-the-job-done personality who may be personally off-putting, but who has the secret of effective organization and execution.

Which means "The Next Trump", only slightly-less buffoonish and wiser in the ways of how government actually operates. Someone who is supported from outside the professional political class, who are managerialists, too, in any case..

In the next installment, we'll take a look at how the left operates and sustains itself and how that structure may be peacefully -- and successfully -- dismantled.


Technomad said...

My own impression of "what makes a leftist" is that it comes down to a pathologically overdeveloped sense of empathy. Hence their sympathy for criminals.

Matthew Noto said...

The leftist has sympathy for the criminal because, he, too, is a loser, forced to steal what is "rightfully" his from a mean society that "oppresses" him: not because the criminal is a victim truly deserving of empathy.

The criminal and the leftist are natural allies. The criminal gets sympathy because he is an agent that destabilizes and punishes the same society the leftist hates. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend, in leftist ideological terms...right up until the point where it's time to turn upon one another.

As an example, the American Left readily passed, legislation over the course of decades that resulted in two million African-American Men being incarcerated today. It did so strictly for votes; it forgot all of it's past rhetoric about "the underprivileged" -- who became Super-Predators, instead -- and had no mercy or empathy at all, imposing mandatory sentences and Three-Strikes laws left, right and center.

Now, they take the side of the criminal just as soon as George Floyd had became a patron saint of OrangeManBad, and suddenly pushed for defunding police forces, elimination of mandatory sentences, wanted bail reform (even though Trump anted it!), supports BLM and Antifa and the disorder, terrorism and violence that come with them, because there's votes in that disorder now....and also as a means by which to punish the society they hate.

A society for whom they have no sympathy or empathy, at all, seeing as how that society voted for OrangeManBad and so deserve such. Because of OrangeManBad, bestiality is still illegal and not free and it didn't retroactively give Timmy the pony he wanted for his 5th birthday.

Come the 21st of January, and re-election looms ahead for lefty Congresscritters, BLM and Antifa will be disappeared. Primarily by a suddenly resurgent support for Blue Lives and police departments having their funding restored and even increased.

Because votes.

The criminal is only useful -- and deserving of sympathy -- until he isn't.

Empathy is more-properly due the victim of the criminal, unless, of course, the victim is a common enemy and then the great big poopyhead had it coming, and it's a pity you can't kill the victim's entire family.

People who have empathy are incapable of murdering millions. People with empathy are incapable of rioting, looting and ambushing police officers.

Do not confuse sympathy with empathy.

Chuck said...

You speak as if 2024 matters at all. If the election theft stands, there will never be another. If this amount of fraud could be accomplished while out of power, what makes you think any future election would be "fair and free"? If Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, the American republic is well and truly dead. Th GOP will never have a standard bearer that can overcome the margin of fraud now baked into our "elections".

Matthew Noto said...

I never insinuated "fair and free" at all. I've just stated in my post that the left does not respect rules or decency.

You've missed an important point, which I had intended to cover later on in another installment. In a nutshell, the left "won" the Presidency, but lost everywhere else. Biden has no coattails; the Senate is still nominally GOP, the left's House majority slimmed and many of those congressmen are frightened of what the Far left has wrought. There's lefty votes to be pared off here.

Additionally, the Right dominates the Supreme Court.

One other point: the Right dominates State Houses...where the elections are actually held, and where they have the ability to clean up the voter rolls, institute higher and stricter voting standards (like voter ID requirements and no mail-in ballots, for example) and where the ability to truly stymie the left exists by local action -- like in funding public universities and public school systems, coordinating activities (or refusing to do same) with federal authorities, conducting state investigations into voter fraud and corruption, etc.

In other words, using the tools of FEDERALISM. Local Funding, which is one of those tools, is going to be a major weapon against the left.

No one, especially not me, says that overcoming the left and it's shenanigans is an easy task. I'm just going to suggest how you might go about it without their being able to stop you.

Just wait, I'll eventually get there...it was all just too much to put into one post. There's more to come.

In the meantime, console yourself with this thought: Mitch McConnell can go on appointing federal judges all damned day, every day, Nancy Pelosi is hobbled, Chuck Schumer finally feels the knife in his back, and there's a whole mess of democrats that believes that AOC, her Squad and riots are very bad for business. Joe Biden will never get so much as a proclamation to make a day in June "National Applesauce Day" past the Senate, and no one -- even the left -- likes Kamala the Human Hoovervac, should they find some way to 86 Joe.

They're both lame ducks before they even get into office.

In the meantime, you have two years to start flipping house and senate seats, and I suggest you get off your fat ass (that's the general "you", not you, specifically, Chuck) and start doping some of that concerned citizen shit far too many people have been content to leave in other's hands.

We get the government we work for. In this case, we got the government we DIDN'T Work for.

Chuck said...

I appreciate your level-headed response and will wait for the rest of your posts before be-clowning myself further. Looking forward to reading it all.

Phil said...

This was a great read and I think you pretty much got a handle on this shit. I'll be looking forward to the next installments.