Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Majority of One (Facebook, Twitter and Google Can Kiss My Ass Edition)

 "Am I dreaming? Has the world gone mad -- or have I?" -- H.G. Wells

I will soon be abandoning Blogger for a different -- and better -- platform. I do this because Google is on the verge of becoming HAL from "2001: A Space Odyssey". In fact, all of "Big Tech" has become little more than a virtual insane asylum, where the dumbfucks, the mental patients, the losers, the congenitally malformed and the Geeks you used to give swirlies to in high school now lord it over you with their ability to silence you, and the piles of cash they sleep on to protect them from the swift-and-well-deserved asswhippings their sexually-frustrated, obnoxiously-condescending behinds have coming to them.

I had abandoned Twitter a very long time ago for the simple reason that Twitter is where empty heads and mental masturbators (this sub-species can be identified by the "Blue Checks") congregate. Twitter is about as useful a medium, in the hands of the rambunctiously fucktarded, as tossed feces are to a Renaissance masterpiece. Twitter is where the worst of the worst reside and trade their lunacy in 280 characters or less, and where reasonable, logical discourse is treated as if it came with a case of herpes.

Facebook is back on my shitlist for a variety of reasons having to do with "standards" which turn out to be no such thing at all. The primary complaint I now have about Facebook is it's ridiculously transparent attempts at censorship masquerading as a crusade of "fact checking." Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias reign supreme at Facebook, as, for example, they de-platform a post of yours on the basis that it is "partly false", neglecting to recognize (deliberately) that if one piece is "partly false", by implication what remains is probably "mostly true"...and at least should be open for debate.

Or, as someone once explained:

“‘Fact-checkers’ assume your point, then fact-check their assumption of your point. That is the most generous way to see what they do. The least generous (and at least as often true) is that they purposely misrepresent your point, and fact-check their misrepresentation.”

(This person, whoever they are, is a genuine fucking genius! I got this third or fourth hand, and can't give proper attribution, sadly).

The "mostly true" baby gets tossed out with the "partly false" bathwater, and "partly true" never sees the light of day, so that in the effort to "fact check" we ignore -- and actively suppress --  the facts that do or may remain as if they were tainted by association.

Which makes a farce of the entire effort.

Facebook banned me for 30 days for rebuking a liberal with what it describes at "Threatening Language" (text to follow), and there was no such thing.

People who think like you do run around all day saying that people like me -- who disagree with you and who don't share your constipated world view -- should be rounded up and killed, imprisoned, raped, dispossessed, and even worse, outside the bounds of law and common decency, and then can't figure out why anyone would want to own a gun.
People who think like you are moral, ethical and intellectual cowards, who dismiss facts when they threaten to undermine your almost-religious beliefs, pretend to not grasp the simplest of analogies when these might have to force you to think about how wrong you are, who scream "fairness!", "equality!" when it suits your purposes, but never when it keeps you from whatever shiny object your eyes are locked onto today. You have no spine unless it's behind a keyboard or with a mob at your back. None of you is willing to shed a pint of blood for any of the ideals you claim: it's always someone else who must make the sacrifice, actually BE sacrificed.
I love how people who have been screaming for the last four years that the Electoral College is anti-democratic (incidentally, this is a constitutional republic, not a democracy) suddenly adore it when it's working for them, and who claim the last election was manipulated suddenly claim there's no chance of fraud this time around.
They lay claim to stupid notions about humanity, for example, that "race does not exist" and then see racism everywhere. They lay claim to the idea that gender is a construct, and then construct 57 more of their own. They proclaim to be believers in Evolution, but can't seem to accept the fact that inequality between individuals isn't one of it's consequences.
They live in a world of complete fantasy, detached from Objective Reality to t e point where nothing exists in an Objective fashion; everything is and should be subordinated to Subjective Feelings, because Reality is the one force they can't defeat by lies, violence or make believe.
You're all bandwagon riders who tell others who don't march in lockstep with you to "get with the times", which is another way of saying "be a blind conformist, like me".
You're all condescending dipshits laboring under the mistaken impression that you're somehow special, better than the rest of us, more-enlightened, free thinkers, capable of running everything in a perfect, most-efficient manner, and then everything you touch turns to shit. The results of the leftist mindset speak for themselves: millions dead, nations ruined, economies wrecked, institutions ravaged by morons. You people are not smart enough to tell the rest of us how to live. The landscape is littered with leftist failures: Socialism, Communism, The Welfare State, broken education systems, bankruptcy, and oppression.
But then again, the point isn't that you're better than the rest of us: you're all conscious of how inferior you truly are, and the real purpose of all this noise and stupidity is to simply expropriate the wealth and status of others, since you can't attain either for yourselves, generally speaking. You can only ever extract -- never create. You're all nasty, vicious, spiteful little tyrants who hate your betters and would rather see them pulled down to your pitiful level, than to raise yourselves up.
Because that means brains, work and a moral compass, and those things interfere with all the other stuff you're obsessed with, primarily those things that have connection to your genitals, which fascinate you beyond all things and which occupy the majority of your time.
To be a leftist is to embrace a constellation of lies. The first one being "All Men Are Created Equal" (the biggest one ever told), and then erecting millions of other lies to prevent this one from being discovered. You people eat lies for breakfast.
Of course, it is everyone else who is mentally ill. Especially those accused of all sorts of invented "phobias"
Accusations of racism are the last refuge of the scoundrel who cannot defend her position on the basis of logic, reason or fact, who substitutes a vague emotional inner turmoil for a true justification for the committing of evil acts, the thinking of deplorable thoughts, and the excuse of disgusting and illegal deeds done on her behalf.
I seriously hope you are able to one day find the help you so desperately need.
Too bad ObamaCare didn't pay for it. In addition, Facebook "fact checked" an article I NEVER POSTED, so far as I can tell, seeing as how the article was written in NORWEGIAN, a language that even my super intellect has never learned nor mastered. I'm now being "fact-checked" in articles I'm not posting written in languages I cannot read, and which I presumably posted so as to share...with other people who don't read Norwegian. (Screenshot below).

Go figure.

As a matter of habit, I'm not one to post many articles from overseas for the simple reason that who gives a fuck what people think in Norway? One of the benefits of being a 'Murican is the ability to safely ignore the opinions of an inbred population that lives up to it's ass in snow nine months out of the year, and the same for a population that chases gazelles with a fire-hardened stick and which doesn't seem to produce much of anything except more-exotic forms of diarrhea. Especially when both populations live on another continent, making it next-to-impossible for their opinions/viewpoints to be conditioned by the same the experience that you do with what happens inside your own country.

I fucking live here. You don't. Unless we're discussing a topic that has little to do with needing to have first-hand knowledge of what happens in someone else's homeland, your opinion on my nation's politics and society is about as useful and informed as my view that there's specific genetic and evolutionary reasons as to WHY none of you ever became superpowers.

Therefore, I'm very unlikely to post a Norwegian article, or even to bother to translate it into English in order to share it.

Now, what's funny is that a Norwegian publication was "fact-checked" by a Norwegian "fact checker" who made the same "mistake" Facebook made: "partly false" very often equals "mostly true". The reason why "mostly true" doesn't get the same examination is because the "fact checker" has no real interest in factual information.

This is Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" shit.

I even doubt whether human beings are involved past a certain point.

The Overlord has made his living for over three decades in the world of Automation and Artificial Intelligence (in various forms), and the Rule of Thumb when it comes to algorithms and AI is simply this:

The End Result is only as good as the people who programmed it.

There is no Artificial Intelligence, anywhere, nor even on the horizon, as they say, capable of overcoming the fuckwit of the people who (mis-)programmed it. When the people who have designed and programmed Artificial Intelligence that makes such fundamental mistakes, seemingly arbitrary decisions, and displays clear biases, and don't seem to find their own mistakes in testing, it is not "intelligent".

When it is deliberately used as a tool to reward some for conformity and punish others for holding opinions contrary to those of some executive who fucked off to Cyprus (most likely) to avoid paying the higher income taxes his choice for President is sending his way, then it is inherently immoral.

As another example: it is reported today that Google sent "Election Day Reminders" to people it's algorithms identified as "liberals" and neglected to do the same to people the same regime identified as "conservatives". The AI that made these decisions, I reckon, relied upon algorithms that assumed that based upon people's surfing habits, social media associations, use of language, examination of sources of articles they may have posted, and maybe even their online shopping and porn preferences, in order to make this sort of judgement.

For a company whose motto is supposed to be "Do No Evil", it appears they do an awful lot of it.

That the algorithm could be wrong (in the sense of  it NOT being designed with intent to do what it does), that it may mis-indentify, that the programmers and mathematicians (more like METH-ameticians) could not keep their own biases out of the code, that Management probably had their thumb on the scale in terms of making it known, at some level, what the result SHOULD be, is completely discounted. That Artificial Intelligence, for all the wonderful things it CAN do, still CANNOT understand simple context -- something humans find it difficult to translate from thought to code -- doesn't seem to matter, and that the End Result may be garbage is ignored, as well.

But the garbage has influence.

And this is a major problem.

In the grand scheme of things, in the Cyberspace, I'm a nobody. I'm not anywhere near the internet influence of, say, Instapundit, Matt Drudge (until recently), Iowahawk, Mother Jones, The Nation, or others with greater reach or talent, and institutions with a huge media footprint. I'm just a loudmouth from Staten Island. But Loudmouths everywhere are victimized by this sort of thing on a daily basis, and the truly horrible thing about it is that they're being screwed by people who, if the roles were reversed, would be screaming over the rape of their First Amendment Rights.

But, I can fight back, slightly, by refusing to use their products. 

I dumped Twitter a long time ago; I will soon dump Blogger. This will be followed by dumping G-mail, as well, and any other product owned by Google, like Chrome or Yahoo. I've already switched to Duck Duck Go. Next will be Facebook (the replacements are in their infancy, at the moment), and I see that as an opportunity to get a bigger following on a more-pristine social media platform. I will encourage others to "vote with their feet", as it were.

And my fight will not be limited simply to Big Tech. Cable television -- particularly cable news -- needs a beating, too. As soon as I can figure out how, I want to be involved in something called "Ala carte pricing" plans for cable television systems, where customers can pick and choose which channels they want and be relieved of the burden of paying for the ones they don't want...like CNN, (P)MSNBC, CNBC, and the networks, since they can't hide their biases, either, and exercise a more-subtle form of censorship, which is to NOT cover stories and events that don't fit their political views and economic interests.

Imagine what happens when (P)MSNBC disappears from millions of homes as cable customers are freed from the injustice of being forced to support an enterprise they don't like? Imagine how much better life will be when CNN shuffles off this mortal coil for lack of viewers and what amounts to a welfare check disguised as "a basic cable package"? What will happen to Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon when their affirmative-action-supported-by-larceny jobs are gone?

I'm almost giddy.

Stay tuned, Minions.

UPDATE: Changed a sentence because incomplete thought. Sometimes, the fingers work faster than the brain. Also fixed a grammtaical error.


Anonymous said...

Please start by taking a few of the intellectual roadkill specimens off your blog list. Maybe even put them in a hall of shame. Start with fixed news and drudge refart

Anonymous said...

Check out Startpage.com as well, for surfing. But remember: the privacy coding only Requests that the websites you visit refrain from tracking you: they can anyway, and usually do, by claiming that "mercy me, we have no way of knowing that you intend for Us not to track you: therefore we ignore these requests." [Read your EULAs, end-user licensing agreements.]

There Is No Privacy On the Interwebz.

Anonymous said...

We are all created equal in regard to basic human rights. The rest is up to us.

Matthew Noto said...

@JNY Perhaps I should clarify a tiny bit.

You are correct.

The left, however, takes this maxim, "All Men Are Create Equal", to a whole 'nuther place Jefferson never intended it to go and to which reality shows is impossible to reach, i.e. to equality of outcome.

It is HERE that we are not equal. Hence, "The Biggest Lie Ever Told".


Anonymous said...

The white text on a black background is so 1990's and difficult to read.

Matthew Noto said...

To Anonymous,

If that's the worst you can say about it...

Are you visually impaired? Because there are things you can do to make it easier to read.