Sunday, November 1, 2020

Galactic Housekeeping #10 (Hate Mail, Hypocrisy and Hilarity Edition)

 "From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, good Lord deliver us!" -- St. Theresa de Avila

Just tying up some loose ends here in the Galaxy. Nothing to be concerned about.

The first item on the agenda is Hate Mail.

Believe it or not, I get some. Not as much as I used to get, but that's merely a consequence of this blog not getting nearly the attention the older one got. I used to get a lot of death threats and associated attempts at intimidation from the Ramzi Al-Kaboom set (as Dennis Miller would call them), but these have petered out. Probably as a natural result of the senders fulfilling the will of Allah and blowing themselves up.

The New Generation of Hate Mail that I receive comes from a certain sort of person who seems to wander around aimlessly all day with their underwear bunched up in their ass crack, laboring in great discomfort because fabric softener just might be beyond their means.

I assume that most of them are well-meaning folks who would never in a million years actually follow through on their threats to visit me in the middle of the night, set fire to my house, to push my crippled wife down a flight of stairs, to cut my brake lines, or deliberately infect me with AIDS.

For a start, they lack the courage and ambition to do so. It means getting out of bed and having to pay a $19 toll to get anywhere near me, and those are mighty hurdles to leap for the Modern Snowflake who just...can't...even and who is flummoxed by anything that isn't voice activated or which doesn't come with an app for their ill-named "Smart Phone".

The phone is actually smarter than the people who own it.

That's why they send "anonymous" e-mails  (like I can't track you? I'm a 35-year IT professional, Numbnuts!) hastily scribbled on the internet-equivalent of a Men's Room Wall, posted from freshly-minted e-mail addresses they opened SPECIFICALLY for this purpose and then will never use again. They only say such things, you see, because they "care" (about what is open to question) more than I do and to broadcast their moral superiority for the benefit of their friends who masturbate to that sort of thing.

I would, charitably, categorize most of them as landing somewhere between "Honestly-but-earnestly-stupid" to "Maliciously-corrupt-and-evil...but still stupid".

Their favorite game is to take something I've written and turn it into a tortured polemic on how hypocritical I am. Hypocrisy being the ultimate sin in the eyes of people who insist they're peace-loving humanitarians, but who then want you put into a concentration camp and killed for disagreeing with them.

Reposting what they write is hardly worth the effort, although it's good for a few chuckles, considering the deep illiteracy and disturbing mentalities on display. This last one, which I'm about to talk about, was typical.

To begin, the writer claims to be "a medical professional". Considering She (it HAS to be a she) has trouble spelling "hospital", "Coronavirus" and is confused by the there/their/they're dialectic, I assume by "medical professional" she really means either "I mop hospital floors" or "I serve Jell-O to patients"). The adaptation of a "medical professional" persona is most likely intended to at least dip a toe into the limelight now presently shining upon doctors, nurses, and the useful medical personnel, which the Other Staff -- who clean toilets, shuffle papers, pick up cigarette butts from the grounds, or wash linen -- believe they're entitled to by proximity to greatness...because everyone gets a trophy.

Anyway, this dipshit takes exception to something I wrote this past weekend with regards to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who won his third Douchebag of the Week award. Briefly, she takes exception to this sentence:

"I want you to think very carefully about what I'm about to write: if you're wearing a mask, bathing in hand sanitizer thrice daily, wondering how you will pay the rent, or where your next meal is coming from, this disaster was deliberately engineered."

This, I am told, is COVID-19 Denial. I don't believe the pandemic is real, therefore, I cannot then use 33,000 people that I don't believe are dead as a moral hammer to beat up Governor Useless McFucktard.

Doing so makes me a hypocrite, you see.

Now, to be fair (which is granting this piece of shit more than she's granted me), if the only thing you've ever read to spring from my dangerously-fertile mind was that one piece, you would be correct. However, if you haven't read anything I've written on the subjects of Cuomo, Miss Rona, and general government dysfunction in the last eight months, you've missed an awful lot.

Like context.

But the modern wokescold doesn't deal in context. For a start, they don't know what that is. They weren't taught that in school, because context fucks up the perfectly-constructed false worldview that comes with Post-Modernism, and in a post-Modernist world there are no moral absolutes, nothing is a right/wrong proposition, and what matters more than facts, reason and logic is how one feels on any given subject at any given moment. Everything is relative, because in that way, no one's feelings get hurt and you can justify the most outrageous behavior whenever that should prove advantageous to you, personally.

And that's the important thing. So long as it only goes one way, of course.

So, to put this stuff into context for Miss Medical Professional (I would seriously avoid any hospital that gave you access to drugs or sharp instruments), here's the clarification you were too lazy or stupid to obtain on your own, because, you know, TL:DR, as they say.

1. I have never denied the existence of Coronaviruses. I know of Coronaviruses all too well, and at first-hand. I have never denied the existence of COVID-19. I simply deny that COVID-19 is a modern-day bubonic plague, and that most of what "the experts" and "authorities" have told us -- when it isn't clearly contradictory or counter-intuitive -- is conditioned by politics and/or political outlook/affiliation, at the least, or a need to protect an institution that has failed and the people who failed it, and at worst, a massive attempt to paper over enormous levels of straight-up malpractice.

I say this for the following reasons:

a) As stated, I have had first-hand acquaintance with Coronaviruses. Coronaviruses, unless you're older than dirt or already have one foot in the grave from a a serious medical condition, are curable. Easily curable. A true Medical Professional would know that Coronaviruses were discovered in the 1930's, as were many of the common medicines used to treat them (like Chloroquine). This is not new territory. A new virus, yes, but it does what all the other Coronaviruses do: it causes a bad cold or flu. It's just easier to spread.

b) Of the people known personally to me who have passed in recent months, BOTH of them died of cardiac issues: one of congenital heart failure (she had muscular dystrophy) and the other of a hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis).

Both have COVID-19 listed as their cause of death on the certificates.

I'm told (by other Medical Professionals, on the Q.T.) this happens because while COVID did not kill them, the dead still (may have) tested positive for the virus (and the hospital collects 32k in "relief funds" for each case identified), which is an incentive to lie and inflate figures, which leads us to...

c) Suddenly no one is dying of flu, anymore, Or cancer. And even someone I know of who died in an automobile accident, well, wouldn't you know it? COVID fucked him up, too. It as if every other cause of death in America was eradicated overnight. If that were true, then COVID isn't so much a curse, as  it is a blessing, right?

(That was sarcasm, for the challenged)

And here we get to the real problem I have with all of this: when reporting numbers -- assuming anyone is reporting HONEST numbers -- there is no distinction being made between those who have died OF COVID-19, and those who have died WITH COVID-19.

And even the category of "died of COVID-19" is somewhat problematic, since, strictly speaking, no one (or very few, at least) dies of the actual virus; they die from the pneumonias and worse, not to mention complication of other, underlying diseases, that are THE END RESULTS of the virus. So, if 2 million people have been infected (that's 2 million out of a population of about 340 million, or less than 1%), and 200,000 of those have died OF COVID-19, that's still less than one-half of 1% of the entire population.

That's hardly a "pandemic" and it's hardly worth shutting the country down for.

For a comparison, I know more people who died or who were injured on 9/11 than I do people who have caught and died with or "of" COVID  and there were fewer of those victims, comparatively speaking (dead or ill, approximately 50,000 on 9/11 itself and since 2001), in a city of 8 million (or 4 times the total number of US COVID cases).

If you read more than just that article, you'd understand where I'm coming from.

If I am wrong (as if? It does happen from time to time) and there really ARE 2 million infected, 200,000 dead, 33,000 of them having shuffled off this mortal coil in New York State, and 6,600 of them croaking in NY Nursing Homes because of a really bad policy, then I'M STILL RIGHT in the sense that someone serious about doing something useful or effective does not devote the time and energy to a book, even a ghost-written one, touting his success while the battle still rages on.

It is in poor taste, to say the very least. It's a criminal dereliction of duty, at worst.

Again, if I'm right, that is to say that the Great Peking Bat Pox Panic of 2020 was exaggerated greatly, then all of this -- the mask mandates, the lockdowns, the trampling of civil liberties, the destruction of the economy, the petty rules on social distancing, all of it -- was unnecessary, and one must look for ulterior motives. 

Misunderstanding or simply erring on the side of caution just won't do as an explanation. The people who did this to us are supposed to be experts, so if their expertise failed (as if they'd ever admit it?), then one must assume something else was up. Like a democratic party that believes it will lose the upcoming election -- bigly, as they say -- and so needs to punish the population, and continue to poison the winner in the eyes of history out of sheer SPITE, while it still can for the sin of all of you deplorables not being good little comrades and taking your doubleplusgood ass rape without complaint or knowing your goddamned place.

2) Considering Governor Skippy Shortbus turned his coronavirus response, such as it was, into a moral crusade and a moral imperative, then the moral hammer is not only the perfect tool to smack him with, it should be shoved up his ass sideways and then yanked out really quickly.

What's good for the goose is good for the douchebag, after all.

And speaking of moral imperatives, the Governor and his policies killed thousands. The governor's dramatics probably killed thousands more, as medical equipment, drugs and other resources that could be used somewhere else poured into New York at his urging...only to go totally unused and later to be found unnecessary. Waste that may have contributed to thousands more deaths. The pious stand the man took was all vanity, and we'll never know how many others paid a price for it with their lives.

Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned: Andrew Cuomo broke out his crayons and wrote his prematurely-ejaculated magnum opus while he was sending the elderly hither and yon with body bags pinned to their shirts, and claims victory over Death. While people are still dying.

What a vile lump of slime from the bottom of a sewer.

3) All people who claim to be or play the part of  humanitarians are ultimately hypocrites. This means YOU, "Medical Professional". Largely this is because whatever "injustice" or "inequity" or "hypocrisy" you're railing about today does not affect you directly, but only gives you a soapbox to climb upon.

In fact, the very things you claim are unjust and immoral are the very things or systems, usually, that you depend upon for your own survival and (self-assumed) higher moral status. You, effectively, "vacation in other people's misery", as the saying goes, and the finger pointing and accusations are a smokescreen behind which you hide your own sins that can be pointed out, and which allow you to deny your own guilt and shame by projecting those emotions onto others.

 Like, for example, when you're an employee of a publicly-funded (government-run) hospital that are notorious for hiring the least-qualified people, paying them vastly inflated wages (because union), protecting the incompetent and then doesn't want her co-conspirators identified publicly, since you're likely to sit across the table from them in the next round of contract negotiations.

Go get your broom, or serve some more third-rate quesadillas in the cafeteria, or whatever it is you really do, "Medical Professional", and leave the heavy thinking to those of us with the proper equipment.

Another fucktard writes in to say that the only reason I write such things on this page -- regardless of subject -- is because I'm profiting off of it. Only someone who is making vast piles of cash selling invective would or could believe or express the things that I do.

The only other possibility is that I'm a lunatic.

First of all, I used to be a lunatic. For realz. Insanity is a handy defense mechanism against sanctimonious, obnoxious types who are in love with the smell of their own farts.

Well, I can tell you this much:

Considering I sell no ads, I ask for no donations, I do not charge anyone a red cent for a subscription, I can honestly say I have never received any money for anything ever written on this blog. So, no, I don't profit from it, except that it's a lovely little coping mechanism: the alternative is to physically track down objectionable little Juicebox Marxists and give them the well-deserved unholy beating their Helicopter Mommies never did.

And while we're on the subject, it's usually some shithead with a six-figure salary granted by extraction from the taxpayer or a "non-profit organization" that skims donations, or someone who hopes to join those ranks very soon, but who in any case does absolutely NOTHING vital or important to society, who makes these sorts of arguments and accusations.

I assume you work FOR FREE?

I do this for fun and the therapeutic release.

Their problem with profit is not that someone might be earning some, but that they don't like the people who do. Or, more-likely, they don't like profiteers because they can't.

Speaking of holier-than-thou, Pecksniffian, platitudinous, dull-as-dishwater, corn-fed Helicopter Mommy Retards, I met yet another one yesterday that had me wanting to kill her.

Halloween is one of the few days of the year I look forward to. It's because I like seeing happy children, especially little ones. Their excitement is infectious and their antics are adorable. I have a soft spot for kids.

Typically, we get a lot of kids here on Halloween, but not this year. The fear of The Yellow Peril is too great.

So, there I was, rolling in candy that was not going to be given out. I made some "goodie bags" for the neighborhood kids and delivered them, myself. Smiles all around.

A few people did make the effort to go door-to-door. One family showed up yesterday afternoon, three little ones all dressed up rang the doorbell. I presented the oversized bowl of candy and told the children they could take whatever they wanted, and as much of it as they desired.

They cheered.

Then Mrs. Karen Buzzkill-Wetblanket opened her pie hole to tell her brood that they should not be too greedy; after all, other children might not be as privileged as they are. This may be the only time of year they get any candy, at all, so leave some for the others.

Now, I could chalk this up to a Mother trying to teach her kids a lesson about having consideration and sympathy for others.

Or, I could interpret this as Mommy not wanting to have to deal with bellyaches and a multitude of cavities later on, and guilt is a better tool in this regard than just telling them to exercise restraint (which four, five and six year olds don't really have or understand)...

... but there was something about HOW she said it that told me we're dealing with one of those...what's the word I'm looking for?...right, ASSHOLES, who have to pop someone else's balloon and virtue signal every four seconds or they may explode.

It was THE VOICE. It was THE TONE. It was the obvious self-hatred and self-contempt with which the directive was issued, and the fake pity and specious empathy is just the means by which she denies her own inner emotional turmoil.

You've probably ruined Halloween for your kids...forever....and one day they'll be rioting in the street, cursing the comfortable upbringing and perfect suburban lifestyle you gave them as bourgeoise, decadent and undeserved, given the color of their skin and how Mommy and Daddy came by all that loot as pawns of Capitalism.

This is how you instill neuroses in your children and then 20 years later the rest of us have to deal with the aftermath.

Good job.

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