Monday, June 11, 2018

(Someone Else's) Money Doesn't Make You Virtuous...

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." -- Confucius

There are three things (actually, it's more like 5,000, but for the purposes of this diatribe we'll scale down) that really piss Your Galactic Overlord off.

The first is fabulously wealthy people preaching the virtues of sacrifice, having been delivered to the podium by combination of private jet and limousine, and probably having been handsomely paid for their appearance.

The second is a woman of no particular achievement, standing, profession, talent, or obvious intelligence who thinks she has a right -- nay, a duty! --  to tell others what to think, how to live, or what to believe.

The third are those who profess to hate discrimination and racism, only to loudly -- and proudly -- proclaim that the solution to these problems is...discrimination and racism, but only for White Guys

Especially when she's wormed her way into the private jets, the limousines, and gig as paid lecturer only because she's managed to fuck some Wealthy White Guy for it all.

And so we come to our latest milestone on the Road to Hell, which is a concept unique, I think, to our times: the privileged hypocrite who uses her (it's usually a "her") unearned privileges to deride the concept of privileges for people otherwise much like herself, playing a role to a receptive audience of people much like her, all while implying that her own privileges should not be taken from her, because she's been "brave" enough to denounce them for everyone else.

It's like a self-flagellation club.

Anyone can make sense, but only a truly-dedicated Social Justice Warrior can make nonsense.

This week's example is one Melinda Gates. As in "Mrs. Bill Gates". As in "Mrs. Microsoft".

Read the article and make of it what you will.

My issue here is with the crass stupidity of it all. The utter phoniness and disingenuous nature of the argument she makes. If one could call it an argument, at all.

Essentially, it boils down to Mr$. Micro$oft's contention that all White Males are Evil, and that by virtue of their evilly evil Whitness and Maleness that they are a pestilence upon the land, best put in their proper place by a deliberate program consisting of overt racism, withholding of opportunity, denial of rights, and devaluation as human beings. She advocates for these things in the names of "equality", "freedom" and "fairness".

If I recall, Bull Connor once made the same arguments in favor of Segregation and Jim Crow.

I'm pretty sure Adolf Hitler made comments in similar vein with regards to the Nuremberg laws.

To break it down:

Blacks would succeed if Whites were gone...says a White Woman, who fully expects to avoid the consequences of her utterances because she mouths the right platitudes. She is, in effect, begging the crocodiles to eat her last, and has no shame about it.

Women would succeed wildly on their own merits if they didn't have to compete with Men, says the woman who succeeded wildly by marrying one of the wealthiest men in History, which I guess was his merit, and one wonders how hard you're really competing from a horizontal position.

The only way to fight discrimination and racism and sexism is with more discrimination and racism and sexism, which is sort of like saying the only way to save your home (wait, which home? The one in Seattle? Aspen? Monte Carlo? the Swiss Chalet? the Italian Villa with the vineyards?) when it's burning down is to pour gasoline on the flames, and conveniently forget to call the firefighters.

The stupid hurts. It burns. It is oozing greenish pus and smells like Limburger from 100' feet away.

It's so obviously, blatantly, unmistakably sanctimonious, hollow, insincere, unctuous, self-righteous and self-serving that you would have trouble believing that anyone took her seriously.

But a lot of people did.

And you have to wonder why.

Naturally, you would expect she would find allies and eager ears among the sort of people who hang around NAACP meeting halls, march in pussy hats and mail their menstrual blood to Senators with a demand to be taken seriously, tie up traffic in pointless BLM protests, or who adhere to a virulent anti-White Male bias predicated upon the idea that losers can only win when the winners aren't allowed to compete.

Or have been exterminated.

This behavior, and the associated (lack of) thought processes that come with it, are usually harbored by people who can boast of a plethora of common mental disorders, which include lack of self-esteem, self-loathing, depression, irrational guilty feelings, anxiety. All of these are treatable.

Fucktard, however, is forever....

And herein lies the problem.

Someone must be blamed for the fucktard. And if there isn't an individual who can be clearly held responsible, then we must extend the pool of suspects a bit until it includes nations and cultures. Which is where it begins to get truly mental.

Western (i.e. White male) culture has been the most-successful culture in History (at least to date). yes, it has done some rotten things -- slavery, colonialism, World Wars, genocide -- but has also done some amazing things. Even for The Other. And often, without asking The Other for anything in return.

Western medicine saves countless lives all over the planet. The hungry multitudes are fed by Western Agriculture. Western modes of thought have freed the human mind; they have freed the human soul; they have established the concept of the sovereign individual with intrinsic rights. Western Science and Industry produce products that have made lives easier, brought more material comfort to billions, educated the masses, made communications easier so that The Other's point of view gets heard, too. White male culture has expanded the realm of human experience, from the mysterious depths of the Oceans to the mysterious depths of the Universe. Western Culture has fought -- and often seen it's own killed in the millions -- to uphold the ideals of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom for all.

If you're a racist in America, ask what your life would be like if you lived in (insert name of worthless country your otherwise-useless stock originated in). Do you think you would have the food, the housing, the clothes, the means of communication, the health, the rights, and most importantly, receive the TOLERANCE you get, despite your fucktarded opinions anywhere ruled by people who look like you? Would you be able to criticize the Powers That Be Who Look Like You so freely and without consequence? Would those Powers That Be Who Look Like You create a society where no practical barriers -- racial, ethnic, religious, gender, political, economic, educational -- were erected to keep you oppressed?

Come on...I know you know the can say's alright...the first step in recovery from fucktard is to admit the truth.

Why, if I were made Master of All Things White, the first thing I would do is charge all the non-White People who benefit from White Things a fee for using the products of White Culture.

You know, like Micro$oft does when you use their software?

And let's be even-more honest, the biggest beneficiary of the White Male Culture has been, always has been, the White Female. Don't think so? Who fights the wars? Who patrolled the streets before we watered down requirements? Who built your house? Who built your car? Who built and financed the university and schools you went to? Who wrote down on a piece of paper what your rights were and then erected a government, system of courts to protect them, and then legalized prostitution by calling it "Marriage"?

Who invented the fucking tampon?

It was a White Guy named "Earl", incidentally.

Mr$ Gate$ displays a stunning lack of self-awareness, a distinctly un-present historical sense, and projects a cluelessness that would be amazing, until you discover that she's French.

Which, I guess, explains her eagerness to surrender White Men to the tender mercies of the Vaginally-burdened, and Descendants of People Who Piss In the Same Stream They Drink From.

But, someone might believe I'm being too harsh on Mr$ Gate$. She means well, you know. She has good intentions. Perhaps she's just inarticulate? She is an accomplished woman, and you have no right to criticize her.

She has a degree in computer Science, you know?

So what? So do millions of other people.

She has a degree in economics, too, you know?

So what? So do millions of other people.

You know, she wrote software for Micro$oft?

I've written software for two dozen Wall Street banks and brokerage firms. I still write software. Writing software isn't all that difficult.

She's sucked Bill Gate$ cock.

Okay, I'll give you that one. She might have been the only one.

However, having had Bills software in your mouth is not a qualification for much of anything. The Golden Blowjob (it must have been golden, because he married her. And she's not all that good looking) may come with a variety of homes in ritzy locales, private travel arrangements, servants, the best of everything that money can buy; it shouldn't come with the bestowal of the right to pontificate on how to destroy some in an effort to build others up...and then conveniently leave your sugardaddy off the "destroy" list...or have anyone take anything you say on the subjects of "wealth", "privilege", and "equality" with anything but a boulder-sized grain of salt.

If you want to get your "well-meaning" point across, Mr$ Micro$oft, perhaps it would be more effective if everyone listening to you wasn't aware that you already have your's.

Perhaps the message -- that certain people should be denied or forced to surrender their privileges (real or imagined) and rights for the betterment of the world -- would be more meaningful if someone simply responded with the words "you first".

I wonder what you would do then?

Actually, I don't.

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neal said...

Damned uppity lower caste whites. Can't kill them all, or ship them out, or breed them out.
They hook up with the locals, and turn all Injun and such.

These people in charge kind of act like they seen a ghost or something.

Glad to be of service.