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Douchebag of the Week (Week Ending 6/9/2018) Bill Maher

"In intention, at any rate, the English intelligentsia are Europeanized. They take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. In the general patriotism of the country they form a sort of island of dissident thought. England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box." -- George Orwell, "The Lion and The Unicorn"

One of the truly distasteful things about living in the Modern World is that one often encounters an attitude, a mode of thinking, which is so convoluted, so detached from logic, so...filthy...that it makes you want to go out and commit murder.

The thing that makes this possible is the concept of "tolerance". 

And here, we must make a case that those who preach the loudest for this mystical "tolerance" are usually the most intolerant people alive.

And morons, to boot.

Let's take Bill Maher at his word, and say that he truly means what he says when he prays for a recession just to get rid of Donald Trump. This is so wrong on so many different levels that it requires close scrutiny and painstaking deconstruction to even begin to understand the unfettered stupid inherent in the statement.

The first mental disorder on display is the outright wish for failure. He's rooting for a disaster to come along and do what people like him were unable to do, which is to make a case that their vision was better and that people of his ilk were better prepared and worthy of leading a nation. This is patently untrue: people like Maher, at least in their perceptions, opinions, and attitudes, have run this country for decades, and run it right into the fucking ground.

Granted, they had help along the way from so-called Republicans and Classical Liberals who believed that by being accommodating to the red in tooth-and-claw liberal fucktard they might make some friends, win an election or two, or perhaps avoid being called "Nazi" by (P)MSNBC, but they were sadly mistaken.

The Liberal Model of government -- build a bureaucracy of "elites" with the right connections, fund it lavishly by near-inhuman levels of taxation, create a dependency upon this contraption, give a liberal a job (and votes) for life -- does not work. The evidence is everywhere, even staring Bill Maher in the face, and he is either to dumb, too stubborn, or too stoned to see it.

Government "fights" a War on Poverty and poor people continue to exist. In fact, to ensure that poor people still exist and to ensure the liberal who "fights" still has a job, the government simply defines poverty UPWARDS every few years so that "poor people" are still on the books. Only with air conditioning, free cell phones, and health insurance. We must have the only class of "poor people" in the history of the world who are given -- through no effort of their own --  a standard of living many hundreds of times greater than that which persists in many parts of the world. Who are these "poor people" being judged against, in terms of wealth and material comfort? Why, the people who provide it to them! Talk about fail?

Government "fights" a War on Drugs, and yet drugs are ubiquitous, addicts are multiplying in numbers, and states are simply surrendering with legalization programs (all designed to extract more money from the population, natch), and millions of bureaucrats and politicians at the Federal, State, County and Municipal level -- pretty much all democrats, or belonging to unions which support democrats -- cure no one, stem no supplies, and keep a well-oiled machine of prisons, militarized police forces, prosecuting attorneys with 96% conviction rates, public defenders, prison guards, social workers, and assorted parasites, rolling in dough while failing on a massive scale.

If Bill Maher wants failure, he's got it in spades if he'd just open his eyes. Begging for more failure is indicative of some masochistic impulse, at worst, and at the very least, is indicative of a sort of passive-aggressive-menstrual whining that has marked every feature of leftist ideology since Marx.

The second indication of a deep-seeded and pernicious mental disorder is the absolute selfishness contained in the statement.

I don't know how wealthy Bill Maher is, and frankly, couldn't give a shit, but I'm certain that if a recession did hit America, Bill has enough cash on hand to ride it out comfortably and hardly see his lifestyle affected in the least by economic turmoil. Bill is, in effect, asking other people to sacrifice on his behalf, to pray for unemployment, lost paychecks, to suffer from an empty belly and untreated maladies, to go without, so that he can prove an ultimately useless political point and feel better about himself, and above all, to see his worldview -- as twisted as it is -- prevail.

If losing your house, seeing your children deprived of food, having your car repossessed or not getting those braces your daughter needs are necessary to reverse a decision at the ballot box, then that is just the price Bill is willing to let YOU pay so that he may win. He doesn't expect to have to sacrifice anything, nor lose anything, nor suffer for the loss, but you can bear this burden for him in his effort to virtue signal.

This is also, conversely, the same mindset at work with other recent events, like the cancelling of Roseanne Barr's show, the boycotts that followed, the Samantha Bee cunt kerfuffle, etc. Someone HAS to lose in order for someone else to "win", and if stagehands walk the unemployment line, if assembly line guys lose their jobs due to boycotts, well, that's all well-and-fine. The "right" people won...on the backs of the innocent.

And again, this is because even though the consequences may be dire -- for others -- it's quite okay to advocate for those consequences to be delivered upon them in the name of "tolerance", i.e. free speech, the right to an opinion, and all the rest of it, and when you examine the actions of those who are involved, you usually find rank intolerance beneath it all. We can't tolerate ABC cancelling a show we like, we can't tolerate a President we don't agree with, we can't tolerate the people who are okay with both. Someone has to be punished.

Because solidarity with the masses. So long as my bank account allows me to afford it.

The third mental disorder on display is the obnoxious and obsessive focus upon a particular individual, and the tendency to attribute all the stuff you hate or disagree with to the actions of that individual, regardless of whether that individual is guilty or not. This has a sidekick in another fascinating mental disorder, which is selective amnesia; many of the problems you complain about predated the arrival of this individual on the scene and somehow you either missed them, or conveniently forgot about them. This selective memory says far more about you, Bill Maher and others like you, as an individual than they say about Donald Trump as one.

Many of the problems you attribute to Trump were there when Barack Obama had power and both houses of Congress behind him. They were there when Bill Clinton had power and both houses of Congress behind him. And nothing happened. Oh, there was a lot of noise about "the homeless" and "30 million uninsured", "wealth inequality" and "racism" and the entire smorgasbord of left-wing bugaboos, but the question remains: when you, and people who think like you do had power and the ability to change things, why didn't they?

The answer to that one is easy: because they didn't want to. Because they never mean what they say. The actions never bear any resemblance to the utterances. This is not a bug, but a FEATURE of the Left's modus operandi. Left to survive on the basis of pass/fail, that is, on the evaluation of positive or negative results to their programs and ideologies, the Left cannot retain power. This is because the typical leftist is not very good at actually DOING. They can talk a lot, but the hard work of achievement is beyond their capability, and when the truth of this threatens to become common knowledge, the stock excuses and invective are trotted out and repeated ad nauseum.

They live to both create problems and to allow those problems to persist, because without the ability to pontificate, without the ability to extract a living from government or show business while doing nothing useful, the liberal would find himself having to work for a living, and finding he's not equipped to do so. These are people who live in fear of being exposed for what they truly are...which is useless.

This realization is both dangerous for the liberal (because who wants useless people hanging around?) and personally painful (it might even lead to horrible things like suicide or becoming a Conservative). A distraction is needed; a scapegoat; an external foucs for the internal self-hatred.

Communism had it's "hoarders and wreckers", it's "reactionary forces", it's conspiracies of international capitalism to blame for it's failures. The Nazis had the Jews. The fascists had "decadent democracy". Barack Obama had his "bitter clingers", Hillary has her "deplorables", but it's all the same song:

WE didn't fail you; you all failed US.

And we have to be held responsible for failing to heed our "betters", who believe, deep down in the black, empty pit where their hearts should be, that they know better; that they have the right to tell everyone else how to live (while usually exempting themselves from their own dictates, because "right thoughts" or "I care").

Donald Trump is not so much the anti-Christ (although they would believe this, interesting since many Lefties, including Bill Maher!, profess to be atheists), as much as he is the physical repudiation of their entire lives -- their mindset, their feelings, their self-bestowed sense of righteousness and superiority, their belief in their "enlightened" thought processes, the religious-like fervor of their efforts to remake society in their imagined image. It is as if whenever a republican comes along (s)he must be vilified in the most egregious way and made into some anthropomorphic caricature that embodies All That Is Evil And Wrong With The Universe.

And yet, these would be the same people who call for "understanding the other", who claim to embrace "Diversity", who accuse everyone else of having no heart and of lacking the insight and intelligence to...wait for tolerant of The Other.

"Tolerance" only works, and is only ever operative,  when the Liberal gets what he wants. Otherwise, it's a careless buzzword thrown around in the same fashion as one uses "New and Improved" for the same old laundry detergent in a newly re-designed box.

Donald Trump, then, is not the Harbinger of The Apocalypse so much as he is a gaping emotional wound to those who have seen their ideas and cherished icons repudiated.He is representative of all they secretly hate about America, and "democracy" (incidentally, Bill, we live in a Constitutional Republic, Dipshit!); both are often subject to the wills of people who aren't them. People who cannot be trusted to vote and act in their own self-interest, and who wouldn't know what that was if it wasn't for Bill Maher to tell them what that is.

In fairness, many will read the stuff I've written over the years and say, "But, Lord, didn't you do exactly the same things when you criticized Obama for eight years?", and here I will have to take a second to correct the error in your thinking.

I NEVER prayed for Barack Obama to fail; I never expected that someone else should suffer -- voluntarily! -- so that I could have the satisfaction of seeing him fail while I suffered not; I have never advocated that people actively cheer for their country to descend into chaos in order to make a stupid political point which is more about ME than it is about US.

I never had to do any of these things because it was evident from the day he first opened his mouth that Barack Obama was capable of fucking up just fine, and spectacularly,  without my help.

It was evident we were dealing with a mentally-deranged person suffering from narcissism, cognitive dissonance, projection, low self-esteem, and delusions of grandeur when he got in front of a crowd and had the unbridled arrogance to say "We are the change we have been waiting for!", and you just know, through some mystical knowledge, that not only didn't he write that -- some smart white guy did and stuffed it into his telepromter -- but that he thoroughly, completely, unquestionably BELIEVED it.

The pathology was evident in the statement; it was confirmed by the assurance that he could calm the oceans and cool the planet with a wave of his hand, it was set in stone when his sycophants assured us he was a "Lightbringer" and "Racial Healer", it was ratified when the Nobel Committee gave him a prize for being (half-) black. It was all indicative of a disconnect with physical, objective reality. It didn't take a genius to figure out what would follow.

And that, my friends, is the problem with people like Bill Maher, or Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates (and his clueless wife. I'll write more about her later this week), or any other super-rich yahoo, who desperately wants someone to raise his taxes (because he has so much money he could pay those higher taxes with spare change lodged in his sofa), who exhorts you to think of the plight of the _____ while doing nothing of substance, and being self-satisfied and congratulatory of the achievement of having "spread awareness", of people who are so angry, bitter, misanthropic, that whatever tragedy befalls them in their privileged lives, someone else should have to suffer for it.

I can almost remember the days when Bill Maher was something close to a libertarian on TV, but I guess he was merely playing a part.

And now he asks you to do his part for him in order to bring about change -- but only change that he agrees with. That is to say, change that he can "tolerate".

Maher gets to say these things and act in this manner that points to a deep lack of self-awareness, because we tolerate his ass. And the second we stop tolerating his ass, he turns himself into a victim -- much like Samantha Bee has, or Joy Reid, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi, or any of the skanks who willingly put out for a Harvey Weinstein or Bill Clinton in the expectation of getting something in return, because at the end of the day, this is who these people truly are: whores.

They whore their ideals, they whore their opinions, they whore their "wokeness", they whore their race, gender, and political affiliation...because it beats working for a living.

It also beats having to have a linear thought process.

So, Bill Maher, I happily bestow the title of Douchebag of the Week upon you, and suggest you use the vinegar and water contained within to wash the ugly perspiration stain out of what passes for your soul. I would also like to remind you that if you'd like others to make a sacrifice or to cede you the moral high ground, it's usually conducive to sacrifice first and to make a moral argument, not an emotional one, that is underpinned by something other than your disdain for others and hypocritical lack of tolerance.

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

I walked by a coffee house the other day with a sign on the door that read
...and right next to it was another sign that read

So they must reserve some modicum of hostility for the homeless, non-patrons with pea-sized kidneys, and other "lessers" who "don't qualify as normal humans" and are, thus, exempt from any expectations of culturally mandated compassion and empathy.