Monday, June 25, 2018

Some Safety Tips for "The Resistance".

"Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated." - George Bernard Shaw

I want to take this opportunity to sound a warning.

The Overlord is not, by nature, a violent man. On the contrary, I abhor violence; I do, however, understand that it has it's uses and that it has it's time and place.

We're getting pretty close to all three.

Which brings us to the so-called Resistance.

It's all well and fine to doxx people; it's all perfectly okay to demand people lose their jobs, or get thrown out of restaurants; to shoot up baseball games; it's even acceptable for you to advocate the formation of virtual lynch mobs to stake out someones lawn or place of business, to be gratuitously obnoxious, disagreeable, disrespectful; to call for the kidnapping and rape of someones child, so long as you remember that you will -- eventually -- be subject to the same rules. So long as your...I guess you can call them "tactics"....of calling everyone you disagree with a Nazi, of making their lives difficult or miserable, of harming them personally and professionally, of threatening their lives and families brings you no risk (as so far, it hasn't), you're all brave enough.

However, the tables are easily turned. When that happens, your usual "tactic" of playing the victim will do you no good. You've gone to the well one too many times with that one.

You can't fathom the idea of Donald Trump as President? You can't understand how this all happened? You see your imagined comfy lifestyle of being supported by others being flushed down the toilet, and the horror!, forcing you to maybe work for a living, and you are flabbergasted?

Perhaps it's because you haven't been on the receiving end of what you've dished out for the last 50 years, My Leftard friends.

Trump was elected precisely because he stands for everything you don't.

Oh, I know, you long for the good old days days of "civility", when you were free to savage Sarah Palin's children, or refer to those who disagree with you as "bitter clingers" and "deplorables", or when you could call a thoughtful George W. Bush a retarded war-mongering monkey, or accuse a rather mild Mitt Romney of being a one-man cancer epidemic and rape gang, and not have to answer for it, but those days are gone.

Yes, I'm sure you miss the salad days when a President was expected to act "Presidential" and comport himself with a dignity fitting for the office -- and if he was sticking cigars in some skank's vagina, committing serial rape, committing perjury under oath, running a money-laundering scheme under the guise of a charity, or maybe using the intelligence and tax-collection services to intimidate the opposition press and party, or to derail a political candidate -- well, that was just the price you were willing to let others pay for your vision of the Presidency.

It must be hard, and really -- I feel ya! -- to know that while you have ALL the right answers to ALL of the world's problems -- even though they've been tried and failed for 100 years -- that the ungrateful bastards who have borne the heaviest burden seemed to have suddenly turned on you. Why, one would think they were pig-ignorant Philistines who just don't know their rightfully-low place in your altruistic humanitarian vision of the future, where you get to eat (because Right Ideas) and they get to work (because Not Me).

I get it. The temper tantrums. The stamping of feet. The crying. The overwhelming needs for anti-depressants, Safe Spaces, therapy pets, and grief counselors. It's like having the worst period of your life, and I mean that in the literal context of a menstrual cycle, on the very day the world's supplies of Midol and tampons have run out.

Some of you are angry. Some of you are mighty angry. Some of you have taken tentative steps towards violence...or at least, the threat of it. So long as you have a mob at your back, you're up for anything, I know.

I'm here to tell you: stop right now. Engage your natural instinct for cowardice before it's too late.

You're inching ever-closer to that boundary where all the civility and dignity in the world gets blown away by one act of violence. And most likely, a stupid act of violence, which will bring you no friends, but many enemies, and so disgusting the greater mass of people that even your own may turn against you.

Do what every Leftist in history has done when confronted by the specter of a force they cannot contend with, and just surrender to your inner coward.

You did it for (the real) Hitler; you did it for Stalin, Mao, a pair of Castros, Pol Pot, Chavez, a brace of Kims, some Ayotollahs, Arab Terrorists, Mexican illegals, drug dealers, any mob of black people with a fake reverend in front of it.

Cowardice is second nature to you guys.

Because let me give you a quick-and-dirty on where all this reflexive venom and petty nastiness is going to get you:

1. You are outnumbered

Never mind that "the majority" voted for Hillary, and the Trump crowd is in the minority; when the time comes to finally smack the ever-loving shit out of you fucktards, your biggest mouths will be at home, hiding under beds and inside closets. Most of you are all talk and no action. It's why you're a Leftist, after all, because Leftism in all it's incarnations doesn't actually require you to do much of anything, except have the right feelz and repeat the right slogans. If you were truly smart people possessed of even minimal self-awareness and a logical thought process, you would discover that the reason why Leftist policies typically fail is because the rhetoric is never matched by the action. Put another way, the rhetoric becomes a substitute for action.

None of you is a do-er. If you were, you wouldn't be lefties. You'd be capitalists and not begging for government protection and taxpayer money.

If we were to set a day, let's say, to have this Rumble that's coming -- your side against their's -- 3:30, after school, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, where the Jets and Sharks can finally duke it out for control of this shitty neighborhood, you'd find very few people behind you.

The Other Side, however, would have a lot more people actually show up because when they say they're going to do something, dammit, they do it. Without a bureaucracy, federal funding, and a  useless government "program", to boot, the Simple Souls.

Oh, you'd have enough people there to make a brave show of it, but then you'd look at the motley collection of idiots you've gathered -- race hustlers, gender hustlers, rabid feminists, trans-whatev, welfare cases, the lazy, lame, halt and crippled -- all lacking in physical, moral and ethical courage, and figure out your army is not what it's cracked up to be.

For a start, these folks are only united by one thing: other people's money. So long as there's enough other people's money, they all get along. When they have to fight over the same pile of other people's money, however, things get dicey and they start to eat one another. They are not united by any bond beyond greed; they feel no real affinity for one another; they are motivated solely by revenge for slights that are mostly imagined; they will not sacrifice their own position and status for The Other; they will not shed a drop of blood in the advancement of your ideology. In fact, they don't even understand your ideology -- they're here for someone else's money.

We've seen this army in action before.

The ANTIFA jackasses will make nuisances of themselves, and then scatter like roaches when challenged.

The PC frat boys will throw a few Molotovs from behind the Blacks and Mexicans, and then retire for a kegger back at the house and to post the cellphone video on YouTube.

The Blacks and Mexicans will hoot, holler, and act like chimps...until someone releases the hounds.

Feminism, Inc. will be there to sell t-shirts to fund Planned Parenthood, but other than barking stupid and hollow slogans into bullhorns, take no active part. They were just there to arrange and profit off the whole thing; not do anything. Doing anything fucks up their nails and requires work they aren't capable of doing without a lawsuit that says they don't have to do it, but still get paid as if they did.

The Kumbaya Upper-Middle-Class White Sorority grrrrrls attempting to make common cause with the People O' Color (because they have fond memories of their au pair, nanny or housekeeper) will run away crying once they discover the female People O' Color hate their fucking guts, and the male People O' Color sexually assault them.

Your forces are divided; they are weak; they are not united by a common bond. They consist mostly of the dumbasses, the get-something-for-nothing crowd, with a bunch of posers and virtue-signallers at their head. The "Generals" in this battle came fully expecting the "Footsoldiers" to take the beating, while the "Footsoldiers" fully expected the "Generals" not to turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble.

There is no glue that holds you together, for all the talk of "Diversity"is taken literally and in the context of "I get mine and you get none because Diversity", so that your movement is really one of disparate groups of the self-interested who only make common cause for show. You don't have an army, so to speak; you have a collection of tribes with flags.

2. You are Outgunned

Ah, yes, that pesky Second Amendment.

Oh, sure, some of the homeboys and gangbangers might be strapped, but they're up against people who love their guns. Who practice an awful lot. Who have fire discipline and know how to put lead on target at any distance. Who believe that "Gun Control" is the ability to hit your target consistently. These are no fake Ghetto toughs using spray and pray drive-by tactics who manage to hit everything but their target. No Sir...these are genuine, died-in-the-wool marksmen, and not only do they have most of the guns, they usually have the best ones, too.

Any outbreak of violence --- and it'll be you guys who start it, believe me --- will run into a phalanx of armed citizens, painstakingly-trained and competent with the operation of firearms.

You will not have a chance.

Not a hint of one.

Unfortunately, people will be killed, but however perverse this sounds, thankfully not in large numbers. Because once one of you people has been shot, the rest will run like little girls screaming into the night. More people will be killed in the stampede of cowards, or instantly drown in the tidal wave generated by the simultaneous release of so many bladders, than will be killed by the firearms of armed citizens protecting themselves, their rights, their dignity, and their country.

Sure, some of you will take to guerrilla tactics, as some of you have, already. Like when cops are ambushed all over this country. But those are the tactics of the materially weaker side, and the cowardly one, as well.

The typical libtard lives in fear of the gun. He lives in even greater fear of the gun carried by someone who's sick and tired of his bullshit. Your bullshit has almost hit capacity load.

Best give up before one of you does something really stupid, it all goes too far, and someone gets hurt, Snowflakes.

3. You Will Be Outsmarted

Considering the majority of your (bowel) movement consists of the functionally illiterate, the culturally ignorant, people lacking self-awareness, those who know nothing of history, military tactics, you are doomed.

Most of your followers won't even have any clear idea of why they are there in the first place, except that someone else told them to, Professor ____ said showing up was an automatic "A", or because they heard there were free sandwiches being given away.

You're not leading a group of particularly deep thinkers. In fact, most of you leading the group are not especially noted for your intelligence.

Now, taking advantage of the stupid is a time-tested tactic of the Community Organizer or professional Activist, but as has been noted before; doing something effective with the resulting mass of human protoplasm is quite beyond your talents. Again, because doing is not your strong suit: doing requires things like forward-planning, it involves leading by example (like doing the work you expect others to do), it involves the ability to figure out how to motivate people to achieve goals beyond the immediate.

You are a gang motivated by immediate gratification, and having achieved that low goal usually figure there's nothing else to do except enjoy this temporary victory until the next insatiable desire rears it's ugly head. Which requires the entire process to begin again from Square One. You are unable to get the unruly mass of retard you lead to see beyond it's own nose. You cannot appeal to their sensibilities because they have none. You have little ability to generate momentum, and what little you muster is usually dissipated quickly after an easy victory.

Oh, sure, there will be plenty of college grads in your ranks (all seeking relief from their college loans, or making the case that mere presence is indication The Diversity should eat them last and nothing more), but there aren't enough Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Feminist Interpretive Dance, and Social Justice majors in the world to raise the collective IQ of your little merry band beyond (the very low) double digits.

The typical libtard is motivated by feelings, not reason. This means they automatically arrive at any battle of wits completely unarmed.

People who wear Pussy Hats are not very smart.

People who claim one week that the cops are all racist killers who can't be trusted with guns, and demand the police be the only ones armed to stop a school shooting the next, are not very bright.

The very definition of "fucktard".

4. You are No Longer Worthy Of Sympathy

You have demonized, insulted and derided everyone who disagrees with you. You have proven your hatred of the Common Man, despite all the lip service you pay towards him, and engendered hatred in return. You have referred to him, repeatedly, as a sub-human species; a stain on the world; a toxic danger that must be eliminated.

You have shit upon his values; threatened his family with your greed and immorality; you have spit upon his religion while prostrating yourselves before others. You have called for his imprisonment; you have slandered his race; you have regarded his virtues as a poisonous thing.

You have called for his incarceration without Due Process; you have accused him of crimes as heinous as rape and genocide. You have called him a thief. You have used the levers of government to steal his money, his property and his rights.

And now he feels the same way about you. 

In his mind, the Common Man has formulated a very effective and logical way of thinking about any potential violence you little fiucktards would like to start and figured out a pretty good response to it, as well. Donald Trump is just a visible aspect of his formulation; the hidden aspects involve getting you before you get him. All he's waiting for is an excuse.

And because you're all idiots, you'll give it to him. You can't help yourselves. In your zeal to label everyone you hate as a Nazi Fascist Racist Homophobe you will push, and push, and push some more, until someone finally proves you right. Besides, all leftist causes need martyrs, too. Lenin said so.

You will then gloat that you were right all along and play the victim card as you always do, but it will a be a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one took you seriously, no one saw you as a threat before. But once you've gone too far the threat becomes acute. The Left has a nasty habit of making their lies come true, mostly by baiting their enemies into making a fatal mistake.

There was a time when decent people would have seen that mistake played out in someones death, and been shocked and appalled. No longer. Now they would be most likely to cheer an event in which some dumbass got himself killed by being an obnoxious twit, and give the guy who killed him a medal or a seat in Congress.

Maybe both.

No one will shed any tears if you manage to provoke some kind of deadly confrontation; there will be no calls for cooler heads to prevail. There will be a general feeling that now that the ice has been broken, we might as well go all the fucking way.

However, most of you will have gone back to hiding under rocks in your wet undies five seconds after we reach that point, so don't fret too much. Running away will have saved most of you. Your cowering silence is even better than your useless death, because then we'll still get to rub your nose in the humiliation, like you've done to us for the last few decades.

No, there will be no mercy for you when you finally decide to cross that line.

5. You Are Out-Financed

Say what you will about how "woke" a George Soros is, or a Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Zuckertard of Facebook, and all the rest of them, just remember that supporting your dumbass causes is nothing but the cost of doing business for them. They still worship the Almighty Dollar more than they fear The Collective. They are still businessmen, first and foremost, and the second they see a losing investment is the second your money dries up.

Since none of you does anything productive, and the majority of you are de facto and de jure wards of the state, you have no mechanism for self-funding beyond theft. Try that in the sort of environment we're talking about here, and there will just be more bodies.

And if you don't have money, how will you organize? Who will pay for the "free" sandwiches and pussy hats?

Even the Socialist Utopia requires financing, after all.

You cannot win, Snowflakes. Realize this now and save yourselves a lot of pain and trouble.

You know, there was a time when the Left was really good at persuasion. I guess as the ranks swelled with  more and more dumbass children, innumerable basket cases, the mentally retarded, who are all attracted to transitory shiny objects and totally obsessed with their genitalia, that talent went the way of the dodo.

The fact that this is the sort of behavior you are forced to resort to is proof.

In our hypothetical after-school-Wal-mart dustup, you lose so badly it's not even funny and will be deeply pathetic. Understand that we know you're posturing; it's all passive-aggressive nonsense for now, but one of you will step over the line any day now, and you'll discover that your passive is no match for Middle America's (righteous) aggressive. Don't give anyone an excuse to call your bluff. Just go back to Mommy's basement and be quiet.

You're not going to like the new rules you've established when you're on the wrong end of them, Snowflake.

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