Friday, June 16, 2017

Voices Inside My Head #6 (Liberals, Violence and Mental Illness)

It is indeed telling that one side of American Politics demands fairness, unprovocative language, truth and honesty, and consideration for alternate points of view for itself, while it engages in a systematic program of inciting violence, deliberately silencing foes, and spewing vitriol to the point where the Weakest Minds among the Weakest Minds find themselves justified in opening fire on Members of Congress...and, somehow, it's still someone else's fault.

I'm not going to say much more about the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, because it's something that should have shocked no one. The fact that the shooter was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, likewise, was unsurprising. This is what Communists have done since Marx first collected welfare.

I will, however, remind you of the sort of people we're dealing with here, because it needs to be repeated until someone in a position of authority fucking gets it:

We are NOT dealing with rational human beings; we are dealing with people who are determined to get their way by any means necessary, whether that's beating elderly college professors, opening fire at someone's baseball game, tossing Molotovs, wearing pussy hats and demanding to be taken seriously, or backing ersatz "champions" who make a mockery of their peace, love, and compassion for the downtrodden mantra from within the walls of multi-million dollar mansions.

These people will lie, steal, cheat, throw bombs, and kill.

They will use social stigma, the legal system, media, mob mentalities and violence, to not only silence those who disagree with them, but to ruin their lives. They will subvert every institution they can control and bend it towards the goal of creating the Collective; courts, legislatures, NGO's, the UN, the Academy, the media.

They are not interested in YOU; they HATE YOU. They hate you because you stand in the way of their most-cherished dream: the formation of the world-wide collective, in which they believe they will finally be given everything they "deserve" (but never work for), and in which they be given every freedom, right, and benefit, but absolved of all responsibility. Because what's it all ultimately about for them is the avoidance of responsibility.

These are eternal adolescents.

The quest for power consumes them. They define power as the ability to dictate the tastes, habits, thoughts, speech, activities, and even the diets and sexual mores, of millions who disagree with them, to force their belief systems upon those same people, and to punish them into compliance with their stupidity.

And if they can get it all at the expense of those same people, they love it even more.

Liberals pronounce the justice and morality of their endeavors beforehand, and then go about achieving their goals in the most unjust and immoral ways imaginable. They pretend to either not notice the hypocrisy, or they invent a bullshit justification for it, after the fact, and the ones who are truly honest (with themselves) understand that hypocrisy and underhandedness are just the price YOU will have to pay to bring their Utopia into being.

They don't care if you like it or not.

The Modern Liberal follows a Creed which goes something like this:

"I Am A Liberal: I am an altruistic, atheistic, open-minded humanist who simply wants what's best for society, and for everyone to get along...BUT...if you tell me "NO!", if you disagree with me, if you refuse to fund my nonsense, then you are a sub-human piece of fucking shit who needs to fucking die and rot in fucking Hell, you fucking racist/sexist/homophobe Nazi hater."

There is no reasoning with that. It cannot be reasoned with. It can only be beaten into submission.

The sad fact, though, is that beating them into submission only reinforces their notions of victimhood and their belief that everyone else is a fascist (it's self-fulfilling prophecy, for if Liberals have one, true, talent, it's for making the impossible real. Even if only for a few seconds, and usually at their own expense).

I was once of the mind that beating them was only giving them what they wanted. Now I'm convinced it's what THEY NEED.

And yes, I'm fully aware that I'm suggesting using violence against people I've just accused of using violence in a tone which indicates I believe I have the moral high ground. But, hey, I didn't write the rules -- you did -- and I hope you like having to live in the world and by the very rules you've created, Shitheads.

These are not well-adjusted adults; these are severely mentally-handicapped people out to do you real harm behind a shield of smiley faces in their quest to supply everyone with a golden unicorn that pees lemonade, shits Skittles, farts rainbows, sneezes glitter and pukes Cotton Candy....all under the watchful eyes of the Secret Police.

I wanted to stay out of the political fray, blog-wise. Apparently, that's not going to happen *Sigh*

This guy might be a pedophile.

If you'd like to meet The Guy generally considered most responsible for the fucktards rioting in your streets, this might be him.

The problem with "self-esteem" is that the truly dumb are under the impression that it's something bestowed upon you because you managed to sit through the puppet show without fidgeting, and not something that is gained by effort and personal achievement.

Quite frankly, we have too many people walking around rubbing their fake self-esteem in our faces, while simultaneously whining about their victim status, for my comfort. When I'm finally made Master of the Universe, these little dingleberries will be taught strict lessons on the true meaning of self-esteem in the salt mines (assuming they haven't made salt illegal as part of the tyranny to keep us all healthy and paying taxes so as to fund their abortions).

The sordid truth about most lefties is that they are in a continuous quest to prove they are good people, because they know they aren't. They hate themselves. They know they are damaged goods; they know they aren't the smartest, the most-worthy, the best of the best. They are broken people driven by a silent rage and bent on revenge, all of it probably stemming from a poor potty training incident, the removal of the breast too early, or perhaps some form of abuse. Their revenge takes many forms, many subtle, usually petty, but always by the same strategic axiom: whatever destructive behavior you advocate or approve of as the panacea to society's ills, always present it as if it is an exercise in higher morals and enlightenment motivated by a sense of love and compassion.

First giveaway: it's for the children. Those words indicate an incipient attack on you, your values, your family, your wallet, and your rights.

All they have succeeded in doing was creating a generation that shits in the street, denouncing democracy, attending the toniest universities with borrowed money, voting for Communists, and they're too fucking stupid to notice the contradictions. Pointing them out, conversely, would make them feel bad about themselves, and so crush their self-esteem.

Perhaps that's the problem: it needs to be crushed. Curb-stomped, even. "Self-esteem" turns out to be a disease even deadlier than AIDS.

On a *ahem* Lighter Note:

Apropos of something I saw yesterday, 400 pound men should not be riding motorcycles.

No, you don't look cool, or tough.

Yes, we all know you only took to the bike because you can't get your fat ass inside a car, or you can't climb up into the cab of an SUV, even if we greased you up and used fucking shoehorns, or erected gantry cranes to help you.

I understand: you have places to go and things to do, also, and I understand that most of those probably have something to do with donuts, and yes, we're all aware that public transport was not designed with you in mind (only cattle cars were), but really?

There is nothing more-distracting on the highway than to see some fat ass with seven chins in the back of his head, wearing a Nazi stormtrooper helmet and mirrored sunglasses, bedecked in cut-off sweatshirts and baggy jeans that allow his his arm, back, neck and ass hair to flow in the breeze, trying to ride a 500 cc Hog, and his great bulk has overwhelmed the resiliency of the shock absorbers to such a point that the bike is only 3 inches off the road surface, and you can only make 40 the fast lane.

Perhaps you might start walking? It would solve two problems at once: you might lose some lard, and I won't have to look at you, or wonder when gravity or a pothole (and probably both) is going to toss you into my grille, like I've just hit a fucking moose.

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