Thursday, June 1, 2017

Voices Inside My Head #5 - WTF is Wrong With You People?

There must be something tattooed on my forehead that says "Idiots Welcome", because for all my efforts to avoid them, they keep finding me...

It was this past Saturday Night, approximately Midnight. In dire need of a snack and a Pepsi (your Overlord has a serious Pepsi addiction, and must consume at least 1 20-ounce bottle per day or become rather cranky for lack of caffeine), I decided to visit my local bagel store for a little late-night nosh.

I ordered a Cinnamon/Raisin bagel with cream cheese to go with my Pepsi, but that's not important.

What's important is what happened before I even got into the bagel store.

I reach the door, and through the glass I see a youngish African-American man, perhaps in his early 20's, who is intending to exit said establishment simultaneous to my entry. I have arrived at the door a second earlier than he, and so I hold it open for him to pass through. An act of courtesy which is recognized all over the world, one would think.

But not in Staten Island, New York, 2017.

The young man defers to me, a matter of courtesy, too, you might believe. Until one actually takes him up on his offer to pass through the door first, and then it becomes racial.

"No, you come through first...after all, it's your world", he says.

The sarcasm is not lost upon me, for the Overlord has that same quality in...erm...ah...spades...nor does it trouble me in the least.

But I can't help thinking that this particular young man is probably a ticking time bomb.

Hey, Overlord, do more politics...You rocked when you did politics in your past life!

I rock even when I'm not doing politics.

That message appeared at least seven times in my e-mail inbox the last few weeks. When I was the Lunatic, I blogged politics practically 24/7/365. It was easy to do.

It also got repetitive.

Although I have touched upon more than a few political issues here in my new Alter Ego, I really don't want to turn this thing over to All-Politics-All-The-Time, for several reasons.

First, because there's already about 2 gazillion politically-motivated blogs and websites out there. And most of them suck, terribly, because the people who write them know nothing of the subject upon which they purport to speak authoritatively. The majority of them simply regurgitate boilerplate talking points of one side or another, gathered from often-dubious sources. One gets the impression that many of the people who wish to play at political commentator are probably acquiring grist for the mill by conversing on the subject with their cats.

I don't want to be just another screamer among the morons who claim the mantle of the Anarcho-Capitalist (silly douchebag, Capitalism doesn't work without rules!), True Conservative (silly Godbot, Leviticus did NOT foretell the coming of Trump), "Liberals" of a hundred varieties (silly Communists, go fuck yourselves!). It literally is the Wild West, politically, out here in the vastness of Cyberspace, and the general trend is for people to identify politically in much the same way they identify everywhere else; by tribe, or worse, by pretense.

If you want to know why we can live in a world where someone can, without shame, demand to be identified as a "Socialist Libertarian" (silly asshole, the rugged individualist doesn't surrender personal sovereignty in order to establish the Collective!), or a non-cisnormative-pre-armadillo-genderqueer-non-binary-trans-parakeet, just surf the "political" blogs on the web. Apparently, everyone has a fascinating ideology of the One-from-Column-A-One-from-Column-B mentality, based on what appear to be two very simple systems:

a) What my friends tell me to think. That my friends are probably retards has not yet occurred to me.

b) I read (and poorly understood) something, but will repeat it, ad nauseum, because it was something that struck my dull senses as "clever".

And this dialectic seems to have been applied to all aspects of life, so that no one has any "principles", at all, that aren't contradicted by another "principle".

Second, the QUALITY of topic has dropped drastically. So has the quality of the commentary in various quarters over them.

Once upon a time, we debated weighty issues: today, we argue over petty details, most of which have their origin in rumor, innuendo, provable falsehoods, conspiracy theories. The World went ahead and made better idiots, and the proof is in the pudding when you stop to consider the level of general intelligence revealed in an argument over poll numbers released by an organization that once had Hillary up 50 points, and you see just how willing either side is to dig in it's heels and defend every last inch to the very last moron. "The poll is accurate" says One Side, and the Other Side reminds the One Side that "polls mean nothing, for they are snapshots in time", but then produces a poll of it's own from a "better" source to beat someone up with.

I reckon it's a combination of a higher level of stupid in America, and the ability of the Inbred Philistines to have their voices heard more often.

I deal with enough brain damage in my life, as it is. Why do I want to wade hip-deep into more?

Suffice to say, if it strikes your Overlord as important enough, He will discuss it.

In the meantime, this screed is devoted to things I want to say -- out loud -- in defiance of what Kathy Shaidle has called The Tyranny of Nice.

And speaking of said tyranny...

If I get accosted by one more well-meaning-but-shit-for-brains-dumbass who wants to bludgeon me into conformity with their virtue-signalling-self-righteousness, I just might commit an act of murder.

There seems to be an epidemic of "caring" out there, and it's a disease that needs to be eradicated. Right fucking now.

We all know someone in this vein. They "care" about something. That something is usually related to their own personal mental disorders and a therapeutic society that encourages them to a) inflict their insanity upon innocent passers-by, and b) elevate their petty emotional diarrhea into a political movement based upon vague feelz of misdirected anger and disgusting self-pity and/or self-loathing.

The mindset (if we can call it that) works something like this:

I "care" about X. You should "care" about X, too. In fact, you MUST "care" about X. If you don't "care" about X the same way I 'care" about X, then it is my personal crusade to torture you with my "caring" about X, and why this makes me a superior person,  until I get a hostile response from you which justifies both a) my characterization of you as The Other, and b) having identified you as The Other, FINALLY gives me a focal point for my vague feels, misdirected anger, and self-pity/loathing, so that it becomes a real thing to me instead of a mass of disconnected, poorly-understood feelings.

Understand this: those who "care" about anything to the extent to which they bestow upon themselves the qualities of (unearned) virtue and (unapparent) superiority are really just truly stupid, self-absorbed, mentally-weak, very frightened, un-anchored personalities who don't truly wish you to agree with them, or even help them, they just want your attention. So that they can feel better about themselves.

And if they can't get you to at least pay lip service to their intellectual and emotional pig's vomit (an affirmation that they aren't crazy, because you appear to agree!), they're just as happy to have you serve in an adversarial role (an affirmation that they aren't crazy, for they have a real enemy!).

We're dealing with insane people. Truly obsessive types, who just want attention, positive or negative, it doesn't matter, so long as they've got it.

And the depth of the obsession is directly proportionate to the extent to which they will not shut the fuck up about what they "care" about, until you reach the conclusion that without this "care" that becomes the obvious Center of their Universe, this would probably be a very uninteresting person you wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes alone with, and you'd begin to wonder why s/he (it's usually a "she") wasn't strangled at birth.

The "Care" becomes the means by which the Waste of DNA insinuates herself into your life, and vies for your attention. Having gotten your attention, the Waste of DNA then uses her Care as a weapon against you: to pry money from your pocket, to carve out special privileges in society for herself, to get you to go away or shut up, to continuously beat you into submission whenever she needs to.

I've seen it happen too many times. I refuse to play along.

I don't have to care, about anything, and quite frankly, this insistence that I MUST care about something just because it makes YOU comfortable makes me sick, and makes you look like the escaped mental patient you probably are. It just confirms my theory -- formulated after decades of observation of human behavior -- that the Human Race is only salvageable through a carefully-planned program of forced sterilizations, periodic street executions, and letting the truly moronic suffer the (usually fatal) consequences of their own idiocy without interference from the State.

On a lighter note...

One more example of the adage that "Youth is Wasted Upon the Young".

RE: Last night's Master Chef, yet another painful-to-watch Gordon Ramsey excretion (Hey, I've eaten in one of your restaurants, Gordon, it sucked goat balls. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but then again, money does a really good job of eliminating guilt, I'm told).

One of the contestants last night vying for the "prized" Master Chef Apron (bestowing the right to compete for the dubious honor of the Master Chef Championship) was a cute, sweet-faced, totally enthusiastic young lady of 22, who, we were informed, by her, was an expert in Chinese culture, history and food, having lived in China, you know, and who liked to "infuse" an "Asian influence" into her cooking.

If one were to take all things at face value, and simply accept what the young lady says, you would think that, perhaps, she has lived in China for many years, perhaps even born and raised there (despite being Whiter Than A Lightbulb), perhaps the scion of missionaries, a diplomat, or someone who would have reason to spend many years abroad in the Orient.

It later turns out that this vast expertise and knowledge comes from having been in China for two months. Two whole fucking MONTHS. How do we know? Because one of the Chefs who runs the competition asked her a direct question about how long she was in China.

Now, the Overlord understands the 20-something mind, having once been 20-something, and he for sure understands the 20-something-female mind (not very sharp, easily distracted by shiny objects), having nailed more than his share during his lifetime and well into his 40's.

This sort of thing, the confident declaration of expertise based on an oblique experience, is common to youth. The enthusiasm with which ignorance is expressed, is, alas, all too common. The childish glee with which one confidently expresses their ignorance -- for the entire planet to see -- unaware of how ridiculously insane it sounds or appears, is, likewise, a defect built into the model. The uninitiated Know-it-All is as common among the ranks of 20-somethings as bogus ballots for a democrat are in an inner city polling station.

Which leads me to ask the following question:

Why the fuck are we letting these assholes vote?

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