Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Majority of One (Lucky for You, I'm Not Allowed to Kill You)

Nothing hammers home the pernicious effect of unchecked immigration like a near head-on collision.

One of the more terrible aspects of living in an egalitarian society -- sez me -- is that we're not allowed to murder stupid people the second they make their stupidity evident. We have laws, and stuff, that make the snuffing out of a human life a criminal matter, even if one could, reasonably, defend such an action as a positive boon to Mankind.

A simple matter of addition by subtraction. A little chlorine in the gene pool. An altruistic endeavor that has an added benefit for the whole of the human species -- clubbing a complete retard to death with her own shoe, for example -- is frowned upon by "polite society", and while one may harbor the fantasy of ridding the solar system of the genetic deadwood on principle, the Legal System says this is a gigantic No-No, the Legal System being, before all things, an extension to and an instrument of the will of that same Polite Society.

Polite Society, however, as I've discovered over 5 decades of existence, is usually dumber than the people it strives mightily to protect. Basically, this is because Polite Society is made up of a large proportion of idiots, itself.

Normally, I can control this homicidal instinct (although I believe it to be a vestigial relic of some primitive survival instinct left over from when we swung from trees and screeched "Hyena Approaching!" warnings to one another), and then there are times when I truly wish we all had the absolute freedom to just smash some fucktard's head in with a brick, and then piss on her lifeless corpse. And then I remember what I've said about Polite Society being made up of ignoramuses, and then realize that if those jerks were given the same freedom, then I'd be in danger.

Because in Modern America we don't kill dumbassess -- no, we give them welfare, scholarships and elect them to Congress -- we destroy the smart. The smart need to be destroyed because otherwise the dumbasses start to realize they have no business living and breathing, and that tends to make them march around in vagina hats and demand segregated kindergarten graduation ceremonies.

This problem is exacerbated by the American Government.

It's bad enough the Government mollycoddles the Useless and the Stupid, it then goes one step further and decides it's a good idea to import more.

Apparently because the less-mentally-capable precincts of America cannot produce a supply that keeps up with the demand.

Your Overlord was nearly severely injured, perhaps close to death, this afternoon when he made the left turn onto his own street, and discovered a Volvo hurtling towards him at a high rate of speed, travelling the wrong way down said very-narrow ONE WAY street.

Slamming on the brakes, and swerving to my right between two parked cars, I avoided the oncoming douchebag. Who stopped (only after blowing by me, natch) and got out of her car to apologize.

And there she was: a 4-foot-nothing Chinese woman of approximately 60 years of age, with an eye patch covering one eye beneath her glasses. I roll down my window, and before I can let loose with a string of expletives, she says to me in very-broken Engrish...I mean ENGLISH:

"I very sorry, I go wrong way...."

No shit? What the fuck gave it away? Maybe all the cars pointed in the opposite direction?

Did you not see the ONE WAY signs? If you did, could you even READ THEM? And even at that, if you can't read them, is the concept of an arrow foreign to the Chinese? Can you see ANYTHING with that eye patch, especially things to your left....where I was coming from?

Fortunately, no one was hurt; no damage was done. However, this is approximately the fourth time this year (wait, it's still only half done!) where I have been in a near-collision or run off a road by an immigrant who apparently learned how to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto, Szechuan Edition.

That's a frightening thought, all by itself. What's scarier is that New York is a Motor-Voter state,and they're handing out voter registration forms to people who apparently can't read enough Engrish...English... to obey a simple road sign with a fucking arrow on it.

You know who sucks more than Poor People? The Rich People who defend them.

No need to get into the gory details, but if I have to have one more conversation with another panty-bunched libtard who believes that merely pointing out that today's "Poor" are fabulously rich by any standard other than comparison with the American Libtard -- or by any Historical Standard -- is a sign that I have no "compassion", that I might be "a racist", or that I must somehow be one of those fortunate individuals who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple, I might have to choke a bitch.

And yeah, "bitch" fits either male or female version of the offensive animal.

Oh, I do so fondly remember the days when Mummie and Father forced the butler and my mistress to yank the silver spoon out of my ass and send me out to play polo against my will. All of the Upper Crust Elite boys of the Park Slope section of Brooklyn -- at least the ones who lived in the same house with his family, his grandparents, and his uncle and his family, because those are the ones who have all the money, power, and influence in America -- had their own string of polo ponies.

We'd go out onto the pitch in our finest jodhpurs, and calf-high riding boots (hand-crafted in Spain of the finest leather, naturally!),a silk cravat neatly tucked into our Egyptian cotton shirts,  and our sweethearts would be sitting in the shade of the nearby veranda, idly fanning themselves and speaking of botany and poetry, drinking ice cold lemonade turned out by the impeccably-dressed and grossly-underpaid servants of color. We'd joyously bang away for a few chukkers, until, our ponies spent, our silk underwear drenched in the perfumed sweat of the Very Smart Set, we settled in to join our ladies for a few Gin and Tonics, perhaps reminiscing about the last safari we were on, or fighting the Zulus in the heat and dust of the African Summer, or perhaps regaling one and all with a retelling of  our exploits on the Northwest Frontier, fondly remembering the little Indian boy who so faithfully served us, to the point of leaping in front of us to loyally take an Afghan bullet in his brainpan, sparing our lives, his last words "Rule Britannia!" bringing a tear to the eye.

Oh, how I DO so miss those days.

If you should ever find yourself in a similar discussion with a similar idiot, just remember these four things:

1. The Progtard doesn't have anything constructive to say, about anything. There is no argument that you can make on any subject  -- facts statistics, morality, economics -- that will penetrate the Bulletproof Stupid. Remember that so far as the Progtard is concerned, the issue isn't the causes and cures to Poverty (or the same for any other problem); it's the justification for continuing a system wherein bad behavior is never punished by either social stigma or by having the consequences of ones actions and decisions come back to haunt them that matters. Believe it or not, the reasons for this are ALWAYS Abortion and Gay Marriage (look for this later this week, I'll explain!).

2. Having nothing constructive to say, but unable to face the mental anguish of being proven wrong or made to look foolish, the Liberal Ass sucker has but one recourse: to make the argument about YOU. You have no soul; you lack empathy; you must be benefiting from the misery of others. It's an attempt at shaming you into silence for no other reason than to make the Liberal feel superior about herself...and abortion and gay marriage.

3. Having nothing constructive to say, and having no idea of how to solve problems, Libtards can only ever acquire power by division, acquiring it by effective leadership being beyond their limited abilities. They love it when problems go unsolved, when simple solutions go untested, when decisions are driven by emotions instead of reason. This is because the Liberal thrives on chaos; more chaos is justification for more control. The Libtard loves division: more division means an easier time setting voting blocs against one another in order to win elections; it indicates a lack of unity of purpose that can be exploited....so that you can have an abortion and get gay married.

4. The liberal can afford to be "compassionate" because the liberal never expects to actually PAY for anything. They believe money grows on trees, or can just be taken by the government, and that so long as the justification for it makes sense TO THEM, no one should have cause to get very angry about it. Liberals have always been generous with other people's money (and they have always jealously guarded their own, naturally), and they aim to continue doing so until the greater public is anesthetized to the point where all the Abortions and Gay Weddings are paid for by the tax payer.

A liberal's compassion always begins at your wallet, and ends at her's. besides, Virtue Signalling is cost- and consequence-free, and requires little deep thought or strenuous effort.

On a Personal Note:

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to have dinner with my 19-year old nephew, who graduated the Coast Guard Academy last January. He has been stationed at Coast Guard Station New Castle Island, Rhode Island.

I cannot get over how much he has matured in the last six months. He was always quite mature for his age, but this transformation is startling. He is becoming a serious, enthusiastic young man, who is beginning to speak with authority and confidence.

He is having the time of his life, to hear him tell it, and he speaks very highly of his commanding officer and NCO's, who I'm led to believe are taking rather good care of him, as well. He speaks of them with an admiration and a sense of respect that is awesome to behold. These must be some fantastic men he's associating with.

I'm very proud of him.

I'm very proud of the entire United States Coast Guard.

And this weekend reminded me of something I've always known, but hadn't really thought about much lately, and that is the ability of the military to turn skinny, pimple-faced, clumsy kids into genuine men. Think about this: my nephew and a couple of other 19-year-olds are given a $2 million boat, ordered to go out and enforce the law and save lives, and, by the way, bring yourselves and my boat back in the same condition you went out in, and they do this in any kind of weather, under any kind of conditions...

...and it happens.

The kids come back in one piece. The boat comes back in one piece. The people clinging to their over-loaded-and-capsized cabin cruiser come back in one piece, the bridge jumpers get fished out of the water, the dumbass who runs his jet ski into the rocks gets rescued and receives life-saving medical attention.

It's a fucking impressive thing, when you think about it.

Semper Paratus!

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