Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Galactic Housekeeping #1

A new feature!

I will be posting items or article that I happen to find which either validates anything written here, confirms my worldview, or even...GASP!...proves me incorrect or which might cause me to modify or change an opinion.

If I were a Progtard, what a fucking nightmare that might be!

However, your Overlord is a believer in the ideals of free exchange of ideas and keeping an open mind.

Our first item proves my point about Animal Rights Activists being idiots who like animals more than people for the simple reason that animals don't make judgments about what truly questionable human beings they are. Animal Activism is a mental disorder.

Lions rescued from circuses killed by poachers after transport to Animal Sanctuary.

Those lions would be alive, well-fed and cared for if you just left them alone, busybody assholes, if only because the circus(es) they were "rescued" from had a vital interest (economic) to keep them alive and healthy.

But, of course, you didn't think of that, did you, fucktards? Of course not: thought is not your strong suit, as you are guided solely by your feelz and imagination, which leads you to believe that you know what's best for another living creature that you pretend "knows" that you're a benefactor (if only because you believe yourself to be).

The only justice in this would be if the lions ate the jerkoffs who "rescued" them before dying.

In other news, we find that Snowflakes attending Evergreen College have taken to "patrolling" the campus with baseball bats.

As I've noted several times on these pages, we're not dealing with adults with fully-formed mental processes; we're dealing with a spoiled, entitled, mentally-deranged sub-culture that does not work and play nicely with others, despite all their lip service about doing exactly that. They have been raised in an environment where no one loses, everyone gets a trophy for showing up, and mean words are never uttered, only to discover that the cocoon that Helicopter Mommy wove around them disappears the moment they encounter Real Life.

In which case they start acting like the Fascists they accuse everyone else of being.

In this case, the students are not interested in "protecting" anyone, except themselves, and mostly that's from contrary opinions and hard truths which might cause them to cry, or suddenly discover they carry the idiot gene. This is about intimidation, a lesson they learned all-too-well from the ferocious menstrual cycle that hatched them every time something didn't go their way, and mostly, because it threatened to expose the tyke to the harsh realities of failure, and by extension, make Mommy look like a failure.

Every grade school principle, Little League Coach, dance school or karate instructor, knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about: the full-throated roar of a revved up menstrual cycle that demands more playing time for Johnny, wants to know why Chloe isn't considered the best, demands action to give Jimmy something he hasn't earned, and threatens everything short of murder to ensure that Olivia gets special treatment.

Having learned the way to get what you want is to become vocally, viciously and intransigently unreasonable while ridiculously claiming the moral high-ground, we should not be surprised that this sort of shit happens.

I had thought it possible to find another way, short of violence, of dealing with these turds but I was mistaken. They all need to be beaten within an inch of their lives. And to mark the event in a way to which they've all become accustomed, we can give 'em trophies for it: like scars, and painful joints in winter, or maybe a steel plate in your head.

Personally, I'm of the mind that just the threat of retaliatory violence would suffice, because deep down in their tiny little black hearts the thing that frightens these self-appointed arbiters of Social Justice the most  is that the people they shit on continuously just might decide to do something about it. So long as there is no consequence to their actions, they'll be as obnoxious and self-righteous as they please.

But the minute Billy Bob gets his dander up and picks up his shootin' irons the only response they have is to cower, cry victim, and seek a safe space, because they're all physical cowards.

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