Friday, April 28, 2017

Welcome to Some New Readers!

Rapid expansion of the Galactic Empire proceeds by leaps and bounds! New planets have been colonized, with legions of potential peons who will hear the words of The Overlord and quake with upset tummies, and perhaps giggle a little.

Welcome to readers from Goodstuff's Cyber World, an interesting collage of Science, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Superheroes and Beer...the five basic food groups, if ever there were. The Overlord has reviewed your fare and found it worthy. He enjoyed it immensely.

Well-recommended, indeed!

Another "Hello" to our visitors from The Vulgar Curmudgeon, a site after our own heart...if we had one, that is. Old-fashioned work ethic, heavy machinery, a smattering of politics, a love of coffee. Why, it would be Heaven... if Heaven was allowed within my realm. You peons shall have no other God before me, if I have anything to say about it!

And a final "how do you do?" goes to my friend Neil, and his wonderful website, Upland Adventures. If you're all about huntin', an' fishin' an' chootin' -- and what Red-Blooded 'mericun Male, aint? -- then stop by and check out his wonderful videos and the wealth of valuable outdoorsy info on tap!

You're all getting added to the blogroll, too.


Curmudgeon said...

By command of the all-knowing, all-seeing Mommie Dearest, proprietor of Diogenes' Middle Finger, I have arrived on your planet.

Congratulations on your successful launch. I am adding your site to my blogroll.

All hail Dark Overlord. The truth is out there.

Matthew Noto said...

There is but one Power in the Galaxy greater than mine...for now.

It's blond and has an attitude.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Matthew;

I followed the link from Diogenes Middle...and I like it. If you wish you can add me to your blog roll. I will be adding you to mine.


Hey there udderly cool Blogger Dude - Thanks for the linky stuff

Curmudgeon said...

Your link to City Journal is on the fritz.

Matthew Noto said...

I'll get it on this afternoon. Thank you.