Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Majority of One (Why You Are All Wrong)

"I Hate White People"

"Yeah? We're not too thrilled about you, either, Buddy".

Wait...which "I Hate White People" guy am I talking about? Is it the last one -- the so-called "Black Jesus", who shouted out "Allahu Akbar" as he murdered three random white men? Or is it the one who shouted "I hate White Men!" as he pushed a white guy in front of an oncoming train? Or is it the gentleman who expressed the same sentiment as he pushed a jogger into heavy traffic? Is it the one...

It's getting so hard to tell your White-hating Black Men apart....after all, you all look alike to us.

As Kathy Shaidle is fond of repeating, none of this would be a problem if Americans had just learned to pick their own damned cotton.

Now, I don't intend to go on a racist diatribe, and even after having written those words someone out there will still send me a message or e-mail calling me a racist, anyway.  To forestall such an occurrence let me just inform you before you begin: you're wasting your time. I don't care what you think. I gave up caring what people think of me or my opinions a very long time ago. I've found that life is much easier when you stop worrying about what people who don't count -- because, ultimately, everyone on this planet is a fucking whining douchebag with far too-much self-regard and too little intellectual firepower -- think about me.

Yes, that's arrogant. Yes, that's dismissive. It might even be narcissistic, but we were talking about how I don't care what you think, weren't we?

I'm here to make a point. You don't have to like it or agree with me, but then again, go fuck yourself.

Now, where was I? Oh, right...racist diatribe...

Sez me, what America has is not a RACE problem. After all, people of different races often get along splendidly, when left to sort out life by themselves, and we live in a day-and-age where so much mixing of the racial pot has occurred through intermarriage that we've entered an era where, in some cases, it's difficult to make an accurate guess as to someone's racial heritage.

Except for a few diseased individuals, a certain species of politician for whom race is the end-all-be-all, the only excuse they have to cling to some sort of power (or their only means of extracting a living while doing nothing productive), and the legal and academic professions (I'm sorry, but when did prostitution become a profession?), I would posit that most people don't really care about matters of race. They may SAY they do, but that's only because they are expected to say they do, because we live in a society where vocal minorities of people you wouldn't follow through your own front door manage to make enough noise and terrorize enough people into at least paying lip-service to the idea that they do care.

No, the problem isn't so much racial as it is emotional. We live in a day-and-age where preference is given, before all other considerations, to people's feelings. Feelings, after all, trump everything, these days. The Whole Fucking World is geared towards validating your Feelings About Everything.

It makes me sick.

If I'm a black dude in America, my feelings on race have been conditioned by a variety of experiences -- some of them vicarious and anecdotal, it must be admitted -- that has been collected into a jumbled mass of excuses, given a patina of respectability by decades of ersatz scholarship, been partially enshrined in law so as not to offend tender sensibilities, slathered in concepts of shame and belief in entitlement, and sharpened to a fine edge by mass stupidity created by 300 years of breeding for purely physical, but not intellectual results, so that we have masses of black men who can dunk basketballs and catch touchdown passes, but not score above Room Temperature on their SAT's.

If I'm a white dude in America (wait...I am!), my feelings on race are supposed to be (mine aren't, because I'm not a fucking dipsht)  conditioned by quaint-but-questionable notions that all have their origin in Communism and mental disorder of "historical guilt";notions of "fundamental fairness"; a certain mystical requirement that I should "check my privilege"; some seriously-retarded system of double-standards (some of them so insane they could only have been invented by something undatable with a menstrual cycle), that says I'm an asshole by virtue of my skin color, and that I "owe" everyone else everything, and have to be forced to pay up.

I resent that, mainly because I wasn't born an asshole; I have to work hard at it, and you have no idea how difficult it is to find new ways to tell the rest of you to fuck off, particularly when you're all too busy shouting, complaining, crying, thumb-sucking and mutilating your genitals in a misguided effort to get my attention to listen the first time.

Examine some of the double-standards and mental diarrhea this Modern Dialectic presents:

* You can hate me, but I'm not allowed to hate you.

* You hate me and want me dead, but then need me to stick around and run things. And pay for them. Because you apparently can do neither.

* If I push people in front of trains, make YouTube videos expressing racial animus, and pick murder victims by their race, I'm guilty of a Hate Crime. But if you do it, it's a socially-acceptable manifestation of "frustration" stemming from "historical injustices" which should carry no additional penalties.

* Symbols of "oppression", all manner of things that can be tortured into an association with racism and segregation, like Confederate Flags, literature, monuments to the Founding fathers or other historically-important people, are to be expunged from the public square. But it's perfectly okay if you wish to segregate into a Congressional Black Caucus, or the NAACP, or join a one-race-only fraternity, or demand your own ______ History Month (and incidentally, have you ever noticed that Black History month, historically, is always the shortest month of the year?).

* Racial profiling is wrong when it comes to the police doing their jobs, but just hunky-dory when it comes to deciding which ill-prepared, borderline-retarded, non-performing Affirmative Action recipient gets that last seat in law school.

* Black Lives Matter, and by implication, no others do. If someone should have the temerity to insist that other lives do matter, then they're savaged as a racist and physically assaulted.

I could go on and on with examples, but there's no point. A system of double standards exists in America with regards to race (and sex, and gender, and religion, and political affiliation, etc. America is a land of double standards intended to excuse the worst sorts of behavior and soothe the savage feelz of the biggest dumbasses in the Galaxy).

I'm a 50 year old man. I have lived my entire life inside a country where one segment of the population has spent their time simultaneously insisting that race does not exist (with some even going as far as to invent an entire exegesis out of thin air explaining why race is a "construct"), and demanding that every aspect of life be viewed through a racial prism.

Even murder.

It's exhausting.

It's confusing.

It's reached batshit-insane levels of farce.

Fuck you. I've had enough.

Unlike most people, I won't pussyfoot around the subject, so I'll just be perfectly blunt about it;

If you wish to be judged on the content of your character, then get some. If you want to be treated as an equal ,then give some of the respect you demand for yourself to others. If you wish to get ahead in society, like other races have done, then do the things they have done: work for a living; stay in school and get an education; make an effort at self-improvement; join the common culture instead of shunning and shitting all over it while expecting it to accept you.

One hundred and sixty years ago, you weren't considered a person. There are cemeteries all over this country full of dead, white men who killed each other to settle the question of your humanity. There are constitutional protections and rights afforded to you, just like every one else. The economy, educational system, political system, are all open to you, just like they would be to anyone else. You are entitled to the same rights under law (and subject to the same responsibilities, in return) as everyone else.

If you find living in America such a terrible ordeal, then leave. I understand that your ancestors were brought here against their will, but you are perfectly free to leave anytime you please.

You are not special.

But, maybe that's the root of the problem: you believe you are. Everyone does, these days. Everyone is wrong, of course. Let me disabuse you that incredibly insane notion.

If American Blacks feel put upon, if they believe themselves singled-out, if they feel a frustration with society and culture that leads them to murder people not like them, then there can only be one explanation for it:

Every last one of you who feels this way is probably a de-humanized piece of shit suffering from a severe form of brain damage and a host of undiagnosed and untreated mental disorders. You have probably been raised by feral animals, and not other human beings. You most likely marinate in an environment of degradation, ignorance, filth, and perversions of a hundred sorts. Your primary issues are the inability to understand that the course of your life is under your own control, that actions and decisions have consequences, and that assuming the mantle of victimhood and expecting the world to magically drop everything at your feet never solved anyone's troubles.

And none of those circumstances are a justification for murder.

That was just a recitation of the recipe for a depraved individual.

If your life seems all fucked up to the point where you feel the need to kill someone, it's most likely your own fault, and I can promise you that killing another is only going to fuck it all up further to the nth degree. If you think this way -- a) life is fucked up, b) I should kill someone, yeah, that'll fix it, c) oh shit, I'm in jail --  this might be a really, really good indication as to why fuck up's keep finding you.

I can't fix that for you, and frankly, considering that helping you in the way you need to be helped (with a good beating) would be considered "racist", and "imposing my racial values upon you",  and would see me dragged before a kangaroo tribunal to answer for the laughable crime of "hate", I don't want to.

Besides, I'm told the quaint old notion of the White Man's Burden is an anachronistic feature of the most vile form of racism. So, this White Man won't pick up that Burden. There's no reason to do so, because there is no benefit -- not to me, and certainly not to a generally stupid and ungrateful society in which even performing an unselfish act of purest altruism either offends someone, or leads to a lawsuit -- in doing so.

Just remember this: if you believe the answers to your problems lies in blaming others for them, in killing others in a twisted effort to avoid personal responsibility, to scream about oppression when the law bends over backwards to protect your fragile sensibilities and the government hands out cheese, apartments, diplomas, checks and pretend jobs based in part on race, then you're probably doomed to fail before you can even begin to make an honest effort.

Eventually, even White Guys get pissed off, and when they do, they shoot back.

And History shows that When White Guys Start Shooting Back, it's not the White Guy who typically loses.

Hate, if you must. But do what the rest of us do and exercise some self-control.

Then find something useful to do. You don't want to think about the alternatives.

A Majority of One is a weekly diatribe about things most people are probably thinking, but afraid to say out loud.

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