Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome New Readers!

My influence grows daily...More planets fall under my sway as the days pass, and I look out upon the Galaxy and know that, soon...soon...

Some thanks and welcomes, in short order.

To the good folks at I Own The World: You may wish to rethink that statement, for the Overlord loves nothing more than a challenge.

Except Pepsi and Marlboros. He really, really loves Pepsi and Marlboros. And Devil Dogs. With a big, cold glass of moo-juice. In fact, if he could subsist on Pepsi, Marlboros and Devil Dogs, he would.

Seriously funny commentary by a collection of truly enlightened individuals (and I mean that in a good way, not that Berkeley definition of "enlightened" which has something to do with being gay and having your head firmly ensconced inside your own ass). Stop by, read a lot, learn something, laugh like hell.

Next, what else can I say except...TANKS. TANKS are fucking cool. Oh, and there's politics, and commentary on everything from why Islam sucks (hey, you're preachin' to the choir, Son), to Tom Clancy. That's Tom-Fucking-Clancy. In fact, you will find an awful lot of other cool stuff -- especially support for our Vets -- at My Daily Kona, and if you aren't visiting there on a regular basis, well, that's just Un-American.



Yeah Dude!

Tom Clancy and Hotdogs

what could go wrong?

Matthew Noto said...

In a perfect world, Tom Clancy and Hot Dogs would be the definition of perfection.