Friday, April 28, 2017

The Overlord Is Pleased...

My Master Plan continues apace! I shall conquer the internet one planet at a time, and you shall all be at my mercy! Practice your grovelling and lick-spittleing now!

Traffic is awesome, and we're only nine days in!

Time to send some shout-outs.

First one goes to my friend Diogenes Sarcastica, and the good folks at Diogenes' Middle Finger. For those who may not be familiar with this blog, it is simply AWESOME. If you enjoy your politics and social commentary with a dash of sarcasm, a side order of snark, and The Colonel's Secret blend of 11-insults-and-bellylaughs, get over right now. Your Overlord commands you!

Next, we have the folks at Traction Control, who have christened me the new Kim du Toit of internet rants. Which is extraordinarily high praise, indeed, since Kim can write up a storm. Visit them both, dammit, or I will use the Farce (here in this Galaxy, it's not The Force or The Schwartz, it's The Farce) to do...well...something not nice that you won't appreciate. Probably something to do with loss of bladder control, because that's really nasty.

Traction Control has all the gun and ammo info you need, and Kim is just a fantastic writer.

Finally, I have made What, pray, is is an aggregation site where people get to circulate articles from all over the internet that they find funny, sarcastic or interesting, that's what it is. It's a big fucking deal, okay? Some of the best commentary on the internet is to be found there, not just in the articles, but especially in the comments. I especially love the mantra of Fark's founder, which goes something like this:

"I don't care what anyone says, the masses are morons."

Yes, the Overlord agrees.

Thank you all! Additions to the blogroll have been made.

Now go forth, my Minions, and click links.


Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

You can never become be a successful Emperor without learning to link properly. DOH!

There, I fixed it for ya, ;)


I have added you to my blog roll

Matthew Noto said...


Matthew Noto said...

Thank you, Goodstuff.

What's your site address. Maybe Diogenes can link it for me, since I appear to be retarded? ;)

Wolfplus3 said...

Was advised by DMF to check your site out. Mission accomplished, and a fine place it is. Will check back frequently, best of luck to you!