Friday, August 26, 2022

You All Suck (#53 -- Unforgiveable)

"Note to all recent college grads who may be seeking employment with me in the near future:

If or when you no longer have as heavy a debt load because Joe Biden is attempting to buy votes by eliminating some of your fiscal responsibility, then I just might decide to lower your starting salary in commensurate fashion. Only fair since I will be getting stuck with your unpaid tab..." -- The Overlord

College is a colossal waste of time and money for most people.

I should think that has become obvious when one considers the number of Gender and Race Theory majors who have limited or no job prospects, the vast mobs of mindless, functionally-illiterate, culturally-barren, mentally-stunted individuals littering the landscape, and the rising cost (and falling value) of an experience that essentially allows most people to extend adolescence and put off Reality for four, five, seven, or nine years.

And then whine about how unfair it all is when Reality wins the Game of Life.

Let's not even get started about how many people start college never to finish, or who use the "Student Loan" system as yet another Welfare Scam (you can see these in all of their questionable glory on Judge Judy every day as they explain how they buy cars they don't insure and then wreck and rent apartments they get evicted from with their Student Aid checks).

I have spent a good deal of my adult life as a hiring manager and a private business owner hiring graduates who, on a good day, might be able to find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight...unless they ask Alexa to give them directions.

There is a misapprehension that college is good for you. That it qualifies you and prepares you for a future of high-earning jobs and limitless opportunity, but this is not true. 

Most college grads I've met in the last 25 years are retarded. Provably so. A testament to the incompetence of the Educational System at all levels in this country: an expensive, bureaucratic, industrial process that turns out morons like NABISCO produces Oreos.

Few are prepared for much of anything, other than a lifetime of navel-gazing, picking at their psychic scabs and emotional confusion.

The reason why you go to college is not to "get a degree" which indicates "qualification", because such is not magically conferred upon you with receipt of a piece of paper you can barely read.

"Qualification" comes with actual experience of DOING whatever it is you intend to do. Not a second before.

And even then, only when you're GOOD at it.

One goes to college, instead, to network: to build relationships and friendships that may one day prove useful in gaining employment and access to opportunities. Certainly not for "education" since that has apparently been scrubbed -- on purpose -- from the modern curriculum.

Speaking as someone who has hired people for years, when we hire a grad we cannot gauge their proficiency in any field of endeavor because they've spent the last four years studying and not practicing (in fact, they've spent the last 22 years living off their parents and not doing much of anything useful). Instead, we have to make an evaluation of someone's potential based on little more than an empty resume and 15 to 20 minutes of face-to-face contact.

We already know that any potential hire with no practical experience is already useless for up to two years as they have to be retrained and de-programmed before they can be productive. All they "know" is whatever Professor Dipshit told them and he has been teaching the same course for 10, 15 or 25 years in the same manner, with the same materials and the same "practical" exercises.

In the meantime, the Real World has been advancing and discovering and using new technologies, new methods and more-efficient processes of which Professor Dipshit is totally ignorant, because he's not doing these things "for real", either, and he still gets paid whether you're successful or not.

This is why your starting salaries are so low: we're already taking a risk by hiring you. We don't increase that risk by lavishing you with money, you idiot.

There are two practical effects of any such scheme to "forgive" college loans that are easily foreseeable:

1. Colleges will raise the price -- and lower the content -- of the "educational experience", seeing as how their customers have now effectively been "given" an additional 10 or 20k in "free money".

2. Employers, who will have to absorb that expense in the form of higher taxes, will simply pass that expense on to the graduate in the form of shrinking salaries and benefits, just as they pass all the other expenses onto their customers in one way, shape or form.

A friendly note to all of you who think this is a good idea: you are entitled to shit. You are entitled to even less-than-shit because you've burdened yourself with a quarter mil in loan debt and got a shitty return on investment because you chose your institution on the basis of male-to-female ratio on campus, your favorite basketball team, and propensity to hand out easy A's in classes bereft of content.

You're entitled to far less when you've chosen your life's endeavor on the basis of "following your dreams" instead of the more-practical "how will I earn a living post-graduation" and wound up with a degree in Holistic Basketweaving, Queer Theory or Environmentally-friendly Masturbation.

(By the way, I have two degrees -- Mathematics and Computer Science -- and will return to school (via internet, because much cheaper and efficient methods) to complete a third in History soon, all of which I paid for out of my own damned pocket. I could pay for it all out of my own resources because while all of my friends were getting catatonic drunk and finger-banging co-eds "at school", I was already working..and making a great salary. Spare me the teary-eyed retorts and the angry invective. I have no fucking sympathy for any of you leeches).

I read with great displeasure and a growing anger that America's Modern-Day-Doctor-Mengele, Anthony Fuckface Fauci is about to bid us all a fond farewell and mosey on out into the sunset, retiring after a multi-decade stint as America's highest-paid-and-least-effective bureaucrat, the man responsible for the creation of a deadly virus that no one wanted and no one asked for, and infamous for his "expertise" that has resulted in millions dying, perhaps needlessly and senselessly, while he has dodged responsibility for what, in any other context, would be considered crimes against humanity.

When one considers the future historical evaluation of the life and activities of  "Doctor" Anthony Fuckface Fauci, one should consider that this was the man who was responsible for the horrifically-poor response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980's, who funded the Wuhan labs through third parties in an effort to circumvent US law on Gain-of-Function Research, who shut down a country for 2-plus years, wrecked the world's largest economy, encumbered the development of tens of millions of children, destroyed the scientific process and the reputation of the scientific community, who censored opposition medical theories and scientific endeavors, bastardized the medical profession, who has told bald-faced lies that have harmed society and who has the blood of millions on his hands.

And for what? 

Instead of being hauled before a drum-head tribunal and then a firing squad, this piece of shit will retire with a pension?

The Faucis of this world -- and his cohorts like Birx and Wallensky --are the true enemies of good and decent people everywhere.

There can be no forgiveness in our hearts for what these sorts of people have done to us all.

There is never enough tar and feathers -- or convenient ropes and lampposts -- it seems.

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Unknown said...

Oh my friend, you always say what I'm thinking but don't have the chops to do so myself. Miss our FB interaction but I just can't bring myself to go back after everything we know. Thank you for being the voice of reason in a world that is hanging on by a thread.