Monday, August 22, 2022

Galactic Housekeeping #18 (An Empty Death Star, Podcasting, and Assorted Crap Edition)

 No quote today.

The Death Star is truly hollow and empty without the presence of Mrs. Overlord. The worst part of this ordeal is that there has been a constant flood of people, well-meaning and concerned, for which I am grateful, who wish "to do" for me or who constantly "check up" on me, and all I can do is to fervently wish that they would just leave me alone.

Then they do.

And then I feel lonelier still.

Lots to still work out, I reckon.

I wish to thank all who sent their condolences and even sympathy cards (how'd you get my address? do I need to worry?). It has all been greatly appreciated and somewhat restores this misanthrope's dimming hopes for humanity.


Your expressions of sympathy for a complete stranger have given me a bit more courage and a little more of a positive attitude, which is something I did not expect. Thank you all so much.

Once again, I ask everyone who can to make a donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association at, and let's give everyone afflicted with any one of these 1,400 dreadful diseases a chance at a cure, or a therapy, or the means to just live a slightly better life.

If there is any silver lining to the loss it is that time is suddenly elastic and plentiful. Without someone to care for 24 hours a day possibilities are opening up that previously would have been discarded or ignored. I've passed up a good number of opportunities in the last 10 years in order to care for Mrs. Overlord, and while I would have done nothing different and have no regrets in that regard, I think it's time I explored some of them a bit more.

You might be seeing me and listening to my nonsense in a video feed. Someone thinks I'm TV material.

I think they're crazy.

As soon as I know anything more, you'll all be the among the first to know.

Two new episodes of The Idiot's Perspective are now available to assault your ears and offend your sense of good taste.

Joe and I take a crack at the Mar-a-lago debacle and then present an excellent example of what happens when no one did any preparation work in anticipation of the show, and somehow still manage to produce something worth listening to.

Take a listen, if you will, on Spotify, Anchor, Apple, and everywhere else you get your podcasts. You might be glad you did...or you might call the cops on us.

And a great big thank you to the people of Australia who seem to enjoy the podcast! You're our biggest audience.


Doc g said...

You linked your brides name on the last article. Her obituary was online along with your address.
I wish you the best of luck

Matthew Noto said...

Another thing we can thank the internet for, apparently.

Never occurred to me that might be the case. Thanks.