Friday, April 15, 2022

Mindrape, Subway Shooters, and Mo' Conservatives...

 "Remember: You can't spell 'therapist' without 'the rapist'"... -- The Overlord

A three-fer today, My Minions. We'll be moving quickly, so buckle in.

Subject #1 - The Current State of the American Mind (or, Why Oprah Winfrey Should Be Raised For Meat and Hides)

The Overlord has, unfortunately, had a great deal of experience with what is euphemistically called "The Mental Health System" over the years, both as patient and as counselor to those with a variety of addiction and minor mental health issues. For brevity's sake, here's my evaluation of what kind of system we have, and how effective it is:

It sucks donkey cock.

And we're not talking just a gentle, doing-you-a-favor sort of equine fellating you might get with a Tinder hookup, we're talking the full-bore, porn-quality, sloppy blowjob, Linda Lovelace variety.

Sez me, this is primarily a consequence of WHO is "practicing" in the Mental Health sphere (emo chicks who took up the profession in order to discover and explain -- and then justify -- their own fucktard), and HOW the system goes about "treating" people.

On the subject of HOW, we have two, often-competing schools of thought in the Mental Health profession (there are shades of contrast here, but these are the general rulezzzz):

Rule #1 - All mental health issues that cannot be traced to a serious, provable disease or defect are due to "chemical imbalances in the brain", which can be "treated" by "re-balancing" via pharmaceuticals.

Rule #2 - All mental health issues that cannot be traced to a serious, provable disease or defect are due to behavioral issues, often learned or acquired, which can be treated with a regime of "talk therapy" in which it is assumed that the patient already has the answers to her (it's usually a 'her') problems, but only needs to be slow-walked towards an epiphany.

Rule #1 is the preferred treatment option for state-run or insurance-covered therapy. Because it is the quick and cheap "fix".

Rule #2 will run you $300 for the 45-minute-hour once or twice weekly, often for months or years at a stretch, and can be hit-or-miss depending upon the skill of the therapist(s) involved. It is not uncommon for people with minor mental health issues to go through therapists like democrats go through Welfare checks, and usually due to the fact that therapy is often regarded by many as a social, rather than therapeutic, event.

Most people, at least initially, are not seeking answers to their problems, they're seeking VALIDATION of their feelz, and will hop from pshrink to pshrink in order to get that, much like the upper-middle-class-gated-community-soccer-mom will trot their tyke out to 100 doctors to FINALLY get that diagnosis of "autism" so that she doesn't have to admit she gave birth to a genetic potato salad. The turn-around from "someone who listens" to "someone who can help me" is often a time-consuming process because human beings are dumber than dogshit and like to wallow in denial.

The arrival of the "self-help manual" in the late 80's, endlessly flogged by the likes of Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey, turned the practitioner into a celebrity and also convinced millions that all of their troubles could be eliminated by plunking down $19.95 for a hardcover therapy replacement, which required little more than reading (applying the lessons within wasn't even an even afterthought for many; it was enough, they thought, to just read something).

But it is within the "public" part of the system that the real problems arise. For while the capitalist marketplace ensured that the truly bad practitioners and authors were either enjoined to leave the profession, or bankrupted, the Government Health Care Regime remained, and since it was a government-run operation, you got a government-run result. 

And since the purpose of any government-run flim-flam is to keep government workers employed, regardless of success, and to find more excuses to hire more government-workers, you got a system that worked even worse than what had come before it. The most-obvious consequence of this is the rampant homelessness and increasing homeless population one sees in most major cities. At least half of those living on the streets are those turned out of government-run facilities, where "lack of funding" is a common excuse/refrain (because the funding went to unionized bureaucrats and second-rate practitioners who couldn't find employment elsewhere or make it in private practice).

Suddenly the word "outpatient" entered the lexicon. As did the ridiculous notion that truly deranged and dangerous people could be "monitored" and trusted to take their meds without close, personal supervision, or "traumatized" by what amounted to incarceration. The Police became the "first-responders" to the berserk idiot armed with a knife, or the for-show bridge jumper, and all the cops had in their arsenal was guns, nightsticks, and maybe tasers, and then they got maligned because they couldn't do anything but shoot the foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic.

The "new" regime being trotted out in some places where the Police are instructed to wait for a social worker to arrive on scene when confronting an obvious lunatic is still in it's infancy, although it doesn't take a medium to presage what the result will be.

There are tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of batshit crazy people roaming the streets who will either get sub-standard care from a government program, inadequate care because insurance companies would rather drug them up then engage them in other, effective-but-time-consuming therapeutic methods, or because their families just can't (or wont) care for them.

Which brings us to Subject #2...

Subject #2 - Subway Shooters (Or Why Geraldo Rivera Should Be Given a Battery Acid Enema)

By now, you've heard all about the man who shot up a Brooklyn, NY subway station this past week.

This is the poster child for Fucked Up.

And like most of the crazed douchebags that achieve this sort of minor celebrity in Modern America, this person and the potential danger he represents were

a) Known to the authorities

b) He had been a "patient" in the Public Mental Health System and had numerous run-ins with law enforcement

c) He had somehow managed to evade all the laws concerning gun control and explosives, probably because Fed'ral authorities were too busy entrapping rednecks in Michigan, falsifying FISA warrants, or stoking phony "riots" in order to arrest and persecute political opponents of the left.

d) All the social media platforms who will go out of their way to censor anyone who disagrees with the left's agenda on the basis of "controlling dangerous speech", apparently didn't apply any of their secret criteria to this idiot. His Facebook feed is a mass of Black Supremacy, racism, and unbalanced vitriol, complete with threats and conspiracy theories.

Probably because it is somehow "racist" and "ableist" to censor or report the rantings of a madman.

And then everyone is surprised when this sort of walking time bomb finally flips his ever-loving lid?

Now, the New York City Subway system wasn't exactly a haven for anyone before this -- the number of people shoved in front of moving trains, knifed by vagrants, beaten by racists, raped by thugs, slashed by gangs, and so forth -- was already piling up into the hundreds of incidents per month before Frank James went semi-Rambo on the N train.

The question isn't "why did he do this?", because the answer to this question is obvious: this is a fucking nut.

The question is "why was this fucking nut walking around free?"

And it is the same question we ask after a school shooting, or a terrorist attack, or any other crime that shocks the sensibilities of the average human being.

The answer to the question is easy, too. He's walking around free because no one has the expertise, patience, and most importantly, money, to treat him. It is quite possible that the man was beyond treatment, everyone knew it but went through the motions, anyway, and so confinement was probably the best option. But confinement requires money, too, and gets exponentially more-expensive because of the other wrench in the Mental Health System gears, the Lawyer.

The ACLU and "mentally-ill advocates" are fucking destructive, in this regard. In the name of "Civil, Rights for the Mentally Ill" they have created a situation where the truly dangerous are set free to interfere with everyone else's Civil Rights, including the right to be able to take the Subway to work without being shot and blown up.

That's all about sucking money from the system, too.

This is, to a certain extent, Geraldo's fault. For way back in the late-70's, The Mustache was a local news reporter for WABC TV in New York, who "exposed" the appalling conditions and abuses in the Willowbrook hospital here in the Overlord's home base of Staten Island.

It made Geraldo a household name -- like Drano, Listerine, Ivory Soap, Ajax and Summer's Eve. That is to say, it gave him "brand recognition" and made him a fucking douche all at the same time.

The nation's sensibilities were shocked. And rightfully so. The result of all this public outcry was for the State of New York to put on a Potemkin display of "reform"...and then empty the mental hospitals. If there were no mentally ill in hospitals to abuse, the problem goes away, right?

Just like if old people infected with COVID don't die in hospitals, but rather in nursing homes, then the curve was being flattened.

That (release of the mentally ill from state-run facilities) was just another gift for the people of New York from the Hillbilly Kennedys of Albany, those guys named "Cuomo" (in this case, Mario).

Other states followed suit and then blamed Reagan for it.

The true nature of the problem remains -- the hospitals are jammed full of administrators, sub-standard doctors, and the staff are little more than unionized goons, as any perusal of the darker corners of the internet will turn up if you search for "bum fights", "mental patient UFC", or any number of newspaper reports concerning "orderly charged with...".

If there was ever any part of the American Health Care System that needed "reform", it is this one. And not just the Band-Aid sort of reform that government applies only so long as the cameras are rolling and the public's notoriously-short attention span is dedicated to it, but a serious Augean-Stables-kind of flushing out, re-organization and re-orientation.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" form of treatment available; the "happy-pills-and-hope-for-the-best" mentality does not work; "outpatient" should never apply to schizophrenics with a history of violent activities or dangerous behaviors; lawyers should not be involved in treatment or delivery of services; government-as-last-resort is tantamount to unleashing scores of wanna-be Mansons on American Society on a daily basis, or sucking down taxpayer dollars for the benefit of unions and politicians.

A more-holistic approach is required, one based on proven therapies rather than hit-or-miss guesswork, or a patchwork of disjointed and often-contradictory "programs" run by charlatans and the incompetent.

I don't know how we get there. I just know that what we're doing right now doesn't work, and people are paying for it with their lives.

Subject #3 -- Mo' Conservatives (Or Why Anyone Calling Themselves "A Real Conservative" Should Be Kicked in The Nuts Because Unreasonable Asshole)

Once upon a time, The Overlord considered himself "a conservative" (small 'c' intentional). I was quickly relieved of this fiction by close contact with other people who considered themselves REAL conservatives (small 'c' intentional).

You see, according to these morons, I couldn't be "conservative" (small 'c' intentional) because despite my espousal of limited government, lower taxes, truly free markets, predisposition to law and order, and belief in individual rights, I had the temerity to do things like speak highly of Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, read National Review and The Economist (apparently, reading is bad, unless it is the Bible or Dr. Suess version of The Constitution, exclusively), refused to acknowledge the unproven existence of the Invisible Jew in The Sky, did not worship at the Altar of Rush or Buchannan, and, to top it all off, was a treasonous bastard because I insisted upon dating non-White females.

(Sorry, but The Overlord enjoys a bit of the exotic).

It was then that I came to the conclusion that these people's "conservatism" (small 'c' intentional) wasn't about their political views, but mainly centered upon personalities or circumstances that they disliked or which made them uncomfortable.

Fuck that, not uncomfortable, but threatened. Usually in a way which they could not adequately explain -- the consequence of not reading -- without personalizing it to an extent that would make them a candidate for accommodations in Geraldo's Hellhole.

This isn't a political philosophy: it's an identity similar to the ones the Left employs and which "conservatives" (small 'c' intentional) claim is an evil force that is "destroying 'Murica".

Hardly worth my time.

The reason why 'Murica is being destroyed is because the country is over-populated with retards who are allowed to vote -- including self-professed "conservatives" (small 'c' intentional) -- but that's something I've only railed against here a billion times before.

Retards gotta Retard.

Skipping ahead, the anxiety of the "conservatives" these days is getting more conservatives elected in the upcoming mid-terms and then ressurrecting Donald Trump, because that worked so well the first time. If you're wondering why you're still locked down or being advised to take your fourth booster, it is a consequence of Operation Warp Speed and other Corona policies, the biggest failures in the program, and if you're wondering why Donald Trump was so easily marginalized and cheated out of office, I've given you the answers to those puzzles many times before, too. For the slow, I'll repost them in edited form:

a) It's Trump. He has ADHD and can't keep his eye on any single shiny object for more than 30 seconds,

b) Trump had the misfortune of assuming the government could be run like a business, only to discover that the incentives are all upside down and inside out, and rarely apply.

c) When you threaten the Swamp, the Swamp fights back, and even facts and absolute truths are no defense against it.

d) The "conservatives" really just got a tingle in their manginas that someone was speaking their (demented) language in smaller words that they could's a personality rather than policy thing; this guy talks TO me rather than AT me...that what he says is either bullshit or makes little sense is beyond the point. 

e) Unfortunately, the business of governing needs to be undertaken by an actual governor of some sort. Those uninitiated in the process of government are the most likely to find their programs, policies and intentions distorted, blunted, or shunted aside by those who know how to navigate the system.

 I am of the considered belief that the Trump drama would have destroyed Ross Perot in much the same manner 30 years earlier (only faster) and for much the same reasons. In which case, there may never have been a Trump, ever.

The "conservatives" have two problems they don't wish to confront. Because denial. 

The first is that "conservatism", especially their brand, is a hard sell. It only becomes an easier sell when the Other Side fucks up so royally as to leave few viable alternatives. It is at this point, because the personality type always leads to this predictable end, that the feeling of vindication and, thus, invincibility sets in, and the "conservative" finally forgets his "conservatism" and goes full-on leftist in both manner and action. That is, they overstep their bounds and their mandate and become that which they hated.

As an example, the "conservative" who decries the all-intrusive "security state" (ushered in by a man who we were once ASSURED was a "REAL conservative" by the very same people, i.e. George W. Bush) and the collusion of that state with social media, which censors and de-platforms them, would easily, if given half a chance and a bit of hubris, see no problem with creating a Secret-Service-like apparatus empowered to peek into bedroom windows to ensure no one is engaged in sexual activities proscribed by Scripture.

The same "conservative" who wishes to see the schools return to true education, rather than indoctrination and coercion, would also be the same sort of regime that would demand the Ten Commandments be placed at eye level on every conceivable surface, and that condoms handed out by school nurses have Psalms printed on the packaging.

When they lose, because dipshit and wrong issues at the wrong time, they then claim they weren't heeded or that someone fooled them, the old RINO-in-conservative-clothing defense: If only..IF ONLY...we had elected "REAL CONSERVATIVES" all of our troubles would be over. The gays would be straight, the trans would be marched to the ovens, the Abortionists would be marooned on Pluto, and we'd all be rich and secure behind an invincible border wall and unbeatable military that can kill billions with the flip of a switch, with God making door-to-door visits.

They start to sound like Leftists when they're out of office. And like the left -- or Islam -- when you fail it is never because you were very bad at what you do, it because you've lost the blessings of God (you've deviated from the "conservative" path), or because The Other Side sabotaged you, or because some outside force beyond you control -- "the culture", "the educational system", "the media", whatever -- somehow betrayed you.

These are people with no ability to learn from their mistakes, no ability to balance expectations against objective reality, and worst of all, who keep insisting that anyone who doesn't completely conform to their ways of thinking and acting, is worse than useless.

In fact, the non-conformists need to be purged, hence the extraordinary formulation that someone with a proven record of truly conservative victories -- say, Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich -- is a traitor because he's not "conservative enough" because he's been divorced multiple times, or didn't lock the faggots up, or won't suck Pat Robertson's cock.

Eventually, even The Right starts to resemble the Left.

The second problem "conservatives" have is that many of their worst examples are encouraged to spill their fucktard hither and yon freely.

And while Jethro Q. Walrustitty of Moose Rectum, Montana is entitled to have his say and has the unquestioned right to his opinions, he very quickly becomes hobbled by the same defect that afflicts the left: for while Jethro is quite right in believing that the Coastal Elites don't understand Middle America, it's equally true that Middle America can't comprehend those foreign lands beyond the Appalachians or Rockies, so that whatever Jethro is incensed about in Hoglover, Idaho, or Biblethumper, Arkansas, is not necessarily a similar priority for the people in Baltimore or Buffalo, San Bernadino or Seattle.

Both sides are totally and equally ignorant of the (political) realities outside of their home bases.

And that sort of ignorance leads to the selection of empty suits who are quite ready to vote for this or that piece of "anti-" that is favored by their mouth-breathing minions, it also means they aren't really required to do all that much except cater to the fucktarded, and so stay in office. Any R that votes to defund Planned Parenthood gets the "conservative" stamp of approval -- even if the initiative ultimately fails -- but gets a pass on earmarks or backroom wheeling dealing which defeat the goal of responsible and limited government.

If you want "more conservatives" (and really, why would you want any of this sort, the short-sighted, single-issue milksop that appeals to your feelz and not your general welfare?) in American Government, you have to do it in stages. It cannot be accomplished in one, fell swoop, even by a motivated "conservative base" (a fallacy if there ever was one).

And what you have to do is elect every goddamned R you can. Even the ones you don't like, unless you're willing to do the necessary work in order to get ones you do like, and then lose because you've selected a dumbfuck parrot of little real value. If the Modern Republican party can, rightfully sometimes, be accused of lacking a collective backbone, it is because on the one hand there's so few of them in Washington, and on the other, there's a bunch of rabid dickheads on their own side who subject them to ridicule and criticism on the often dumbest of disagreements.

Because like ANTIFA, the only way you get a bunch of R's to do anything is if they feel as if they have a supportive crowd at their back.

Once you get them into office, then you start holding them accountable. The "conservatives" have it backwards -- they apply the accountability first, and discount/discard the person, before the guy starts doing the job. 

It is better to get 50% conservative at the start, and possibly advance, than it is to get 100% at the very beginning and completely flop within 4 years. Often faster.

Only when republicans -- and by this, I mean Classically Liberal republicans -- are in control can there even be a chance for the sort of fire-breathing "conservatism" of the great unwashed rural hoard to get a fair chance. Otherwise, you're outnumbered and the demographics do not favor you.

It is this all-or-nothing mentality that has infected both ends of the political spectrum in recent years and it doesn't work. For anyone. Especially the most-fervent footsoldiers, who are only continuously disappointed and dispirited, angrier than hell, and always threatening to take their ball home.

The left is splintering before out very eyes. Do not splinter the right in similar fashion because Candidate X only checks five of the ten boxes on the Almighty's List of Litmus Tests. Take your victories where you can get them, while you can get them, and then continue to make your case (preferably in English) as to why more of what you advocate is better than what anyone else is offering.

But that would be too difficult, I guess.

UPDATE: Made some major grammar boo-boo's and fixed some.

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SCBen said...

Very interesting! I remember back when the "State Hospitals" were utilized rather extensively and then for some reason they were "gone"! It was then that the "homeless" phenomenon erupted and all the nuts were roaming the big cities. We had OUR nuts in our small cities too, but they were controlled by families and local police. I do wonder how many of these "nuts" are regular DEMOcrat voters now that they are not considered "mentally impaired"?? As always, I enjoyed your Planet!!