Thursday, January 27, 2022

What Pandemic?

 "People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election..." -- Otto von Bismark

The Overlords went to the local hospital today.

Mrs. Overlord -- finally -- had the measurements taken for her new wheelchair. Apparently the previous appointment we had had to be cancelled because the hospital was in the process of moving the clinic into the main building.

That it did this in the midst of a pandemic puzzled me, because that means new construction.

Remember this point later on.

I was told, repeatedly, that since I have not been injected with Sheeple Juice that I would require proof of being virus-free, i.e. a PCR test result taken within the last 72 hours with a negative result. If I did not have one, they said, I would not be able to accompany Mrs. Overlord into the clinic. In fact, I would be barred from the hospital.

I took two tests, at my own expense ($130 a pop), a) I got it before the first appointment was cancelled and b) in order to meet the requirement for the second appointment, and... one asked me for it.

No one asked me for my Vax Papers, either.

In fact, there was no lady at the front door to take my temperature; no other lady with a clipboard asking me about my bowel movements and snot production; no one handing out masks and Purell.

Remember this point later on.

Once inside the hospital, we had to travel quite a bit to get to the Wheelchair Clinic. passing through the halls I was struck by the complete lack of chaos the media insists resides inside a hospital in New York. There was nothing one expected:

No gurneys piled up in the hallways with sick people.

No shortage of hospital personnel that was obvious.

No floors covered in vomit, no walls plastered with blood, no multitude of huddled infirm cowering in corners, or lying on the waiting room floors until bed space could be found for them.

No scenes reminiscent of Omaha Beach.

In fact, there was absolutely no sign of anything out of the ordinary. And trust me: the Overlords spend a lot of time in hospitals.

Remember this point for later on, too.

So, what is one to believe when the daily news reports on the idiot box portray the typical hospital in New York City as an overflowing charnel pit, full of dying people, being tended to by inadequate staff lacking in basic supplies, drugs, protective equipment, ventilators, and... enter a hospital and see no such thing.

What is one to believe when one is continuously told that the Peking Plague is still a vicious killer of untold millions and the fucking hospital you've just entered seems to be operating very efficiently, there no sense of panic, and there's people in scrubs everywhere?

What is one to think when the State and City announce all these rules about who can get into a hospital and what vaccination paperwork is required and all this stuff about testing and tracking and tracing, and you get to the front door and no one so much as asks you your name?

Why does a hospital bursting with dying respiratory cases decide to engage in new construction and to move an entire department from one building to another in the middle of the emergence of a new variant which is supposed to be the most contagious thing EVAH?

Where are the corpses, stacked like cordwood?

Why so many nurses, techs and doctors, all in pristine white coats, going about their business without any sign of panic during the most-deadly outbreak since the Black Death?

Why does no one check vaccination status -- the supposed key to "controlling" the virus and "keeping everyone safe"?

Because it's all BULLSHIT. It always was. You've been lied to, repeatedly, but the two main lies are these:

The first is a Lie of Commission: COVID-19, for all it's virulence, is not the mass-extinction event it has been portrayed as. We already know why it had to be presented as such: Dr. Fuckface and his minions funded the research into a man-made virus that no one wanted, no one needed, and which was supposed to be hidden by use of third-parties so that no one would find out, because doing so was in direct violation of US law and violated every precept of logic and medical principles.

The second was a Lie of Omission: while the Hell of COVID did, in fact, play out, it did so only in the sector of the health care system that is the least-effective, least-efficient, and which is intended to serve the least-remunerative sectors of the industry -- the elderly, the indigent and the illegal immigrant. That system failed. Spectacularly. And if you were a political party about to lose an election and every last one of your platform planks combined at exactly the right moment to fuck everything up, you cause a panic.

I repeat this for those who didn't get it the first 50 times I've written it. If you're The left, you have to believe and cheer for the following:

1. Diversity for it's own sake, or, more-nefariously, as a means of artificially replacing the electorate with one either more-amenable to, or more-easily bribed-by, your platform.

2. Open Borders, to facilitate the entry and bribery of the new Diversity.

3. High-density urban living as an antidote to suburban sprawl and to "save the planet" from Global Warming.

4. Mass transit as a replacement for the private automobile (a notorious and pernicious symbol of freedom, like guns), also to prevent Global catastrophe which is announced every fifteen minutes but then fails to arrive.

5. Government-run healthcare systems that are supposed to be more-egalitarian, cheaper, and provide services to everyone.

And what happens?

The Diversity crosses the Open Borders with a paid-for-by-government Frankenvirus. The virus spreads rapidly through the High-Density urbans -- all over the planet --  aided and abetted by mass transit systems, like subways, buses, airplanes, and, eventually all these diseased Diversities infect the non-Diversities and destroy the public health system which cannot handle the influx of patients because the goal is not "to save lives" but to give the illusion of fairness by treating people according to a program of "a modicum of care at the lowest price possible, while providing jobs for unionized non-achievers".

So much for "ObamaCare", "the Public Option", or whatever else you choose to call it in order to hide it's true nature.

The PRIVATE hospitals, especially here in New York City at the height of Sino Snot Storm, performed admirably. They still are with the arrival of the most-spreadable Omicron, but we're not supposed to notice. All hospitals, we're told, are on the verge of total collapse because of Omicron. They were supposed to be walking the tightrope during Delta.

None of it was true. It's still not true.

So, while others are getting their 4th, 5th, 17th, whatever, fix of government-issued Slave Vaccine under the false impression that the world was ending, there was never going to be any more hospitals ever again, and we were all gonna die horrible deaths, apparently the for-profit sector of the medical establishment was working well enough so that not only weren't there nineteen billion deaths in the Greater New York City area, alone, but that they could even do things like remodel the fucking hospital and move departments around during a pandemic emergency.

So that when I asked how bad it got -- at this hospital -- at the height of the emergency, the response I got was not surprising:

We were busy, but no more than during a really bad flu season. Once you move the Medicaid, illegal and non-insured patients -- who tend to be the sickest --  out to the government hospitals (standard procedure), things return to normal pretty quickly.

They haven't been terribly busy in months.

The problem here is not, as we're always told, "greedy doctors, hospitals and Big Pharma"'s stupid people in government.


Miss M said...

Yup, exactly the same here in PA. Due to various health issues, my husband and I spent some time in and out of hospitals here in the Lehigh Valley over the past year. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. No overflowing emergency rooms, no bodies in hallways. Then back in November my sister in Colorado starts sending out tons of links to articles in their local news involving overflowing local hospitals - all the usual Covid pron. I got sick of it and called their fricking hospitals, noting their local news reports - and the hospital knew nothing about it. Said everything was fine. Of course said sister is no longer speaking to me over it. Too fricking bad, sorry not sorry. I'm so over this nonsense and all the gullible sheep that listen to this crap.

mtness said...

Aand exactly the same here, in the heart of Europe.

The hospitals are quite empty -
and I have first hand knowldge of this. Why?

Because my mother had to be hospitalized last march
due to an acute intestinal obstruction.
(which she developed during the lockdown,
all the socialist dancing and cancelation of her schedule
made her just sitting on the couch for weeks,
causing a severe depression)

The ER was emtpy! No one there! Not. a. single. person.
But five nurses. Of which one found the time after several minutes to look up from here magazine, saying to me: "Oh no, you have to leave - thisdd is only for emergencies!" I gave her a thousand yard stare and just said that i on't go anywhere until I see her accompanied by a doctor weith my own eyes. (my mother could't even walk straight at that moment anymore)
She reluctantly accepted that - "ok, for once but don't tell" ^^

My mother never really recovered from then on,
had to stay for 10 weeks in the hospital and rehab,
Pandemics, you know.

In May, she came back to her home but drained of all living spirits...
Her Doctor found it was a good idea that she should get vaccinated, you know -
the day after her second dose she was so incapacitated that she couldn't even move -
that condition lasted several days - she barely recovered, some days later
(it was the mid of june where it's alwyas quite hot here) she wen't to the bathroom, fell, and from then on never really stood up anymore.

I cared and fostered her for the coming weeks 24/7 together with my brother,
until we got a place in the local hospice. She lived there for another 19 days,
and we had to comply to the testing and masking wtf every singhle day just to see her. At least, that was possible.

May she rest in peace, I'm happy for her that she hasn't haver to witness the shit show this clown world has become.

So, whenever a covidian now comes and tries to lure me into their madness,
i just have to give them a glimpse of what I had to go through to deter them.

"I have something to give you - I don't want it anymore -
30 hours of pain!" (Eric fron The Crow)

Or just the question:
Where are the dead bodies?


But live goes on, and this, too, shall pass.

Cheers and have a nice weekend!

Matthew Noto said...

My condolences and deepest sympathies.

it seems to be true, no matter where you are, that we're killing far more people with "treatment" than we are with neglect.

Unknown said...

Yes, this tracks with my recent experience in a private hospital ER in my blue city inside a red county/red state. Apologies for the length.
Part 1-

Like you and the Mrs. I had this plague early, in Feb 2020. After I had it, was not been sick for almost two years. Unfortunately, I work for a fed contractor. Got tons of pressure to submit to taking The Vaccine That Works, and stupidly did so late Oct 2021, for lots of family/money/career reasons. Have been constantly sick ever since, culminating in a bout of omi that hit me New Year's Eve.

After four days being exhausted/feverish/lethargic, I suddenly started having excruciating, unrelenting abdominal/GI tract pain. Pain as bad as labor pain. After almost four hours, I finally broke down and drove myself to my small city's downtown ER. And like you, was astonished to find at the entrance, not a vax/PCR test hall monitor, but a VALET.

Deadliest plague in the history of man, yes please take my car keys from my sweaty, germ ridden hands and get inside my vehicle and breath in all that air I was just sneezing my droplets into.

Go up to the front desk, waiting area WAS full, about 20 people. Lady tells me have a seat. Some EMTs that were passing through started gossiping with me that all the local ERs were bursting that night. However, no one was dying in front of me, nor was anyone turned away. There WAS a particularly sad indigent man who started furiously masturbating in the waiting area, much to the chagrin of the sickly Millennial in the rainbow/BLM combo mask who began screeching in outrage. I was almost pleased to have my expectations of the typical scene of a downtown ER fulfilled.

After about an hour, a visibly tired intake nurse grabbed me and took my vitals. Asked if I was vaxxed, told him yes, J&J in late Oct, he then proceeds to robotically recite that "Omi is virulent, virulent means highly contagious, vaccines are not effective against omi, since it has been two months since your J&J you should get a booster" I asked him, if it is NOT effective as you JUST stated, WHY would I boost, no answer, just a sad sigh. I also tell him, I took a 'rona test this weekend and it was negative. He then bitterly laughs and says, "Lady I guarantee you you have Covid!" Also tells me, "Good news! Since you have a fever, you get to be at the front of the line, if the pain gets worse, tell the attendant up front and we'll get you back here sooner." Then shunts me back to the waiting area with the 20 plus people. DEADLIEST VIRUS EVAH- please continue to breath all over the others in our ER waiting area.

Unknown said...

Part Two-

After an hour, around 10pm, I got assigned a room, the door to my room was left wide open. At 11pm, the billing lady shows up, a kindly older woman, looked to be in her 60s, flustered because another patient had just called her a, "fatass, cracker bitch." I tell her next time correct them and let them know that the PROPER term is "Saltine American." She starts laughing her ass off and calls me her favorite. A phlebotomist comes in a takes a bunch of blood. Doc finally shows up around 1am, palpitates my stomach/abdomen and tells me he thinks it's my appendix and is ordering a CT scan. Half hour later, Xray tech shows up wheels me to the scanner and back again, this entire period the room to my door is wide open. The staff that I can hear in the hallway nurse's station all are joking with each other and sounding happy, amazingly, contra to what the media would have you believe, NOT screaming CODE BLUE STAT and stacking bodies in the hall like cordwood.

Finally, around 2am, my nurse shows up, Becky. Becky tells me, "bad news" and I squeak out, "oh no! It's my appendix??!!" And she says, "oh I'm sorry, NO I just need to stick this up your nose and test for Covid!" Then proceeds to show me the best way to get get some snot for her so she DOESN'T have to go mining near my brain. After getting this swab, she THEN proceeds to shut my door and mark it with a print out indicating I am "pending Covid results." So about 4 hours of wide open door NOW we need to "follow the protocols" and shut me in. Virus Theater.

Doc comes by right after and says, "Not your appendix, going to order an ultrasound." Ultrasound girl, about twenty, jokes with me while digging around my nethers, that it pisses her dad off when she tells people she "looks at genitals for a living." After being violated, she tells me I can use the restroom, and as I come out of the restroom, and am about 6 inches from her, she TAKES OFF HER SURGICAL MASK and tells me, "well your Covid results came in and you're positive." She then "follows the protocols" and puts on an N95 mask in it's place. Perfect, "deadly virus," for sure removing The Mask That Works right next to me is also a great idea. We also chat on my way back to my room about how she's not worried because she is vaxxed, but that also, boosting is "stupid" because the vaccines were designed with the original strain in mind.

Becky swings back by around 4am, and after I cautiously make a joke about China, we both realize we're on the same "team" and proceed to talk for 45 minutes about how this is ALL BULLSHIT. She had not heard about Peter Dasak and the Eco Health Alliance cut out Fauci used to shunt the funds to China. I wrote down some stuff for her to look up and read later. She tells me she's been a nurse for THIRTY years and also had to be forced to vax. Plus, that "no way in hell" would she vax her kids with this experimental shite, if they were still Littles like mine. Finally, doc comes in, tells me "no known cause," discharge lets me go around 630am. What a joke our "experts" have played on us and the world.

mtness said...

Thanks, Matthew, I appreciate it!
Best regards, MT.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK, my wife goes to hospital a lot and the same here...empty hospitals with nurses who verify that they haven't been anywhere near capacity and in many cases, not even busy.