Friday, January 14, 2022

The Left and Civil War...

 "I, for one, welcome this conflict the Left keeps insisting is coming. It will be over very quickly. The Straight White Males own the majority of the guns, money and means of production, while The Other Side is a collection of four thousand self-interested, mutually-exclusive, functionally-illiterate identity groups, that are often confused by their own genitals." -- The Overlord

Just because: President Adult Diapers says he was arrested during the Civil Rights era. Now, to be fair, he also claims to have been arrested while storming the Bastille, to have personally karate-chopped his way through the Sepoys to rescue British Redcoats from the Black Hole of Calcutta, and broken all five legs jumping a barbed-wire fence with a stolen Nazi motorcycle while escaping from know...the whatever with Steve McQueen. In France.

That's when he isn't claiming to have been arrested trying to bust Nelson Mandela out of jail, of single-handedly apprehending Lee Harvey Oswald, personally shooting down 400 Japs at Pearl Harbor, telling Thomas Jefferson "you gotta say 'all men are created equal', man! C'mon!", staring down urban toughs in a bathing suit brandishing a length of elephant chain and bristling blond leg hairs, or being the first Man to walk on the Moon.

Joe Biden lost the plot a long time ago...apparently, the dementia-induced substitute is the plot from Forrest Gump.

Back to our regularly-scheduled topic.

A lot of talk these days, mostly from the left, about a looming new American Civil War.

Most of it is simply the neurotic ramblings of a particularly panty-bunched subsection of the upper crust left who fear -- palpably fear -- that having gone entirely too far in the last five years or so, they are headed for a date with catastrophe. They don't fear the catastrophe, per se, as the left depends upon catastrophe to justify it's existence.

What they truly fear is the loss of status such a defeat entails.

Status to these people equals influence. It is the currency in which they trade. Status brings power. But status is often merely a matter of appearances in our Age of Shallow Thinking, for having status does not make one a substantive human being, once the illusion of appearances wears off they will stand naked before the world, their stupidity and malicious nature having been revealed for what it has always been:

Their true selves. Ignorant, envious, materially spoiled, childish, mentally ill.

All leftist endeavors revolve around the concepts of status and appearances. Communism is all about status -- the social and economic position of the Proletariat as opposed to that of the Capitalist, for example -- which is to be magically balanced by a program that turns out to be largely an illusion, and ending with mass slaughter but no change in anyone's status...except the Communist's.

That's an analysis for another day, however, as interesting as the subject might be.

When I hear these idiots react with explosive verbal diarrhea about "the threat to our democracy!" that comes from ensuring fair elections; the caterwauling about elderly and children who will starve because whatever program only got a 2% increase in funding instead of 3%, or how we're all going to die of sunburn and cow fart exposure if we -- not them, of course -- don't revert to the caveman lifestyle, or endlessly obsess over (non-functioning) vaccinations against an infinitely-curable (and survivable) disease, I know it for exactly what it is.

By the way, the United States is not a democracy; it's a constitutional republic. 

I've known people like this all of my life. These are people who have absolutely no contact with physical reality. This is the Overlord's Mommy, for example, a notorious drama queen. It is about every other person who steps into the Treatment Center where I volunteer, still smelling of the last rock of crack they've smoked and insisting they're victims of everything except the choice they made to smoke. They are the MBA's who sit in conference rooms discussing "analytics" and "meta-data", "multi-tiered-marketing-strategies" and "latch-key operations" involving things they haven't got the slightest clue about.

Reality is simply too painful for them to face like an adult. Reality includes responsibility. They hate responsibility.

They retain just enough sanity to realize, internally, that what they advocate should merely be the camouflage for what they really WANT.

And what they want is...everything. Not to WORK for everything, mind you, but to be given everything on the basis of their status, in many cases, multiple statuses (hence, "intersectionality"). They don't care what they have to do to achieve this -- lie, cheat, steal, murder, riot, rig elections, subvert law and systems of government, destroy institutions, go to war...

Ah, go to war...

What a leftist means when she (it's usually a "she") starts talking about Civil War in America is that, yes, there should be a war (for her benefit), but it will have to be fought by others.

Mostly because the detached-from-reality-avoiding-responsibility dipshit is under the mistaken impression that if they only speak the magic words (which dwindle with each new regime of speech policing), if they can only promise the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to stupid people, if they merely overcome the crowd with their own (imagined) charisma and all-around (non-existent) superiority, surely someone..everyone...will be willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure the dead, illegal aliens, and Karen's 14 rescue cats can go on voting, so that AOC can go on playing Congresswoman.

So that AOC -- or Kamala, or Nancy, or Chuckie -- can maintain status. A status most of them never truly earned.

If a leftist tells you there's a war coming, rest assured, they're only trying to get you to fight it for them or to frighten you into giving them what they want. That is the price they're willing to let you pay so that Hillary never has to see the inside of a jail cell, or so that Kamala never has to answer a serious question not related to fellatio, or so that Rachel Maddow doesn't have to take up a side gig as a Wil Wheaton impersonator at children's birthday parties and Star Trek conventions.

For all the talk of "Civil War" it has occurred to me, amateur historian that I am, that of all the modern Civil Wars I can think of where The Left has played a major role, none of it has ultimately been particularly good for The Left, in general.

Mostly because the left sucks at war. They're really good at starting them, but not so much at fighting them. This, as I've previously alluded to, is because of the tenuous relationship they have with physical reality and responsibility. The reality of war is that it is unpredictable; it is messy; and it is easier to start one than to conclude one. And the nature of the Left is such that it suffers from a variety of inbred handicaps that hinder it on the battlefield, in the aftermath, and usually, both. 

Leading a war means having to make decisions; decisions mean responsibility.

The situation today in out rhetorical Civil War is not so different from any other Civil War throughout history, which have usually been fought for the purposes of status, either gaining it or keeping it.

The American left now believes it will have to fight to maintain a status quo, which will be necessary to safeguard the "progressive" gains of the last century, to wit: government by bureaucracy, the welfare state, control of the institutions of public life, media and academia, but primarily by which the upper-tier leftist enjoys a very good living achieved through extraction, rather than production, enjoying a status that is conferred by wealth without the responsibility of producing any; a sense of prestige attached to certain professions that, strictly speaking, are not necessary and which society can largely do without; the ability to use both to continue sucking on the jugular of American Society.

If this imagined Second American Civil War ever occurs, I presage, it will end very quickly.


See the quote at the beginning of this essay.

What, exactly, does the Left bring to the theoretical battlefield?

Do the disparate splinters of the Left coalition have any sense of unity besides grievance?

Will African-Americans share any affinity with, say, the transgendered?

Will Womyn  ultimately make common cause with manual laborers? Hell, they won't even marry them.

Will wanna-be Hippies who never outgrew the Haight-Ashbury find kinship with a technocratic elite?

Can functional illiterates enstupified in the Universities with a steady diet of revisionist history and diversity mandates ever come together with an effete leadership that won't as much as risk a broken fingernail on the Barricades?

Can you imagine an alliance of frustrated lesbians each dragging 300 pounds of cellulite behind them achieving comradeship with video-game playing, virtual-reality-worshiping stoners (late to the battlefield because they stayed up late to play Call of Duty) who live in Mommy's basement, living on a diet of Cheetos, Hot Pockets and energy drinks?

Do people who resent being called "Latinx" really want to forge pacts with people who call them such a condescending name under the mistaken impression that doing so is actually an act of respect?

Eventually, shared discontent is not as strong a glue as it seems. Eventually, the component parts start to come apart when the real issues they're fighting for -- who gets to be on top, who gets to call the shots, who benefits the most -- starts them to fighting one another, instead of what is assumed to be their common enemy.

This was true of the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War (which is perhaps the BEST example of what happens when the leftist coalition implodes for good), the failed Soviet and Chinese revolutions. Nothing good results: in the end, the same type of person ends up at the apex and rules very much like the hated class that has just been ejected -- only more ruthlessly -- the guillotines come out; the Gulags go up; the denunciations and purges begin, even before the battles are over.

This is the nature of all leftist movements. There is no unity of purpose, only a singularity of goals, and instead of fighting against The Other to achieve them, the disparate elements within the Coalition all fight one another to achieve the goals ONLY FOR IT'S OWN FACTION'S BENEFIT.

So, the American left should probably STFU about Civil War. They're outnumbered, outgunned, outwitted, out-financed, will be outproduced, and certainly will be out-MANNED when this supposed conflict begins. The nature of leftist politics will ensure that, whatever unity exists at the beginning, it will surely dissipate given enough time and shift with the vagaries of conflict. Today's ally is tomorrow's subversive in the leftist world.

All this talk, therefore, is merely chest-beating.

It is more fear porn.


The Right is supposed to be frightened by the prospect of conflict with people who often cannot accept the realities of biology, economics, science or logic, who can't even be honest with themselves, who wish to shoulder no burdens and who seek lifestyles of great comfort without responsibility or effort. People who regard courage -- in all of it's forms -- as something barbaric and old-fashioned, and so resort to a pantomime version of it that we know as virtue signaling.

Something that entails no risk to the person doing it.

So, if we're going to do this, Lefties, let's get it over with already. We normal people would like to go back to a normal life.


Anonymous said...

I imagine America as too soft these days for a truly contentious struggle, on both sides. But rather like wild card football weekend, the Right has a first round bye. The Left has to get through its series of internecine conflicts as the Left always does. For example, they own the cities, and largely they are populated by their kind or the indifferent. I suspect some cities will resist their death throes rather than go meekly like Detroit. Left on left violence ala Stalingrad would be a nice warm up for the main event.

Matthew Noto said...

Like the analogy.

Khiri said...

The problem is The Left has the power to propagandize, detain, arrest, tax, censor and cancel. Just ask parents, doctors, J6 detainees, unvaxxed, etc. They are othering us so that if they don’t get us, they whip their minions into a frenzy who will come after us. We may be able to defend ourselves, but even that may not work. Ask Kyle R. He was lucky, if you can call it that.

Matthew Noto said...

You call those "problems". I call them "motivations".

You DO realize that you can just ignore the "othering"?

The Right also has the power to do most of those things; it chooses not to, or, rather, it chooses to prioritize the wrong issues in order to whip it's own "minions" into a frenzy.

In either case, the "frenzy" is usually "of fucktard".

The Right is not in trouble because it is powerless; it is in trouble because it doesn't recognize the circumstances of the battlefield or of it's opposition.

Matthew Noto said...


Also, I would like to point out that while the obstacles you point to are difficult to overcome, it is not impossible to do so.

Legacy media is dead: CNN and (P)MSNBC have to be the least-watched "news" channels of all time. FoxNews beats them consistently --and by large margins -- every day of the week. The "problem", for conservatives (small 'c' intentional) is that they can't get the plum jobs in these legacy media outlets (ask Jonah Goldberg and George Will) and when such points out the "problem" of combating such, what they're really telling you is how hard it is FOR THEM to gain traction in them.

Breitbart, NewsMax, Town Hall, and many more drive more internet "news" traffic than any "legacy" prestige daily newspaper on any given day, I'd warrant. Alternatives to Facebook, Google, etc are online and will continue to grow at a rapid pace. The nature of the Internet, and especially social media, is that today's "giant" is tomorrow's Chapter 11, just as Telnet gave way to Compuserve, which gave way to AOL, which gave way to Facebook.

Nature of the beast.

The one thing that is a constant, as far as the right is concerned, is that the efficacy of what the left advocates for never materializes -- only the structures they build to push the agenda remains, because it eventually has ossified into a racket.

Work ethic is the necessary fuel, persistence the necessary anchor, and unity of purpose the necessary glue. These all demand sacrifice. The one thing no leftist ever wants to do is to sacrifice.

Defeatism is of no help here.

Khiri said...


I’m not trying to be a defeatist. I’m trying to illuminate who we’re really fighting. It’s not a civil war. It’s a war with the elitists/powerful. The civilians are their shock troopers. It’s not a level playing field, which a civil war suggests. We need to know who are real enemy and the obstacles we face.

As for the legacy/corporate media: yes, they’re dying, faster than I thought. But too many still trust them and act as if their message is reality. (What’s the difference between the legacy media and Pravda? People know that Pravda is lying to them.) Again, it’s about understanding what we’re actually up against - the gullible, busy “news” consumers - to know what are tactics need to be to win.

I appreciate you’re insights, but please understand where I’m coming from.

Khiri said...

Oh, and btw, Matthew, I’m Jewish. No, you cannot “just ignore the ‘othering’”

Matthew Noto said...


Yes, you can ignore the othering...even if Jewish.

The Othering is a measure of status within the leftist group. In reality, they have very little power to affect anyone outside of their own little colonies of dumbfuck. This is why their "victims" usually tend to be other leftists.

Here's what we're up against, just so you know where I am coming from:

These are frightened, largely incapable and incompetent people. They have managed to manipulate the system-- many systems -- through intimidation and emotional blackmail. These are bullies who organize themselves into mobs that are usually only cohesive for a short time, measured in how long it takes to get an IMMEDIATE goal accomplished.

They do not care what they have to do to attain their goals. Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to the acquisition of privileges (not rights, but grants of privileges from government) or the securing of their own status. Because STATUS is what it is all about: they are all deathly afraid of a loss of status.

They are weak, they are not particularly bright, and they erect "superstructures" (as Marx would say) that are logically untenable and ultimately detached from reality to justify their immoral and illogical worldview. They live in a fantasy world. Constantly.

The typical leftist is an eternal adolescent seeking escape from responsibility and personal sacrifice, but above all, of OBLIGATION from the rest of the community (for all the talk of "communities, they mean not a word of it; this is a means to an end).

They have nothing to fight for besides personal -- and immediate -- gratification, and as this is defined by individuals, there is no long term unity of purpose. They will use and discard one another as easily as you breathe.

Abe said...

The "left" has to be counting on the Military to fight for them. Which is debatable. The other option is the brownshirts that rioted for them in the cities. They forgot what happened when they tried that in small cities. They can swarm out of their hives into the countryside but at that point, they will meet the people defending themselves and are capable of it.

Dan said...

America of today is neither a democracy nor a constitutional republic.
It was intended to be a constitutional republic when founded but it very
quickly devolved into a democracy. It isn't even that now. It's now
best described as an Oligarchic Kleptocracy. Other than that it's a
good rant. I give it an 8 out of 10.