Thursday, January 27, 2022

Keep Calling Me Crazy...

 "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed..." -- William Butler Yeats

There will be another post later today, a report from inside The Belly of The Beast, as I take Mrs. Overlord to the hospital (nothing serious!) which I'm certain is likely to be a hilarious shitstravaganza of fucktard, given the diktats of the New York COVID Gestapo.

Stay tuned.

To go back to a point I've been making recently, one which somehow makes people who claim to be on the right very uncomfortable for some reason, the Left's Titanic has hit the iceberg and has been torn asunder. Right now, the left-wing establishment in this country is furiously trying to get the figurative band to play while the figurative rats abandon ship, the figurative passengers scramble for the lifeboats, and the S.O.S. is being tapped out furiously.

The cohesiveness of the left (or rather, lack of it) is and has always been it's Achilles heel. I have been making the point recently that a party of disparate identity groups and narrow slivers of ideological opinion, held together by a very slender thread of grievance, cannot hold together forever.

In fact, it is never intended to as the goal is to "unite" such a varied range of constituencies together for only as long as necessary to win an election, and not one second more. One second more passed some time ago, and the combination of a demented President, an obviously incapable vice-president, an obvious gaslighting by the press, lack of legislative success vis-a-vis Free Shit, COVID fatigue, an economy in nosedive, is beginning to have its ultimate effect: the Left is going to lose it's lunch in the mid-term elections.

This is how Managerialism works, after all.

Of course, the beaten-down right wingers either don't see this, or, more likely, believe the dumbfucks in their own party will fail to capitalize upon this good fortune (because the extremely narrow shithead issues these people are typically focused upon like a laser beam will not be addressed in Victory -- you know, the Nativity scene in public (all year 'round!) will not be mandatory, no one will make their version of the God myth the national religion, infants will still be denied concealed carry permits, the Abortionists will not be frog-marched to the ovens, Pat Boone and Wayne Newton will not be beatified, and so forth -- and they will be disappointed.

Then everyone that disappointed them suddenly becomes "a RINO", despite the fact this same class of idiot has voted for said RINO 11 times in a row.

They tell me I'm crazy. The Left is somehow immune to the travails of electoral disaster. It has become monolithic, unbeatable, insurmountable in their eyes.

Last week I gave you evidence the left is coming apart at the seams.

Here's some more.

* Chuck Todd throws Biden under the bus.

* New Virginia governor Youngkin destroys the COVID mask mandate and D's scramble to yell "Me Too!" and to get on board.

* Virginia lefty heavy-hitter can't wait to suck Youngkin's scrotum.

* Fake Hispanic Beto O'Rourke warns Biden -- and every other dem -- to stay away from him.
Which is only fair, since no one wants to actually be near him, anyway.

* One of the biggest identity groups on the left side now begins to question whether all this transgender shit is' stuff. 

* Actual woman and once leftist-darling Krysten Sinema is censured by her fellow democrats for not getting with the program and leaving the Spigot of Free Shit open. When the left turns on a lesbian...

I'm telling you, the cracks are there. The dam is breaking. 

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I for one could care less about Pat Boone and Wayne Newton being beatified, but one thing I would love for the right to do once they get the majority back is to eliminate both HUD & The Department of Education. Get rid of HUD and all of this "integrating" the suburbs talk goes nowhere. Get rid of the Department of Education and there is no longer any federal money for the anti-white crap they're peddling in the schools.
McConnell & Company of course will never do this and they have to be removed if there is to be ANY real change in this country.

Matthew Noto said...

Absolutely agree.

Now tell some R congresscritter he's losing several hundred jobs in his district and to run on THAT.

This is why we still have a Post Office delivering envelopes sealed in COVID-laden spit in an age of instant messaging, e-mail, and streaming video.

solution: get an R president and submit a budget with zero dollars allocated for these things. Get it passed by an R congress. Make sure the left can't just resurrect it when they're back in power. Don't cry when there's (inevitably) casualties in the next mid-terms.

Good luck.

JB_Honeydew said...

Fuck Pat Boone. He can never be forgiven for that album of metal covers he did awhile back (although it was fucking hilarious in a demented sort of way). As far as I'm concerned, the R's will never succeed until they drop the "prim & proper, we have to be civil" attitude, nothing will ever change. They constantly give the left rim jobs and swear to us it tastes like Hershey's chocolate. Fuck 'em all.