Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Boost This...

"I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly, I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion..." -- The Hippocratic Oath

Well, it would seem the medical profession chucked this out a very long time ago...

In this day and age of Chinese Bat AIDS, "Morning After" pills, assisted suicides, sticking scissors into a baby's head as it emerges from the birth canal, that quaint expression of the doctor's dedication to the arts of healing is an afterthought. Strike that: it's as if no one thinks of it, at all.

Mind you, The Overlord is not completely down on the field of medicine, as I have seen it do some wonderful things (Mrs. Overlord is a living testament to good and committed doctors, nurses, therapists and researchers), but it is getting harder and harder to continue to have confidence in the profession and it's associated sciences.

I guess my first problem with all the hysteria surrounding the Peking Pox is the relatively stupid idea that we can vaccinate our way out of this "pandemic" (it's the goddamned flu, for Christ's sake). Somehow, this requires an apparently unending series of "booster" rounds of Sheeple Shots.

This makes no sense to me.

In The Old Days, when doctors seemed to know what they were doing, a "vaccine" was a one-time thing (for the most part) and they didn't "wear out" after a few months. Yes, some maladies required boosters, but certainly not this many. You wonder why, after a few hundred years' experience with inoculations, all of a sudden no one seems to know quite what they're doing.

Perhaps this is in the nature of the vaccine for Canton Crud, itself.

mRna vaccines are a new technology. If I understand "the science" behind them correctly (and, please, if I am wrong, anyone who knows better can -- and should -- correct me) the idea is to create "vaccines on demand" that don't require years of research, trials, and associated rigamarole so that new maladies can be treated immediately. The idea being that people who are waiting for "cures" may die before they are available, or that relief can be brought to millions in as short a time as possible, and while that sounds very nice, in practice it's not turning out that way.

In fact, the more I dig into mRNA (again, correct me if I am mistaken) the gist seems to be to AVOID having to do much of the basic research that previously kept vaccines off the market for many years, or which involved the investment of billions of dollars that might not result in a return.

I think we have encountered one of those times when "good idea" meets "piss poor execution" when it comes to The Shanghai Death Sentence. 

Panic met Politics and we now see the results.

I have personally not been jabbed with Prole Juice, and I intend to stay untested vaccine-free, but Mrs. Overlord has had three injections of Snot-Be-Gone and at least one of her doctors is making noise about a fourth being necessary, and you begin to wonder "just how many shots do you really need?".

Especially of a concoction that is being subtly changed with each new iteration at lightning speed, and for which the long-term effects haven't been studied because...well...these things didn't exist a year ago.

And if I can digress for a moment, with each new-and-improved version of Anti-Bat flu injections, we discover that the previous injections deteriorate faster than a Joe Biden braincell, and like software, are often not "backwards compatible", meaning the old shot doesn't work with the new shot, and perhaps may even cancel each other out (don't quote me on that).

In fact, from what I can gather online about mRNA vaccines, the "protection": against whatever bug you have or may catch is not intended to be "forever"; the way these mRNA vaccines work, the point is to produce the required antigens RIGHT NOW and on-demand, and your cells or whatever, can only store them for a short period of time, maybe a matter of weeks or months....and then you need a booster.

But the problem is that while the vaccine is temporary, the virus is now forever.

Something regarding the virus often goes unnoticed or unremarked upon, and it is something I've heard Brett Weinstein -- evolutionary biologist, extraordinaire -- talk about, is the role that Evolution plays in all of these "variants".

According to Weinstein, and I believe every word of what he is saying, is that unlike many of the other germs, bacteria and viruses that humans have interacted with for millions of years, this particular one -- The Chinese Gift That Keeps on Giving -- wasn't roaming free in Nature. It was created in a lab (there is no argument on this point. This thing was bio-engineered). It is now undergoing the Evolutionary process that was previously denied to it because of it's isolation inside perhaps the worst medical facility on The Planet, and we can't predict just how it will evolve. We never can.

So that the mRNA vaccine you get now can very easily be rendered ineffective within a matter of days as Sino Snotstorm gets to do it's Evolutionary thing.

There's also an argument to be made that rushing a vaccine into production -- multiple vaccines, really -- is interfering with the Evolutionary process, and this interference runs both ways. On the one hand, you're forcing the virus to mutate faster in response to a stimulus (the vaxx), and on the other, by vaxxing like mad, you're denying people the ability to generate a natural immunity by playing games with their immune systems with the introduction of a vaccine.

It makes little sense to do so. Especially when the most at-risk were people who were not terribly healthy or very old, to begin with. In other words, we're vaccinating the planet in order to save people who -- assuming no Chinese Bioweapon, at all -- were probably going to die soon, anyway. In the process of doing this, we're ignoring or forgetting everything we have learned in the last 10,000 years about evolution, the immune system, epidemic control, biology, and medicine.

Every few days a new variant suddenly appears -- delta, lambda, omicron, and now "stealth COVID" -- and all anyone can talk about is vaccinations and government control. Not fighting the virus, mind you, simply pushing vaccines and excusing more government overreach under the auspices of "Public Health", and the subject of treatment and long-term defense goes unmentioned.

For a disease that kills less than 1% of those infected, and that 1% is largely people with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

This has to be the first case in recorded history when the persistence of a disease that does so little relative harm to humans, as individuals, is being blamed upon people who a) largely don't have it, and b) will not take a medicine that has proven itself ineffective.

I reiterate: "Breakthrough infection" is a euphemism for "the fucking shot doesn't work".

And yet we're harangued on a daily basis to keep taking more of this shit. 


Well, the most-obvious reason is that "pandemic" granted government -- at all levels -- more power, and here I'm greatly simplifying because if I had to think of all the myriad and subtle ways in which un-constitutional and illegal regulations are being foisted upon us, I'd be here for the next five years and probably consider taking rat poison.

I won't get COVID, but the side effects are a killer.

There's an element of class warfare here, too. The Elitists versus The Proles, that is so laughably overt that it defies explanation the majority of those on the receiving end are missing it.

But, I believe the primary reason here is that because COVID is now forever, and there will be legions of people who will be dependent upon "free" boosters forever, or even worse, rendered ill or severely damaged by them, that we're seeing yet another attempt to shove "Universal Health Care" up our behinds under the cover of Miss Rona.

In the meantime, it would seem as if those of us who have chosen to not to be injected with Commie Punch have made a sound decision and we're going to be continuously punished for exercising a freedom of choice that runs contrary to to the fears -- and needs -- of an Elitist Sect that without a continuous cause that inspires hatred, fear and division cannot continue to justify it's own existence.


ponderman said...

Well said. Our State (Red) only locked down long enough to get a bunch of signatures on the Governor's recall petition. State data from the interweb shows median age of death of Covid to be 77 years old with 4 comorbidities. Strangely enough they stopped tracking this data last July.

Love your blog,

Matthew Noto said...

Thank you, Sir! Please tell your friends!

And I guess we know WHY they stopped collecting and disseminating this data: because it's an indication that "the powers that be" are a) wrong and b) stupid.

JB_Honeydew said...

Whilst I agree with the premise of your post, I'd like to go a step further.

1. "The powers that be" know exactly what they are doing and have a predetermined outcome that they expect. The sins of omission about the data being disseminated serve a purpose. They are banking on the fact that the overwhelming majority of consumers of said are just fucking stupid and will take everything at face value. Because of this, they create a legion of, for lack of a better word, "shock troops" to do the dirty work of creating a divide amongst the people without ever getting their hands dirty. It's a feature, not a flaw.

2. The "vaccine" and all its subsequent boosters are nothing more than gene therapy. I have a problem with this on a surface level. I am no earth-muffin hippie, although I may look like one, but I truly believe that when you start messing with Mother Nature's designs and mechanisms, she's gonna turn around and fuck you harder than the strap-on apparatus used in the "Lust" murder from the movie Se7en...it just won't be as quick.

3. We, as a people, are being manipulated beyond belief. Those of us who are against all the madness being foisted upon us are being pushed into an untenable position....a two-front war, if you will. The "powers that be" would be Front #1, and those that are brainwashed into believing the tripe being spouted are Front #2. And I must point out that the tripe being disseminated is not limited to the Shanghai Snot (Matthew, I just love your descriptors of C19 and have integrated them into my everyday vernacular. Kudos), it also encompasses all the other "social poxes" with which we are constantly being inundated (racism, economic disparity, pissed off women who couldn't get laid on a Navy ship at sea, etc.). Think of it all as shiny trinkets and baubles being used as a distraction to the truth.

4. There is only one way out of all of this, and it ain't pretty. I'm reminded of the wonderful Scotch-Aussie poet Bon Scott....If you want blood, you got it.

In conclusion, I am not, nor will I ever be vaccinated against the Kung-Flu. And to all the candy-assed cowards who try to coerce me into it can go fuck themselves. I should have died twice in the last 5 years due to my own stupidity, and I'll be damned if I will let some pussy assed virus that wished it could be ebola level or worse do me in.

In the immortal words of Johnny Winter, "Put some bleachers out in the sun and have it out on Highway 61". (Yeah, Bob Dylan wrote it and said it first, but fuck that, Johnny's was better).

Peace and love to you and Mrs. Overlord.

- JB

Matthew Noto said...

I would submit that if the powers that be knew exactly what they were doing, they would have done it better.

Rather, I figure they saw an opportunity and took it, and without much thought given as to what to do or how. This is evident in the way they keep playing "catch-up" with facts and keep moving goalposts as to objectives.

After all, "never let a good crisis go to waste"...it was an election year and they were most likely going to get creamed, sans a scapegoat, and a means of cheating.

I don't think they thought any further than this, because for that set of morons thinking beyond the immediate is not exactly a forte.

JB_Honeydew said...

Ahh, but you're not looking at it from their point of view. They believe they are infallible. They are blinded by their own delusions of grandeur and do not take the time to think 5 or six moves ahead. Call it faux intelligence.....we truly intelligent folk call it hubris. We also know that hubris results in a massive downfall.

Matthew Noto said...

It has been said that the difference between a communist and a socialist is that a communist is AWARE of what he is doing.

These folks can't even agree among themselves.