Sunday, January 9, 2022

COVID: The Gift That Keeps on Giving...

 I was going to post some important information for the middle-aged woman this past week, but Julie Burchill stole some of my thunder. I will save my dating tips for the middle-aged female for another time.

But, that doesn't mean I've run out things to say!

First, I'd like to send my sincere condolences to Alexandria-Ocascio-Cortez, whom, it seems, has contracted COVID-19.

I personally believe this announcement is a load of unadulterated bullshit, considering the immense case of butthurt she's suffered the past week after vacationing -- maskless -- in Florida, and then turning the entire escapade into a self-centered soliloquy on how hard it is to be her, what with every red-blooded republican male pining for her affections.

The COVID announcement is mighty convenient, timing-wise, and is, in my opinion, an attempt to hide for a bit and garner a bit of sympathy (and defense) from the brain-dead mass of human waste that finds her something of an iconic and serious politico.

Because even Karma ain't this good.

Prediction: when AOC finally kicks this highly-questionable infection, she will claim;

a) She caught it in Florida
b) That she caught it due to Florida's anti-mask policies, and
c) It's all Ron DeSantis' fault

She is as predictable as the turd following the fart.

She got racked on Twitter and everywhere else, and she's highly embarrassed. The strategy now is to pretend as if she's a victim -- of anything -- and COVID is just too convenient an excuse. In a few days, when the collective Twitter memory (which can be measured in RPM) has forgotten all about her little fight with DeSantis, she'll be right back to being the donkey-toothed, pig-ignorant asshole we all know her to be.

She's a third-rate actress and fifth-rate internet "influencer" playing at "Congressperson". Part of the game is knowing when to slither back under your rock, and correctly judging when the time is ripe to re-emerge and start the scam again.

Speaking of stupid COVID things, I have a bone to pick with Northwell Health. Actually, over the years, I've had MANY bones to pick with this pretend healthcare provider -- we'll cover these soon, now that I think of it, because The people need to know just what a dumbfuck operation this is.

Mrs. Overlord needs a new wheelchair. 

She has needed one for some time, and a prescription was written to get her one back in September.

The most-convenient wheelchair clinic to our location is at Staten Island University Hospital (A Northwell Health hospital, and three lies for the price of one, for while it IS Staten Island, there is no "university" attached to it, and calling it a hospital is a charitable act. Like calling AOC "Congresswoman" But, I digress).

An appointment was made in September 2021 for JANUARY 7th of 2022. Why there should be such a long wait time to simply take measurements for a wheelchair is beyond me, but this was the case.

I was informed that prior to entering the wheelchair clinic, which is in a separate building from the main hospital, The Overlord, being unvaxxed, must produce the results of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the appointment. This I did.

Unlike most of the morons who live around here, I did not go to the "free" City-run testing sites, usually set up in slipshod fashion in parking lots, public parks or anywhere where there is enough space for 2,000 assholes to keep six feet apart in the freezing cold, snow and rain for several hours in order to have someone jam a swab up their noses. I guess not having to pay for your COVID test is worth the risk of being exposed to thousands of others who may have it, or of catching it because you're in the elements for all that time.

Not this boy. I have fucking intelligence.

So, I went to a private laboratory and got my throat swabbed. It took all of 20 minutes out of my life and cost me $130 (which counts against my insurance deductible for the year). Within 24 hours (24 hours before our scheduled appearance at the clinic), I got my negative results via e-mail.

Just like the negative results I've gotten for the last 34 months from the Board of Health ever since both I and Mrs. Overlord contracted Miss Rona back in January of 2019 (don't believe what anyone tells you: this thing has been here for a looooong time, already). Unfortunately, the last negative result I got was in the last week or so of December, and my next scheduled BOH test isn't until the end of this month,. so I had to go get one elsewhere in order to meet the timeframe requirement.

And then the very same day, the clinic calls to cancel the appointment...which has not yet been explanation given.

If I had to make an educated guess, the snowstorm on Friday probably meant no one was coming to work, or, they've fired hospital employees who refuse to get vaxxed, or most-likely, they've had an outbreak of omicron and just don't want to panic anyone.

This makes me angry. 

For a start, it's not the $130 testing fee. I can find more than that in loose change in the cushions of my sofa pretty much every day of the week.

It's not even the ridiculous wait time between when appointment is made and finally granted, or even the last-minute cancellation for reasons they will not divulge.

No, the problem is that I have to get tested for a disease I've been tested for for the last 34 fucking months by the same Health Department that is requiring all these vaccinations and mask mandates and restrictions, and yet, if I walked through the front door with a fresh case of WuFlu -- and my gold-plated insurance -- Northwell Health would be there to meet me with all the bells and whistles, ready to give me a penthouse hospital room with access to every machine, every drug, and the really sexy nurses without having to ask for them.

I could walk through the front door covered in running herpes sores, touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, shaking hands with all the administrators, the whole time leaving a trail of Ebola-laden diarrhea behind me, and they wouldn't refuse me entry just because I don't have vaxxes and can't produce negative test result less than 72 hours old.

And I can PROMISE you that if I walked into that ER right this very minute, it would be flooded with sneezing Mexicans, coughing Asians, suppurating West Africans and AIDS-emitting trannies all climbing over one another for attention because they got the Kung Flu, have no insurance, and this was the closest hospital. A hospital that will ship them out to a City-run facility for the indigent and deadbeats, anyway, just as soon as is decently possible because no return on investment, but you can't kick them out of the ER.

I have told you this from the very beginning of this "pandemic", My Minions, and it bears repeating:

The problem with COVID is not that it is deadly (COVID-19, regardless of "variant", has a 99.8% survival rate), nor that it is especially virulent (which it is). It is not that medical science does not know how to treat it (they've been treating Coronaviruses since the 1930's, when the damned things were first discovered).

The problem is that the Public Health System in this country is incapable of dealing with a mass outbreak of ANYTHING. This is largely because the Public Hospitals -- everywhere -- exist to take care of three, specific subsets of the population -- the Elderly, the Indigent, and the Uninsured, and even moreso for a fourth, unspoken reason: it is a jobs program for unionized "health care professionals" and "doctors" that can't make the cut anywhere else.

This is what "nationalized" health care looks like: hospitals that are flooded with Medicare and Medicaid patients for whom government pays the lowest possible fees, illegal aliens who can't go anywhere else, and people who cannot afford an alternative, even if they aren't elderly and illegal. The result is rationed care, sub-standard care, overcrowding, lack of proper equipment, drugs or even PPE.

And when you consider the Public Health System in New York City was granted BILLIONS of dollars in anti-terrorism aid since 9/11 to prepare for just such an eventuality, and they failed, then you can see why COVID has become such a pernicious influence in our everyday lives; the government-run health care system, from the CDC down to the neighborhood VD clinic in the ghetto, is a rotten, wasteful edifice that is overwhelmed by the flu every goddamned year.

And because of the way the system works, even if the indigent sick walk into a great hospital, they eventually wind up being transported to a government-run institution because government will not pay the going rate for first-rate care.

I know this to be true. I have discussed this very subject with doctors, nurses, and all manner of people connected to the hospital network here in NYC.

You have had to be locked down these last two years because the system failed; it failed because it is run by idiots. Your home arrest is means by which you will be distracted from noticing, because in 2024 when the next democrat asshat runs on a "national healthcare" platform, you might have pause to remember what happened these last two years.

Now, someone will ask, "But, Overlord, what is the solution to these problems? How can we get a public health care system that works?"

I'll give you a three-step program:

1. Reform the Insurance regime. NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. The biggest obstacle to affordable health insurance in this country are the 50 state insurance boards who artificially distort the market by deciding (usually on political grounds) what companies get to compete in their state, and what coverages they are mandated to provide (and the big one here is abortion services).

The State Insurance Board, no matter which state, is usually a political appointment that has very few doctors or insurance specialists on it. Get rid of these artificial barriers to competition and let the market do it's work.

2. Reform Medicare and state Medicaid programs. Since the overarching goal of both is to provide a modicum of coverage for the cheapest price, and because both can use access to millions of customers in order to negotiate lower fees, they artificially skew the price point of every drug, medical procedure, etc. in the land.

This is why the insured pay $56 for a Tylenol when they're in the hospital; the government loaded the rest of the hospital with people getting that Tylenol "for free".

3. There are some people who it is, unfortunately, not worth saving. I don't went to see people needlessly killed or left to die of neglect, but I've been in a hospital plenty of times where my neighbor is a 92-year-old blind diabetic with failing kidneys who has just had her second or third heart attack in the last six months.

And yet, the hospital will pull out all the stops: she'll have access to every machine, they'll give her whatever drugs she needs while keeping her in a medically-induced coma, nurses will hover over her bed, and the whole thing is a farce. Ten minutes after they let that woman out of the hospital, she's meat, and all that effort was for nothing. 

But I'll be charged $72 bucks a week (not covered by insurance) for "Palliative Care", which largely consists of a pack of vultures in white lab coats showing up unannounced and unwanted and talking about "end of life services available at this hospital"...and I'm simply here to have a funny-looking mole biopsied.

And they keep coming back, even though they know I'm not dying.
What I'm saying is the whole thing is a vast wastage of medical resources that could be used to save someone else, someone who will be PRODUCTIVE (i.e be a taxpayer), rather than a leech.

Yes, the 92-year-old circling the bowl has the same right to life as I do, the difference is I'm paying for my care, when I walk out I will go back to work, and this poor woman will either be left to rot in a hospital bed until her benefits run out, or all the medicine in the world will avail her not. It is a serious misallocation of expensive resources.

Give that same woman a case of COVID, and you wonder why anyone would even bother -- outside of sentimental reasons -- to wheel her into an Emergency Room in the first place.

Sorry, but if you want your granny to live, you pay for it.


SCBen said...

I've said this from the beginning that one "feature" of the Fauci Flu was the thinning of the nursing home population! It costs a LOT for that care and in a majority of cases, Medicare/Medicaid is paying. We inquired about a room for our 95 year old Mother and were informed that it would be $222 PER DAY for a semi-private room. And that didn't count any medical care! Our Mom told us if WE wanted a nursing home room then WE could go stay in it because she surely wasn't! She was still getting around ok, but needed someone with her round the clock as she was "slowing down"! My two brothers and I managed to take care of her along with some outside help for another two years till she died. She stayed in her home till the end. Not all are that fortunate and have to go to a nursing home. I pity them! I digress a bit, but! It would be interesting to know how much NY, MICH, PA, and the other democrat run states have trimmed from their expenditures due to the deaths of so many elderly and at risk people! It very well could be that part of this "PLANDEMIC" was the long term care savings!

Matthew Noto said...

I would hazard to guess, Ben, that whatever they saved in Medicaid spending by killing off the elderly population that will now lose tenfold because they've just passed a law here in NYC that allows illegal immigrants to vote.

And those illegals will, of course, vote themselves other people's tax money.

That otherwise would have funded Medicaid.