Monday, November 8, 2021

You All Suck (#50a -- The Weakest Squeal in Pain)

 "I'd like you to know there is a limit to the disgrace in the consciousness of one's own worthlessness and powerlessness beyond which a man cannot go, and after which he begins to feel a tremendous satisfaction in his own disgrace..." -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, "The Idiot"

"Fyodor, allow me to introduce you to the Comments Section..." -- The Overlord

Yesterday's rant produced a succession of plaintive wails from the usual assortment of rogues.

One in particular.

The Overlord does not mind idiots posting in my comments section. If I've ever been about anything, it has always been about letting morons expose themselves energetically, free-of-charge, and of their own volition, because we can all use a laugh and because we all need to know just who the hazards to sanity and public safety are.

Unfortunately, they usually post anonymously or with a screen name that does not identify them. More on this curious personality quirk in a minute.

Incidentally, don't think that by posting Anonymously or by using a clever screen name to dodge identification that you are safe: it took me all of three minutes to identify the poster, with their name, address, and much more -- all of it public record.

If I were a vengeful or petty man, this person would be waking up tomorrow with a prime place on a Sex Offender registry. Fortunately for this doofus, I'm a law-abiding man and not a petty one..

The reflex that causes this sort of response is a well-known collection of psychological conditions. I'll spare you the lecture on Freud, so in a nutshell, what we have here is someone with very deep and troubling issues -- most related to fear -- who just hasn't mustered up the courage to eat the business end of a pistol and put themselves out of our collective misery.

You know the type, because you've run across them so often in your daily lives.

They hate other people's success because they've been unsuccessful at everything. This is the sort that runs around the streets of America's cities thinking "If I can't have or earn good things, because I'm a stupid waste of sperm, then let's fuck everyone's shit up and they can all be just as miserable as I am".

As if this will solve their problems?

(Incidentally, this is the primary motivation of Communists).

They take great delight in other people's misfortunes because they are incapable of any other emotions besides spite, jealousy and anger.

These are people who are often wedded to ideas and concepts that have been proven unworkable in reality, but who cling to the fantasy that somewhere, somehow, if only they had the power, the fantasy could become a reality.

They never achieve the power to make fantasy reality because doing so would would require abilities beyond crying, navel-gazing, making wishes and tossing coins in fountains, believing in unicorns and leprechauns, and being physically, intellectually, and morally lazy.

The host of diagnosable and untreated mood and personality disorders inherent in this type are varied and disturbing.

And then, on occasion, we meet one of these sad sacks who appear to be operating on steroids. Their primary psychological M.O. is to first personalize everything and, secondly, explode in a vivid fireball of douchebag.

Bearing Fyodor in mind, because they still have some semblance of consciousness, they know -- all the while denying it -- that their outbursts are both shameful and indicative of someone who seriously needs help.

It embarrasses them to behave this way.

And so they hide behind the anonymity of the Comments Section, so that they may both release their deep-seeded inner hatred of themselves and simultaneously hide the fact they have troubles from the rest of the world, which would probably either have them committed or beat them to death on the spot in an effort to stave off future attacks of unwanted fucktard.

It should be known (it has been stated many times on this page) that the Overlord has a great deal of compassion for the mentally ill. There was a time in the Overlord's life when the Dark Side of the Force failed him and it resulted in a variety of disorders of his own.

However, having compassion doesn't mean I have to eat shit from a troll.

So, I want to explain, as best I can, who I believe the shitposters (in general) really are. I base this on little more than vast experience with this kind of lunatic...usually when they come into the rehab center crying about how hard it is to be them (it's hard to be ANYONE, Asshole, you're not special).

I've encountered them belligerently drunk on the sidewalk outside the bar struggling to regain their footing and balance.

Or you find them at their desks in their corner offices, high on cocaine, masturbating like a monkey, and rambling on about the spiders on their backs...and it ain't even lunchtime, yet.

I've tangled with these boobs for years on various comment sections. Either FreeRepublic or DemocraticUnderground seem to be their home bases. If they have no obvious political affiliation, then they're probably rabid college sports and/or NASCAR fans, and live vicariously through the exploits of their favorite team/driver.

As a public service, here is a profile of your UnSub (as they used to say on Criminal Minds).

* 90% of them will be female, or males harboring an insecurity or ambiguity concerning their own gender and sexual preferences. They will troll the internet looking to start flame wars primarily because they have excess energy that normal people expend in regular and vigorous coitus within the confines of a healthy relationship. The majority would be classified as Incels. All have issues with (very) low self-esteem and/or testosterone levels.

* Most have extraordinary amounts of spare time on their hands, mostly because they aren't working, or most likely, unemployable. You'd be surprised how many are physically or educationally disabled, usually as a result of  the consequences of their own dumbfuck. Again, this all affects their self-esteem, and the rage they feel at being -- at knowing -- that the world is passing them by would, under different circumstances, be expressed in a mass shooting or spectacular suicide, except that Scooter (who lost his legs in a tragic "Hey, Hold Muh Beer" accident) can't get his wheelchair up the stairs to exit Mommy's Basement, or dumbass can't scrape up the bus fare because he's between government checks.

* You'd be gobsmacked by how many of them claim to be "very religious" or "spiritual" people who belong to some of the kookiest catechisms known to Man that will mix misunderstood or perverted Christian Theology with Star Trek canon, Taoism with 4-D Yahtzee Strategy, Buddhism with Nihilism, or who believe that their dog tells them their neighbors are all the Anti-Christ.

Not to mention the rehab center again (but, really, it's appropriate) one of the biggest problems we have getting addicts on the straight-and-narrow is the literal line of crackpot "Reverends", "Spiritual Counselors", and New Age Hippie Yogis waiting outside the front door to pounce upon vulnerable people.

All these dickwads want is for someone to tell them "We accept and love you, no matter what", and it doesn't matter if that is lip service, or whether it comes from an ordained "Missionary" of the First United Church of the Holy Gourd, it's a powerful draw. In the end, something as simple as "Jesus loves you" is merely the substitution of one drug for another, and it leaves you just as unsatisfied and just as full of rage.

* You can tell, often, from the language they use what social strata and economic class they hail from, and this is an indication of how unsophisticated and stupid they can be, if their unhinged ranting and raving wasn't a clear giveaway, to begin with.

For example, in this particular rant, the Anonymous reprobate called me a "cuck". This tells me he's one of those laboring under the misapprehension that he's a "Real 'Murican" who wears the "conservative" label like gang colors, was probably diddled by his pastor or an uncle at least once, probably has abandonment issues, and believes Jesus is coming to kill the commies and apostates, so it's all cool to unleash a shitstorm of unbridled choler upon a complete stranger.

Only this sort of person uses that word, in any context.

* They all internalize whatever they read. Whatever is written must somehow be about THEM. The major difference between these self-possessed people trapped inside a bubble of self-imposed inadequacy and a true narcissist, is that the narcissist at least has ambition and an ultimate goal that they will often achieve. These guys, on the other hand, just have massive loads of itchy butthurt to salvo in any direction, and are sitting upon a hair trigger.

When they aren't posting online, they're screaming at the television, or doing terrible things to small animals with a fork.

All of it is self-hatred rationalized as righteous anger and moral right.


JB_Honeydew said...

Have you been pointing out truths again, Matthew? Tsk, Tsk. As I like to say, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. LMAO

Anyway, yeah I am always amazed at the people who take the time to start shit on the internet. I've never understood the motivations. Quite frankly, I don't care either.

I'll be the first to admit that I do, in fact, post under a handle...geez, I'm dating myself with that term. I blame it on my misspent youth in the video arcade where you made up an easily identifiable name to stick out on the high score boards. I guess it stuck lol. I've used three over the years, each of them for a specific use, but all of them are based around things that I personally like. I kind of like being nameless in a crowd. I generally don't give out my name in a public setting unless I'm asked. Call it a personality quirk. What I do realize that said handle does not hide my identity from view. I'm smart enough to know that it can be found and have had to do the same with others back in my message board admin days. That is why I made it a point to never deviate my intended message online. If a question is posed to me online or in person, I'll answer it the same. We're just like that, I guess.

There I go rambling again. I almost forgot....nice posts. Keep up the good work and keep pissing people off.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Overlord, once again it is a pleasure to read your post. Your writings certainly are thought provoking. I sincerely hope Mrs. Overlord is improving and the two of you have a great upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season.At the risk of sounding selfish, I hope the posts keep coming during the holidays, but I do want you and Mrs. Overlord to have adequate time together also. I do enjoy the planet... thanks for sharing your space.

GMay said...

A lot more lefties are using "cuck" now, as if they're trying to appropriate it. It apparently hits a bit too close to their bedroom and is therefore less an insult and more a descriptor they don't like.

Colbert used it a couple of years ago, so lefties - taking their cue and worldview from mediocre comedians and entertainers - started spraying it around like their wives' bulls nearing the end of their tandem yoga session.

Your troll's communist tearing-down sympathies lead me to believe you've got yet another unoriginal Lefty. Unless your knowledge of Anonymous Hero's personal information proves otherwise, of course.

pegg696 said...

Shit, Bro….

I’d of bet big money that you were writing about my Brother-in-law.