Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Majority of One (Commit Suicide Now Edition)

 "You can no more use the words 'Joe Biden' and 'success' in the same sentence than one should associate 'turd' with 'lemon merengue pie'. Doing so neither enhances the virtues of one nor eliminates the deficiencies of the other by mere proximity..." -- The Overlord

Speaking of (P)resident Turd, if I have to see one more goddamned picture of him walking around unmasked while the rest of the population is subjected to ever-more draconian and repressive mandates regarding everything from vaccines to a persistent urging that you should lower your expectations at the Thanksgiving Table or gas pump, I may have to choke a bitch.

Most likely Pete Buttigieg.

(Dear FBI and Secret Service: that was hyperbole. Ask Alexa what that means. I know that's how you guys "investigate" things, nowadays).

I stopped wearing one a year ago, and I only wore one in the first place in order to avoid having to beat up every Karen and skinny-jeans-wearing beta male who crossed my path.

Even Barak Obama didn't have to polish turds as hard as JoeMala. And we all KNOW what a completely ineffectual Affirmative Action hire he was. We KNEW it before he even took office, but he got elected anyway...without any large-scale cheating (oh, wait...Chicago!), that we know of.

This is one more indication that the entire COVID-19 thing is a big, stinking pile of bovine scatalogical matter.

A question: if COVID-19 was really as dangerous as we've been frightened into believing, what rational human being would let the (P)resident of the United States wander around in public without his mask? Why would he even be allowed to wander anywhere? I'm sure in Joe's case, if he should wander, they've sewn a tag into his shirt reading "If found, please return to...", but really?

Could it be that seeing Joe shuffling through Martha's Vineyard sucking down a milkshake (Ensure-based, I'm positive), unmasked among the Great Unwashed, in the very backyard of the Great Obama Super-spreader Event of 2021, is simply one of those "optic" moments the Left loves so much (the visual substituting for the spoken or written word for the benefit of functional illiterates)? One of those trivial events that will, in time and given the proclivities of leftist propagandists to exaggerate, be blown up into one of those "Great Moments In Leadership" memes -- brave and stalwart (if senile) Joe daring the pernicious little virus to come and get him -- that substitutes for substance in their world?

Probably. I wouldn't put anything, even something this minor and ultimately unimportant as this, beyond their fevered imaginations. Somehow, someday, some "historian" (probably black, female, and gay) will pull this photo op out of the archives and christen it one of the greatest examples of American Leadership EVAH!

We see this frequently in these days of Star-of-David-by-other-means, the supposed Great Ones of the Earth frequently, unapologetically, in flagrante delicto, ignoring the very rules, mandates, requirements, diktats, that they have deemed appropriate to others.

As Instapundit often remarks (paraphrased), it's as if COVID-19 is smart enough to avoid Leftists, especially the ones who consider themselves important.

Whether it's Barry holding a major party/homage to himself in the midst of a lockdown, AOC wearing designer dresses to the high-society gala of self-congratulatory nomenklatura, Gavin Newsome attending a high-to-do 'celebrity' wedding when everyone else's has been banned (and then contracting COVID. Oh, irony, thou art the cruelest bitch!), Lefties everywhere -- if they're "important enough" -- engage in a public display of Noblesse Oblige that hasn't been seen since the days just prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution.

Continuing with that comparison, it seems the self-selected distinguished behave as if, unlike the Parisian mob, it is they who have the control over the guillotines. 

You can lose your job or be prevented from working for not doing what they don't do, too.

You can be socially ostracized for not following rules the self-important have imposed but also don't follow.

A crazed and confused rabble can be Twitter-ginned up on a moment's notice to terrorize you for not obeying the regulations to the letter, unlike the hoi oligoi, who don't have to obey anyone.

You are continuously beseeched to narrow your life, lower your expectations, treat neighbors, family and friends like enemies in order to avoid a disease that kills less than 1% of the people who get it, and the cheerleaders for this new age Germ Stasi are the same ones repeating the drivel that the vaccines are cool, only to fall victim to the "deadly" Wu Flu, their vaccinated selves. 

If only the Mongolian Hex killed dumbfuck, pretentious politicians as easily as elderly diabetics...

Continuing to speak of all-things COVID, I see today that Merck is about to get FDA approval to begin trials of an anti-COVID pill, which I'm sure has all the get-that-jab-now-Prole types so happy they could shit.

My own defense against Coronavirus (when both Mrs. Overlord and I contracted one in January of 2019) was simply to drown that fucker in copious quantities of Robitussin and NyQuil, with a few Tylenol thrown in for seasoning. Worked wonders: I kicked the thing in about 4 days, and have nary been sick with anything even approaching a common cold or flu ever since.

Same for Mrs. Overlord, who spent a month in the hospital getting azithromycin, Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine (for about 10 days and she lived to tell the tale!).

Coronavirus, even COVID-19, is no big deal unless you're in very poor health, and if you have poor health (like Mrs. Overlord) then any doctor with half a brain in his head and a reasonably-equipped hospital can save your life as easily as Joe Biden loses his keys.

If the currently-described global destroyer of COVID can be reduced to the perception of a mere malady that can be safely eliminated with an over-the-counter pill, then the entire excuse for the outrageous vaccine mandates and othering of people who will not get the jab will disappear.

This has NEVER been about a disease: it's has always been about CONTROL, with undertones of panic among Baby Boomers (their default position when faced with adversity, especially that which threatens to prematurely end their collective crime spree), and massive ass-covering from government bureaucracy, leftist politicians whose policies made this "crisis" worse than it had to be, and the medical profession who collectively have a lot of questions they still need to answer.

One needs to wonder: how many of the massive numbers of deaths from the "record flu seasons" of 2018 and 2019 were, in fact, Coronavirus outbreaks that were misdiagnosed or ignored? How do we know all these "variants" are not simply the bastard children of the original virus, or are we so sure (sans evidence) that only ONE virus escaped that lab in Wuhan?

I don't expect to get any answers to those questions.

Continuing, it would appear to these cynical eyes that all the hoopla over Chinese Lung AIDS is a means to an end. I don't believe there was anything like "a plan" to implement this Iron Curtain-like regime of stupidity, but the opportunity to put it into operation presented itself as soon as we let infected foreigners into the country in massive numbers.

I'm not given to conspiracy theory, generally, however, one must admit that the conspiracy theorists -- much like the proverbial blind squirrel -- do occasionally find a nut.

What if the entire exercise in forcing people to take a government-mandated vaccine is merely a pre-cursor, an alternate path, as it were, to a socialized medical system? What if we're not fighting a disease but rather creating a massive population of people who will be dependent upon these new-fangled vaccines? As things stand now, the fact that you must have TWO shots, to be followed by a third or booster within months, handed out for free by government, isn't the beginning of a program to create COVID junkies which requires government control of the vaccines, their distribution, and that taxpayers pick up the tab?

It's already been an excuse to extend Welfare Payments in the form of "Pandemic Relief" (and hence, government control over the population).

After all, most government programs are begun with the intention of making slaves of the people, whose dependency then makes them easy to farm for votes.

Just a random thought.

By the way, more evidence emerges every day that you were probably better off getting the Szechuan Sniffles in the first place. If the people of this country weren't such absolute pussies about being sick for a few days, we wouldn't be where we are now. 

For all of you Nervous Nellies, professional whiners, crybullies, and Wards of the State, do us all a favor and jump from a great height onto something really solid. Your continued presence is a constant reminder that this world caters to the lowest common denominator, and that doing so never ends well.


Will Mc said...

"I stopped wearing one a year ago, and I only wore one in the first place in order to avoid having to beat up every Karen and skinny-jeans-wearing beta male who crossed my path."

Only started reading your blog recently, but the more I read, the more I am becoming convinced that you're an alternate-realty version of myself. One that lives in NYC instead of SAT. Your thoughts sound suspiciously similar to my own. Seriously, that's reassuring though; just means there's more like-minded people out there than previously thought.

Keep up the great posting!

Anonymous said...

Dear Overlord, another fine installment of wisdom that demands a prior cleansing of the cerebral palate so that every morsel may be enjoyed unadulterated by the odious daily machinations of today's major media. What I find so incomprehensible about the VAX mandate is that the Biden-Pelosi Axis of Evil was adamant that they were wary of any vaccine President Trump helped deliver, but just as soon as the election was over, all of their resistance towards the vax changed to a neutral position and then full throttle to a totalitarian attitude. Applying the "The Lady doth protest too much" standard to their about faces, it seemed clear that cheap and effective Ivermectin would discredit the multibillion dollar vax rollout and probably quash much of the profit in the insider Biotech trading schemes of America's finest overseers. Couple that with the Progressive's proclivity towards control over others (40 ounce Slurpy, anyone?)and the perfect storm of totalitarian "obey or be crushed' methodology burst upon the scene. All the COVID heroes of the past 20 months were now becoming the selfish non-vaxxed health system pariahs of the Biden Enlightenment. Joe and Jill Brandon do deserve their fair share of criticism for becoming candidates for the presidency,instead of assisted living residents,but this is really Obama 3.0, with all the communist sycophants from the Obama 1.0 and 2.0 days now running the White House show.Putin and Long Duc Dong must be laughing their derriere's off at the pathetically corrupt election tally that gave us the Miscreant-in-Chief. I do believe President Trump made a good faith effort to actually help America with the vaccine, but he would leave the decision for the vaccination itself to the individual.The push towards the vaccines is being done by the same conglomerate that told us the 2020 election was legitimate. How about we all agree to get the jab just as soon as Arizona style audits are conducted in every state and the results are fully analyzed? Is that a decent compromise?
Dear Overlord, thank you for allowing some feeble commentary from a planetary peon. Please keep trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored, so that we underlings can improve our understanding in this parallel universe where Brandon (Obama 3.0) is king. God bless you and Mrs. Overlord, and as always, "Let's go Brandon!"

mtness said...

"I don't believe there was anything like "a plan" to implement this Iron Curtain-like regime of stupidity, but the opportunity to put it into operation presented itself"

Yeah, I think so, too.
Never let a good crisis go to waste^^

The Situation over here in the heart of Europe is equally, if not more depressing,
because Ze Gerrrmans want to show the world again how tyranny works best.
The hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance here is nearly overwhelming.

But, this, too, shall pass.

Matthew Noto said...

@Will Mc

Thank you! Your continued presence is both welcome and wanted. Glad you like what you see, and if it isn't too much trouble, please ask all the like-minded people -- like us -- to stop by, too.