Saturday, October 9, 2021

The World You Live In, Prologue

 "Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die..." -- Unknown

A series of essays on the state of civilization at this moment in history. This is the first of six topics, in no particular order.

Part One -- It's All About The Vagina.

You could be forgiven if you awoke this morning in what used to be The United States of America with something of a feeling of impending doom. If the Sun seems to you less bright and warm, if the skies seem always to be darkened and threatening, if the very earth you walk upon suggests an unfamiliar instability, you are most likely having a subconscious reaction to events and circumstances to which you are unaccustomed. The world, as you knew it, is changing in ways you could not have foreseen, or would have believed possible.

In this series of essays, I will attempt to describe what is happening, according to my own experience of these new phenomena, and try to impart my personal explanations as to the whys and hows.

I begin with a exploration of something totally remarkable in human history, that I often refer to privately as The Rise of the Vaginated.

Throughout human history it has been the circumstance that the female of the species has played something of a secondary role in the process of civilization. While it is true that civilization doesn't exist absent the female -- because someone has to breed all those people who need to be civilized -- what I mean to say is that the female in the role of responsible entity in CIVIC life is a relatively new thing.

And while there certainly have been females who have wielded power in the past -- queens and high priestesses, for examples -- it has been axiomatic for tens of thousands of years that when it comes to the actions and decisions that affect the lives of millions, women have been largely absent. You will find very few examples of women leading massive armies of conquest or liberation; there is a dearth of examples of (non-Royal) females prior to the 19th and 20th centuries having any effect of note on national politics; there are maybe two examples I can think of of a great Empire rising and falling under the leadership of a woman; you would be hard-pressed to find examples of a female who has, historically, fundamentally transformed any society for any length of time until the relative present, and the ones you could think of are truly Exceptions rather than Rules.

Until very recently (historically-speaking) the Woman has been primarily a passenger on the train of progress. There were few contributions outside of the family that women had made to society. When I say this I do not mean to imply that there were no women making contributions to science, art, law or manners, merely that a careful examination of the past would find that, on the whole, women have done relatively little to advance mankind through their efforts -- history consists, largely, of events instigated by Men.

That's changing. Why is easy to discover; how is, likewise, no mean feat. What it all means is an altogether different animal.

I think it was Jordan Peterson who had an interesting hypothesis on how women are changing modern culture. To encapsulate it, he begins with the premise that the traditional roles of the sexes were fundamentally different; Men, he says, have traditionally been providers and producers, while women have primarily concerned themselves with the distribution of what was produced. He says that "men makes stuff" and women "make sure everyone gets enough of the stuff men make", whether that's crops, the spoils of the hunt or war, medicines, industrial goods, or what have you.

According to Peterson, this has an effect on modern politics; with so many women entering the professional and political fields, this traditional role as distributor changes and yet fundamentally remains the same. His theory, extended just a tad, goes to the heart of why most women tend to be leftist in their political outlook and why women also tend towards becoming social justice warriors (SJW's) in the political realm -- all the talk of "equality" and "equity" and whatever euphemisms are being tossed about this week as substitutes for "control of the means of distribution" are, in effect, an extension of the traditional female role.

And, subsequently, with the rise of more of the Vaginated into positions of power and influence in industry, politics, academia, and so forth, with the demand of more control of distribution also comes the concomitant desire to carve out special privileges and rights -- reserved only for women -- that are a by-product of human nature; that is to say, that once one acquires power and influence, one goes about using them to advance one's own position over that of others.

Which brings us to another feminine quirk, which is the obsession with status. I do not mean to say that this is a trait reserved solely to the female, but the female tends to take such things to an extreme. The reasons why are rooted in basic biology, and again, tradition; children require a lot of resources to raise, and a lot of time and effort that a woman might have spent on her own well-being. She seeks security, then, above all other things, and security is measured in "things" -- enough food, physical safety, access to medical care, and so on.

Traditionally, a husband would provide these things; as women have become more politically-active and "empowered" (that word, like most things of feminist origin, has a double meaning, neither logical)-- and due partly to the pernicious influence (and failures) of Feminism (I'll get to them soon) -- the state has come to replace him. Status, once acquired by either labor or marriage, or both, is now doled out by bureaucratic fiat, and a massive voting bloc which depends upon it consistently votes itself more of it.

There are few identities in the New World of Identity Politics which wield the singular power of "Single Mother", as an example.

Since this phenomenon -- Vaginas Rising -- is a brand new circumstance that we've never seen before, we don't have any clear idea of where it is going. Based on the results to date, perhaps not very far before it crashes and burns, barring some great intellectual revolution among the Vaginated. Right now, it would appear the fantasies have yet to meet realities.

In a nation approaching $30 trillion in debt, splintered among a vast number of political identities -- which cannot all be mollified by a shrinking economic pie -- that collision with reality may come sooner rather than later. It's not going to be pretty, methinks.

Just imagine the day when tens of millions of frustrated menstrual cycles all explode, simultaneously.

As to the effects of Feminism in all of this, let's just begin by saying that Feminism, like all really stupid ideas, has it's origins in the psychological problems of the very well-to-do Middle Class, who have nothing but free time on their hands and a predilection for navel gazing that they mistake for "deep thinking". The foundational bases of feminism are boredom, jealously and envy.

Just like Communism.

The Betty Friedans of the world looked about their upper-middle-class trappings and found no joy in them. The traditional roles of Pot Lucks and PTA's, Little League and Lingerie, Tupperware Parties and Tuna Casseroles bored them out of their skulls. They looked to their husbands -- who had largely fulfilled THEIR traditional roles as provider and protector, and did so exceedingly well -- and found themselves unhappy. Despite the security that came with the status they all crave (as a general rule of thumb, women almost always "marry up"), they found no joy in life and fell victim to the "Grass is Greener" syndrome.

Feminism postulated that a woman, freed from the traditional roles of mother and legally-protected prostitute (because, essentially, that's what marriage IS, Fellas), could be whatever she wanted to be, and suitably liberated from the chains of family and tradition, would most certainly succeed. 

(As an aside, because I know I'll get comments on the prostitution thing: Men marry a chick, provide her with a house, cars, appliances, assets, insurance and medical care, food, protection, children, and then one day she gets bored, starts drinking heavily, abusing anti-depressants and fucking the landscaper, making herself physically and emotionally unavailable to her husband, runs up tremendous credit card debt, and some dumbfuck judge will STILL award her half your shit and monetary support ad infinitum, so that you end up paying for life for a vagina that you really only had temporary use of.

In the process, she will alienate you from your children, make your life a living hell and ruin you financially. And since women are vain and petty, all she will do post-marriage will be to find some thousands of small and vicious ways to get even with you, because Women have to scar you emotionally, and besides, it's never her fault that she wasn't happy.

Better to rent than to buy, Boys, and since Feminism made sex low-hanging fruit, to judge from all the "hookup apps", the only real power they ever had has been traded in for the appearance of independence, because even as the most hard-bitten feminist approaches the age where she's no longer desirable, they all lament the lack of "good men" and regret their decisions to forego marriage, family and the "good life" that comes with dependency upon a reliable provider. Seen it far too often to even argue the facts

The feminists wanted to be just like the Men they envied.

The problem is, Women don't understand Men. Men (the smart ones) on the other hand, understand Women all too well.

The main premise is that what truly liberated Men was the lack of consequence in the sexual act  -- Men don't get pregnant, you see. This is why the Feminist has always been obsessed about subjects like birth control and abortion, with abortion being birth control of last resort. The sexual act must be made as consequence-free for women as it always was for Men. This, of course, is a very superficial idea, but then again, we're talking about very superficial people.

This was the mantra of the Ur Feminists.

Entering the workforce in greater numbers, Women discovered something Men always knew, and which came as a shocking discovery to the female: a career entailed sacrifices. It meant hard work and long hours; it meant having to make difficult choices between long-term goals and immediate gratification; above all, it meant having to compete.

Women are not good at competition. They aren't built for it, mentally or physically (please, spare me the hate mail explaining how you are the exception to the rule, or that I'm talking out of my ass: 37 years in business has introduced me to a relatively few women -- who aren't lesbians -- who can take the rough-and-tumble of the boardroom, or who aren't seeking shortcuts because "the right way" is just too hard). Once this fact had been grasped, the excuse-making -- and lawsuits -- began.

The Second Wave Feminist used The Law wherever merit and performance lacked. It's why your Police Department has a battalion of 5' 4" ponytails trying to take down 6' suspects, and often failing. It's why you have 98-pound firefighters who can't pass the physical tests. It's why you have infantrypersons who aren't given live grenades to train with or passed through Special Forces schools with watered-down requirements.

Eventually, that well went dry, so the Third Wave Fembots turned to their old stand-by, Sex. Sexual harassment -- which could be anything from grabbing someone's ass to looking them at a way that made them uncomfortable, all the way to screwing them with consent and then not giving something they believed they were entitled to -- became the new battle cry. Twenty-five years on Wall Street and I've seen more careers destroyed by (false) allegations of "Sexual Harassment" than I care to remember.

Of course, it only became "harassment" when there was no reward for it. Any number of office romances turned into cases of sexual misconduct, mysteriously; of course, there was a double standard in which the woman who made inappropriate comments, got handsy with co-workers, or fucked her way through the Corporate Telephone Directory, was never considered a sexual predator (according to Feminism, women can only ever be "victims", and never of their own fucktard, btw), and besides, what Man in his right mind was ever going to complain that he was being sexually harassed, unless it was by another dude, and be humiliated, chastised and ridiculed by the other guys?

The Modern Feminist is a very confused creature: she's "empowered" and yet every day the feminist complains that women are routinely taken advantage of, harassed, abused, treated shabbily, reduced to Second-Class status.

They insist they don't need Men to be happy, and then complain when no Man with a brain in his head would consider fucking her with a stolen dick, for all the anger, spite, and projection, nor will consider marriage ("he won't commit") long after her appeal has faded and he's already been screwing her sister, half her girlfriends, and probably her mother, as well, because Feminism told them all that freely bestowing your favors upon any man who momentarily tickles your fancy (or who just buys you something), only to abandon you when HE gets bored (because he has options and because Men are master opportunists)  is a "liberating" experience.

The Modern Feminist screams "EQUALITY!" and then demands to be treated legally as something approaching an endangered species. For all the talk of equality, the legal system, the workplace, the college campus, have all been reformatted and reformulated in favor of the Vagina.

And speaking of said Vagina, the Feminist  herself, has an estranged relationship with it: she claims it as the Source of All Life; it has mystical powers to control and manipulate men (this is what Feminism has always aimed at, in a sense); it is a source of pride, joy and pleasure, celebrated in literature, art, politics and all manner of cultural means...

...when it isn't a fucking burden that saddles you with mood swings, cramps, bloating, the tragedy of child-rearing, bleeding messes, a myriad of specific health concerns, becomes a legitimate defense for murder, and mere possession of which somehow transforms you into peasant, prey and punching bag, simultaneously. This all entitles the Bearer of the Beaver to an elevated status and greater consideration in the divvying up of the products and benefits of modern society.

It's a joke, really.

I was having a conversation not too long ago in which someone had made the suggestion that, perhaps, if we're suddenly seeing an explosion of "transgenderism", wherein Men claim to be Women, it might not just be a matter of metal health or sexual preference, but a deliberate strategy -- if the playing field, in all respects, is being tilted heavily in favor of women, why not just claim to be one?

After all, the Feminist have made a very good argument over the decades insisting that biological sex either doesn't matter or even doesn't truly exist...until they need it to... and then you get stupidity, like MeToo being propagated by people who defended Bill Clinton, and have to stop the confirmation of a Supreme Court Judge who might defund Planned Parenthood.

Which is typically defended to the hilt by women you wouldn't fuck unless under the influence, and who will most likely never need it's services, anyway.

Like all ideological movements founded on shit-for-brains, Feminism manages to step on a lot of rakes...that it left laying about.


What has this Rise of the Vaginated done to the landscape of America?

If we take what we've discussed above and combine it all in the Cuisinart of Logic, here's what we get:

We have a segment of the population which is aiming to exert control over both the output of western society, and the distribution of said output. It will do so in accordance with the unwritten traditional rules of human society (woman as distributor in the household) that they will simultaneously denounce as anachronistic and no longer feasible or equitable. This segment is highly-confused about it's own purpose and capabilities, and wherever possible, will use the power of the State to give it the former and substitute for the latter.

It is a segment obsessed with what goes into or comes out of its privates. It freely gives away sex and then demands to be treated as something other than a convenient place to park a penis. It considers the Vagina to be both a Galactic Gift to Mankind and a monumental handicap to both freedom and happiness. In a sense, it hates itself for having a clam.

This segment is used to getting it's way: when it can't fuck a benefit out of men or society, it will go to extraordinary lengths to abuse the courts and legislatures to extract what it feels it is due. As more of them enter the workplace and politics, the extraction will become easier and the excuses flimsier.

The segment sees itself as the next, great force for good in the world, and alternately, as a mass of helpless victims continuously put upon and denied.

This is mental illness.

And given the tendency for women to react emotionally before they react logically, hardly surprising.

If you have awoken this day to a female Speaker of the House who hasn't had an original thought or shown any sort of capability for the last 30 years, if you've seen something about "The Squad" (more like "The Squat") in your local paper this morning, bemoaning all things Vagina O' Color while displaying the sort of mental acuity you would expect to find in a retarded goldfish, if your school is awash in bloody tampons representing "protest" and your sister is mailing her menstrual blood to the governor in an effort to stop a "Heartbeat Bill", if your female acquaintances all suddenly start moaning in unison about how hard life is when one is cursed with a Sausage Wallet, fasten your seatbelts: it will only get worse before it gets better.

"Gets better" arrives when Men start remembering they have spines, and start voting their interests, too. It would be yet one more feminist rake for them to step on if that having produced an identity centered around the Panty Hamster, that someone should produce one based upon the Pelvis Bazooka.

For those shouting :"EQUITY!" I'd say that circumstance is fairly dripping with a "Fair is fair" sentiment.

Next up, I will tackle the questions of Race that no one else will.

UPDATE: Fixed a grammatical boo-boo.


GMay said...


Just wait until women begin to realize - as more and more of them enter the workforce and take on the stresses of being producers - that their life expectancies are declining to parity with men. Oh, I can almost see the articles now screeching about the awfulness of losing their 10% advantage in life expectancies. Undoubtedly it will be another one of those nefarious yet ephemeral plots by The Patriarchy™ that can only be identified by statistical correlation. Any causative mechanisms will be, as usual, conveniently overlooked.

Then again, with their lack of competitive abilities and 77% comparative output to men, maybe they'll maintain that lifespan advantage (one of the disparities curiously never mentioned).

"And speaking of said Vagina, the Feminist herself, has an estranged relationship with it: she claims it as the Source of All Life; it has mystical powers to control and manipulate men (this is what Feminism has always aimed at, in a sense); it is a source of pride, joy and pleasure, celebrated in literature, art, politics and all manner of cultural means..."

But don't YOU dare reduce them to thinking of them only in terms of being a life support system for a pussy.

Matthew Noto said...

I don't.

Someone has to do my laundry, too.

Anonymous said...

Let's Go Brandon...

JB_Honeydew said...

This may be Neanderthal thinking, but I really don't give a damn. Until a woman can be punched in the face as a reaction to her shooting off at the mouth (or a physical assault, think slapping the face of a man) and the overall reaction is "she had it coming" instead of "you can't hit a woman", this perpetual PMS will never end.

And no, this is in no way condoning coming home and beating the shit out of your wife/girlfriend because the dinner is not ready or is cold.

Matthew Noto said...

You might find this interesting, then, JB...

JB_Honeydew said...

Excellent illustration of what I'm talking about. She proved my point further by showing poor sportsmanship at the end. Hopefully a lesson was learned on her part, but probably not.

Anonymous said...

You tiny dick little nancy boys are just so impressive with your tough talk from behind your keyboards.
As a former Marine, I would love to kick the living crap out of all of you and then choke you with my tampon.
Then we'll see how tough you losers really are.

Matthew Noto said...

As the scion of FOUR "former" Marines (incidentally, there is no such thing as "a former Marine"), I'm guessing you got through boot on "you won't break a nail" plan.

With talk like that, I'd almost consider you a man and knock you out just for fun (by the way, "tough guys behind keyboards" don't post anonymously, so what does that say about you?).

Losers wear tampons.

Matthew Noto said...

And, as always, you have to make a dick comment. You all do. It's the only comeback you have, and really, it's sad that you feel you have to wound my pwecious feelz in order to feel validated instead of making a cogent argument against anything I've written.

Probably because you can't. Nature deprived you of the linear thought process necessary to do so.

Gee, I feel so worthless now that you've insulted my wee-wee. (Smell that? It was sarcasm).

Typical menstrual outburst. It's penis envy, really.

JB_Honeydew said...

Damn, Matthew, you left the door open again. There's an annoying fly buzzing around in this post. Smack it!

To the 2nd Anon...
No darling, it's not tough talk, just an astute observation about things from my point of view. But you be you, toots.

And since you alluded to him, know, like the power drill (hat-tip to the Diceman) just fine. He says howdy.

Now farewell, till we meet again and may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

Matthew Noto said...

I'm sure if we ever find a need to accessorize and color-co-ordinate an enemy to death, she'll be the first person the Pentagon calls.

A pity that face cream doesn't come in Camo with super moisturizers.

Then again, it wasn't that long ago that recruits weren't reporting aboard grossly obese, dependent upon Prozac and Ritalin, and confused about their genitals.

But now it's The Few, The Obnoxious, The Gender Studies Major.

No wonder we don't win wars, anymore.

BTW, her attitude is indicative of something else I'll be writing about in the series, which is the extremely hilarious contrast between the current generation's obnoxiously high (and unearned) self-esteem and how ridiculously often they are rewarded for failure -- and encouraged to fail ever more.

GMay said...

Retired Marine here. If you actually did serve, it wasn't in any capacity that would have magically granted you the ability to kick the average man's ass.

Tell me, how did it feel falling out of easy formation runs with men before you made it a quarter mile off the PT field? How many pairs of charlie trousers did you have to buy because your old ones ran out of material to let on the waist and seat seams?

Anonymous said...

You do indeed have the blood of Jonathan Swift in your veins. Damn lucky to have found this blog.

Matthew Noto said...

Swift? Damned high praise, indeed!

Now I have to re-read "Gulliver's Travels"!

Welcome aboard, Minion!

Roy said...

"The Bearer of the Beaver"! "Panty Hamster"!

If I didn't get anything else out of this essay, Matthew, that alone would have made it worth the read.

...rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off!