Friday, October 1, 2021

More COVID Capers...

"Stupid is as stupid does..." -- Forrest Gump's Momma

I meant to post this over the last weekend, but the absurdity of Modern Life interfered.

A short tale:

Mrs. Overlord, as I have stated here many times, suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. Every so often, this means that it becomes necessary to acquire some new piece of medical equipment to make life, inasmuch as is possible, more-comfortable or healthier for her.

This time, we need a new wheelchair. A custom wheelchair. 

A local hospital has a "wheelchair clinic" where people in need of specialized wheelchairs can go for all sorts of chair-related services. In her case, she will have to have measurements taken to produce a custom chair that will provide proper support for her back, neck and head.

An appointment was made to have this done, but it came with a caveat that is truly indicative of the rampant stupidity that has overtaken American healthcare, generally, and New York City, specifically, because the descendants of Genghis Khan can't stop fucking, eating and experimenting on roadkill, and so infected the entire planet with a disease that has a 99% survival rate unless you depend on government for your health care all over the world.

In which case, you're fucked.

If you pay for your own health insurance, you're pretty much safe from the Shanghai Death Sentence, because this means you can afford real doctors, real medicine and real life-saving contrivances, unlike illegal aliens, welfare queens and the plague of locusts called "the Baby Boomers", all important democrat (small 'd' intentional) constituencies.

But, I digress...

We were informed that Mrs. Overlord will be able to enter the clinic with no problems. She, you see, has gotten the shots -- that don't work, for all the "breakthrough infections".

I, however, unvaccinated, villainous, unclean douchebag that I am, will be barred from accompanying her. This, we are told, is meant to "prevent the spread" of the infection.

Instead of doing the Right Thing to Prevent The Spread of the Infection and kick the illegals out and stop wasting resources on people who are already circling the bowl when they get their dose of Cantonese Respiratory Clap, healthy people -- who have continuously tested negative and haven't been sick a day since they got Miss Rona a year before anyone knew what the fuck it was -- have to be inconvenienced and punished.

On the other hand, if I walked through the front door of the ER with a raging case of Chinese Lung AIDS waving my gold-plated, paid-for-by-me private health insurance, they'd be more than happy to give me a private room in the hospital penthouse with gold-plated plumbing fixtures and hot-and-cold running blowjobs from the hottest nurses all fucking day long.

It is always the case, and it doesn't matter where in the world you live, that you get what you pay for, and even more truthful to say that you DON'T get what you DON'T pay for when you leave (or are forced to leave) something as important as your health in the hands of government bureaucrats, self-interested professional administrators, Third-World Doctors who barely passed licensing exams for lack of English language skills, and unionized hospital employees who can't be fired and who presumably attended all the best nursing and technical schools that advertise inside matchbook covers.

The rest of us -- who pay our own freight, as well as that of the criminals, the professional poverty class, and the non-productive -- shouldn't have to suffer for it.

And while we're all hot and bothered to keep the healthy out of hospitals because they have refused to take a drug the lab rats didn't get a dose of first, 15-or-20,000 Haitians can somehow make their way across the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Texas border, to be let in by Biden Administration officials (three lies for the price of  one) without anyone bothering to even test them for Mandarin Mucous.

 Many of them will make their way to New York, where the local Haitian population is famous for either shooting each other at parades or being some of the dumbest fucking people to walk the planet.

I personally know many Haitians: if Haiti had any of those "best and brightest" "Dreamers" we keep hearing about, it wouldn't be a series of cardboard huts precariously floating on a malarial swamp, and few, if any, Haitians would be traversing an ocean and Mexico to get here. 

By the way, the Haitian women often end up becoming the nurses in the public hospitals or nursing homes where otherwise-perfectly healthy people eventually die of COVID (for the government money) when they simply showed up in the ER with an ingrown toenail or a relatively minor medical complaint.

That happens A LOT around here.

Avoid a government-run, public hospital as if your life depended upon it, because, for fuck's sake, it apparently DOES.

Government runs hospitals the same way it runs the border. Government runs hospitals the same way it runs welfare programs. Government runs hospitals the same way the Pentagon runs wars. Government runs hospitals the same way Atlanta runs elections.

That is to say,  never with any mind towards being efficient, effective, and economical, only with a mind towards ensuring complete fucktards have jobs for life without having to achieve any of the goals that have been set out for them. For if government did secure the border, if government did conquer "poverty" (see below), if government did win wars, if government was honest and not self-interested, the country wouldn't have any problems, at all -- and millions of otherwise useless mouths -- the ones who "work" in the welfare offices, in the public hospitals, in the bowels of every every government agency, shuffling papers and filling in office Final Four pools -- would be unemployed.


Because they don't have the smarts, the skills, or the drive to make it in the private sector.

The Government, I must remind you, is not the President*, 535 members of Congress, and so forth, it's millions of drooling, crotch-scratching idiots who only have a job because they managed to color inside the lines on a "Civil Service Exam" composed by barely-literate chimpanzees with a 62 on their third or fourth try.

Your mailman is a good guy, but if he were smart, he'd be working at IBM.

The lady who answers the phone at the IRS to give you the wrong information in response to your legal question is not a rocket scientist.

The doofus who decides what constitutes a "legal" fish as opposed to an "illegal" one is not an expert in game and wildlife: he's the dude voted "Most Likely To Castrate Himself Accidentally" in high school.

The idiot who decides how long and how wide the broken white lines on the Interstate are supposed to be is not a genius: she got this job after many years working the fryer at Jack-in-the-Box, and probably after blowing someone (and maybe anal, too) at the Department of Transportation who gave her an entry-level job, in return.

And this circumstance permeates every level of government, so that in New York City, some Class-A idiot at the Board of Health can decide, and have it enforced, that perfectly healthy people aren't allowed into what is essentially a workshop on the hospital grounds -- far away from actual patients -- but uninsured people with a variety of exotic pathogens, including the Ancient Chinese Secret, can enter the Emergency Room unfettered, unquarantined, and uninsured, because she "works" for government, and that test she barely passed gives her the authority -- without responsibility -- to enact truly stupid policies.

As I've said, it goes all the way through the apparatus:

Joe Biden has been in government for 50 years: when he wasn't bragging about all the things he did in that time that made America a paradise, he was telling you the country sucked ass and he knew how to fix it. Did Joe ever give the impression he could do anything other than fart and perhaps scratch his ass every so often, even before the dementia?

Does Jen Psaki give you the impression that she could open a fucking door without written instructions and a guide dog?

Does Anthony Fauci instill any confidence in you that he learned anything from his clusterfuck response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980's when dealing with this new Yellow Fever?

Does Chuck Schumer do anything other than chase television cameras around all day and jump on every bandwagon that crosses his field of view?

Does AOC strike you as especially smart, organized, mature or educated? If you were thinking of sending your kid to Boston University, and she was the exemplar held up of the successful BU grad, would you?

Given the example of Bernie Sanders, would you change your mind on the logic and necessity of  committing the mentally ill and having them force-fed their medications before they become a danger to everyone else?

If you were to look over the landscape of the august personages who have lorded it over us for decades -- the John Kerrys, Nancy Pelosis, John McCains, Mitch McConnells (the perfect dipstick for measuring the depth of the surface), Maxine Waters, Andrew Cuomos, Gretchen Whitmers, Sheila Jackson Lees, Zoe Lofgrens, Patty Murrays, Jerrold Nadlers, Diane Feinsteins, Steny Hoyers and so on -- would you be amazed that the country has managed to even get this far without collapsing under the weight of it's own dipshit?

And that list of people was ELECTED. They didn't even have to take so much as a urine test.

What does that say about the people filling in ballots (in the days before you could Xerox them by the hundreds of thousands without signatures and have them counted, I mean)?

Once again, Minions, I must repeat these self-evident truths:

You are ruled over by the least-motivated, least-successful, least-intelligent people America has to offer, from top to bottom. They are not motivated or successful because they don't have to be: they're in government and there is no responsibility or accountability attached to that, and you get paid no matter how hard or often you fail.

The same sort of people run the Pentagon and the DMV. Name the agency -- municipal, county, state or federal -- and you will find the same exact kind of reprobate at every phone, at every window, and behind every oversized desk -- ticket-punchers, affirmative-action hires, system-manipulators, kiss-asses, bagmen, ward heelers, failed lawyers, all.

Nothing they do makes sense to anyone with half a brain, and to everyone with a full compliment of gray matter, it is quite apparent that they don't even know what they're doing, but they're committed to doing it to the maximum degree.

(We do not have "poor people" in America: we have a professional underclass that has transformed poverty from a circumstance into a means of manipulating and navigating a variety of systems erected and dedicated to keeping them dependent upon government, in return for votes and their occasional services as barbarian horde when needed to scare the bejesus out of the Middle Class.

They live a subsidized lifestyle of drug abuse, serial bastardy and criminal activity that prevents them from enjoying the benefits of the American Social, Economic, and Educational systems, which leaves them mentally-stunted, eternally unemployed and unemployable, dysfunctional, illiterate, emotionally volatile, and always on the edge of riot.

And this was done on purpose.

Our "poor" generally have cell phones, video games, designer clothes, private automobiles, air conditioning, subsidized apartments, subsidized food, subsidized medical care, "free" (to them) education supported by taxpayers, cable and satellite television, flat-screen TV's, and enough tattoos, hairpieces, fake nails, gigantic hoop earrings, gold teeth, and guns, and can afford crack and marijuana on a routine basis.

They are only "poor" by comparison to the people who pay for it all. 

This, they call "oppression".

On the flip side, the government apparatus the arises to "serve" this perpetual underclass, under the auspices of "fighting poverty", does no such thing. Because if it did, they'd all be out of a job. This bunch LOVES "poor" people, and goes out of it's way -- in conjunction with the democrat party -- to make as many poor people as possible, and keep the gravy train running.

If you want to see for-real "poor" people, check out the rest of the planet in a rough quadrilateral from North Africa, to Central/South America, to India and the Middle East, to Indochina. Places where people drink out of mud puddles and follow animals around hoping to pick undigested bits of vegetation of their dung to eat. That is poverty).

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GMay said...

A minor nit, if I may be so bold to pick:

"They live a subsidized lifestyle of drug abuse, serial bastardy and criminal activity that prevents them from enjoying the benefits of the American Social, Economic, and Educational systems, which leaves them mentally-stunted, eternally unemployed and unemployable, dysfunctional, illiterate, emotionally volatile, and always on the edge of riot."

This human refuse - be it the managerial class or the trust fundies burning down minority business districts - is the product of that educational system. Our educational system is infested with the lowest performers of the managerialists and prides itself on its ability to shape turds.