Monday, October 18, 2021

The World You Live In III

 "The 'smart phone' exists because the people who use them are generally retarded..." -- The Overlord

Part Three of our examination of The New Hell.

The Stoooopid...It Burns

Once upon a time, your Galactic Tyrant was a hiring manager at a Fortune 10 firm. When he first acquired this position, he had never conducted an interview for prospective employees before and, subsequently, had very little idea of how to do so effectively. His own experience of being on the Other Side of the Desk, that is, as the job seeker, was hardly sufficient to fill this gap in his knowledge, and so he sought out the Smartest Guy In The Room for advice.

This gentleman, much older and so, the Overlord thought, much wiser, surely would have some valuable experience to pass on to me. A few tips and tricks that I could use when conducting interviews so that I would not fall flat on my ass and end up hiring the moron who would ultimately get me fired. After covering the technical aspects of the interview -- job knowledge, education, experience -- he told me something that has stuck with me to this day, if only because it was both shockingly simple and simultaneously seemingly inhuman.

Essentially, he said, the trick was not so much to discover the depth of someone's technical skill as it was to determine if the applicant was an idiot or not. For brevity's sake, he categorized people according to a very simple formulation. All people, he said, can be evaluated in terms of their usefulness to your organization according to two very basic concepts. These were Smart-vs-Stupid and Passive-vs.- Aggressive, and the task was to evoke answers from the applicant that allowed you to evaluate their intelligence or stupidity and their passivity and aggressiveness.

You want to find the Smart-Aggressive people; you wish to avoid the Stupid-Aggressive people.

Smart-Aggressives are doers, achievers, go-getters. They work smart rather than hard. They are honest about their own abilities, and will answer truthfully when they don't know something, but they are determined to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. They are proactive and understand how to manipulate systems to their advantage. They are typically prepared for multiple contingencies and are flexible in both their skills and work habits. The make good decisions and never go off half-cocked.

Stupid-Aggressives, on the other hand, are dangerous to everyone around them. They make assumptions where information lacks. They tend to jump to conclusions not supported by anything approaching data. They make poor decisions and generally boast of capabilities they do not have. They are hardly analytical about anything and will stumble from one mistake to the next as easily as a fish moves through water, totally unaware they're constantly flirting with disaster. This idiot flies by the seat of his pants and depends on luck where preparation, skill and ability lack.

The first is the guy who makes you a shitload of money, he innovates, he revolutionizes the way you do everything; the second is the guy who ruins your company forever.

The second guy is like your ex-wife: you only had him for a short time, but you'll be paying forever for the car wreck he created.

I look around me at the blasted heath that used to be America, and it is unmistakably clear that the Stupid-Aggressives are leading the charge to Pandemonium, and true to form, doing so with a gusto that can only be mustered up by those who are in danger of losing IQ points every time they take a dump...and proud of it.

For the Modern Idiot is proud of his fatuity. In fact, he's smug and arrogant about it.

"Smugnorance", as I like to call it.

It appears as if the Aggressive-Stupid are in the ascendency, and given their sheer numbers and spiteful dispositions (for people who are genuinely unaware of how fucktarded they are get testy when the fucktard is made evident to them), they will be difficult to eradicate in future.

After all, the educational systems keep pumping more of them out on a daily basis, and they're encouraged to breed.

Look around you:

The country is in a panic over a disease which has a 99% recovery rate. The government is mandating masks and vaccinations for all of it's citizens, but allowing tens of thousands of filthy, unvaccinated reprobates through the borders on any given day. It does this in an effort, it says, to prevent the pathogen from spreading.

Because leftist politicians and political appointees know better than you do. After all, they went to the "right" schools and eat in the finest restaurants -- without masks.

We have discovered the virus was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory, lavishly funded by the US Government. Most likely, it would seem, the NIH did this because the sort of "gain of function" research being done in China was illegal here, at the time. Apparently, the scientists who were warned -- presumably by lay people -- that they were fooling with shit best left unfucked with lost their scientific acumen.

Because scientist. By the very definition, they know better than anyone else, right?

The same government outlaws gatherings at churches, concerts, anywhere four people might gather, except for race riots and the rallies of stupid little Upper-Middle-Class fascists. Because somehow three people in a church is a danger to the human race, but 10,000 idiots rioting in the streets in support of a dead criminal or because they lost an election and it twists their short and curlies, isn't.

Because they "care". In this day and age, caring is a substitute for knowing...anything. As long as you have the right feelz, you can be forgiven even the most outrageous ignorance.

Millions of racial minorities in America, the recipients and direct beneficiaries of the 100 year struggle for Equality and Civil Rights, would rather be segregated again. Primarily because they've discovered that "Equality" means personal responsibility and competition, avoiding the former as if it came with a permanent infestation of fleas and regarding the latter as just too difficult, so that they'd rather be unequal and segregated, so long as they can still be rewarded for doltishness.

The recent fight over the elimination of "gifted" programs in New York City schools is a case in point: the purpose of the elimination of this distinction is NOT because certain minorities are under-represented in these programs, but that not having them on the academic resume means a harder time getting into college with shitty grades. In other words, they want the prestige that comes with having attended one of these schools without having to do the work this entails.

That it is a tacit admission of puerility embarrasses the anti-gifted-school crowd not one bit. It is the same impetus behind all the other "revolutionary" teaching methods of the last few decades -- Ebonics, Common Core, Free Spelling, Gender-, Racial- and Ethnic "Studies". If the minority kids can't pass, then either give them a way to game the system in their favor or eliminate the barrier and replace it with the equivalent of coloring books and crayons, and pretend it's equal.

In the name of anti-Racism, of course.

That it is so fundamentally and obviously RACIST, and the proponents don't (or pretend not to) understand this, is proof of the mental stupor they wallow in.

We have people who are capable of believing things that are so obviously contradictory and provably false. And these people will argue the righteousness of their pigheaded stolidity as if they were defending their very lives.

The country is experiencing shortages of all kinds, while prices rise, in large part because government COVID mandates and extended unemployment benefits deprive the transportation sector of labor. The Secretary of Transportation, who one would assume should be all over this problem like white on rice, instead disappears -- on paternity leave. He can't be bothered to do his job during a national emergency, but he CAN muster up the time and energy to respond -- on television -- to criticism from Tucker Carlson.

The Vice President* is ostensibly "in charge" of the southern border, and spends her time overseas on Lord-only-knows-what and making Potemkin space videos with hired child actors. In the meantime, those tens of thousands of "migrants" and "refugees" are entering the country carrying disease, committing crimes against humanity -- child rape, in the case of Afghans, "human trafficking" and smuggling drugs in the case of the Central Americans -- and we have what amounts to an unspoken and unwritten amnesty program, and these invaders don't even have ot be vaccinated against their wills, unlike American citizens who are threatened with loss of employment, jail, and social ostracism by their own government(s).

Thousands of Haitians descend upon the Texas-Mexico border, and not a single person in a position of authority even thinks to question why they do so and who has paid for their airfare.

Because incompetent, disinterested, selfish, self-important douchebags.

Women, after decades of insisting that women don't truly exist with their "sex is oppression" and "gender doesn't matter" routines now complain and gnash their teeth as men don skirts and take hormones so as to compete in (and dominate) female sports, pretend to be "transgendered" so as to gain access to female locker rooms and lavatories for reasons both perverted and sick, and line up to gather the other benefits of both government and society that women "have fought long and hard for" (i.e. whined about until someone gave in to their nonsense), and now realize that femininity is something that should have been defended all along.

Because, well...vagina means no linear thought process.

Aggressive-Stupid abounds. It has taken root in all of our institutions, it has become the default condition of human existence. Billions of mindless bags of protoplasm now roam the Earth, aimlessly, like a plague of brain-damaged locusts, intent on nothing but the utter consumption of everything ever built, made, discovered or financed by the Aggressive-Smart.

It's time the Aggressive-Smart understood their plight, and changed the nature of the "aggressive" part.

Because this plague of fucktard can now only be cured by draconian measures, such as the Aggressive-Smart withholding the fruits of their genius from the dregs of society.

I wouldn't mind if all the Aggressive-Stupids starved en mass. Barring that, a nice program of street executions and forced sterilizations would probably work just as well.

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