Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Watching Joe Watch His Watch...


"I can hardly forebear hurling things at him..." -- William Shakespeare

(Author's Note: Before I begin, this is a message to the person who keeps running plagiarism scans on this blog. You do this every week, and have for months. Considering I never hear from you, nor am I ever informed that I have used someone else's words (without attribution; it is not my practice to do so), I think you can pretty much stop doing it. If you're looking for someone to nail for a quick-and-dirty plagiarism suit/settlement, I would  suggest anyone at NPR, and a certain hostess on CNN, all of whom have stolen my words -- or themes -- on more than one occasion.

You're becoming annoying. It is only a matter of time before I figure out who you are, and the Bag of Dicks headed your way will not have been sent in the friendliest of spirits).

The topic for today is disgust.

I am ashamed to be an American today. The picture above, presenting the contrast between people who genuinely give a fuck and people who are so absent, narcissistic and demented, is instructive.

I will return to the Resident of the United States of America in short order, but another thing that disgusts me has to be aired first. If only because of this disgusting event, we find ourselves in our current predicament.

This is the stolen election of 2020. And it becomes clearer with every passing day that the shenanigans involved in the fraudulent vote were pervasive, troubling and ultimately dangerous to the people of this country.

Vote fraud is a given in any election. Democratic party vote fraud in any election is expected. The scale of the fraud in 2020 is unprecedented. It's the sort of thing that should get people sent to prison, or maybe just strung up by their privates from the nearest-available tree or lamppost.

As an IT professional, the chicanery perpetrated by electronic means ("fixing" the voting machines, altering the code by which they tabulate votes) is stunningly obvious and the protests of companies like Dominion is not convincing. Did I say "protest"? I meant STONEWALLING and outright lying. 

I don't know who writes code at Dominion, but if the sample of a Dominion voting machine code I saw was accurate, it is obvious that whoever did it either a) can't do math, or b) deliberately tampered with the code to produce a skewed result. Refusing to hand over your "proprietary" code is tantamount, in my opinion, to withholding evidence (it's a fucking tabulating machine, jackasses -- all it has to do is count. A first-year CompSci major could accomplish that sort of thing in 20 lines of code and in 30 minutes or less. "Proprietary", my ass. You don't own Addition and Subtraction).

Secondly, it would seem ballots are turning up, or I should say, NOT turning up all over America.

Some linkage on the problem:

County in Wisconsin "loses track" of nearly 50,000 ballots.

DeKalb Country, Georgia, violated "Chain of Custody" laws.

Secretary of State in Colorado blocks audit of election.

If you were a cynic, you might think someone was trying to hide something.

But now on to our main attraction, the elderly trainwreck that is Joseph Robinette Biden.

(And what the fuck kind of a name is "Robinette", anyway?)

Thirteen American servicemen and women came home in flag-draped boxes over the weekend, in the final heartbreaking chapter of a war that began when the government of this country failed in it's primary mission to protect it's own citizens.

We add their names to the list of 23,000 or so Americans who lost their lives, limbs, sanity, and ability to ever lead a normal life again. These people deserve our utmost respect. They are entitled to a dignity above and beyond that which is granted to others. 

And you, Mr. Resident, treat them as an afterthought. Their return home is obviously an inconvenience to you. So much so that, according to their families, you kept returning to your watch as each casket passed by, as if you had more-pressing problems to attend to.

These people are dead because YOU killed them.

To judge by the news reports I've read today on this event and the subsequent meetings with their families, it was all about you, Robinette. Their grief was an excuse to talk about your own son. Their despair hardly registered with you. You tried to fake affinity with these folks on the corpse of your own child, who didn't die in a combat zone, abandoned by their Commander-in-Chief, but rather in a comfortable bed in a stateside hospital of a wound or malady not related to military service.

And somehow, you believe that your kid's death is somehow equal to the sacrifice these kids made, or that their families have made?

You really are a disgusting piece of shit.

And that cunt -- excuse me, "Doctor" Cunt -- standing at your side disgusts me even more. She at least appears to still have most of her marbles, and that she chose you as a husband shows a distinct lack of taste, culture, and a stomach incapable of being turned by even the most-repugnant circumstances.

She slept with you? And was happy to do it? One is left to wonder just what sort of horrific human being she is.

All because you wanted a photo-op in front of the World Trade Center in two weeks.

That's essentially what all democratic (small 'd' intentional) politics is about: the optics, the photo-op, the insignificant footnotes in the history books. Never about The People. We're either convenient props for your bullshit, or expendable resources in the quest for power. They mistake the Potemkin-effect of the visual for the reality of (non-)achievement.

Because they're mostly morons. They need pictures because words and logic are beyond their simplistic capabilities.

And they never read history, anyway.

COVID proves it: if we die, you don't care. 

If you wear this country's uniform, the left, collectively, considers you as alternately a loser who had no other options in life, a potential terrorist threat, or a disposable body.

You all suck.

One day, and I may even start praying again to see this happen, we're going to get to the bottom of all of it. We're going to discover the truth about 9/11, the truth about endless wars we don't even seem interested in winning, the reprehensible people who presided over it all, the bamboozle that has been COVID and the 2020 election.

And when we do, Robinette Toys-in-the-Attic, I will be in lockstep agreement with the relative of one of these Last 13, who said she hopes you burn in Hell.

Personally, I think Hell is having to wake up every morning next to that bitch you put a ring on, and having the knowledge that your Vice President probably spends all of her time plotting your untimely demise, because she sure as hell doesn't seem to be doing anything else.

Like most women who have sucked slept their way to the top ("Doctor" Shrew, included), once you're off your knees and back and in the Executive Suite, no one expects anything else from you, anyway.


GMay said...

Not to take away from the gravity and somber theme of your much appreciated rant, but I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude toward you for cluing me in to bagofdicks.com. You always seem to have something to teach.

I almost had an aneurysm due to the volume of names that immediately sprang to mind as worthy recipients.

Driller said...

Such a nice way with words….