Thursday, August 26, 2021

Fish Tank Cleaner All Over Again...

 " I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information..." -- Christopher Hitchens

Mrs. Overlord has ABC World News on tonight, which is three lies for the price of one, and there was this report of people rushing to acquire Ivermectin, a medication which many say is a cure for COVID. Except these people were not buying human Ivermectin, but rather the veterinary formula...

...and supposedly dying after taking it.

Which makes sense: stupid people doing stupid things usually get the full consequences of stupid.

So much stupid, apparently, that the CDC -- which has covered itself in enough glory and polished it's sterling reputation for complete truth and scientific accuracy, divorced from politics or goad of personal gain (smell that? It was sarcasm.) -- has had to issue warnings not to take Ivermectin because it's deadly.

(At the time this is being written there is no video of this story to post. Sorry).

But the warning is something of a puzzler: they don't tell people not to take ANIMAL Ivermectin: they instead tell them not to take ANY Ivermectin. At all. Ever. No matter what kind it is.

The same sort of thing happened with hydroxychloroquine. My, isn't that odd? Hmmm...

The same broadcast also predicted an additional 100,000 COVID deaths from "the delta variant", which one can probably dismiss out of hand, since we all know of the propensity of any official or media-generated number to be off by a factor of about 80-90%.


A few observations:

1. The CDC is not to be trusted. The CDC, and the rest of the alphabet soup health "authorities" and "experts" in America lie compulsively. They lie even when there is no obvious need to do so. That much has been apparent this past 18 months. They have no reserve of trust, no right to claim monopoly of fact, and there's been little "scientific" about what they have done.

If people have died because public health authorities have lied, it's their fault. The guilty parties should swing from the nearest, convenient trees.

2. The politicians who constantly enjoin us to "follow the science" also lie, but theirs is a more-pathological habit, and we did not need COVID to enlighten us on the subject. Interviewing one that simply regurgitates what some bureaucrat playing Six-Degrees-of-Separation-From-Reality has told them is merely repeating the lie of another liar.

3. It is now known that Government authorities at all levels have greatly exaggerated the scope of the "pandemic"; they have fudged numbers; they have lied about it by commission and omission. Today I've read the PCR test that has been the "gold standard" for COVID testing actually doesn't detect COVID, which just verifies practically everything I've already known from my own experiences with a coronavirus.

4. Today I've learned that 20% of the illegal aliens pouring over our borders are COVID-positive. I wonder if they're using the same PCR test to make that determination. For a government that has been trying mightily to stop the spread of the disease, get people vaccinated with a shot rushed into production and not even tested on rats to be letting infected people into the country KNOWINGLY is simultaneously a crime against the citizenry, and also proves they don't fear COVID, for if they were afraid of it, they'd not let anyone in.

I can't wait until all these Afghan "allies" make it to these shores.

5. The story I saw on ABC and some follow-up reading online reminds me of the Fish Tank Cleaner incident. Once we were informed that hydroxychloroquine was effective against COVID (it still is), the media found the worst example they could of a woman who used the stuff (from ingredients and concentrations inside a fish tank cleaning solution) that she used to "accidentally" kill her husband with.

Wait...did I say "accidentally killed"? I meant "allegedly murdered", and because everything has to be lied about, suddenly a drug in use for 90 years and given freely to people with all sorts of non-COVID maladies became the deadliest poison on Earth overnight. FedEx doesn't work that fast. This was a cynical ploy to undermine the president who mentioned the drug -- not a truthful recitation of scientific fact. But "hydroxychloroquine is a killer" is now transfixed in the stupid portion of the public's memory.

That the formulation in question came not from a pharmacy or a hospital, a doctor or a clinic, but rather from the fucking pet store -- i.e., its not "people hydroxychloroquine" -- apparently doesn't register.

I smell a repeat performance of the hydroxychloroquine scare.

The Overlord, as he has repeatedly admitted, is not a doctor nor a scientist.

I do not know anything about Ivermectin, and cannot -- would not -- recommend that someone try it without medical guidance and observation, nor would I recommend you get some from your veterinarian or some dude off the street. Certainly don't order something from Amazon's pets section that "has all the Ivermectin ingredients in it" because that, too, is not the same thing.

I am thoroughly sick and tired of all this deliberate confusion and heavy-handedness regarding a very-treatable disease.

The Overlords both got a nasty dose of Corona in January of 2019. Mrs. Overlord, who has muscular dystrophy and respiratory ailments due to same, spent 4 weeks in a hospital and survived her dose because the doctors in the ER followed standard procedures for treating a coronavirus -- they gave her common anti-virals and hydroxychloroquine over a period of days.

The Overlord, himself, was never warned to wear PPE even though he spent 16 hours or more a day in the ICU with her, and when he got sick, kicked the bug in roughly four to five days, without anything except chicken soup, Nyquil and Robitussin.

Neither one of us has been sick a day afterwards (knock wood).

Mostly this is because Mrs. Overlord has been a virtual prisoner in the Death Star, and there are few outsiders who enter our home. The Overlord is a clean freak when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, and his OCD already had him washing his hands 42 times a day. In the beginning I wore a mask -- but that was only to avoid having fistfights with the Great Unwashed Karens -- but stopped wearing them everywhere over a year ago and fucking dared anyone to jump in my shit over it.

Mrs. Overlord has had "the shot", but I have not.

I do all the things one normally does in the course of life: my days are filled with trips to the local supermarkets and stores, I am in contact with people all the time, I have a nasty habit of leaning on every vertical surface because for some reason I gave up on standing up straight on my own many years ago (probably a consequence of leaning over desks to get at computer consoles for many years). I wipe down shopping carts, for sure, with antibacterial wipes and I never use a public restroom.

I'm 54 years of age and have smoked for nearly 40 years, and I don't even cough, COVID or not. I'm at least 70 pounds overweight (sorry Ladies, and some of you gentlemen in drag), and guzzle Pepsi by the gallon a daily basis. Social Distancing was already my bag long before it became a thing because I hate most people and avoid them as if they had fleas, unless I simply have to deal with them.

Neither one of us has tested positive for a damned thing in two years.

Either I am possessed of the most-extraordinary constitution or this thing has been way overblown, and considering everyone dies of COVID -- for no one seems to be dying of cancer, flu or heart attacks these days, and even being flung through the windshield in a high speed crash is somehow COVID's fault, too -- the evidence that keeps trickling out would seem to vindicate that assumption.

The trouble being that once the government put a price tag on COVID so that states and hospitals could recoup losses due to COVID, the predictable result was suddenly every walking shitbag that kicked the bucket would be found to have COVID...twice.

If you get PAID handsomely to find something, we shouldn't be surprised when you, surely  coincidentally, keep finding it.

We can't even get the ashes of Mrs. Overlord's sister who died in April 2020...from congestive heart failure (she, too, had muscular dystrophy)... because the death certificate lists "cause of death" as "COVID-19". Her remains have been stored in a mortuary ever since.

I've told you all before that based on what I've seen here in New York, my own experiences with Coronavirus, what I've heard from various medically-knowledgeable sources in the best hospitals on Planet Earth, this is all bullshit. This is POLITICAL. March of 2020 destroyed the left-wing political platform, blasted it to smithereens, atomized it beyond repair.

That's why you had to be locked down and they had to cheat in the election.

I'll re-iterate:

The left's obsession with unfettered immigration in an attempt to remake the American polity, coupled with it's obsession with Open Borders (necessary for the creation of a World State) and commitment to "Diversity" has resulted in the following: The Diversity, many of them here illegally and so they cannot be traced, crossed the Open Borders with a disease and made the entire country sick.

The public health system in the largest cities -- which are usually all terminals on the international and domestic air routes -- Rome, Athens, London, Madrid, New York, Newark, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle -- failed. Miserably. They failed despite two decades of anti-terrorism funding that was supposed to address the problem of a biological attack or pandemic, specifically.

When The Diversity and the elderly (dependents of the state) went to the government-run hospitals for treatment, they overloaded the system. It collapsed, and the collapse destroyed the argument for some form of "single-payer" healthcare or any sort of government-provided health care system, at all.

The left's love affair with high density urban living (as opposed to suburbs) and mass transit systems (as opposed to private automobiles) ensured the disease could easily and rapidly be transmitted by extremely close proximity through the high-density urbans.

And when the system had collapsed, it was CAPITALISM that came to it's rescue with equipment, drugs, PPE, and even vaccines (although the jury is still out on the efficacy of any of them), while "government health care authorities" couldn't make their minds up -- or even changed their recommendations on, several times -- simple precautions like wearing masks or taking prophylactic medications, and abandoned traditional quarantine and pandemic processes and procedures.

That's when they weren't trying to hide their tracks over the fact that they gave billions to a Third-World Country with a history of colossal fuckups and not being able to tell the truth to develop a virus no one ever wanted or needed, under safety standards that were developed in the Age of Stalin, in sub-standard facilities, and which couldn't contain the Frankenvirus they created.

If you're an American today, suffering the harsh and often inhuman after-effects of this cascade of clusterfucks, you ought to be livid.

And then you'd better turn out and vote against the system and the political party that created this mess. It should not matter if so-and-so is "a RINO" (really, grow the fuck up, already. Religious adherence to strict ideological orthodoxy no longer matters: Rand Paul is leading the charge, for fuck's sake! We don't need ideologues: we need decent, smart people), it's good enough that they aren't this current lot of lying incompetents.

In the meantime, I do implore you to not buy your drugs in the pet store, and get them only from those best-qualified to dispense them: your doctor and your weed guy.


riverrider said...

meds from doc? they have been prohibited from prescribing them. won't even talk about it. pharmacies here don't even stock them b/c they were told not to dispense them. leaves no choice. the ivermectin making folks sick are the ones with added ingredients. ivermectin w/o extras is available in vet supply. it comes from the same factory line as "human" drug. many are taking it correctly w/o side effects including myself. i worked in a covid factory, a resident military school, where we averaged 225 cases a day for the entire 20/21 year and nobody died, nobody hospitalized, very few even had more than the sniffles. yet they mandate the vax this semester so i'm out of a job. likely i will be unemployable anywhere soon for refusing it. screw em.

Matthew Noto said...

I see a burgeoning market in providing services specifically to the unvaccinated in the very near future. There will be so many of them, and they will have been barred by either law or social ostracism from enjoying services now taken for granted.

Opportunity knocking?

GMay said...

Ahh, Hitch. I thought he was wrong on several issues (reparations comes to mind), but the man knew how to make an argument. If you disagreed with him, you'd better have your shit together.

"The left's love affair with high density urban living (as opposed to suburbs) and mass transit systems (as opposed to private automobiles) ensured the disease could easily and rapidly be transmitted by extremely close proximity through the high-density urbans."

That has been one of the few silver linings from this clownshow - anything that dispels the illusion and lies behind the "benefits" of high density living is a plus.

As for your RINO commentary, I'm finally pleased to find something I can disagree with you on! I'll pass on responding in kind to the "grow the fuck up" preamble, but when the RINOs are responsible for enabling and perpetuating the very things you're railing against, I have a hard time buying your argument that we need to vote for them simply because they belong to a political party. One step forward, two steps back still returns a negative result. Your argument seems self-contradictory. But maybe I'm reading you wrong.

Matthew Noto said...

Ah, then we shall disagree.

There are no more "conservatives". There are people who THINK they're conservatives, but the word long ago ceased to have any meaning. It is merely a label. An identity (like transgendered). It is a word one wears like gang colors.

The Republican party has always been the party of Classical Liberalism. If you (general you, not you, specifically) were a true republican, than what you seek to conserve is that which was created by liberal means.

(I can feel your head spinning. bear with me).

The Classical Liberal believes in four basic tenets (and many minor ones, but we'll stick to the four):

1. The primacy of the sovereign individual. The citizen is the final arbiter of all things.
2. That governments exist to secure and protect the rights of the sovereign individual
3. That government cannot compel behavior or activity by force
4. That government has no place interfering in economic markets; it's function is to preserve the integrity of those markets, not control or guide them.

Give me one example of any "conservative" doing any of these things over the last 20 years.

They've voted for the Patriot Act.

They voted for TARP.

They voted for the Homeland Security nonsense that makes you strip down to your underwear in the airport and reads your emails. Damn, the so-called (compassionate) conservatives CREATED it.

They attempted to implant democratic governments at gunpoint in foreign countries in a new program of imperialism, excused as a means of protection and security, but only in response to events that were breaches of security and protection.

Conservatives have crossed the isle to pass continuous spending bills in lieu of budgets, and have done so themselves when in power, for many years. I'm sorry, but budgets "balanced in the outyears" is not fiscally responsible, neither is massive tax cuts without massive reform of the tax code to go with it. Had 8 years of Bush to do it, had 4 years of Trump to git 'er done. Whiffed.

The problem "conservatives" have is that they aren't in power (it makes them cranky), and while the Other Side was destroying the culture, they gave in, inch-by-inch, and now play victim.

And the (usually)post-facto appellation of RINO to everyone they fucking drooled over and then decided they didn't like because he didn't frogmarch the fags to the ovens and kill all the abortion docs and post the Ten Commandments on every vertical surface in America, is a joke.

And every 15 minutes, Hannity and Coulter introduce me a new "conservative" superstar who later turns out to be no such thing. Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, Mia Love, Mike Pence, Scott Walker, Duncan Hunter, Mitch Daniels, need I go on? Why, the list is long and most-undistinguished, and the supplies of would-be Messiahs is endless.

In the meantime, politicians who might have made a difference if they hadn't been labeled "RINO" or "not conservative enough", say Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Condi Rice, Chris Christie, get killed off before Super Tuesday faster than you can say "dead before Super Tuesday" and "Kiss Franklin Graham's Ass'.

And Trump was no conservative, either. But apparently he's beloved, not for anything he actually di, but because he gave the other side fits.

If that's conservatism, GMay, I think we could do with less of it. I'm a (Classically
Liberal)republican and happy to be one.

Matthew Noto said...

Oh, I left one more thing out re: the guys who get killed before super tuesday:

None of them ever makes the pilgrimage to Bob Jones University.

Which at least shows good taste.

GMay said...

Is this a pre-recorded rant? I'll invite you to skim back over my comment for one mention of "conservatism" or any ideology that resembles that meaningless word (we can agree on that last bit).

"The Republican party has always been the party of Classical Liberalism. If you (general you, not you, specifically) were a true republican, than what you seek to conserve is that which was created by liberal means."

I think you're conflating what you (and I, frankly) think the Republican party should be and should have been. I've been guilty of that in the past 20 years at least. The GOP might make some noises that kinda sorta sound classical liberal from time to time, but their actions don't match up (see: your helpful examples above, among only a few).

As you said, Rand Fucking Paul is leading the charge (and bless him for it). "Republican" and "conservative" have not always been, nor are they now interchangeable. Though I do get a kick out of your ranting against the RINO label while talking about what made a "true Republican".

I've also considered myself a classical liberal for decades and I'm having a hard time seeing anyone in your list (save perhaps Gingrich, or maybe Giuliani) that also resembles a classical liberal. Chris Christie was great for some anti-teachers union soundbites, but a standard bearer for classical liberalism?? You think Condi Rice would have voted against (or vetoed) TARP? The Patriot Act?? Stupid overseas adventurism? Not sure what to say, since that seems implied in your response. If I'm misreading you, my bad.

So, is it the neocon compassionate conservative Republican I'm supposed to vote for, despite them having advanced every single policy position you rail against, simply because they have an R after their name? Sorry, I look awful in a cheerleader skirt, and wouldn't want the attention it would attract.

Not sure why Trump's name boiled up, and though I agree he was no conservative, but the fact that he managed to be good on a couple of policy issues means that he was better on two more policy issues than the Republican party has been for the past 21 years. The GOP has set a pretty fucking low bar when it comes to achieving conservative street cred.

Oh wait, let me be fair, we managed to get some corporate tax cuts, despite having all the levers of government! That means they should have my undying loyalty, despite only being able to muster some milquetoast lip service for every other party platform gathering dust on their website? Nah, no sale. They still usually get my vote, but I'll jump in a vat of warm hobo spit before I vote for a Romney or McCain again.

If they have my vote no matter what, they have no incentive to change.


Matthew Noto said...

Okay, I think I've made an assumption here and took the change up for the fastball. I might have gotten ahead of the swing.

The neocons were all leftists who were kicked out of the mainstream left because of differences over the Soviet Union. They made common cause with the right over anti-Soviet issues, but not necessarily anti-Communism.

The libertarians (I used to be one) are also, mostly ex-leftists, since Libertarianism is based in socialism, pacifism, anarchism and syndicalism, and these are all leftist ideologies. They also got kicked out of he mainstream left because of their opposition to the centralized state (among other things).

So, the "modern" GOP is something of a shotgun marriage of a classically-liberal approach, and two wings of the left. And then people wonder why you get the sort of people they want to label "RINO"?

Conservatism, as it is presently understood, mostly centers around three (IMO) secondary issues which I will define for brevity's sake as God, Guns and Gays. And while I don't begrudge anyone their mental disorders, there are more-pressing problems than these in America, but this particular branch of the party punches far above it's weight in terms of influence. May a good candidate gets strangled in the cradle because they don't pray enough, or because they take a "live-and-let-live" attitude when it comes to social issues.

This is how we wind up with RINOs. These people have far too much influence, very early in the process.

I've written about this before. See if we agree (it was three parts):

mtness said...

I second your observations -
over here in the heart of europe most of the people now have an excuse and are living out there disorders openly.

It also came to my attention that the more left leaning individuals tend to advocate the forced shots more and are even evangelical about that.

The cognitive dissonance here is outrageous!
"get the shot or get shot" - vs. "my body my choice"

This, too, shall pass.

Best regards,

Here is a nice tune which sums it up nicely:

GMay said...

Matthew, or Mr. Overlord if it please thee,

No worries on reading the pitch wrong. I completed my assigned reading and can find little wrong with it. Anything that stuck out is a superficial quibble (if I may presume: some of that needs to be put in link form to trim it down, understanding of course the limitations of the blog). Spot on as far as I'm concerned, and wonderfully put as usual.

I like strategy guides, because I think the Right has largely failed to produce anything of value in this regard for like, well, ever (Sorry Russell Kirk). Getting into the psychology strikes me as getting the horse back in front of the cart. The Left, for all their fuck-ups, knows how to harness psychology. Alinsky and Marcuse - despite being garbage human beings - knew their shit when it comes to this.

Without coherent strategy, the Right is in constant reaction mode. It's like baseball, to continue your metaphor - the defense has the ball, but the Right never takes a turn at bat. Your piece here seems to be one of the few efforts I've seen at a deconstruction (pardon the term) for the purposes of activism. There was a blog by Anonymous Conservative years ago that got into this same territory that I found extremely useful:

I think the big Anti-CRT folks like Lindsay and Rufo (screw Pluckrose, she's a leftist whose brain still hasn't come to grips with the fact that her ass is in the croc's mouth) are coming to terms with the fact that you need to have a response aimed at the Leftist psychology, since the Left is now actively rejecting reasoned debate, logic, facts, and what not as wHiTe sOOpReMaCy. They're not even trying the word salad bullshit anymore. I've come up with a few methods in response to CRT bullying myself, but we need more, and we need it for more than just CRT. There's still a LOT of energy on the Right leftover from last year and January, and enough masks have slipped from our erstwhile allies.

Do you have links to the follow-on pieces to the one you linked?

GMay said...

I meant to include in my previous response that I think that Anonymous Conservative work starts out strong, but loses steam in its suggested application. I'm curious what your take would be.

Matthew Noto said...

Here's the links.

I admit I was totally unaware of Pluckrose until you mentioned the name. I shall have to dive into that a bit more.

I think I've done more of this kind of thing for a while now. More links to follow as I remember them.

Matthew Noto said...

Here's two more:

GMay said...

Seriously thanks for taking the time to dig up the links, and, oh yeah, writing them in the first place. ;)

Matthew Noto said...

If anyone is interested, here's a great "GOP commits suicide" post:

GMay said...

I read that piece and wanted to post a meme of an armed Bruce Willis in his bloodied wife-beater saying "Welcome to the party, Pal". With friends like the GOP, how in hell do you overcome the enemy?

The Turtle has always been this way. Lindsay Graham has taken up Trey Gowdy's ineffectual and (probably) dishonest investigation rhetoric, though not nearly as entertaining. "Cut us a $20 check right now, so we can stop the Democrats!" So they can ultimately vote with them after snagging their constituents some sweet, sweet federal booty. When the primary measure of success for senators and reps is how much largesse they're able to redirect back home, nothing will change.

Back to the subject of the links you provided, if I may presume once more? As entertaining and informative as they are, they leave me wanting more in the sense that they're heavy on venom (yay!), misanthropy (yay!), and abstractions (Monty Python rejoicing), but a bit light on the concrete. Updated and effective guides on activism from the Right are sorely lacking. What else do you have? And if nothing more concrete? Could you be commissioned with insincere flattery to grace us with some thoughts on the subject?

GMay said...

I also just noticed that piece was by Emerald Robinson. I really enjoyed her other recent piece on how she murdered the Weekly Standard. Worth a read if you haven't yet.