Saturday, July 24, 2021

You're Having a Baby...Good For You?

 No quote today. My head hurt even thinking about this...

Received in today's mail: an invitation to a Gender Reveal Party.

I shall pass.

For starters, the person who sent this invitation to me is hardly what I would consider "a friend", or even a close acquaintance. On the contrary, he (it is his wife who is giving birth) is a business colleague, roughly my own age (mid-50's), but we have little to no contact with one another outside of business. His wife, as I've been told, ad nauseum, is  "a hottie" in her 20's.

I've experimented with cradle robbing in my day, too. All older men do, if they have the opportunity, because men are attracted to youth and fertility. Then you realize that youth and fertility come with dumbfuck, brain-numbing immaturity, an inability to appreciate much of anything, and eventually you come to the sensible conclusion that for all the fantastic sex, the rest of it just isn't worth it.

Not that I give a damn about age.

It is my belief that this man has either been dragooned into the process of a "Gender Reveal Party" by his barely-out-of-high-school-third-wife, and is merely playing along because another youthful vagina is hardly likely to come his way again any time soon, or the poor bastard really has no friends and is scraping the bottom the barrel.

Or they just might be fishing for gifts.

Secondly, I am opposed to such celebrations for the simple reason that I get the general impression that the sort of people who go in for this type of thing are also the same kind of people who will gush outrageous faux approval when they permit the little bastard to choose their own gender identity some four or five years later, and throw a fucking party for that, too.

Making a mockery of the first celebration.

Because both circumstances, the party and the appearance of independent identity choice by toddlers, are all the rage among a certain sub-set of the under-30, dumb-as-dogshit set.

Finally, I just don't give a fuck.

People have babies all the time. Yes, there's some mystery in the process, but not much -- there's usually only two possible outcomes. Not much to get excited about.

I do, however, pass on my best wishes to the happy couple and hope their child -- whatever it is -- is healthy and strong, for it appears that Mommy and Daddy are neither.

On the Olympic Shitfest...

I have professed a deep and abiding disgust with the sordid marketing campaign known as "The Olympic Games" on this page (and elsewhere) many, many times. I hardly need, I should think, to regurgitate my talking points on why the Olympics Suck Harder Than Kamala Harris, so I will, instead, shit all over the tertiary aspects of this years shitstravaganza.

The only reason these "games" are taking place is because of money. Money is the only reason why this farce continues every four years, since the real juice of past Olympic Games -- nationalism -- is now considered uncouth.

NBC paid a fortune for the rights to televise them. The Japanese government spent billions of yen constructing facilities. The IOC wants nothing more than to pretend that it does something useful and worthy of continued funding. Despite a worldwide pandemic and only 30 or so countries sending teams, not to mention the lack of spectators, these competitions in mostly-unwatchable sports are being pressed forward for the purposes of reaching demographics that are "underserved" in the sports-advertising world, which is to say Gay Men and Women.

It's also an opportunity for the Kumbaya crowd to express their own repressed feelings of nationalism under the disguise of a "world-unifying event". 

Except their strain of nationalism tends towards the Communist version.

The guy at the bar who usually turns his back on the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL game on the television and professes no interest in sports (an aspect of White Male Domination and Fascism, of course), suddenly becomes an overnight expert on the Zimbabwean Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and knows all the rules and stratagems of Water Polo.

But, if there has been one event surrounding these games which has garnered a modicum of my attention, it is the fact the US Women's Soccer Team was defeated by their Swedish counterparts, after the US team took the knee and it's most-visible faces have screamed for years about "oppression" and "inequality" until they have become somethin akin to a rash -- you don't like to look at it, you are sometimes compelled to scratch it, but eventually IT JUST GOES AWAY if you stop paying attention.

There is something poetically just about that kind of loss; entitled women, many of them supported by the taxpayer for years but screaming oppression and poverty (and some are millionaires), just didn't measure up. But, hey, it is still better than a 9-to-5, right?

The truly interesting thing to me, however, is that the photos I'm seeing online would seem to indicate that Sweden, at the very least, has much more attractive lesbians than we do.

A new Cold War may be brewing, and the salient factor may be the growing "Attractive Lesbian Gap" between the U.S. and Scandinavia.

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Unknown said...

another spot on commentary about the Olympics.. I won't watch it.. as you say the bottom line is money, and the obvious umappreciation for the US that got them there is disgusting.. rock on