Tuesday, July 6, 2021

You All Suck (#47 - Post-Independence Day Rant)

 Apologies for an extended absence. There has been much to do around the new Death Star in the last two weeks -- much of it to do with an annoying building superintendent who believes his lowly station grants him dictatorial powers and an HOA consisting mostly of brain-damaged monkeys with severe ADHD, a consequence of being Baby Boomers. I have fought the good fight, and won most of the battles, over petty regulations which exist in contradiction of the premise that "Hey, I pay to live here. Fuck off and mind your own business".

This past "Independence Day" (I put that in quotes because for the time being, at least, Independence is something we're not allowed to have in this time of Tyranny of Tiny Minds) saw your Overlord nearly overwhelmed by unmistakable evidence that Mankind is devolving.

Whatever virtue Darwin must once have had has surely dissipated in the last 20-30 years, as demonstrated by experience. This July 4th simply reinforced the previously-held notion that 99% of the human race consists of wasted gametes and failed investments in civilizing them.

The easiest example to give of this axiom is the Olympic Games, an anachronistic endeavor that has given me serious reason to re-evaluate my love affair with all things Ancient Greece.

A female American track athlete can be denied a spot on an Olympic team for indulging in marijuana use (allegedly) -- which is legal in many places in America -- and a general air of shock and high-minded(?) disapproval may prevail on all things related to this issue, but a 6' 200-plus-pound biologically-male New Zealander can fill up on synthetic estrogen shots so as to participate in weight-lifting competitions against women (and celebrated for shim's "bravery" and "progressivism") , and nary an eyelash has been batted at the shocking hypocrisy involved.

Likewise, a woman attempting to represent the United States at the Olympic games can turn her back on the flag and the national anthem, insist that America is a racist, no-good, oppressive nation with a history of genocide, and still take all the taxpayer money that went into her training, sustenance, healthcare and general well-being, washed through the bureaucracy of the "Olympic Committee".

Someone please oppress me in this fashion?

It's just another form of welfare.

In this particular case, for someone even less-useful than the typical recipients -- the pig-ignorant hillbilly and the even piggier-ignorant inner-city brood mares. The world can continue very easily without pampered athletes just as easily as it can continue without a permanent sub-class, however, the stupidity of Man will ensure that both the overpaid athlete and the walking/talking production facility for future criminals will continue to exist because at some point there's money in fucktard.

Not for the person who engages in a sport that relatively few people actually enjoy participating in (let alone spending hours watching on television) a "sport" that has all the utility (futility, is more like it) of a lung tumor, nor for the functionally-illiterate urban sow, of course. No, the moolah accrues to the bureaucrats who run things like "Olympic Committees" and the media who have airtime to fill, who the fuck cares how.

The Olympics long ago ceased being about "sports" and "competition" and, sez me, are merely just an attempt to garner audiences -- mostly women and gay men -- who aren't regular consumers of the typical commercial fare attendant to the NBA or NFL (that is to say, they don't drink beer or understand muscle cars and are repulsed by physical competition because they can't compete). On any given day, no rational person gives a flying fuck about figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized diving, or any "sport" in which the scoring system is highly subjective, incomprehensible to anyone not sexually attracted to little girls and frilly men, nor fascinated and genuinely excited by pole vaulting, hammer-throwing, effeminate men in sequins, and spoiled suburban rich girls suddenly turned into national heroes because they could accomplish the splits with thighs the size of a linebacker's.

Props given because I can't do a triple axle or chuck a javelin, and would probably kill myself in the attempt, but really, you call that "a sport"?

"Sports" have defense.

One gets the general impression that the whole point is not to represent one's country, nor to achieve excellence in athletics, but rather to gain that picture of yourself on the Wheaties box and coast along on the minor (often-fleeting) celebrity that accrues to a gold medalist in "skeleton", water polo or rythmic gymnastics, activities any person with self-respect and enough brainpower to fart without mechanical assistance would be embarrassed to to be seen engaged in.

You know where "Olympic Glory" leads one? To the office of some sick bastard with an M.D. ready to cut your tallywhacker off when the light finally dies.

On to more-pressing matters...

The historical ignorance of the Modern Politician is shocking, to say the least, and appallingly dangerous.

Apropos of our nominal Dementia-patient-in-Washington and his human Hoover-Vac sidekick, we have yet another -- perhaps the clearest-ever -- example of where historical and cultural illiteracy can lead a great nation.

Slow Joe can insist that the American Public is at the mercy of the United States government -- which has F-15's and nuclear weapons that make it invulnerable -- and then seemingly ignore it's own disgraceful and unheralded retreat from Bagram airbase in Afghanistan in, literally, the dead of night.

So, it turns out that smelly peasants armed with rifles and syphilis CAN, indeed, overcome the awesome firepower (and retarded leadership) of A Great Nation.

To be fair, because even a Baby Boomer who wets his pants on a regular basis deserves at least fairness, Joe did not start the War on Terror, and his own contributions to it as a Senator or as Vice-President are most likely of the sort made by someone who doesn't know what he's doing but feels compelled to do it, anyway. This was George W. Bush's mess from Day One and his lasting contribution to it all is to establish a pattern (or was it to re-establish the same patterns of Korea, Vietnam and the First Gulf war?) of starting wars no one really wants to win.

Because "wanting to win" means doing things that are nasty and disgusting and likely to make posterity think meanly of you. Because, generally-speaking, the people you have to either win over or defeat are not the ENEMY, but rather your domestic political opponents and the media. War is no longer about killing people and breaking things in order to defend and/or advance one's way of life (all the talk about "giving Freedom" to Iraqis, Afghans, et. al. aside), but rather to present to one's domestic opponents the appearance of "toughness" and grasp of "strategic thinking" or maybe even to garner a few laurels/concessions from foreign governments who would otherwise treat you as a doormat.

Winning, in the sense of victory, would mean blasting the Middle East back to the Mud Age, making billions suffer horribly in order to break their wills and to show the futility of their way of life, and then long-term occupation of their territory to implant the 'Merican Way on their goat-fucking asses by force, until they got with the program and stopped breeding suicide bombers.

But then again, the real Enemy was never Al'Qada, ISIS, bin Laden, the PLO, the Iranians or Islamic Jihad, but rather Christiane Amanpour, Rachel Maddow, George Stephanopoulos, Wolf Blitzer, et. al., the kind of self-selected "beautiful people" that the Ruling Classes want so much to be like, regardless of party affiliation.

In a real sense, the boy-buggering camel-fuckers could never win a victory; they only had to last as long as it took for the Western Media and Academics to undermine the resolve of their own countries. History is replete with examples of just this phenomenon, but those who ascend to high office are not readers of history -- or, at least not readers of history as it actually happened, preferring instead the fictional versions churned out by hack academics stocking the "best" schools from which the "leaders" all graduate.

A reading of good history, and an understanding that Clausewitz was wrong (I'll get that in another screed) fooled them into thinking they knew better: instead what they didn't know led them down a primrose path where Islamic terrorism was just a law enforcement problem and that war was little more than a marketing campaign with guns. The list of disasters is long, but hardly distinguished:






Iraq (twice)

The Iranian "nuclear deal".

History shows the public, once committed to war, wants victory, will quickly lose interest without it (unless faced by some existential threat) and that when interest wanes, the space opens up for the sort of softhead who demands an "exit strategy" be formulated before the ink is dry on the initial warplan, finds it a good idea to alternately bomb the enemy with high-explosive and Halal MRE's, and hand out government contracts to build Burger Kings and Baby Gaps in third-world shitholes to private enterprise while the bullets are still flying.

Tens of thousands of Americans have paid for this stupidity with their lives, limbs, eyesight and sanity.

If you wonder why the United States has not won any conflict of note in the latter half of the 20th century to this day, this is why. The people who send us to war don't know how to run one, they never learned how (even in the Pentagon) and they aren't interested in battlefield victory -- just an excuse to maintain power through good P.R. and to keep the revolving door between government and defense industry spinning for all the "retired" Generals and Admirals who stayed safe on the cocktail party circuit in Washington.

Another bit of historical ranting: I dedicate this to all the sub-human intelligences roaming the streets in the belief they are fighting for "a cause" of "justice" and "equality". 

You couldn't be more wrong.

Because the only people who will "win" your struggle are standing way at the back of the mob. Those people would be the politicians, academics and media types who misinform you, incite you to riot, and then glorify your "sacrifice" before thrusting you back into your proper role (as they see it) as Prole once they have achieved THEIR goals.

The Russian, Chinese and French Revolutions, the Spanish Civil War, the entire history of Fascism, Communism and Socialism is there for you to see, provided you aren't in college where they lie to you and you pay for it. You are not "fighting" for a more-egalitarian and open society free of material complaint: you are fighting for a feudalistic future where power becomes concentrated in far fewer hands and the freedom to dissent shrinks by the hour.

You are fighting for the benefit of the very products and privileged caste of the system you want to change.

And why you should want to change it does not ever enter into your empty heads. The best idea you've ever heard turns out to be the last idea you've heard and there's no critical examination of the idea's validity, simply an emotional, reflexive response that can be turned on and off like a light switch. Like a dog trained to salivate at the sound of a bell.

Independence? It is wasted on your sort.

Finally, I'd like to take a shot at my neighbors all over this once-idyllic island. The Middle Class with No Class. The sort of people who buy million-dollar homes and spend their leisure time in wife-beaters and flip-flops. Who buy Criss Craft and then park them -- for years on end, thereafter unused -- in their driveways because a berth in the marina, the maintenance on a boat and actually learning to operate one -- are far beyond your means or intelligence.

Which then leads to interminable fights amongst you for parking spots in the street.

You know, the sort of people who decide the bestest fucking thing EVAH is to get so ridiculously drunk so that staging fireworks displays in the middle of very busy thoroughfares seems like a good idea. The sort of people who churn out 2.5 morons named "Justin" and "Alexis", the first a knuckle-dragging waste of DNA and the other a whore-in-training and give them BMW's that they can't drive. Especially in the middle of an impromptu fireworks extravaganza being staged by drunken monkeys block after block.

And Justin and Alexis are just doing what comes naturally to them when they equip the new Mini Cooper with a 36" bass and sub-woofer so as to turn the car into a wheeled, motorized vibrator, suitable for running over said impromptu fireworks displays, setting the car aflame, nearly killing the inebriated idiot holding the match, in the process.

Yes, I witnessed that exact scenario two nights ago, where the normal 15-minute trip between my sister's home and Overlord Central took nearly 75 minutes because the combination of fucktard, firewater, fireworks and fire department all conspired to create a scene of mass (fortunately minor) injuries and slight property damage.

Personally, I think it would have served them all right had they all died and their homes burned to the ground. 

Independence? Again, wasted on you lot, because...well...look what you did with it. I mean, AFTER you obeyed orders and stayed locked inside your homes wearing masks for a year, providing free DNA samples to the government "testing" regime, and then accepting your "free" vaccinations like good little drones.

The cause of Independence is lost when you stop to consider that our lives revolve around trivial pursuits (like the Olympics), we routinely vote for people who couldn't lead a three-year-old to the crapper who then bankrupt us and lead us to humiliating and unnecessary defeats, so that children can roam the streets burning, looting and killing because working, studying and obeying the law are...like...hard...an' stuff...so that their parents can set them loose upon the streets in a rolling bassinet, where they don't even have the common sense to avoid driving INTO an uncontrolled, deliberately-set, drunkard-instigated explosion.

No, freedom and independence were wasted on all of you.

No wonder the Afghans didn't want it.


GMay said...

Found this linked on AoSHQ's ONT. Not to get all Jerry MacGuire here, but you had me after the first paragraph. The inciteful [sic intended] political analysis was just a bonus.

Unknown said...

brilliant commentary as always...I weep for my country, I played guns, Army, and capture the flag. I have so much sorrow that it is truly lost. Strong men begat week men. However I have Faith and the cycle will continue. Semper Fidels...

Matthew Noto said...

Thanks for the kind words, GMay. Hope to see you around a lot more in future.

Anonymous said...

Amazing piece... Insightful, slightly off-kilter in the best of ways and, most importantly, it helps me realize that I'm not alone in the way I'm feeling about the direction we're heading. I'm bitter, terribly sad and pessimistic about our future. As a vet, and as someone who has seen quite a lot of the world, I weep. Many of my friends from outside the US tell me: "why do you Americans choose National suicide and what does that portend for the rest of the world?"

I too came over from AoSHQ's ONT... and am certainly glad I did. Will bookmark this blog and return for more.

Black JEM said...

Another AOSHQ referral.

One thing, as one who has read a great deal of history, the conditions you note of middle class America are not unique, in fact they have almost always been the majority position, but it was demonstrated in slightly different ways, because not all that long ago the danger in setting loose the "DNA Neanderthal" and "Whore-in-Training" meant death for not just them, but potentially their families as well. Life historically has been a cruel taskmaster, the saying "Life tries to kill you the minute you are born, and eventually will win" is a truism if there ever was one.

The garbage among the political/business elite have existed as long, but the difference was that they at least understood and respected the question of Life. Today, way too many of them have failed to remember that. Where are the elite of our day who are like Washington, compared to Gen Gates, who would be comfortable in the DC Military cocktail circuit. Who counters Bill Gates, who is certifiably crazy.

Is it faith? Is our rapid disregard for acknowledgement of something or someone greater than we are, even if we question the concept of God? Where are the Franklins of our time who respected religion, even as his own believe in God was very complicated, because he understood it as a search for truth and a significant community asset?

If as was said above, the cycle will continue, perhaps our current lot of weak men (and women) will begin to create the strong ones to fix things.

Aaron Burr said...

I like this author. Seems pretty punk rock.