Saturday, July 31, 2021

Gratitude and Angst...

 "The Left always eats it's own. And The Far Left brings ketchup to the feast..." -- The Overlord

We'll get the nasty stuff out of the way first, things that have been on my mind lately, and then we'll have some heartfelt expressions of gratitude to some of the amazing bloggers out there.

So, it would appear that failure-at-capitalism, failure-at-socialism and shoo-in Academy Award-winning actress Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez has something of a problem on her hands.

Assuming she got that OTHER STUFF off them, first.

The usual crew of flickering "Progressive" lights appeared outside her district Congressional office and attempted to shame her into going full Stalin, like she's promised to. The office was closed at the time, because that's how brave these people are. They only show up and cause mischief when there's no threat of retaliation.

And despite appeal of Susan Sarandon, a woman now so old and wrinkled she makes a 200-year old prune absolutely sexy by comparison, the locked security gate in front of an empty storefront, and the presence of media to record the entire thing, the hyperbolic and mentally-challenged Boricua of the Burbs will probably soon be regaling us on YouTube and Instagram about how she feared she would be raped, drawn-and-quartered, and forced to take a literacy test by a crowd of 10 people milling about in Queens while she was safe behind barbed wire, security fences, the Capitol Police and the National Guard all the way down in Washington.

Sandy From The Block (inside the gated community) may soon be in real trouble. Redistricting is coming to New York City soon, after the 2020 Census revealed that New York has lost more people than Joe Biden has lost marbles and we're going to lose a Congressional seat ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Rumor in these parts is that Rikki Retardo is on Granny Nan's shitlist and it may be her (AOC's) district that goes away.

No matter how many Twitter followers you have, if Nancy Pelosi doesn't like you, you're screwed in democratic (small 'd' intentional) party circles, and if you have a track record of being a thorn in Nancy's scaly hide, you're going to be getting it without lube in the wrong holes.

For while Nancy may be older than dirt, she can still muster up enough pure, unadulterated menstrual spite to ruin your day.

It's like the left wing version of Mean Girls, except that you have to assume everyone's gender.

AOC has produced less of value than the average toddler deposits in it's diapers.

She has failed to deliver the Socialist Utopia of unlimited Free Shit she's promised to the braindead, internet-addicted phone slaves that voted for her under the mistaken impression that they were stickin' it to The Man by elevating a bartender who can't even tie her own shoes without a government program.

It turns out The Man is a nominal female, and is Speaker of the House, and she can't stand this little Latina mosquito with the shark teeth, below-freezing IQ and all the appeal of a bleeding anal wart. Those phone-addled hipsters who are obsessed with vaginas and farting cows are about to discover they don't have enough pull in political circles to yank a rhetorical greasy piece of string out of a whore's ass.

They can neither force AOC to do anything (as if she were capable of doing much beyond fucking up a Manhattan?), nor can they save her, if the rumors turn out to be true.

Again, the Left always eats it's own.

On the subject of Left versus Right...

I'm beginning to think mere ideological labels no longer carry much weight. We should probably be thinking, instead, in terms of "clients of government" and "non-clients of government", because there's some pretty interesting crossover at some places. For example:

1. The Forever Welfare set who suddenly see the merit in letting the marketplace solve the problem of disastrously-poor public schooling. They want school choice, they want vouchers, and they want Charter schools. They sound like republicans on this issue.

2. The Old Fart Right Winger who wants even more Welfare in the form of increases in benefits from Social Security and Medicare. It seems they were all against it when the taxes were being taken from them to pay for it, but now that they need it, fuck it, tax everyone else within an inch of their lives because dumbfuck needs a new pair of knees and a cheaper early-dinner option at Denny's in their retirement. They sound like communists.

Please spare me the "but I paid into the System! It owes me!" bullshit. Since the majority of you will live far past your usefulness in your Old Age, the average person outstrips their promised "investment-plus-one-percent" relatively early into retirement, meaning every penny that comes afterwards is FUCKING WELFARE.

Most will consume 2/3 of their total lifetime Medicare expenditures within 6-18 months of dying, which means we're spending good money on people circling the bowl.

In any case, both examples are Clients of Government -- the Government Cheese aficionado with Section 8 wants the government to get out of her children's way, but still foot the bill, while the "Real 'Murican" who worked hard but didn't save anything for his old age despite his belief in Capitalism wants the government to step in and keep him from a steady diet of dog food and to pay for his 52 prescription meds.

Just an interesting question: what sort of people do we want to be? Do we want to be dependent upon Uncle Sugar for everything -- and forced to dance to his tune --  or do we want to be independent?

On Term Limits...

The discussion arose between friends and myself again this week. In fact, it almost seems to never go away. On general principles, I am opposed to term limits for politicians. I've noted why here before, but I'll summarize:

1. If it is your belief "they're all crooks", then there's nothing that will solve this problem faster (smell that? It's SARCASM) than to let the crook know he has an expiration date, so that he can get to stealing harder, faster and on a bigger scale before the clock runs out.

2. While people hate Congress, they re-elect their own Congresscritter 85% of the time. They love their own crook, but have problems with The Other Guy's Crook. And since you can't get to The Other Guy's Crook at the ballot box, you can at least give them a sell-by date, right? This, it seems to me, is the wrong approach to take.

3. What happens when we do -- by some miracle -- get someone who is GOOD at the job? Who has integrity? Who does things the right way? Well, eventually, you lose him.

4. Expecting politicians to fix the problem of politicians is like expecting a skunk to start smelling like Febreeze on command. Historically, it does not work. If you need the most-recent example, remember how the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act was supposed "to get the money and special interests out of politics"? In a day and age of billion-dollar campaigns, Big Tech interference in elections and free expression, media all but openly cheering for one side, the influence of PAC's and "Super" PAC's, does it look like it worked?

5. You already have term limits. They're called "elections". At some point, the public has to do the work of getting rid of the bums, whether that's getting candidates they do like on ballots, going door-to-door to drum up support, or turning out to defeat a corrupt or useless incumbent wherever you can. 

We don't need better politicians. We need better VOTERS. Most of you are fucking lazy, unengaged, and when you do get your dander up about something, it's usually about something stupid and petty like football players taking a knee or someone waving a Confederate flag. The sheer amount of fucktard on display in America on any given day is astounding.

It is a testament to the powers of modern civilization that people this fucking dumb not only manage to survive, but thrive, despite being intellectually incapacitated, morally bankrupt, physically passive and obtuse enough to leave the job of fixing a system they won't even lift a finger to defend to the people who broke it.

Put the same energy wasted on arguing term limits into the task of getting the electoral rolls cleaned up. Stand on street corners and get petitions signed. Do something productive. Demanding Term Limits is not productive, nor very smart. The VOTE is the most-powerful weapon you have, and it's devalued both by a system that rewards cheating and by the citizen throwing up his hands in disorganized frustration and demanding that government fix a problem that government created and which benefits government.

While you're at, it would probably make more sense to impose term limits on Dr. Fuckface Fauci.

And now the Gratitude...

I want to thank the good people at Diogenes' Middle Finger and Ace of Spades HQ for making this the biggest month traffic-wise at the Death Star EVAH.

As always, the Gracious and Curvaceous Diogenes has highlighted a few posts here and there, and the entire gang at Ace have been enormous boosters of both my profile and ego. 

I couldn't have done it without you guys. I'm not really good at self-promotion and some aspects of the intertoobies still baffle me, but it's nice -- I should like to think -- that others either agree with me, or recognize something of a spark of talent, and wish to share it with others.

I love you all (in a completely platonic, and not exchange-of-bodily-fluids fashion, of course).

Another big shoutout to the people of Sweden. Whoever you are and for whatever strange reason, the number of Swedes visiting this page on a daily basis astounds. That was even before last week's mention that you have better-looking lesbians than we do.

Thank you, One and All.


Horatio Lust said...

Until the Civil Service and government employee unions are eliminated, nothing will change regardless of who’s in office. The Deep State and it’s faceless bureaucrats will do what they want.

Matthew Noto said...

You are correct, Sir. The Managerialist state must be destroyed...even if it means you (general "you") don't get a Social Security boost this year, or ever again.

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Thank You for the kind words, Matthew. Loved You since we first communicated and the way you handled that situation the way a lot Bloggers wouldn't have.

Love & Kisses

Black JEM said...

I would take the new dividing line (left-right was never a good one/ left is every communism wannabe type of policy on the planet and it covers all of Europe and most of the UK, as well as a fair amount of the US/ Trump's greatest achievement was showing everyone how real the uniparty concept is) as DC vs the rest of the country. The blue urban hellholes are aligned with DC because it is the only way they can still afford to function. Increasingly, everyone else is against them. Yes, we do have the seniors still thinking they paid enough to deserve Medicare - though at least they are getting totally hosed on their social security return; but DC is the evil villain in the story, and it is becoming increasingly obvious.

Being a novice historian, I do know how this ends, and who loses. But there is the small matter of how much damage the DC elite can do before they all are metaphorically hanging from a real noose, and not a garage pull rope.

NaCly Dog said...

One of your paras above was excerpted on the Aug 1 Ace of Spades OverNight Thread.

You have a way with words that invokes a great picture. Thank you, good sir.

CBD said...

Term limits are a delightful distraction. They sound great, seem simple, and will never happen, mostly because they are arguably unconstitutional.

As for AOC, or as we call her over at that sewer (AoSHQ) you seem to like, Alexandra Donkey Chompers? I am less sanguine about her impending doom at the hands of the redistricting maniacs. She has a small but deeply psychotic following in NYC, and while she is young and stupid she is also look for a brutal fight.

Larry Dressler said...

Yes, we need better voters but I'm flexible and will also accept having more voters on my side . I think school vouchers is the most logical step in improving education as well as addressing the underlying cause of family disintegration.

Matthew Noto said...


As a native New Yorker, I can assure you that AOC is about as popular as COVID.

Yes, she has a tight and vocal following. I don't think it really means much.

Matthew Noto said...

@Diogenes Sarcastica

Darlin', one day we'll tell our grandchildren that story (how we "met")...and they'll yawn.

But I have to say, it was a great shock to me at the time to know there was at least ONE honest person somewhere.

Whatever happened to the plagiarist?

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Not sure. Cut ties with them for refusing to apologize to you.

Philip Horner said...

ONE TERM in office.
Twenty years maximum at all civil service jobs with zero retirement benefits save social security.

Philip Horner said...

ONE TERM in office.
Twenty years maximum at all civil service jobs with zero retirement benefits save social security.

Mike in Oviedo FL said...

Geez pretty harsh on the retirees. Remember you will be there too ( I retired at 70 two weeks ago.) Otherwise,swell blog!

Matthew Noto said...


I'm 54 and have already retired twice.

Then I get bored and start working again.

I don't have to, but I want to. A future of ten, twenty or more years doing nothing but listening to my arteries harden and waiting for my prostate explode, while nervously staking out the mailbox for a check stolen from someone's grandkids doesn't strike me as a) much of a life worth living and b) pretty much the definition of "useless".

It's hardly "harsh" when you consider that the concept of a "retiree" is a relatively recent phenomenon and we now have TWO GENERATIONS of them sucking on the government tit. In a country $22 billion or so in debt.

There's only two places to get the money necessary to keep people who do nothing productive alive -- the first is to steal it from people who do something useful and the second is to print it, rendering the money of the people who do something useful valueless.

So, between the welfare queens who breed for money and the Baby Boomers now crying poverty after they've fucked everything up with expensive wars we don't win, mortgage crises that are politically manufactured, the escalating cost of everything where the Woodstock generation are the CEO's, the Professors, the media moguls, the political class, I've pretty much had it, and will take no more.

I'm sure you're a nice Guy, Mike, but I'm at the point where I don't care if you starve to death in your "retirement" because pretty soon your retirement will starve me.

Nothing personal.

And thank you for your kind words, Sir.

Black JEM said...

As I said - Matt - at least they are getting screwed on their social security return. Had we actually pushed hard on the chance to privatize retirement savings, we would have transferred a bunch of wealth from government management to families building wealth. But that would have been too easy. And starved the govt of funds. We cannot have that.

Word to any retiree, you have not covered even a small portion of medicare costs that you will generate. It's a welfare scheme no different than housing vouchers, or generational welfare programs, or increasingly an underfunded SS program. Oh, and speaking about SS, you retirees sat on your hands when there was a chance to privatize the program, get it out of the clutches of the bureaucrats and politicians. Even with guarantees to current retirees or people close to retirement. You could have told congress to do that. But you didn't. You played scared, and protested about "getting yours" - for a program that actually has a negative return for males - you get less than what you paid in.

So sorry. Retirees, of which I am dangerously close to that age, but like Matt have no desire to join you anytime soon, you blew it, I am uninterested in helping anyone anymore with my tax dollars.

Matthew Noto said...

Of course, I meant $22 TRILLION. Apologies.