Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Sorry State of the NYC GOP...

 No names were used in order to protect the dumbfucks...

Last night I attended what was supposed to be a birthday party at a local bar.

Instead, I walked into an unexpected mini political rally.

Two candidates (there were supposed to be three) for City Council, all nominally republican, were supposed to be there. Two showed up on time. The third arrived hours later, held court with a small coterie of supporters over adult beverages and then buggered off. If he had said anything worthy of repeating, I would report it here, but I was distracted by his constant compulsion to spit on the sidewalk.

One of these idiots, on CAMERA, talked himself into an early grave.

This is a problem with a certain subset of people who run for office for the sake of running for office (their employment prospects elsewhere presumably having dried up). They don't know WHAT to say and then they don't know when to shut up. Once they start rambling and lose the thread of the question/subject, their verbal diarrhea is likely to take them to unexplored territory.

It's like watching Joe Biden in training.

The first self-inflicted gunshot wound came in response to a question about Vaccine Passports. Normally, a New York City Councilman has little to do -- and very little influence over -- a program being decided at the national level. However, there is a certain class of fucktard who will ask a candidate for such a lowly position the question in order to establish said candidate's ideological bona fides.

In the quest to make a "better safe than sorry" apologia for his support of your Worker's Influenza ID card, he made the case that somehow it was right -- given the circumstances -- to implement a national policy that essentially allows government to discriminate against people on the basis of immunization versus non-immunization, and at the same time, regurgitate some nonsense about herd immunity that it was clear he did not understand.

This is the Biden Policy. Exactly.

He then put the final bullet in his ass by talking about "affordable housing".

That term is a euphemism in these parts for "government-created slums"; through a slate of make-work-for-bureaucrats "programs", "targeted" tax cuts, outright graft and collusion with the Real Estate developers and Federal Authorities, once-vibrant, middle-class neighborhoods are to be swamped by low-cost, subsidized hovels for the riff-raff, driving down property values, which eventually then makes the property attractive to the other politically-connected real estate magnates and the upper-tier libtards who gentrify the new ghetto at low cost, turning it into a haven for man-bunned-morons and militant lesbians, who inflict their mental diarrhea via the ballot box upon the rest of us.

This is how we got Cuomo and DeBlasio. And the guy who started it was another nominal republican named Bloomdouche...erm...Bloomberg. That asshole's vision was to turn Manhattan into a private reserve for the Chablis and brie set, but it spilled over into the Outer Boroughs.

We've seen it too many times here in New York City, and to hear such bullshit flow from the mouth of a "republican" is about as welcome as a dose of clap on your wedding night.

But just say "I love Donald Trump" enough and no one will notice, right?

His "aides" were distraught. Even expressing their candidate's "loss of message" to the extent of tossing around four-letter words and referring to him in unkind fashion. They'll still take the paycheck, I'm guessing.

Suffice to say, I wouldn't vote for this guy even if he let me fuck his daughter.

The second doofus said nothing much worth remembering. It was all boilerplate. I managed, however, to pigeonhole him a little later in the evening, and in vino veritas, he told me something that both shocked me and made me want to laugh.

In order to "siphon" some "liberal" and "democratic" votes his way, this guy went through the trouble of creating what is, for all intents and purposes, a fake party with nomenclature that would insinuate it was a socialist-based organization. Having gotten their votes, he would then "govern" against their wishes.

Now that takes effort, and it plays the game by the other side's rules (wanton dishonesty for the sake of votes), for sure. Congratulate him on his work ethic, at least. 

The rest left much to be desired.

As far as the Mayoral election goes, so far as I know (and I haven't bothered to check, to be honest) there is but ONE republican running for the nomination that has even the proverbial snowball's chance. He was pressing the flesh yesterday in shopping center parking lots. My sister met him, but I didn't even know he was going to be here.

The NY GOP does a very bad job of getting the word out...on anything. I take something of pride in being up to snuff on local political stuff, and frankly, I knew nothing about the guys I saw last night, and what I know about the guy in parking lots has to do with his penchant of garnering publicity OUTSIDE the realm of politics.

But then it gets arguably worse.

For the Office of Borough President is also up for grabs. In a nutshell, the Borough President is like the Mayor of Munchkinland or of the Shire in J.R.R. Tolkien's world. It's largely a ceremonial post in which you get to cut ribbons, get your picture taken with a golden spade in hand at the ground breakings, make a lot of noise no one listens to, but it does have one fantastic perk.

You get to hand out millions of taxpayer dollars to "community groups", jobs and such that will, done correctly, raise your own profile for a future run for office. The "Public Advocate" is a similar office.

The GOP candidate with the best chance of winning (no name to be used here) is a former congressman, indicted and prosecuted for tax evasion, who hired illegal immigrants to run his private business.

Which is just the sort of person the GOP needs to champion in this day and age.

Some will argue (and they're probably correct) that his prosecution was politically motivated, but even if it was, not paying your taxes and paying Mexicans to wash the dishes Americans won't in a time where we're all about Border Walls and Surges and Kids in Cages and Travel Bans is probably not the best look.

These guys can't get out of their own way.

The incompetence is startling. The cluelessness reaches democrat-levels and then surpasses it, on occasion.

It is as if the NYC GOP is run by a cabal of it's enemies.

The Overlord has said it many times before, and I repeat it here: you cannot fix the National GOP until you correct the problems with the GOP at the local level.

For all intents and purposes, the local-level problem is that pandering, hypocritical morons are begging dumbfuck bandwagon-riders for their vote, knowing that if the dumbfucks eventually realize you are half a democrat, the alternative is worse and where else are they going to go?

The bandwagon riders are politically-ignorant, and in these parts, half of them already work for government -- cops, firemen, sanitation workers, and so forth -- and so they can be counted upon to vote republican when it suits their needs and then turn right around and vote democrat when their union contracts are up for renegotiation.

So far as I know, not a single voice in the NYC GOP has so much as even discussed this reality in any capacity. I doubt they ever will, and by being comfortable with simply switching places with their democratic counterparts every so often instead of making offices traditionally theirs, the party doesn't seem to give a fuck.

Hence the sight of a functional illiterate trying to explain herd immunity in the effort to explain away his support for a policy of discrimination and failing in front of a camera. He's the AOC of the Staten Island GOP.

Betcha that video makes the rounds in local political ads and other propaganda very soon.

CORRECTION: Upon further review, I have discovered that I have made a rather serious mistake.

The man I described as running for the office of Borough President of Staten Island is not, in fact. running for that office. I have gotten my republican scoundrels mixed up.

The man who IS running for the office is/was not a tax dodger and employer of illegal aliens; he was, instead, an adulterer with a love child, who, once caught, decided not to run for re-election to Congress.

The man I originally described attempted to win his house seat back after serving a prison sentence, but lost in a primary race some years ago.

I apologize for making such a fundamental error.

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